Grass was created when Demeter was walking barefoot with her five-year-old daughter Persophone. She realized the dirt was hurting her daughter's feet and decided to give the ground a layer on top of it that had a squishy feel. Then she realized that this wouldn't be able to have crops grown on top of it and frowned."This won't do." she said, shaking her head.

Pondering the possibilities, she tried to make it separate. But when that happened her daughter giggled and said she felt like she was being tickled.

She decided to make her creation smooth and orange but didn't like how it looked. So she asked her daughter what her favorite color was.

"Green is the best color!" she said with a wide smile. "All right then, green it is."

After she made it green, she decided that it needed a name. She thought about it, and decided to ask her daughter about it again "what do you think is a good name for my creation Persephone?" "Hmm, maybe grass?" her daughter asked, her head tilted cutely. "I quite like that." The harvest goddess said with pride as her daughter was like her in every way.

She then decided should add this grass all over the world, and then went off to ask the other Olympians about her creation