Teddy Lupin was extremely excited. His little sister Lyra held his hand tightly as they walked in front of their parents through Diagon Alley. Today was the day they were shopping for his first year at Hogwarts.

Their first stop would be Madame Malkin's, for robes. Teddy had never had brand new robes before. The shop was small, and crowded with displays. The four Hogwarts crests were on full display in the corner, for adding to robes and accessories.

"I like yellow." Lyra, age five, annouced. "Mummy likes yellow,too." she nodded and her pigtails bobbed merrily. Today the pigtails were bright pink.

"You have to choose which color based on your Hogwarts house." Teddy explained to her. "I don't know my house yet." He was quite anxious about the sorting ceremony. "Dad was Gryffindor, which is the red and Mum was Hufflepuff, which is the yellow."

"That's why she likes the yellow, silly." Lyra stuck her tongue out.

Remus and Tonks had caught up to the faster paced children. "Now, don't stick your tongue out at your brother." her father admonished her. Remus sometimes wondered how he and Dora were going to survive children like themselves. He was almost regretful to have to send them off to McGonagall. She was most likely not going to be thrilled with the new generation of Potters, Weasleys, and Lupins, unless they turned out to be Quidditch players.

"Papa was red." Lyra stated. "See, it's a lion. The Gryffy door."

"Gryffindor." Teddy corrected, looking around to see if he knew anyone in the shop. He didn't want any of his new classmates to think he hung out with five year old girls, even if this one was his sister.

"Very good." Remus told her. "Yes, the lion is for Gryffindor. But, we're not going to buy any of the crests until Teddy gets sorted."

Tonks grinned. "But you never know, you might end up a Ravenclaw or Slytherin."

"But don't you usually end up sorted like your family?" Teddy questioned.

"True, but you do have Slytherin in yours. Grandma Andromeda was." Tonks did not speak of the others in her Black family tree that had also been Slytherin.

Teddy shook his head of blue curls. "I don't think I want to be Slytherin." He walked over to the display of black school robes.

"Being Slytherin isn't necessarily a bad thing, you know." Remus followed his son.

"I'd rather be Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. I don't think I'm smart enough for Ravenclaw." Teddy mumbled, pulling robes off the rack.

"Edward, I want you to listen to me." Remus couldn't remember the last time he'd called his son by his full name. Teddy knew it must be important if he was being called Edward and turned towards his father. "It doesn't matter what house you're sorted into. They've all had good and bad wizards. What matters is your heart and what you do with what you learn. Your mum and I will love and support you no matter what house you're in."

"Even if it's Slytherin?" Teddy had to ask.

"Even if it's Slytherin. It'd make your grandma proud to have another Slytherin in the family anyway." He helped his son try on the robes.

"You look so grown up in those, Teddy." Tonks stood behind them, holding Lyra's hand. She sounded wistful. "It seems yesterday it was just me and your dad with baby you in that little cottage."

"Mummy, yesterday we went to the park." Lyra reminded her. "I got sand in my hair."

They all laughed, but Remus had to agree. It didn't seem like their oldest could already be eleven and heading off to Hogwarts.

The next stop would be Ollivander's of course. Every student going to Hogwarts would need a wand and the best place in all of Diagon Alley was Ollivander's. "Do you remember coming to get yours?" Tonks slid her arm through her husband's.

"Very well. You?" Remus patted her hand. It'd been a good twelve years together, although there had been times he wasn't sure they'd get to this point of their firstborn going to Hogwarts with both of them still alive. He winced, thinking about his upcoming fiftieth birthday.

"Of course. And quit thinking about how old you are. Do we really need to rehash that argument, especially today of all days?" Tonks pretended to swat his hand.

"How do you always know what I'm thinking?"

"Practice, my dear." she retorted. "Because it's always your argument. Too old, too poor, too this, too that."

He laughed. "You never listen anyway so I dont know why I bother."

"Neither do I." She smiled back.

Teddy reached the door of Ollivander's first, Lyra right behind him, her eyes huge with wonder as they stepped into the famed wand shop. Boxes of every color lined the walls of shelves and more were sprawled across the counters. "How are you gonna choose?" she breathed, looking around. "There's so many."

"You don't choose the wand, the wand chooses you, young lady!" Ollivander himself popped around the corner. He looked her up and down. "Did Hogwarts change the admittance age? You seem a bit young."

"I'm five." Lyra told him, proudly.

"It's for me, sir." Teddy came forward.

"Oh, well, that makes much more sense." Catching sight of Tonks and Remus, Ollivander immediately realized who was standing in front of him. "Well then, young Lupin, what do you say? Do you think dragonstring? Or phoenix feather? Unicorn tail? Let us see what might suit you best." He studied the wall of boxes, pointing his own wand at a pale green box. The box came flying towards him. Opening it carefully, he handed the wand inside to Teddy. "10 inches, beech with a dragon heartstring. Give it a try, young man."

Teddy raised the wand but didn't feel anything. "Am I suppose to feel something?" he asked.

"Try a swish towards the corner." Ollivander suggested.

Teddy did and half a dozen boxes came tumbling down and hit a glass vase on their way. His eyes widened. "I'm sorry!"

"For what? That's simply not your wand." the wandmaker swished his wand and fixed the boxes and vase. He narrowed his eyes, thinking. Another box, this one pink, flew towards them. "Cherry, 11 inches, unicorn core. They're a bit uncommon here, but perhaps it shall suit you." He handed the wand to Teddy, who obediently swished it again.

This time nothing at all happened. Ollivander shook his head. "No, no, no, that won't do at all." He tapped his chin, then picked up a box from the counter. "Ebony, phoenix core, 10 3/4 inches. I feel you need a wand a bit unusual, like yourself."

Lyra stood on her tip toes at the counter, watching the ceremony. Teddy carefully took the third wand. It did feel different then the other two. He gave it a flick. Lyra's hair suddenly stood upright from her head. "Mummy!" she screeched, running back to Tonks and Remus.

"It's all right." Tonks held her while Remus waved his wand over her head. "Daddy fixed it, you're all right."

"I don't think I want a wand." Teddy said, shakily, as he put the wand back.

"Every wizard needs a wand. Your sister is fine." Ollivander knew a wizard with great potential stood before him. Metamorphmagus and a werewolf for a father, in addition to the connections to one of the most powerful pureblood families, Teddy Lupin could be a strong wizard to contend with. He sighed, thinking. "Once more, please." A blue box appeared on the counter. "This is a rather unusual wand. Rowan, 11 1/2 inches, unicorn hair core. Not many wizards have a rowan wood wand." He gave it over to Teddy.

This time, Teddy could feel it. There was a tingling running down his arm as he took the wand from Ollivander. He felt it's power and it's connection to himself. He swished it towards the boxes again, careful to not aim anywhere near his sister. The broken flowers in the vase suddenly brightened, becoming whole pink roses once more.

"Ah! Yes, that is the one." Ollivander smiled. He was always very excited to have a young wizard receive their first wand.

"I think a first year needs a magical creature of their own." Remus annouced as the family came out of Ollivander's.

Teddy gasped. "Really, truly? A creature of my own? Anything I want?"

"Within reason, Teddy, please. Wouldn't want McGonagall coming after us." Tonks laughed.

"Can I have one too?" Lyra piped up. "I want an green pygmy puff."

"Well, we'll see about a pygmy puff, but no, I don't think you need a magical pet of your own yet." Remus told her.

"Maybe I should get an owl!" Teddy exclaimed, excitedly. "Or, or, a cat! What about a niffler? They're pretty cool!"

"I think perhaps we should look at owls first, they're practical in more ways then one." his father said, carefully.

"Practical, yes, but why not let him have a bit of fun?" Tonks whispered to her husband.

"Because Hogwarts is getting a Metamorphmagus and a Maurader's son at the same time and quite frankly, I'd like to keep my job."

Tonks scoffed. "You're the best Dark Arts teacher they've ever had and they know it." She slipped an arm around his waist. "You ever thought we'd end up here, together, shopping for Hogwarts with our own kids?"

He shook his head. "No, Dora. But it's the best I could have imagined." As a werewolf, he never thought he'd have a family of his own, or even a wife. To have both, it was the most he could have ever asked of life.

"Mummy!" Lyra stood in the doorway of the Magical Creature Menegerie, waving wildly. "Daddy! We're waiting on you!" Teddy stuck his blue head around the doorway, checking to see where their parents had wandered off to.

"Ah, they beckon." Remus smiled and led his wife to the menegarie.

Inside, there were owls in one room, cats in another, toads, rats, nifflers, even a dog sniffed around. Teddy stood in the middle of the main room, just looking around.

"I think you should get a cat!" Lyra lugged a big grey cat over to him. "I like this one!" she gave it a hug, the cat looked less then impressed about her hugs.

"It's a nice cat, but I don't know." Teddy petted the cat on the head, still looking around.

"Can I have the cat?" she asked her parents. "I think it's a very nice cat."

Remus took the answering, as he knew Tonks would probably say yes, and knelt beside her. "Now, Lyra, we're here today to get Teddy a school animal. I thought you wanted to get a pygmy puff at Wizarding Wares."

She pouted. "I do, but look at the cat! Isn't it a nice cat?"

"I'm sure it's a very nice cat. But why do we need a cat?"

"Because I want one?"

Tonks tried to hide a laugh without much success. Remus gave her a look. "She's definitely your daughter, Dora."

"I have never brought home a cat." Tonks pointed out.

"Yet." He turned back to Lyra. "When you start Hogwarts, you can get a cat."

"But that's in six years, Daddy! I want this cat!" Lyra protested.

"Well, we'll see about it later. Right now, Teddy gets to choose." Tonks attempted to break in. Remus gave her another look, but he knew if she and Lyra came at him together, he'd end up with a house cat, if she decided she wanted the cat.

Teddy had not chosen. There was so many different animals to choose from. He turned in circles, looking and thinking. "I'm thinking about an owl maybe." he finally said. "I like that little brown one in the corner." He pointed upwards to a small owl sitting in the corner, big golden eyes blinking down at them. Hooting softly when it took notice of Teddy pointing, it flew down to him. Teddy grinned. "I think this owl likes me too."

"He definitely chose you." Tonks' grin matched her son's.

"What about my cat?" Lyra tugged on her father's robes.

"Lyra, Lyra, what are you going to do with a cat?" he asked her.

"Play with it,since Teddy is going to school. I'm gonna be lonely." Lyra pleaded with her father.

Remus could feel himself melting. He was the more strict of the two parents, but on occasion, he could be a pushover, especially when his daughter pleaded with him. She looked so like her mother when she did that and like her mother, he couldn't deny her whatever it was she wanted.

"I'm gonna name her Ally. That's a good cat name." Lyra hugged her new cat. "What are you gonna name your owl, Teddy?"

Teddy carefully put his new owl into a gold cage, to take the owl home. He considered the question as he latched the locks to keep the owl safe. "I think Otis would be a good name."

"Otis the owl. Sounds good to me." Tonks went to the counter to pay.

"All right now, we've got your robes, your owl, your wand, your cauldron is already at home thanks to your grandmother, you need your books." Remus told the kids. "And then it's time for home."

Two adults, two children, an owl and a cat made their way to Flourish and Blotts. Remus pulled the book list from his robes pocket as they approached, although as a Hogwarts teacher he knew it well. "You need six books, one for each core class. As a first year, you won't need any elective books yet."

There was a sign towards the back of the store proclaiming "First Year Books" and Teddy went over to it, lugging the owl cage along. "So I just need one of each?" he asked.

Remus examined the books sitting on the table. "Yes, it looks like they've got them all here." He picked up the Dark Arts book, "Although they could update this a bit."

"You could." Tonks suggested.

He gave her a look. "I just teach the subject, Dora, I don't write it."

"You could, Remus. You're the best teacher they've had in ages, so who better to write it then you?"

He sighed and put the book in the bag Teddy was holding out. "Because I've never written a book before?"

She scoffed. "Like that should stop you. Merlin knows you read enough of them, surely you could write one."

"I think it's a great idea, Dad." Teddy was balancing the owl cage and the now heavy bag of books.

"Daddy could write a book!" Lyra squealed, hugging her father's legs.

Remus looked a bit sheepish, with his family all encouraging him to write a new Dark Arts book. He conceded. "Perhaps I could look into it." He took the book bag from Teddy, and scooped up Lyra and her cat. "Now that we've decided on my next career move, let's go home."

Huddling together, the Lupin family made their way back down Diagon Alley and into the big city of London, ready together to face whatever Hogwarts and beyond might throw at them.