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Research and Development

Central Hyrule, Hyrule Castle

King Rhoam and I stood on a balcony, overlooking the soon-to-start testing of the Shank-Drones I had finish creating. We had recently recieved reports of Zelda's success in recruiting the Zora Princess; Mipha, as pilot of Divine Beast Vah Ruta. These reports came with the report of a successful defense against an abnormally large monster horde.

"Tell me Virlas, how will such..." He looked to the small drones in questioning, "Miniature drones help us in the fight against the calamity?"

I pressed a button on my data pad, setting the weapons of the Shanks to non-lethal, and deployed them against the volunteers. "While the Guardians, and the soon-to-be completed Spider Walkers possess formidable firepower and armor. Their size means that they cannot fit into enclosed areas with ease," Unmodified Shanks opened fire on the volunteers after emerging from narrow hallways, "Shanks however, while less armored and lacking in firepower, are far more agile and can be easily reconfigured for different tasks. The standard Shank utilizes a shock-pistol but can be modified to wield a variety of specialized weapons." A grouping of volunteer archers come under non-lethal tracer fire from strategically placed Tracer-Shanks as their shield bearers are pelted with rapid fire from Repeater-Repeater Shanks. "Tracer-Shanks make use of an attached Wire-Rifle to attack targets from afar in normally unreachable locations, while Repeater-Shanks are capable of sending sustained salvos of arc energy at hostiles, making room for allies to advance on the suppressed enemy."

King Rhoam turns to the ones staying well away from the combat, the Exploder-Shanks, and a replica of S.A.B.E.R. 2, which merely observed the combat from afar. "And what function do those drones over there possess? Are they to dangerous for training?"

I nod, "The small ones with the glowing spheres attached are Exploder-Shanks, they are kamikaze units." a lone Exploder-Shank approaches a target dummy in ruined knight armor and explodes, leaving scraps of metal in the area, "Their purpose is to dive into enemy lines and explode, a traditional Shank's maneuverability means that they can come from a myriad of angles. While the large one is a specialized prototype, it possesses enough firepower to make even Yiga Blade Masters think twice before engaging." The SABER 2 replica fires its solar Wire-Rifle, melting a hole through a line of practice dummies.

"Should SABER 2 suffer enough damage, it will eject its forward thrusters, and its Wire-Rifle, replacing them with the armament of a standard Heavy-Shank." Another group of volunteer knights are pushed back by the fire from a trio of standard Heavy-Shanks.

"I see..." The King put his hand to his beard in thought, "and what if it is still overwhelmed?"

I pressed a button on my data-pad's display, and a SABER Replica in its Berserk/Last Stand mode came out, "Should it's chassis suffer catastrophic damage, it will eject its upper casing and overcharge its internal wiring and remaining thrusters. The result will be a constant short-range pulse of lethal Arc Energy... Though given the technology the Yiga possess, I doubt they will be able to get it to that state. Shall we conclude the current test and move on to the armor and weapon upgrades?"

Rhoam nodded, and the Shanks stopped firing, returning to their maintenance bays. I would have to do damage assessment later though. "Tell me, did the weaponization of these drones come as a means of survival for your people?" I had told him a summary of my people's history, and I did not 'sugar-coat it' as the humans say.

"Honestly, your majesty, I do not know... What I do know is that the Whirlwind, and the following Long Drift left my people in a state of horrid disrepair... I... do not know how long they have left to survive... recent losses for all Houses might just be what leads to Eliksni Extinction in my home universe... And I'll be the last one, with true knowledge of their history. That thought... I must evade it some nights..."

Rhoam looked at me with sadness, as we arrived at the balcony overlooking the next testing area, "You may begin the tests when ready, Virlas."

I nodded, and gave the signal for the volunteers to activate their equipment. Multiple types of Elemental Shields sprung to life, as weapons of various elements gave a hum. I handed King Rhoam a specialized helmet for him to use. "As you see, I have managed to replicate and improve upon the armor systems your knights currently use. Such improvements include a minor strength augment, Night Vision Visors, Enhanced Communication systems, and a Heads Up Display. If you equip the helmet I created for you, I will guide you through operating the various systems."

Rhoam gave the helmet a thorough look before putting it on, "Odd, it feels different then standard head gear," He took it off, confirming that the front of the helmet would normally block one's vision, and put it back on, "it doesn't obscure my vision either..."

I nodded as he looked to me, "It uses advanced sensor technology to map out the area you'd normally see. With the helmet on you'll be able to utilize various types of equipment; the sensor suite give you various kinds of vision, Night Vision, Thermal, Infared, but I'll brief you on those later, an oxygen rebreather that'll allow you to survive toxic/underwater environments for 3-4 hours, An advanced communications suite that'll allow you to contact allied units using similar helmet styles, a IFF system that'll allow you to see friend from foe incase a Yiga clan member manages to infiltrate, and a tertiary shield module that'll add an extra layer of protection just in case an enemy archer gets lucky, and a radar system to locate your enemies nearby. Later models will utilize the mapping technologies from the Towers to give you an accurate map of the area of operations. I'll teach you how to use those specific functions once the testing is concluded. If you remove the helmet and turn your attention to the testing area, you'll be impressed by what you'll next."

Once King Rhoam was ready, I sent the signal for the first pair to begin the test, "As you see, our volunteers are paired up, the one with the red armband is the shield bearer while the one with the blue armband is the weapons tester. All weapons have been set to non-lethal, weapons that do not possess such a setting will be used on target dummies in outdated armor. Our first pair will be using a Shock-Pistol, Shock Rifle, and a Wire Rifle against a Solar Shield." I tapped a button on the side of my helmet, "Arc weapons, you may begin testing on the Solar Shield Bearer." The volunteer by the arc weapons picked up the shock pistol and began firing at the volunteer with the solar shield.

"Shock-Pistols are one of the most basic ranged weapons Eliksni use, it is single shot, requiring a reload after 36 shots have been fired. It is normally used as a secondary weapon due to its small size, and because of how much ammo you can carry for it. It is best used at close range." The volunteer swapped to the Shock-Rifle.

"The Shock-Rifle uses an internal battery, capable of firing 80-90 bursts before recharge is required. The burst is comprised of three medium speed bolts of arc-energy. When fired, the bolts have a weak tracking effect that allows them to hit mobile targets. The weapon is best wielded by those who are good at leading their targets in medium range engagements." The volunteer switched to the Wire Rifle.

"The Wire Rifle is the tool of a sniper. While this world does not possess the metals required for the ammunition of a true Wire-Rifle, I made do with what I had. It needs to charge before it fires, but the bolt it fires is powerful indeed. It possesses a replaceable magazine and has to be reloaded after 10-20 shots. The magazine contains a Shock-core and the ammunition. It is best suited for Long-Range engagements, but with an assault scope can be used at medium range. That'll conclude the test for Arc-Weapons." The volunteer stops firing and puts down the Wire-Rifle after making sure the weapon was 'safe'.

I turn to King Rhoam, then turn back after I get the sign to continue, "Shrapnel Launchers, you may begin testing on the Arc and Void Shield Bearers. Wielders of the Molten Welder and Scorch Cannon are too standby after locking onto their assigned target dummies." The volunteers grabbed their respective weapons and the one with the Shrapnel Launcher began firing at the Arc and Void Shield Bearers, "The Shrapnel Launcher is a simple, effective, robust weapons systems that I can forge without risking more vital resources. It fires electro-magnetically propelled, Solar Energy infused shrapnel and explosives in a spread pattern. The weapons system can fire 5 times before a reload is required. More ammunition can be procured onsite if an ally is wielding either a Molten Welder, or a Scorch Cannon. Shrapnel Launcher can stand down, Molten Welder and Scorch Cannon standby."

"I take it that these two are the reason why you requisitioned two of the unrecoverables?" Rhoam was referring to the number of Guardians that couldn't be repaired back to operational status.

I nodded, "Yes, The Taken War has taught a lesson to all that survived it, and if this Calamity is just as cunning as The Taken King, it will try to usurp our control over the Guardians. After all, it knows first-hand the might of your ancestor's technology. The Molten Welder, and Scorch Cannon, will serve as Anti-Armor weapons, capable of shattering a Talus with but a few shots." I tapped the button on the side of my helmet, "Molten Welder, and Scorch Cannon, You may fire when ready."

King Rhoam watched as repeated fire from the Molten Welder began to slag the defunct Guardian's armor, only for his eyebrows to rise in surprise when the Scorch Cannon's shot stuck to the other Guardian for several seconds before creating an explosion that shattered the hull. I gestured to the wreckages once the volunteers stopped firing, "The Molten Welder is a Medium to long range weapon, it can fire 20 shots before a reload, common tactics for such weapon are to either hang in either the middle or back of a grouping. The Scorch Cannon however, while possessing a meager ammo supply of 10 rounds, is usable at almost any range, and can be fired in two ways, a standard firing mode in which the projectile explodes on impact, or one can hold the trigger down, overcharging the projectile to deal massively increased damage as we just witnessed. I would not recommend using it in close quarters for obvious reasons."

I looked down to my data pad and looked over the footage one of my scouting Shanks sent. I turned and showed King Rhoam the footage, "Your Majesty, I believe that The Princess was successful in recruiting Daruk, hero of the Gorons, as the Pilot of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. I wish to deploy with her team to begin field testing of current equipment, as well as gather biometric data on the New Champions, so that I may create specialized gear for their use. It would greatly increase our chances against the Calamity, as well as grant extra security in case the Yiga Clan attempts anything. I have a team trained and ready to move out on your command." I looked to King Rhoam as he thought about it for a moment.

He nodded, and looked to me, "Have your drone recall Zelda and her security team. You and your team will teach them how to use the equipment you've made and will join them in case the equipment needs maintenance. You may deploy your Drones as additional security if you so desire. If your weapons and armor prove themselves on the field, I give you more resources to work with."

I let a sigh of relief leave me as we turned to leave the balcony overlooking the testing area, I sent a signal for my team to rendezvous at the workshop.

We have work to do.