Well, I never thought I would actually do this but I'm gonna give it a try. This is my very first fanfic and, depending on how it goes, it could be the first of many or it may be my last. Honestly, I wasn't planning to do any stories myself, I'm not a writer, but I do love reading all these different stories and I've gotten quite a few of my own ideas because of them. So I've decided to give this a shot, I know that not all my ideas are for everyone but I'm hoping at least a few people are interested in something like this. If this story doesn't work out, I'll go back to just reading. This is rated M just to be safe. This story will also be an AU which will become clear very early on. Lastly, there will be NO romance in this story and the MC is an OC.

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Chapter 1: Awakening

It's very dark out tonight. There were only a few people out and about during this time of the night, and very few of them were out for good reasons. One such example was a group of three men who had just broken into an old cemetery outside of Yokohama City.

The three men, who could best be described as thugs, were currently at the far end of the cemetery where a lone grave was located. Two of the thugs were standing in front of the grave shining flashlights down into it while another was working to dig it up.

"This is a waste of time." One of the two thugs watching said to the man currently digging in the hole.

"It's not a waste of time, I'm telling you the info I got is good." The thug in the hole said while still digging.

"Info" the thug replied sarcastically, "is that what you call every rumor you hear at the bar or when talking to your back alley friends?" He said in obvious disbelief.

"No, I'm telling you this info is good." The thug digging repeated with total certainty in his voice. "The guy who told me says that there's supposed to be something very valuable buried here, that's why this grave is separate from all the rest." He said trying to convince the other two.

"Supposed to be?" The thug outside the hole says with no small amount of anger. "We came all the way out here at one in the morning, broke into a cemetery, and are now digging up a grave for something valuable that's supposed to be in it?" he asked angrily.

The third thug hadn't joined in on the conversation but it was clear by his facial expressions that he wasn't happy with this bit of news either.

"I'm telling you this info is good." The man in the hole said again with no less certainty but now a slight touch of anger in his voice. "Look" the man said, again trying to convince the other two, "business has been really bad lately due to the heroes getting more aggressive when it comes to shutting down villains and criminals after that rumor about All Might being a teacher at UA started popping up all over the place." The thug said with the other two nodding at his words. "Even if he isn't going to be a teacher, other heroes are thinking that this might be the time to step up and hopefully claim that number one spot, especially Endeavor." He said with slight fear creeping into his voice.

All three of the thugs felt uncomfortable with the mention of the number two hero. It was no secret that Endeavor had been after the number one spot for years and while he certainly was strong enough to have a good shot at becoming number one, his popularity was severely lacking. Most, if not all villains were scared of running into All Might but he was loved by the public, Endeavor, on the other hand, scared and intimidated the public just as much as he did the villains. In fact, most villains were even more scared of running into Endeavor than All Might just because there was a very real chance that if they did they wouldn't be walking away, at least not without some very serious burn injuries. Though recently, even that seemed like a long shot since Endeavor had gotten even more aggressive once the news about All Might reached him.

"He, like the other heroes, probably thinks that since All Might will be teaching that he'll have less time for hero work, giving others the chance to climb the ranks." The thug in the hole continued. "So now, leads like this are really some of the best, if not only ways to make a profit these days without alerting the heroes." The man in the hole finished while he continued digging.

"There's still no guarantee that there's anything valuable actually buried here, unless you count an old box filled with dust and bones valuable." The thug replied in a mocking tone then decided to change the subject. "Do we even know who's supposed to be buried here? I tried reading the tombstone but it's so old the letters have faded away."

The third thug glanced to the tombstone just above the hole that was being dug and saw that the man standing next to him was right. The tombstone looked more like a regular gray stone than an actual tombstone due to how worn down it was because of time and the natural elements, with the only indication of it being a tombstone were the small letters on the edge of the stone that hadn't completely faded away yet but still didn't give any clues as to who the occupant is.

"I tried looking it up before we came here, the cemetery actually has a website with the names of all the people who are buried here, except the name for this grave is the only one that isn't listed." The thug in the hole said with the hole now getting pretty deep.

"You've got to be kidding me." The thug up top said while crossing his arms. "You mean to tell me that out of all the graves here, this is the only one that doesn't have a name and we're still supposed to believe that there's something valuable buried here when you can't even figure out the name of the person who was buried here in the first place?" The thug said with anger once again entering his voice.

The third thug took this moment to glance around the cemetery. It wasn't a small cemetery by any means, there had to be at least a couple hundred people buried here. The only reasons the grave they were at stood out was because it was at the very edge of the cemetery away from all the rest and the tombstone, being as old as it was, showed that whoever was buried here had clearly been here for a very long time.

"Well the site did say that the cemetery has been closed and reopened a few times over the years, maybe whoever was buried here was just buried so long ago that their name's been forgotten." The thug in the hole replied dismissively.

The thug outside the hole was about to say something else but before he could the thug in the hole drove the shovel down and got a solid thunk for his trouble. The man in the hole glanced up at the other two with a smile before he grabbed some gloves out of his pocket and then started to dig around the coffin.

The third thug just silently watched while the man started to reveal more and more of the buried coffin. Though the actual appearance of the coffin was… surprising. The coffin looked more like an old rectangular wooden shipping container rather than the coffins you'd usually see someone laid to rest in. In fact, the third thug would have been convinced it was a shipping container if not for the fact it was actually shaped like an old coffin. The appearance of the coffin only served to anger the third thug even more since, by the cheap appearance of the coffin, it was even more unlikely that there was actually something valuable inside.

While the third thug was thinking this, the thug in the hole was trying to get the coffin open with little success except of some creaking from the old wood. Finally, exhausted from digging, the thug looks up to the two and says, "I don't think I can get this with my bare hands, why don't one of you run back and see if there's a crowbar in the trunk?" He asks with clear tiredness in his voice.

"Fine, I'm not sure we actually have a crowbar but we should have something." The second thug replies turning to go but suddenly stops and says, "But until I get back, or in case I can't find anything, keep trying to get that thing open. It's made of wood and looks like it's been here for a really long time so if all else fails we should be able to just break it open." The second thug says before he turns and leaves, leaving the thug in the hole and the third thug alone.

The man in the hole sighs before turning back to the coffin and trying again to get it open. At first, he doesn't seem to be having any luck because, despite its age, the coffin is clearly locked up tight, but then the thug pulls a piece of the wood and there is a loud crack from the coffin as one of the boards on the end breaks off. The thug gets a grin on his face, the gap isn't that big and its still too dark to see inside the coffin, but the progress triggers something in the thug which causes him to work even harder at getting the thing open. Finally, there is a loud crack on the other side of the coffin and the top comes loose. The thug in the hole gives a small shout in triumph and grabs the top to throw it out of the way and see their prize.

The third thug looks down into the hole after the other thug throws the coffin's top out of the way. The third thug couldn't describe his rage at that moment if he tried. Inside the coffin was a skeleton with what looked like the tattered remains of a black cloak on its form, but aside from that, there wasn't anything else inside the coffin that could be described as valuable in any way.

While the thug outside the hole is feeling rage, the thug inside the hole is feeling disbelief, "This… this can't be right!" He shouted in total denial. "He told me there was something very valuable buried here, not just a fucking corpse!" He shouted in anger.

Before the thug could continue his rant, he heard a slight metallic click behind him. Turning around, he looks up to see the third thug pointing a gun at him. Before he even has a chance to form some kind of a response or reaction, the third thug shoots the man in the chest, then continues to shoot the man until his gun is empty and the man in the hole is laying dead with his blood pouring out and into the coffin.

The third thug doesn't say a word as he throws his now empty gun into the hole and then grabs the shovel the other man had been using. Finally, he turns back to the hole and says, "He was right, it was a waste of time." Before turning and walking back towards the parking lot.

However, something neither man had noticed about the skeleton was that the upper canines were slightly longer and more pointed than average. In fact, they likely would have called them fangs if they had noticed. The third thug also didn't stay long enough to see the blood from his victim drip down onto those fangs and get seemingly absorbed by them like a sponge sucks up water. Just a moment after this, the skeleton starts to change. It quickly has it's organs growing back along with it's skin, but the skin is so gray that it still looks like a corpse, until the growth reaches the skeleton's head. The head, like the rest of the body is quickly covered by the gray flesh entirely and seems to stop once it reaches regrows the eyelids. For a moment, it just looks like a gray corpse has been put in place of the skeleton, until, very slightly, the hands start to twitch.

While this was happening, the third thug is making his way back to the car until he sees the other thug come running back towards him.

Panting and coming to a stop in front of him the thug says, "I heard gunshots, what happened?"

The thug replied, "You were right, it was a waste of time. There wasn't anything valuable in that box, just a corpse."

The other thug shook his head in irritation, "That idiot, always trusting every rumor he hears as fact."

The third thug says, "Well, he won't be listening to anymore rumors, that's for sure." He starts to walk back towards the parking lot until the other thug holds out a hand to stop him.

"Did you get the keys from him after you shot him?" He asks, causing the other thug to look at him in confusion.

"Why would we need his keys when your quirk can just let you turn your fingers into whatever key we need?" the thug asks since he's already seen the other man use his quirk to open the cemetery's gate.

"It won't work." The man replies before continuing, "The car uses an automatic key instead of a regular one, and my quirk only lets me turn my fingers into metal keys."

The third thug curses as he also remembers that without that key actually being in the car, it wouldn't be able to start anyway. They both turn and start walking back towards the grave their now dead partner wasted so much time digging up.

When they get back to the grave and shine their flashlights into it their met with a three nasty surprises. The first is that their partner is laying in the coffin with the bullet holes in him but if it wasn't for that, neither man would be able to recognize him. The man laying in the coffin looked so thin it looked like he'd starved to death and his skin was so gray it looked like he'd been dead for days if not weeks. The second surprise is that despite the fact he should be covered in blood, there isn't a drop of blood to be seen in the coffin. The third surprise is what really disturbs both men, there's only their partners body in the coffin, the skeleton the third thug saw before is gone.

"What the hell?" The key thug says in confusion and slight fear. "What happened to him, and where's the other corpse?"

The other thug was silent for a moment before answering, "I'm not sure… forget it, just let me grab the keys so we can get out of here." He says before jumping down into the hole. He picks up the body to search it and is surprised by how light it is. "It feels like there's no weight to him at all, like he's just a hollow shell."

"Well that's very interesting." The key thug says, still shining his light into the hole, and then says, "But can you please just get the damn keys so we can get out of here? Something doesn't feel right."

The thug in the hole didn't reply and just started searching the corpse trying to find the keys. He didn't need to search long until he felt something in one of the pockets. Just as he pulled the keys out of the pocket, the light that his partner was holding felt to the ground with a soft thud. The thug looked back up to his partner and said, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Except his partner is no where to be seen, even after he gets out of the hole and starts to look around there's no sign of his partner except for his flashlight that he'd dropped. Picking up the flashlight, the lone thug starts shining it around hoping to see his partner or whoever it was that took him, but all he sees is more of the empty graveyard.

"Hey, who's out there?!" He shouts out in anger and a slight bit of fear. However, there's no answer, in fact, it almost sounds completely quiet in not for the slight night breeze.

"Damn it, who's out there?!" He shouts again but this time the fear is clear in his voice as he continues to shine the light around hoping to see something or someone, but, just like before, there's no answer.

Finally, the thug just decides to make a break for it and starts running back towards the parking lot. He doesn't even make it halfway before he's tackled to the ground by someone and the flashlight gets thrown away from him. The thug tries to get a look at whoever is attacking him but, when he looks up, the figure is wearing a tattered black robe with a hood hiding his face. The thug doesn't even think until he realizes one of his legs is right under the figure's body.

'Let's see how you feel after this...' the thug thinks before activating his quirk to turn his legs into springs. The figure pushes down of the thug and his legs trying to get at him, making the thug smile.

"Spring Launch!" he shouts, causing the springs in his legs to extend and launch the figure off of him and send him a good fifteen feet away from him, giving the thug a chance to grab the flashlight and turn it towards his attacker.

The moment the light hits the figure, the thug can feel the blood drain from his face as he lays eyes on the scariest creature he'd ever seen in his life. The thug had seen plenty of different mutation type quirks over the years, but nothing like that could compare to the creature in front of him. The creature had the body of a human, but that was the only thing about this creature that the thug would have called human. It was skinny, very skinny to the point where it was literally just flesh and bones. Speaking of flesh, its skin was gray just like his partner who was in the hole. However, the thing about this creature that truly terrified him was the face, the skin looked so thin he felt like he was looking at a pale gray skull, the mouth was set in a snarl which clearly showed off the creatures fangs, but the eyes were what really stood out, they were blood red and had a slight glow to them. The thug would have been convinced this creature was dead if it wasn't moving or trying to kill him.

The thug turned again and tried to run, "Help, please someone help!" He shouted in fear, no longer caring about the consequences of being caught, 'Better to be caught by a hero than to be caught by this thing!' He thought while still running toward the car.

The thug hadn't seen it since he'd been too scared by the creatures appearance, but the creature itself had dashed out of the light the moment the thug shined it in its direction. However, once the creature realized that the light wasn't painful, it leaped towards the thug again.

This time the creature didn't waste any time and, immediately after tackling the thug to the ground a second time, brought both of it's legs down hard on the thugs legs so he couldn't get it off with that… trick again.

The thug screamed out in pain as he felt the creature bring it's legs down and break his own legs with strength it definitely didn't look like the creature should have. The thug knew that there was nothing he could do now, his quirk only let him turn his legs into springs, not his arms. In complete fear, with tears pouring down his face from both the pain and terror, he looked up to the creature holding him down and said one final word to describe what he knew would be his killer, "Monster..."

The creature bit down hard into the thugs neck and quickly started sucking all the blood out of him. The pain for the thug was so intense that he couldn't even scream before he went into shock as his skin quickly started becoming very pale. The thug died of blood loss just a few moments later.

Finally, satisfied that it had gotten all the blood it was going to get, the creature stopped biting into the thugs neck, stood up, and looked around. When it couldn't see or sense anyone else around, it blinked, then looked down at its hands when a single thought entered this creatures mind,

'I'm alive?'


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