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Virlas ducked behind one of the struts in the perfection complex as bullets riddled and destroyed the Shock Servitor she was escorting. Virlas thought back to when this all started, how this all


She had been a Dreg when she learned of Sepiks Prime's destruction. She had watched and survived the Taken War. She was starving when Aksis and his followers offered her a spot in the new House Devils… Virlas only wanted to survive! Virlas watched as her machine-body jumped out from cover and began to fire on the Guardians. She watched as they ignored her in favor of targeting Aksis, The Liar-Archon, down before he slew them. She felt Aksis weakening…

She felt Aksis weaken! If Aksis got weaker, she could fight back! She could break free! Virlas began to struggle against the unholy-unity that connected her to Aksis, connected her to Siva. Aksis was too focused on the damage received from the empowered Light-Bearers… and with one last burst of strength, Virlas broke her chains…

"I… I can control myself again… Great Machine, I'm free… I-I'm free…"

My voice was damaged, undoubtedly because of the experimentation done to me… I looked down at the black poles that made up my legs, I would never be able to feel the grass beneath my feet again. I felt the Siva on and in me patiently waiting for a command, an objective. I felt Aksis prepare another wave of densified Siva, the Guardians had run out of pillars, they would be destroyed and I would join them for breaking free… Unless, unless I was able to redirect the Siva Wave. There was no other choice.

The Guardians were bracing as best they can for the coming doom, the Titans had both thrown down their Wards of Dawn, while the Warlocks prepared their Radiance, and the Hunters tried to stop Aksis with their Shadowshot and Golden Gun, when they saw a lone Vandal with Blue SIva Particles around her running in front of Aksis' Siva Burst. They expected it to be consumed just like they would soon be, but were surprised when the Vandal absorbed the Siva Wave, and redirected it back at Aksis. The resulting damage was just enough to finish Aksis off, destroying the threat the Archon Priest held against the world.

Then the alarms started to go off, Aksis' death had triggered a meltdown of the reactors keeping the facility powered, one by one the Guardians were transmitted back to their ships. But one remained for a moment longer.

The Titan looked at me as I tried to pick myself up off the floor, my "augments" were damaged, badly. I looked up to the Great Machine's chosen, "G-Go… Siva rejects me. Please… help my kin… find Light once again…" The titan seemed to have understood my garbled English and left, but not before placing a few Orbs of Light by me.

Tears streamed down my eyes as I felt essence fade, this was it… yet, I feel as if I could've done more… I looked to the Orbs of Light surrounding my wrecked form, and willed what SIVA I had left to bring them to me. As the few tendrils of SIVA I had left absorbed the Light, I felt a new surge of paracausal strength enter my veins, and everything went white….

And a vision appeared before my eyes carrying glorious purpose.