The Confrontation

Daikon is racing to Namek pushing his craft to its full capabilities thinking hard about he may or may not see when he arrives.

Daikon's POV

I had once more arrived on Namek like I did 5 years ago and saw even worse damage to the area then when Cooler was invading. There are desolate grounds, red skies, lava flowing on the ground and thunderstorms appearing everywhere. I saw a bright golden light and purple light shining 2 kilometers away from my current location. I quickly sensed any familiar Ki signatures and one of them is Frieza. I instant transmission over there and saw a Saiyan in Super Saiyan facing final form Frieza. It seemed like this mysterious Saiyan had this fight in the bag but not. Frieza, looking like he was done with this decided to blow up the planet. I wasn't about to let him do that and at once sent a blast towards it, destroying it. Frieza and the unknown Saiyan looked towards me one with disgust and one with confusion.

Goku's POV

There was a mysterious Saiyan that has appeared and destroyed Frieza's death ball with 1 move. He jumped to my size and "show me your full power Frieza, I know this isn't your only transformation." This shocked me I thought Frieza was going all out like I was, I didn't know he had another transformation on top.

Frieza's POV

That Saiyan, it cannot be, I killed him I remember doing so myself, watching him being disintegrated. The hatred I feel since that day he cut my arm and leg off forcing me to grow them back and... train. It felt so mundane and dirty training and sweating to get stronger but because of that I unlocked a new form like my brother Cooler except stronger. "fine monkey I will grant you this final wish as you lay eyes on my newest transformation."

3rd person POV

As Frieza was transforming the 2 Saiyan's, Goku/Kakarot and Daikon were surprised at the sheer amount of Ki they are facing. Daikon was surprised at how much more powerful Frieza is than Cooler and Goku was thinking how he is going to get away from this alive. After his transformation, both Daikon and Goku are full of surprise and fear looking upon Frieza's new form. After transforming Frieza- in a husky voice-says "look at this transformation and feel the fear coursing through your veins. "I'm not actually scared to tell you the truth, it's kind of funny you think an unconfirmed male or female alien is scary hahahahahahahahaha" replies Daikon. "you pathetic ape, I will kill you for such cheek and disrespect like I did your father." Daikon is angered by this and at once transforms into mastered Super Saiyan. Unfortunately, it is not powerful enough and does not even match up to Frieza's power. Both Goku and Daikon know that they will need to work together to even have a chance at beating Frieza. "looks like we have to work together, are you in?" said Daikon. "yeah I'm in!" said Goku. Both Saiyan's shook hands and got into their stances ready for battle.

Both Saiyan's charged forward and punched Frieza's chest with no damage appearing. Both Daikon and goku know that this fight will take technique. While Daikon still had his hand on Frieza, he activated Forced Spirit Fission and started sapping Frieza's Ki. Obviously knowing what Daikon was doing, Frieza slapped him away and started to beat on Goku. Goku was fighting Frieza but barely holding on with his martial arts ability keeping him alive. Daikon went back into the fight vigorously. Taking all the energy from Frieza every time contact was made and releasing it into the atmosphere, slowly repairing the planet. Frieza is getting increasingly angry and started to use more of his final form's power. The power gap is ever increasing as Daikon and Goku are wracking their brains for a solution to Frieza. When an idea pops into Daikon's head he sets a telepathic link between himself and Goku. "hey, Goku, can you hear me?" "I sure can, also who are you, you don't sound like King Kai or Kami." "I don't know who they are, but I have an idea. Also, my name is Daikon what's yours." "My name is Goku and yeah I would love to hear your idea."

Daikon explained how he went on this planet called Metamora, where he learned this technique that allows 2 people to fuse together and create a being stronger than both. To create time both Goku and Daikon used a joint Solar Flare that severely blinded Frieza's eyes and had him start using some very Colorful language. After some failed attempts, both Goku and Daikon got into position and yelled FUSIIOOOOOONNNN HAAAAAA! Both Daikon and Goku have transformed into a being that will be spoken about through the decades to come and beyond.

Frieza is speechless, in all his time alive he had yet to see something more spectacular than the being in front of him. For the first time Frieza is excited to test his full power and fight this person. "well monkey you have piqued my interest, introduce yourself and let's get started." "glad to hear it, my name is neither Goku nor Daikon, I'm Gokon." Both Gokon and Frieza charged at each other going blow for blow. Frieza was having fun letting loose, As for Gokon he was testing his body out and started to ramp it up as well. Both Frieza and Gokon are enjoying their battle and gradually start reaching maximum power. At 100% Gokon started using new moves such as Stardust Cannon, Red Avenger (small Ki ball that explodes in the distance), Seismic Strike and x10 Kamehameha. Frieza on the other hand started using attacks such as: Stardust Fall, Ki wave, Kamehameha, and Blue revenge (a long Ki blade that explodes after the third contact).

Both Frieza and Gokon are having the time of their lives and with all the energy stolen from Frieza the planet is back to how it was before Frieza came. It was now the ultimate moments of the battle with Frieza running low on energy and Gokon out of time. They both put it all in this last back with Frieza yelling FINAL RAIIIIIIIINNNNN and Gokon yelling ULTIMATE STRADUST KAMEHAMEHAAAAAA.

Creating the legendary beam clash that will decide the fate of the universe. The beam is going left to right with no side having a distinct advantage until both Gokon and Frieza revert into their base. Gokon has dropped Super Saiyan and Frieza dropping his fifth form has created an even bigger stalemate with neither side having anything left to give.

Searching within himself, Frieza used the last of his energy and added more power. Gokon felt the surge of power and with the blast getting closer and closer he searched within himself and used something he would regret later. With a roar Gokon yelled Kaiokeeeeennnnn! Sending a huge surge of energy and power towards Frieza which consumed him and exploded in the stars. With the battle over, Gokon saw a drone from Frieza being carried in the wind to his ears that held a message. "I'm glad my life was ended by a warrior who held no grudge against me and fought going all out with no talking or any other bullshit. Just be warned my father will come here and he is more powerful than I am, so train hard and if you die, well I'll be waiting in the afterlife for my rematch."

Satisfied with himself, the fusion known as Gokon defused back into Goku and Daikon. Both were surprised but glad that the fusion is over and Frieza is defeated once and for all. Goku asked Daikon if he knew any planets where he can learn some new techniques to become stronger. Daikon told him he should first unlock his potential from Guru and then visit Yardrat where he should ask for Elder Pybara. Now saying their final goodbyes, Goku asks "hey Daikon, can you visit my planet for me and tell them I won't be coming back for a year and take care of earth for me." "no problem at all Goku, I will take care of them until you get back."

With that the Namek Arc has ended with a victory for our heroes but what adventures will they face.