Chapter Fourteen: Camp Jupiter

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Chapter 14: Camp Jupiter

It was safe to say that the Romans had been in for one hell of a shock when they saw a male arrive alongside the fabled Hunters of Artemis.

A man riding the moon chariot while seated beside the infamous goddess of the Hunt was something that no one could get their heads around, in fact, any male who got that close to the moon goddess should for all intents and purposes, be dead already.

Yet somehow, this man not only rode in the moon chariot without dying but was also somehow engaged in a friendly conversation with the supposedly 'man hating' hunters.

This shock soon turned into disbelief when they saw that the male in question was none other than the legendary Perseus Jackson himself, everyone knew who Percy was: the Hero of Olympus, former Paretor, Bearer of the Sky, and a bunch of other stuff.

No one had expected to see Percy in new Rome anytime soon, yet here was, healthy and hale and traveling alongside the most unlikely of groups.

It was common knowledge that Zeus had unofficially exiled Percy when he went to war against his brother, to see him standing beside one of his favorite daughters, who also happened to be the greatest man-hater in the entire cosmos, without being blasted into smithereens was a pretty big deal...

Yet ironically, it was exactly the sort of crazy stunt that people had come to expect from the great Percy Jackson.

"Percy!" A girl cried in surprise and rushed forward to meet the young hero, she pushed past the apprehensive crowd that had gathered around the chariot and made her way towards the demigod who had defeated Kronos.

Percy looked up from his position to see his old friend Reyna approaching him with a shocked expression plastered over her pretty face, seeing his friend automatically made Percy's lips curve up into a large smile, it had been a long time since he had met his roman friends, over the years that he had been away, he had missed all of his them dearly, and finally being allowed to meet them was a dream come true.

As Reyna approached him in a shocked daze she finally seemed to notice his divine company because she abruptly stopped in her tracks, and stood still for one whole minute, before finally dropping into a respectful bow.

"Lady Diana" the Paretor greeted while internally trying to calm her nervous excitement.

It had been ages since the girl had seen Perseus, he had disappeared off the face of earth nearly two years ago, and ever since then she had no idea of how he was or whether he was even alive, to finally see him there in one piece made her feel like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders...

Reyna was surprised to see him accompanying the hunt, but most of her surprise was drowned by her happiness. "Welcome to new Rome milady," she finally greeted the goddess in a cautious manner, even the females of the divine world knew not to mess around in the presence of the maiden goddess. She was infamous for being extremely prone to anger and it was known that she had no reservations against handing out harsh punishments.

The goddess Diana however, stepped forward with a small smile and said, "Rise daughter of Bellona" she gently pulled the young Paretor by her shoulders, "I was pleased to see a strong maiden like yourself playing such an instrumental role in the war, your actions will no doubt inspire countless generations of girls when they too join our world..." she greeted the Perator.

Reyna flushed deeply at being praised by the Olympian goddess and lowered her head in gratitude, "Thank you milady, I am honored by your words." she muttered respectfully, it was truly overwhelming to hear praise from the goddess.

Diana gave her a small smile and said, "As you may have already guessed from our presence here, the Hunt and myself would be spending some days in camp Jupiter, my sisters would soon begin setting up a camp near the fields of mars, I hope I can expect you to ensure a smooth implementation of their plans Paretor?"

"Of course my lady, I would assign some legionnaires to assist you hunters immediately," Reyna assured the goddesses.

"Good, now... Judging by your expressions, I am sure that my arrival is not the reason for all this happiness. So for now I would leave Percy with you... But be sure to see him returned to the hunt before nightfall, I would be leaving with my hunters to assist them with setting up a camp, but I would, at some point, like to have a conversation with you about potential recruits for my hunt too." Diana said with a meaningful look.

"Um of course, as you wish my lady" Ryana said respectfully.

"Come girls, let's get you settled them. Atlanta, Phoebe, remain behind and keep an eye on Percy, make sure he doesn't wander too far or try to do something he shouldn't be doing, Artemis's orders not mine," she said the last part while looking at Percy apologetically.

Percy just shook his head in disbelief and said, "You are the worst."

The entire legion gasped in fear as Percy uttered those words, they were sure that the former Paretor's luck had finally run out, there was no way Diana was going to let him live after that comment.

And yet, to everyone's shock and surprise, Diana did not harm him, instead, she did something much crazier, she apologized, "Sorry Percy, these were the terms I had to agree on before taking over, besides it just Atlanta and Phoebe, I'm sure you'll be fine."

With this, Diana and the rest of the hunters set off for the fields of Mars, leaving behind a confused legion and a disgruntled-looking Perseus.

As soon as she was out of hearing range, Percy turned towards his friends Reyna and Jason and greeted them with a wide grin, Jason didn't waste any time in pulling him into a big hug and said, "Percy, it's been too long."

"Yep, no doubt in that, it's been long but you know my luck, Jason, let's just say I outdid myself this time."

Jason threw his head back and laughed heartily, "Too true Perce, not one month after the war ended and you somehow managed to get yourself chased out of the entire damn country..." he shook his head in amusement before suddenly turning serious and continuing, "By the way Percy, I am really sorry for what my dad did, I know it was really unfair but try telling him that..." he said apologetically.

Percy shook his head and sighed "It's not your fault dude, there was nothing you could have done to help me... But thankfully it's all over now... And anyways... hey Reyna, Pipes, how have you been?" he said turning towards the daughters of Bellona and Aphrodite the latter of whom had just arrived and was looking rather pale for some reason.

Rayana pulled the demigod into a tight hug while Piper just stood there, frozen.

"Pieper? why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" he asked the daughter of Aphrodite with a confused expression.

Instead of answering Pieper just stumbled back and raised an accusing finger in his direction "Why the hades was Lady Diana wearing an engagement ring!?" She cried out in disbelief as she pointed her trembling hand towards the retreating form of the hunt.

The entire Legion gasped in surprise as they registered her words... Many demigods were able to realize that Pieper was correct, the goddess had indeed been wearing an engagement ring on her finger which made absolutely zero sense in the world.

However the daughter of Aphrodite did not stop at that as her yes then turned towards Percy for answers before widening comically as her finger now moved to point at his own hand, Percy tried to hide his hands but it was too late, "WHY ARE YOU WEARING A MATCHING ENGAGEMENT RING?!"

"Darn it, kids of Aphrodite!" Percy cursed under his breath, the cat was out of the bag and his secret had been revealed, ignoring the cries of disbelief originating from the legion he took a deep breath to calm himself down before raising his hands in surrender and saying, "Well that wasn't exactly how I had planned to break that news to you guys but yeah... Now you know... Apparently, I am engaged to the man-hating goddess."

"Ouch! Dammit Phoebe!" he cried out in pain as the ancient huntress poked him with her elbow.

"Careful how you speak about our goddess Percy!" she said sharply.

"What?! you know it's true, she does hate men!" he protested.

"Well to be fair, he does have a point Phebs..." Angela pointed out from beside her and Percy nodded to show his support.

"I swear he is turning the best of us soft..." Phoebe shook her head in disbelief while Atlanta just chuckled in response.

"Wait a damn second! What in hades do you mean you are engaged to lady Diana?!" Reyna cried exasperatedly while Jason and Piper mirrored her look of disbelief.

"Erm guys... can't we take this to a less public setting? I swear I'll explain everything in a minute! Just... not... here." Percy said uncomfortably, not feeling good with how everyone was gawking at him.

Atlanta seemed to have gotten his message as she gently shook Phoebe and gestured her to do something, the daughter of Ares nodded in understanding and stepped forward, "All right everyone, the show's over now, your Paretors will inform you about anything you might need to know, but for now the matters concerning our Lady are not for your ears.!" she commanded authoritatively, jolting most of the legionnaires out of their states of shock.

By now Jason seemed to have regained his thoughts too, as he stepped forward and announced "You heard her legionaries, please return to your duties immediately, I will discuss the recent developments with you later should they be necessary... You are dismissed!"

With this the crowd finally started dispersing as the legionaries reluctantly returned to their tasks, leaving behind only Percy, his friends, and the two hunters... "Alright, guys... why don't we move to the office and take this discussion there instead?" Jason suggested uncomfortably as he squirmed under the harsh look the two hunters were giving him.

Percy noticed this and shook his head disapprovingly, "Phoebe! Atlanta! please behave, Jason is my friend and he doesn't deserve that look." he said sharply as his famous loyalty immediately kicked in at seeing his friend being treated disrespectfully.

Jason's eyes widened in fear as he saw his friend defending him against the hunters of Artemis, but to his surprise, instead of putting an arrow into his face, the hunters actually looked at Percy apologetically before turning away with a neutral expression.

"Wha... how..." Jason spluttered incoherently as he found his jaw hanging in disbelief, a male reprimanded the man-hating hunters of Artemis and lived to tell the tale... Was the world coming to an end?!

Reyna blinked in amazement and shook her head, "To my office then..." she whispered and began walking towards the roman camp.


A few minutes later...

"So let me get this straight... You really had no idea that any of this was going to happen up until the last moment?" Piper asked once they were all nicely seated in the living room connected to the Paretor's office.

Percy was comfortably sitting in the middle of a fluffy sofa with a hunter on either side of him while his friends were sitting on wooden chairs across from him.

"Absolutely no idea... One minute I am scrambling some eggs and the next thing I know, I am slipping a ring into Lady Artemis's finger... It all happened so fast that I didn't even register everything until the next day..." Percy explained with a sigh as thought back to the day he got into this mess.

"But what about Annabeth... Does she even know about any of this?" Jason asked with a frown as he thought about his genius friend who might be entirely unaware of this development, unfortunately in expressing his concern he had failed to anticipate how the hunters might react to his query because he was now on the receiving end of a withering glare from Phoebe.

"What about this Annabeth girl?! Perseus is engaged to Lady Artemis and his life is now bound to our lady's, are you suggesting that he goes behind our goddess' back and pursue a relationship with another woman!?" Phoebe asked dangerously while Atlanta tried to calm her down.

Before things could escalate any further, Percy held his hand up and said, "Calm down Phoebe! That's not what he meant and you know it, you will not treat my friend like trash just because he is a man." he commanded, his voice having an authority in it that had been missing for years, at that moment, everyone was reminded that it was no normal demigod they were talking to, it was the man who conquered the king of Titans, crossing him could be very dangerous no matter who you were.

"I take my words back, but that doesn't mean I would forget this Annabeth topic, she cannot come between you and Lady Artemis..." Phoebe warned, and with one last glare in Jason's direction, she looked away.

Percy sighed in frustration but let it go, even though the hunters were a lot friendlier towards him now than they were before, they still tended to get a bit overprotective about their goddess at times, which was exactly what had happened now. Artemis was like a mother/sister to the hunters and they always tried to look out for her well-being, they constantly tried to guard and protect her even though, being a goddess, she hardly needed protection at all. This was actually something that the goddess found very endearing as Diana had once confessed to him in confidence.

"So..." Reyna said awkwardly, "When are you both getting married?" she asked while carefully eyeing the hunters, it was not a particularly well-hidden secret that she used to have a massive crush on the greek demigod, and to be honest, she still wasn't sure whether that crush had entirely gone away.

Unfortunately though, by the looks of things, any shot that she might have had at earning his affections was now well and gone, and any attempts on pursuing him would likely only end up with her dying a horrible and arrow-filled death at the hands of the moon goddess.

"Um... four months, five maybe? It honestly depends on whenever Hera wants this to happen, after all, she is the one who is pulling all the strings in the first place," he said while Phoebe snorted in disgust.

"Of course she does, that spiteful goddess has been trying to hurt our Lady for thousands of years now, she could have easily made Zeus choose Athena instead of our lady, but she wanted it to be this way..." Atlanta said scornfully and Phoebe nodded in agreement, "Not that we aren't happy to have you among us Percy, but still..."

"I understand," The demigod nodded.

"Well..." Pieper cut in with a shake of her head, "Speaking as his friend, I don't really see how Percy marrying his former girlfriend's mother was any better of an option than this one... I think this was a disaster for him from every single direction ever since the beginning." she said while Reyna grimaced in agreement.

"Of course it was," Percy chuckled humourlessly.

Reyna gave him a pained smile while Jason chuckled nervously, "So er... what now Percy... I mean how are you... erm... Adjusting to bring engaged to the man hat- I mean moon goddess?" he rephrased mid-sentence when Atlanta sent him a withering glare again.

Percy thought about his question for a moment, how was he adjusting? Things weren't too bad in the hunt, he was friends with the hunters and Diana treated him really well, even Artemis seemed to be making efforts to improve their relationship.

"Erm... to be honest, it could have been much worse." He finally said, "I have certainly begun adjusting to living with her now... The hunt has actually been really kind and welcoming all this time but yeah... It's still kinda a lot to take in most of the times..." he said while shooting Phoebe and Atlanta looks of gratitude.

Atlanta nodded with a smile and said, "You have earned our respect Percy... You treat us and our lady respectfully, we have no reason to generalize you or group you with the rest of your kind... I am sure Lady Artemis would soon start treating you like the rest of us do too and well, Lady Diana seems to like you already..."

"Yes, and don't think we didn't see what happened yesterday, right before you boarded the moon chariot," Phoebe said.

"Uh... um..." Percy blinked, his face suddenly feeling a bit warmer.

"What happened?" Reyna asked curiously.

"Nothing!" Percy cut in, "Nothing happened."

"Sure..." Atlanta said dryly, "But the point is that lady Diana definitely sees Percy as a very close friend."

"What... really?" Reyna blinked in amazement at hearing her claim, after all, it wasn't every day you got to hear something as outrageous as the maiden goddess liking some male.

Percy smiled sheepishly and nodded "Well yeah... As it turns out she is really different from her Greek counterpart... Of course, she would still turn any male into a jackalope if he were to ever approach her but... She was kind enough to make an exception for me..." he confessed.

"Wow," Jason whispered in amazement and shook his head in disbelief while Pieper and Reyna wore matching expressions of wonder on their faces.

"And let's not forget she even allows you to sleep in her tent." Phoebe pointed out casually, not noticing how both Reyna's and Jason's eyebrows completely disappeared into their foreheads while Piper was left gaping like a fish.

"Well 'allows' isn't exactly accurate though is it? She is practically detaining him in her tent so that he does not run away..." Atlanta corrected her fellow huntress. Unfortunately, even in the roman camp, Percy was still going to remain under the full observation of the moon goddess, it was an entirely nonnegotiable arrangement, and trying to get out of it would probably result in Artemis coming back and sending Diana away.

Initially, Percy had planned to draw a line and speak up against Artemis' 'constant observation' nonsense when they reached camp Jupiter, but he was no longer sure that he wanted to do that, he had no idea what was happening between him and Diana, but for some reason, he wasn't ready to let her go.

"I ran away once, just once! And I had a damn good reason to do that! Surely she can trust me to not run away by now?" Percy complained with exasperation.

The hunters, however, looked unconvinced with his argument, as the daughter of Ares shook her head disapprovingly "It would be foolish to take such a risk Percy, you have to understand that on the one hand, it's you, the only male our lady respects, and on the other hand it's your half brother Triton, a god who isn't exactly known for being overly respectful towards women, it's better you stay with her all the time than somehow manage to do something incredibly foolish and jeopardize our lady's entire life in the process." Phoebe disagreed.

"A necessary sacrifice," Atlanta nodded.

"What do you mean end up doing something foolish?" Percy asked, it wasn't like he went looking for trouble, it was the trouble itself that somehow always managed to find him.

"Let's be honest Percy, with your luck anything can happen." she countered defensively and Atlanta nodded in support yet again...

"Oh, gods this is weird..." Reyna groaned, finally breaking her silence, "Why can't you ever do anything normally Percy?" she asked while pinching the bridge of her nose.

"And what is that that I am hearing about you running away?" Jason asked curiously.

"Erm... it's kinda embarrassing story, maybe I'll tell you another time?" Percy said uncomfortably

Jason nodded in understanding and said, "Sure, I imagine that must have been really bad though, for you of all people to run away..."

"Oh, you have no idea..." Percy shook his head with a dark expression and chuckled humorlessly.

"Well... At least you're still alive though aren't you?"

That is more than most males who have been near her can claim..." Reyna said while eyeing the hunters carefully, cautious not to offend them by mistake.

"Allow me to correct you Paretor, believe me when I say that our lady's disdain for the male kind had been greatly exaggerated." Atlanta said, "Sure there have been many men who have met unfortunate ends after angering our goddess, but most of the time she is rather reasonable."

"And on top of that, lady Diana appears to have a soft spot for Percy, there is no way Lady Artemis can cause him any harm, I really doubt that would ever happen," Phoebe said.

"Indeed," Atlanta acknowledged, "Lady Artemis is more prone to fits of anger than her roman counterpart, so having Lady Diana to keep an eye on you mostly balances things out..." she revealed.

"Oh I know that very well..." Percy acknowledged, "Did you know that Artemis was planning to tie me down with celestial bronze chains after I returned, how crazy do you have to be to do that!? I swear if Artemis really did that then I really would have run away for good, even celestial bronze cant trap me forever but she would have crossed a line. Thankfully Diana was able to convince her to drop that plan and replaced the celestial bronze with some super strong silver thread thing..." he shuddered at the memory.

Atlanta snorted in amusement and shook her head, "You were scammed Percy, the silver thread Lady Artemis used to tie you down must have been made from moon alloy, it's a magical material of our lady's own creation that while generally weaker than celestial bronze, has a special property that makes it several times stronger than the strongest celestial bronze chains whenever it is placed close to our lady, or under the full moon."

"But a thread is a lot more comfortable than chains and shackles." Phoebe defended her mistress.

"Yeah... But still, she is a goddess, she can make celestial bronze chains feel like fluffy pillows if she really wanted to." Atlanta noted.

"Hey, whose side are you even on?!" Phoebe protested.

"I am on our Lady's side of course, but Percy's a part of our hunt too, we can't always single him out." she defended herself.

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

"Anyways..." Piper interrupted, "Is Percy going to live with the hunters forever?" she asked apprehensively.

Phoebe thought about it for a moment and said, "Not all the time, but a good chunk of his time yes... I say not all the time because he is becoming an Olympian too, and I am sure he would have his own domains to look after."

"YOU'RE BECOMING AN OLYMPIAN?!" Jason cried out in surprise at the unexpected revelation.

"Unfortunately that is true, in your father's own words 'he will not have a mere mortal marry his daughter'." Percy snorted, "As if us mere mortals didn't win them two consecutive wars..."

"But STILL! An Olympian?! Dude that's so crazy..." Jason said excitedly, although the boy would be lying if he said he didn't feel jealous of the son of Poseidon, but then again, Percy had gone through so many hardships that it probably wasn't worth it in the end.

"Yes, I would admit it that it was a bit unexpected but unfortunately there's no getting out of it now, the gods have all voted on that, and as far as I know their decision is absolute whenever it's done through a vote..."

"It is" Atlanta confirmed, "But don't worry about that right now, your marriage is still months away, and your 'promotion' comes even later, for now, you should only worry about surviving Lady Artemis."

"Well from what I have heard so far, Percy might end up surviving this after all," Piper said with an encouraging smile.

"Yeah, and he has got a thing for surviving against impossible odds too," Reyna said while looking at him fondly, something that did not go unnoticed by a certain daughter of Apollo whose eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"And before I forget, remind me to show you your father's new temple Percy, after the giant war the Romans realized how the last one might have been a bit... Inadequate... So we made a new one in its place." Jason said.

"Really? That's great news! Can I see it now?" Percy asked excitedly.

"I mean sure..." Jason said while looking at the hunters uncomfortably, "If you are erm... Allowed to go that is."

Atlanta shrugged her shoulders, "Sure, it's not like he's a prisoner or something." she said before snorting in amusement "No wait, actually that's exactly what he's like." she laughed out hysterically.

"Gods I hate you..." Percy groaned.

"No you don't, now come on water boy, I thought you wanted to see your dad's temple."


Several weeks later...

It was the happiest Percy had been in ages, his time at the Roman camp was going far better than he could have ever expected.

In the past few weeks, the demigod had a lot of fun with his three Roman friends as well as the two hunters of Artemis that Diana always had him followed by, Percy was even beginning to get the impression that Atlanta and Phoebe seemed to have accepted Jason a 'good guy'.

In these long weeks, Percy and Diana had grown closer and closer to each other, to the point where Percy now considered the goddess one of his best friends.

Diana was always very warm to him, unlike Artemis, the Roman goddess did not seem to have any problem with letting him have his freedom either, and Percy appreciated that a lot.

There had been many moments between them that left Percy questioning whether he just saw her as a friend or could possibly see her as something more than that.

It was past sunset, and Percy was alone now with Diana, the goddess was busy reading a book while Percy himself was trying to kill some time by turning the flames of the fireplace he was sitting beside, into several different colors, it was something that Hestia had taught him to do, he liked to think of it as a cool party trick.

Overcome by boredom, Percy stopped playing with the fireplace and looked around absently.

Finally, his eyes rested on the roman goddess and the book she was reading, "One Hundred Songs and Ballads by the bard Dandelion," he read the title, "Since when did you become interested in songs and ballads?"

"Hmm? No, it's just something I found interesting," The goddess answered, closing her book and turning to face Percy, "It's a talking book, I found it on Olympus, it can sing the songs out loud..."

"So basically an overengineered music player? At any rate, Apollo would be happy to learn that you are finally showing some interest in one of his domains." Percy commented.

"Don't even say that, he would make my life a living hell with his terrible taste in music," the goddess shuddered, she could imagine her brother following her everywhere, trying to convince her that his songs were amazing.

"The god of music has a terrible taste in music?" Percy asked, amused by Diana's absurd claim, "I am sure that when he learns about this book of yours, he would understand what type of songs you enjoy in particular, just give him a chance, maybe he'll surprise you?"

"Who says that he would learn anything about my book?" Diana challenged.

"I do" Percy answered.

"Are you sure? Would he still learn of that if I were to... Perhaps make arrangements for you to visit Atlantis for a day?" Diana asked.

"Diana! Are you trying to bribe me?" Percy asked, barely holding back the smile that was threatening to take over his face.

"What if I am?" The goddess challenged.

"Well then, you would succeed." Percy laughed.

The goddess got up from her chair and walked over to where the demigod was sitting, she sat down right beside Percy and offered him her hand to shake, "Deal?"

Percy grabbed the offered hand, "Deal,"

"I had already made plans for your visit a few days ago" the goddess smiled as she made herself comfortable beside Percy.

"Thank you... Diana, that is very thoughtful of you," the demigod replied, truly moved by her gesture.

"You don't have to thank me, Percy," she said, "I know it has been a long time since you met your father properly, you must miss him."

"I sure do," the demigod nodded.

The goddess looked thoughtful for a moment before asking, "Would you for like me to come with you?"

"You want to come?" Percy asked, surprised to hear that the goddess wanted to come to Atlantis, no child of Zeus willingly wishes to visit Poseidon's realm.

"Only if you want me there," she said, "Besides you have done so much for me, you left your whole life behind to stay with the hunt, if it makes you happy then I would somehow gather the courage required to plunge into the oceans, no matter however frightening that may sound to me right now."

"Diana..." Percy did not what to say.

"So? What would it be?" she asked.

"I cannot ask you to jump into an ocean for me," Percy finally answered, "Gods know how horrible it feels when I am forced to fly, being submerged in water, miles, and miles below the ocean would probably feel ten times worse to you."

Diana reached forward and held Percy by his shoulders, "Percy... For once stop caring about how others would feel and tell me what you want..."

"I— I" Percy struggled, she always did this to him, sending his heart beating over a million beats per minute. "I would love it if you came with me to visit my dad, but I would hate to make you go through something so uncomfortable, so stay, your gesture alone matters the world to me."

"Really? Are you sure?" The goddess asked, letting go of Percy's shoulder and returning to her position beside him.

"Yeah," he nodded.

"Hmm, maybe I'll come with you when you visit your mother next time?" she suggested, Diana really wanted to do something for Percy after everything he had done for her and her hunters.

"That's a great idea, my mom will love to meet you," he said, before pausing and thinking for a moment, "Unless she thinks you might kill me," he said.

"What? Why would she think that?" Diana asked.

"Well, you have a reputation you know?" he said.

"Oh..." the goddess realized, "Nevertheless, when she meets me she would understand that I can never hurt you," she claimed.

Percy just smiled in reply, "I am glad you are trying to do good things for me Diana, but you know you don't have to do anything special right? I never wanted any reward for what I did, there isn't any debt or something that you have to pay off." he said.

"Hah, well maybe I am doing this to keep you happy, so that you don't run away with the next prettier woman you find, giving Juno the opportunity to trap me with Triton forever," The goddess joked.

"Yeah right," Percy laughed along with her, "And where would I find a prettier woman, in another universe?"

"What do you mean?" Diana asked in a softer voice, she was not laughing at her joke anymore, but instead looking at Percy with a curious look.

"What?" Percy asked.

"Why would you look in a different universe?" she clarified.

"Oh..." the demigod realized, he had slipped, said something that he probably shouldn't have said, that was something he truly believed in but did not have the courage to say out loud.

"Just..." Percy tried to think something, "It was a..." nothing was coming to his mind, "It is just an expression?" he finally said, and even he knew how unconvincing that had sounded.

"Alright Percy, I need you to stop lying to me now, you know they never work on me right?" Diana asked.

"Yeah...?" Percy said while internally having a full-blown panic attack, he had not intended for her to hear what he thought about her.

"Now, tell me the truth," she said, Percy did not know why, but her voice almost sounded hopeful to him.

"Well... I would have to look in another universe because—" Percy paused, desperately looking for any opportunity to get him out of the situation.

"Because?" Diana beckoned.

"Because... uh... In this one I won't find anyone..." he finally said, terrified of what the goddess's reaction was going to be.

"Anyone prettier than me?" she asked, there was an unreadable expression on her face.

"Yeah," Percy said, he couldn't even make himself look at her now, his face was probably as red as a ripe tomato.

But whatever reaction Percy was expecting, was not the one he received.

"This is..." Diana started, "This is so very sweet you," she said.

"Really?" Percy asked, raising his head to look at her again, and unless the demigod's eyes were playing trick on his him, there was redness on the goddess' cheeks too.

"Yes, and belive it or not I am happy to hear you say that," she said.

She really was happy, Percy could see that on her face, and to say that he was surprised would be an understatement, he was having a difficult time even wrapping his mind around what was happening.

But before Percy could say anything, Diana slipped towards Percy and came even closer to him, this time, she was closer than ever before, their arms were pressed against each other and there was very little space left between them. Her beautiful forest-like scent once again assaulted the demigod's senses and her powerful aura washed over his body.

"Do you feel that too?" The goddess asked, "That strange, funny, and warm feeling? I have never experienced something like this before, not in the thousands of years I have existed, it only happens when I am close to you," she whispered, "Or when you say things like that..."

Diana returned to her previous position, allowing Percy to breathe normally again.

"Over your lifetime you have done many impossible things Percy Jackson, but if what I am feeling right now is what I think it is, then you might just be outdoing them all."

-End of Chapter-

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