The Life of a Vengeful Saiyan

Daikon has arrived at Planet Yardrat in his little pod traversing through the cliffs and natural columns until he arrived in front of Elder Pybara's house/villa. Luckily, Pybara was just returning from a walk when he saw the pod.

Elder Pybara POV

I was calmly walking back home when I saw a Saiyan pod landing at my doorstep. I quickly rushed over trying to make sure this Saiyan wasn't here to invade because Panache had told me Saiyan's invade planets for Freezer unfortunately. Once I had arrived, I got in my stance, but it seems it was unnecessary, since a young Saiyan child came out of it. I went over to him and asked what was wrong. The Saiyan child had this distraught look on his face and started crying, so I quickly gave him a hug. It started slow but after a few minutes of letting his feelings out he told me what happened. I was both sad and angry of what happened to Panache, he was like a son to me and a bright light in this universe with his heroic acts. I took him inside my house and gave him my bed while I sat in the living room thinking about what I should do. After some thought I decided to train Daikon and raise him to become the warrior me and Panache know he can be. When I went inside my room to see if Daikon was awake, I was surprised to see him doing some type of meditation. I went up to his shoulder and tapped on it so he could look at me and when he did I asked him "do you want me to train you the same way I did your father so you can avenge him". With a look of determination, he told me "if I can become the hero my father was and avenge him, throw whatever training you have at me because I'll master it all."

20 years later

Daikon's POV

After training with the Yardratians for so many years I had finally achieved Super Saiyan in my battle against Freezers brother, Cooler. With my knowledge of Spirit Control, I unlocked grades 1-4 of Super Saiyan which I never knew existed. After 10 years at Yardrat I decided to leave with my teachings and go across the galaxy seeing if any needed help and learned techniques they had to offer. It was during this adventure I had met Freezers brother, Cooler, invading a peaceful planet known as Namek.

5 years ago

Fighting theme

Daikon's POV

I was landing on Namek seeing where the most devastation took place and saw Cooler's main force fighting near the elder of the planet. Along the way I cleared any villages that had soldiers and brought any Namekian warriors to Guru's place. When we arrived the Namekian people were being slaughtered and what looked like orange balls with stars on them were being collected. Me and the other warriors fought against the intruders and too a short rest after they had retreated for the time being. A Namekian named Nail came up to me and told me someone named Guru wished to see me. I went along with him and saw this huge Namekian which I suspected was the planets Elder. Guru introduced himself and told me he could unlock part of my vast potential and give me a boost in power. I agreed and at once felt stronger and not a moment too late because the forces returned and this time much stronger. I told Guru to get the Namekians to fuse and unlock there potential while I hold the forces off. Getting into my stance I taunted the forces and said, "well is that all you have for me" and prepared to fight.

The first thug threw a punch which I parried and punched a hole straight through him and then created a KI sword and started attacking the rest. In short terms I pretty much slaughter-actually slaughtered is not the right word that word would mean they had a chance, so no, it was a genocide. After killing enough soldiers-roughly 1,000-the frost demon known as Cooler showed his cowardly hide and decided to do battle. He then started monologuing about me being a monkey and how he's better than Freezer bullshit, so I decided to take advantage of that and decked him in his face.

Battle theme

He clearly didn't like that and attacked me back, so we started exchanging blows going back and forth. Cooler knew he was clearly outmatched, and I was surprised since it's a known fact that Cooler is stronger than Freezer. Cooler than began to transform and I was not going to let him and kicked him in the air and delivered a vicious double axe handle. When the smoke cleared, Cooler was in his final form and ready for round 2 with no injuries apparent. I quickly fired a beam of energy straight at him, trying to catch him of guard but he threw it away with difficulty I might add. It then continued from there with both of us going all out using 100% or so it seemed for me. What I didn't know was that cooler wasn't using his full power which became apparent when he punched me away and started yelling. The pressure was intense as he powered up to the point a bright light and earthquakes formed. When all this light and noise ceased standing there was something I would forever fear in my life, something I knew would kill me with only 10% of its power. What I saw was Cooler in his final form, but he was in this silvery color that shined in the 3 suns on Namek.

I then decided to use what Pybara taught and started to calm myself down and keep my Ki flowing through my body evenly and decided to fight Cooler even if I might die. I launched at him and started a meteor combo which caught him off-guard but afterwards he punched me away. Silver Cooler proceeded to beat on me relentlessly and many times during that beating, death crossed my mind. I fought to the hardest of my capabilities using everything I learned, even forced spirit fission but Cooler's vast Ki reserves tapered off the damage. Cooler threw a one-handed purple beam and I threw a Kamehameha and both blasts were in headlock. It was at this time that Cooler started taunting me and threatened Planet Yardrat and its inhabitants with him recognizing the techniques I used. As the beam inched closer, I thought about all the people on Yardrat, all the people that suffered at the Cold family's hands, and then I thought about my family and seeing my dead fathers' body. I snapped, all the rage I had held in for so long exploded in a flash of Ki that engulfed the area and there I was standing as a Super Saiyan.

I used my invigorated Ki and pushed even harder in the blast destroying both mine and his at the same time. We both charged at each other not giving any quarter, hitting each other with attack after attack to the point we were dying on our feet. It was an all-out brawl with many of the surrounding parts of the planet being destroyed from the sheer power being used. I hit him with a right hook, he hit me with in a knee at my stomach. I parried his blast back at him creating a smokescreen and using that I created a Ki blade and tried to stab him, but he caught it and crushed it. Our fight continued but the length of it was costing us stamina and making the attacks slower and less powerful. I reached deep in my mind and remembered the quote from the assassin Jason Bourne. "opportunities will present themselves, find them and use them" I took his words and waited for that one mistake that will give me the upper hand. There it was, Cooler overextended himself with a right punch. Using this, I immediately cut off his right arm and then his right leg with a stab through his abdomen. Severely injured, Cooler, tried to fight but I kept dodging and gave him one final punch which incapacitated him. I decided to spare him, but it seems that was a mistake because as soon as I turned around, he tried to attack me.

I was slightly heavy hearted but removed that feeling and went back to Guru's place to give him the good news.

When I arrived, I saw the remaining Namekian survivors and a weary Guru wondering where I was, he seemed nervous for some reason. I went up to him and told the Namekians there that I got rid of Cooler and his forces forever. All the Namekians cheered for me and I was surprised when Guru came to me and said I could use 1 wish of the planet's dragon balls. I asked what they were, and he explained that the dragon balls are wish granting orbs. I immediately thought about bringing my father back, but I saw all the devastation my battle caused and decided to use my wish and bring the planet back to its former glory. To say Guru was surprised was an understatement but nonetheless he granted the wish. After that I frequently visited the Namekians whenever I had the chance to.

Daikon's POV (current)

I was flying in the galaxy until I received a transmission on my handheld device. It was signal from Namek, I knew Namek was in danger or they would never had contacted me. I answered the transmission and on the other end was Nail-the strongest Namekian-telling me how Frieza has arrived and is ruining the planet on a search for the dragon balls. The transmission cut of and immediately set course for Name, not knowing the horrors I would witness.