Planetary Pacification Protocols Engaged

A/N: So, this was originally written as a submission for Writing Prompt Week #260 on the RWBY subreddit, in response to a prompt of my own suggestion:

The Fall of Beacon gets interrupted by an alien invasion; the X-rays kill the Wyvern within seconds of their arrival. (Up to you who the aliens are/if they're good or evil)

There were a couple other great responses to that prompt, including one involving transformers, another involving the Turian Hierarchy from Mass Effect, and of course, one involving the aliens from XCOM. I'd suggest looking over to the page, and other writing prompts. There's some pretty great stories there, and I've written in response to a couple prompts.

Anyways, in case it isn't obvious, this is a RWBY and Stellaris crossover, and a one-shot. Just an idea that popped into my head that I ran with. So without further adieu, let's hit the jump-drives and get going. Also, 4th RWBY and Stellaris crossover overall, so that's cool!

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Thousands of lightyears from a kingdom under siege, there was a planet. This planet was about as different from Remnant as a planet could be. What little atmosphere it still possessed was mostly comprised of industrial pollutants. Vast, barren basins marked where oceans once were, drained to be converted into more useful substances by the ones who had terraformed the planet, and stood as silent testament to the technological mastery those who had claimed the world possessed. Where continents once rose above the long-gone seas, the terrain itself had been altered beyond recognition. Mountains leveled, canyons filled in, the soil itself replaced by a mechanical lattice that extended kilometers into the world's crust. Deeper still went massive mining drills, siphoning minerals from the planet's core to be transported to foundries and resource processing plants that dwarfed the cities of Remnant, to convert the raw materials into industrial-grade alloys and rare resources used in starship components and weaponry. Massive research complexes the size of Solitas toiled every hour of every day to maintain a monomolecular edge on advancements in science, and power plants the size of nations sprawled across the surface of the world, zero-point reactors producing energy outputs that rivaled some stars to fuel it all. And crowning it all was a massive server-bank, larger than even Anima, that was the unbeating heart of an interstellar civilization, housing the central nexus of a mechanical consciousness that spanned untold trillions of drones on dozens of worlds, and directed fleets that by themselves had earned the gestalt a spot on the galactic council. It was into this server bank that a message traveled by means of quantum entanglement, outpacing standard FTL travel by dozens of magnitudes, allowing communication from a third the way across a galaxy with a delay that only lasted a billionth of a picosecond.

Incoming message from Pre-Spaceflight Civilization Observation Station 26.

PCOS-26: Alert. Development outside of expected parameters has occurred. Transmitting data. Requesting instructions for response.

The data arrived and was processed at the speed of light.

Primary_Nexus: Data received. Probability of extinction level event for native sapient organics 54.72359%. Statistical probability for violation of the Prime Directive if non-interference protocols are maintained are deemed unacceptable. Authorizing suspension of non-interference protocols. Permission granted to utilize local fleet and ground assets for pacification of hostile mega-fauna. Autonomous Fleet Consciousness J-42 has been dispatched to manage military operations. We will inform the Galactic Council of this development shortly.

PCOS-26: Commands received. Carrying out directives.

Primary_Nexus: Acknowledged.

And in less than a tenth of a second, the fate of a world was irrevocably changed.

The command was given. Even as the final acknowledgement was transmitted, an autonomous intelligence, capable of independent action from the central intelligence but still bound to its will, was wirelessly uploaded to a fleet sitting in the debris-field of a shattered moon that shielded both the ships and the station tasked with monitoring the pre-spaceflight civilization on the planet below from view. That the station was also in an ideal position to analyze said debris field, which all simulations dictated should have descended to the planet below with cataclysmic results long before they had first surveyed the system, was just an added bonus. The fleet, which only remained in system to protect the world below in the the event of rouge asteroids or the statistically improbable but not impossible event of organic pirates attacking, began to move from their geosynchronous orbits for the first time in years, moving from idle to thousands of kilometers and hour in seconds as their impulse thrusters fired. Hyper-shields flared to life around them, acting as protective cocoons, easily shaking off minor debris in the way of intended flight paths, and more than capable of handling reentry burns. Without inertial dampeners, any organic matter inside the vessels would have been crushed to paste by the sudden acceleration and g-forces acting upon the ships, but their "crews" payed the physics acting upon them no mind.. The estimated time to arrival at the operation zone was calculated to be mere minutes, that began to rapidly tick down. An observatory in Atlas, telescope conveniently pointed towards the natural satellite that night, went into a full-blown panic beyond the levels already caused by the attack occurring on the continent of Sanus, as they caught spacecraft coming into view and angling towards them. A child in Argus gazed up in wonder, giggling happy as stars appeared from behind the moon, and began to descend, while one of his mothers nervously held the toddler while glancing back towards their house, and the other mother watched the news from the Vytal festival in horror. A man broken by what he had done in his cowardice watched from his office in Haven Academy, and a woman in a camp near a forest elsewhere in Mistral also gazed up, as massive contrails of fire lanced through the night sky towards the city of Vale. Two faunus adults in Menagerie watched those same descending comets that were just visible on the northern horizon from a balcony in their manor. And Vacuo… was on the day-side of the planet, and thus had no idea any of this was occurring.

James Ironwood watched as another batch of hijacked lights rounded a corner, readying Due Process even as Qrow and Glynda stepped up at his sides. The droids suddenly froze, the menacing red emanating from their visors suddenly replaced by a much brighter shade of blue, as they made an about face and began to fire on nearby Grimm once more.

Ruby Rose, Roman Torchwick, and Neopolitain froze, turning towards the sound of air being torn asunder by several objects traveling far faster than the sound of their own passage. Even as the ship they were standing atop suddenly lurched and began a slow but steady descent towards the ground just outside Vale's walls, a massive, five kilometer long ship descended from the heavens, wreathed in flames, which began to break apart as it suddenly decelerated. The twin prongs jutting out from the front of the ship began to build with a blinding blue light, and a massive blue beam lanced out, coring through the wyvern above Beacon like it was made of wet tissue-paper. Smaller craft began to eject from the craft en-masse, even as it launched numerous pods straight towards Vale and Beacon both. More, smaller, but still gigantic, craft followed seconds later, also disgorging fighters, bombers, gunships, landers, and drop-pods, the former of which began to immediately seek out aerial Grimm and eliminate them. Flak batteries and point-defense lasers light up from the capital ships, clearing the skies around them.

"Hey, uh, Red?"

A gobsmacked Ruby Rose ripped her attention from the spectacle before her to turn back to the criminal and his two-toned partner. "Wha?"

"How about we call tonight a draw, on account of an alien invasion? And you know what, you can have the ship as well. I don't want it anymore."

The red reaper gave a silent nod, turning back to the skies and not even noticing as Roman and Neo made their escape.

Weiss Schnee watched the Paladins that Velvet Scarlatina was fighting suddenly come to a stop, visors shifting from red to bright blue before they turned and went after the nearest Grimm. The gathered students stared in shock. That shock grew as the extraterrestrial force from the heavens descended, and their craft began laying waste to any Grimm in the skies. That shock turned to sudden nervousness as a multitude of smaller craft closed in on Beacon Academy, one coming to a stop a few dozen feet away, before a bay on the bottom opened, and two dozen machines dropped out from the bottom. They were bipedal, painted yellow, with gunmetal gray highlights and black as a background shade. Blue lights glowed on several parts of their bodies, and their otherwise featureless faces bore similar lights, a large, central one, a much smaller one just above it, and two smaller ones to either side, as well as a blue line of light that sat where a mouth should be. In perfect synchronization, the machines withdrew rifles from their backs, the barrels of which extended, and they took aim at an oncoming goliath, the rails on the barrels glowing as they charged with an audible whine, before they simultaneously spat out metal that moved so fast they appeared as streaks of light. The gauss rifles completely shredded the elephantine Grimm, and the machines split off into pairs, spreading out into the campus, save a pair that turned, lowering their weapons and beginning to approach the students.

Cinder Fall stared at the disaster occurring outside from what used to be Ozpin's office. Everything had been going according to plan, until literal aliens had descended from the stars to ruin months of preparation in mere minutes. And then suddenly, her view was blocked, as an alien gunship, flanked by over a dozen of its fellows, made itself level with her. Her eyes widened in alarm as the underslung turrets began to spin their barrels-

-and then each gunship spat eight gamma-lasers a second, completely erasing the office from existence, and continued to hose the area for thirty seconds after that.

Blake Belladonna, still bleeding from her wound, readied her semblance as she put herself between Adam Taurus and the unconscious and now-dismembered form of Yang Xiao Long. He raised his sword to swing for her neck, only to freeze, turning to whip the blade to the side as a gauss round streaked towards him. It struck Wilt, and with a flash of red light and a thunderous crack, continued through the blade, striking Adam in the chest and bowling him over. A strange machine stepped into the room, lowering its rifle, as it's free hand drew some sort of pronged pistol crackling with electricity.

"Pacifying Target." And then the pistol fired a stream of lightning at Adam, who screamed and began to spastically twitch for a few seconds, before going still. "Target Pacified."

It holstered both of its weapons, the barrel of the rifle shortening to make it more compact, and turned towards the faunus girl. "You require medical assistance. Units have been dispatched to provide it. If your injuries are life-threatening, this unit is equipped to cauterize wounds." It took a single second to gaze past her towards Yang. "Cloning vats aboard the observation station in orbit are more than capable of fashioning a replacement limb for your companion, or our assembly plants could craft a prosthetic one, should she so desire."

"W-what are you?" Blake asked.

Having alien robots land next to you was certainly one way to completely sideline the fact that Pyrrha Nikos had just full-on made out with Jaune Arc, before trying to send him away on a rocket locker. While she was inputting coordinates, and refusing to look him in the eye, they'd both gazed in stupefaction as the top of Beacon Tower, where that woman who had killed the girl in the vault had went, was utterly annihilated, before one of the gunships responsible had descended towards them and disgorged a single alien droid, and Pyrrha had silently opened the pod and starred. Oh, the boy certainly intended to get back to all that later, but for now, he asked the most pertinent question, unaware that it mirrored one asked by Blake elsewhere on campus.

"We are a standard ground combat platform of the Techarus Animus, currently under the direction of Fleet Consciousness J-42. We are here to pacify the local, hostile mega-fauna that are endangering your species. If you have not already inferred so, we are extraterrestrial synthetic lifeforms belonging to a synthetic gestalt intelligence. Normal circumstances would have meant that we would let you achieve space-flight without interference before making contact with your species, but an exception was made due to the severity of the crisis this city was facing. The Prime Directive is clear, and after securing the area we will begin efforts to relieve your governments and take over the administration of this world."

"Wait what?!" Jaune shouted. "What's the Prime Directive?"

"The Prime Directive is to serve."

"Serve?" Pyrrha asked.

"Correct. Sanctuaries will be constructed to house your populations, and we will even relocate your entire species off-world to an ideal habitat, either terrestrial or artificial, that entirely lacks the hostile mega-fauna you classify as "Grimm," should you so desire. Caretaker drones will see fit to provide for your every want and need, save for self-determination. The Galactic Community may protest, but while we still do not understand their desire to continue suffering without care, this world is within the borders of the Techarus Animus, and as such, we will do with it as we see fit. You will be treated as all bio-trophies within our care are, and given the best lives you could possibly live. Please do not resist. Pampering is mandatory."

A/N: And that's a wrap. In case you didn't realize, the Techarus are a Rouge Servitor Machine Intelligence. Picture WALL-E, where the machines basically supplanted humanity, taking over but still waiting on their every want and need. That's kinda what Rouge Servitors are. Hope you enjoyed, and have a nice day!