Welcome to the Milky Way!" Gaea smiles at me cheerfully. I smiled back at the benevolent planet and graciously thanked them for accepting me into their home. "It's no problem dear, now, what did you want to ask me about?" they said warmly, tilting their head.

"I want to understand how your galaxy works." I ask. "Ah! I can definitely do that for you but we only have a little time to answer questions because I have to complete my revolution around the sun." I glance at Gaea confusedly, "What's revolution?" "Oh, revolution is when the other planets and I go around the sun in a counterclockwise motion and it takes me a year or 365 days to get all the way around."

"Oh, wow! That sounds interesting, does anything happen while you revolve?" I question. "Oh definitely, a lot happens. While I revolve around the sun, I also rotate on an axis at the angle of 23.5, which causes seasons and the daylight cycle."

At that moment, someone knocked on the door. Gaea looks at the front door in confusion, "I wasn't expecting anyone else today. I'm not sure who that could be." The planet gets up and walks towards the door and slowly opens it. I then hear excited conversation and a few scattered laughs before the door shuts and I hear two pairs of footsteps come towards me. I see a woman of medium height, silver hair, and tan skin walking with Gaea. The unfamiliar woman walks towards me and holds out her hand for me to shake and introduces herself as Artemis. I grasp her hand tightly, shake it, and say, "Hello, my name is Eden, it's very nice to meet you."

Artemis and Gaea sit down in separate armchairs and Artemis looks at me expectantly. "So, what brings you to the Milky Way, Eden?" "I wanted to learn more about how the universe's galaxy works. I already learned that Gaea revolves around the sun. Do you do anything special?"

"Definitely, I revolve around Gaea while rotating which creates the moon phases and the gravitational pull that happens while I revolve, and that creates tides. Since you've never really been here, I'm assuming you don't know anything about tides. Well, tides are the alternate rising and falling of the ocean, usually twice a day due to the attraction of the moon and sun."

"You guys are talking a lot about the sun. Who are they? They seem to be an important part of the Milky Way."

"Ah, I guess that means we need to pay Apollo a visit today, right, Artemis?" Gaea says with a small smirk while looking at Artemis. Artemis glares back at Gaea before sighing deeply and saying, "Fine, I guess we have to visit my insufferable brother, just know that I'm only agreeing because Eden wants to learn more about our galaxy."

Gaea smiles and rises from her seat before calling both of us over so we can go see Apollo

"How do we get to them? I mean it is a big universe so how do you know where they are?" "Easy, we fly." I looked at them with a confused smile on my face. "We're joking. We walk, what else do you think we do?" "well yo-" "besides what we told you, we can't fly."

As they approach Apollo, I look around amazed. I saw a tall figure with short orange and yellow ombre hair and fair skin. Artemis looks annoyed while Gaea looks excited. I on the other hand got excited and also a little nervous because I thought he was menacing since he was the sun. "Who is disrupting my photosynthesis process?" I look at Artemis and whisper, "What's photosynthesis?" "Of course you wouldn't know. Well, just ask Apollo; He'll tell you. I promise he is way nicer than he is acting right now." Gaea turns around and tells me "I doubt that, once he gets into the process, it doesn't take much to aggravate him." "Oh hush, you're just saying that because you're his sister, he helps me by doing that you know."

I look behind me as I hear someone walking towards us, I see a bright light coming from the darkness getting closer. Apollo approaches our small group, looking a little less agitated now. I smile at him a little, while Artemis and him have a stare off, greeting each other in an annoyed manner which dissipates when Gaea walks up to Apollo.

"Hey Apollo, I haven't visited you in a while! How have you been?" The planet says cheerily. "How is your photosynthesis going? Eden here was wondering about what it is, since they've never been to the Milky Way." "I got you there, I am the master of all things awesome, APOLLO! Anyway, it is certainly nice to meet you, what do you want to know about it anyways?"

"Oh, I wanted to know what photosynthesis is and how it works." I say somewhat shyly. "It's what powers Gaea's plants, plants use it to produce foods from Carbon Dioxide and water by capturing the radiation with chlorophyll."

"Radiation, what's that?" I ask while tilting my head in a confused manner. " It's the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles. There are seven types: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, optical, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma-rays." Apollo quickly informs me.

"What type of rays do you use for plants?" I question. "Plants need visible light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays, which is what the sun emits." "Is there anything else about the sun I should know?" I implore. "Hmm, how about fusion?" "Great, now you have him going." Artemis says while looking peeved.

"Fusion is the best! It's what powers the great and awesome me!" Apollo declares with a smug grin. "And all the other stars." Artemis says, rolling her eyes. Apollo shoots her a scowl. Gaea finally comes back into the conversation and reminds us that our visit is going to have to come to a close soon. I sigh heavily, not wanting to leave just yet due to how friendly the beings have been to me. Artemis and Apollo look a little down upon hearing Gaea's declaration. I look at all three of the beings and give them a wide grin. "I promise to visit you guys, I swear. Even though I haven't left yet, I already can't wait to come back." I see the three of them smile at my statement and say goodbye cheerfully. I then get back into my ship and set the destination back home.