A Cylon Going Home: A Harry Potter story

Prologue: Cognitive Recalibration

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June 23, 1980

Number 4 Privet Drive

Little Winging, Surrey


Cupboard Under the Stairs

Harry's POV

You know, it's amazing what can happen when a tiny mistake can have an impact so profound, that before you know it, a whole nother world can open up the floodgates to a life once lived within the blink of an eye.

Like when a woman that I thought was my Aunt made a fatal mistake and struck me when I accidentally burned the bacon for my Uncles and cousins breakfast.

The pan, burning hot as it was, was ripped from the stove and from my hand, wherein she then took the flat end and hit me upside the head. The resulting assault followed by being forced to recuperate in what can be construed as a storage closet or cupboard, allowed me to observe as while healing without medical attention, i somehow finding myself floating before a cracked wall. I can only watch helplessly as it begins to break down, only to implode outward with such force that there is nothing I can do but hold on for the rush that is to follow within what I will come to learn was once the walls of memory within my mind.

As the wall or 'Firewall' as I will come to know it, shatters upon itself, I find myself immersed within what can be only be described as a stream of red colored data, lines of code and symbols, constantly changing before I am pulled by another current. It's almost as if I am flying down an endless tunnel of information. My mind being infused with knowledge and images that at first, make no sense to me.

Suddenly, I see two lines of code before me when I then am pulled towards one. I see images of beings floating in some kind of fluid I can only describe as sloshy. It was not water, yet it was something else I could not identify into words. In the next image, I see a man standing over me with what I can identify as a gun. His features old with graying hair with a mad gleam in his eyes. With a squeeze of the trigger, there was a flash of fire and gun powder followed by an explosion of light, and then nothing.

The same thing happens over and over, only in different ways, many times in different settings and locations, all with the same outcome as I die each time, again and again.

The scene changes and I see myself as I begin to piece everything together by remembering who I am and who I once was as I see myself marry a woman in a Colonial Marine uniform. I was happy at first. I was at peace. But then she changed. After the birth of my daughter Kara, she became angry, abusive, and conniving. The bottle being her only friend.

I watched in 3rd person point of view as one day, as I am the only thing that has kept my little girl sane, as my wife became the very thing that I as a Cylon always feared when it came to human kind.

And then he came. In order to protect my 'Angel', I had to disappear. Some would say that I left to pursue my love and passion for music, some of which I had taught my daughter, but in reality, I left because I had to make a choice.

In the end, it didn't matter as my last memory was seeing my Brother as he stood over me and sealed my memories behind a Firewall of Heavy Coding, not knowing that one day, as he shoots me off into space, that I would not end up upon the Earth that he knew or hoped for where I would no doubt die of radiation poisoning and or starvation, but another Earth altogether.

The next stream I see myself as a couple find me in the metal contraption I now know to be a ship. The woman who took me into her arms bore a beautiful warm smile, bearing red hair and the most dazzling green eyes. The man, I can only guess to be her husband, with brown eyes behind brown rimmed glasses and a ravens nest of hair.

I watched as I see her pull me from the ship and amazingly enough, with a flick of the mans wrist, there is a stick that he summons into his hand, then with a twirl and a point, shrinks the ship, and with another flick, it flies from the ground into his hand. As he pockets it, he walks to the woman and my much younger self, smiles as he sees that I am without a doubt, human. A few moments later, we disappear with a 'crack' of displaced air. The scene shifts yet again and I see myself learning that magic is real, that I possess the gift of magic as somehow things begin to happen to my younger form in ways I cannot understand, and yet as such as when I summon cookie jars to myself, my eyes raise up in shock and bewilderment as I see myself banish the lid of the cookie jar without even an effort, then reaching in and pulling out a cookie, thus eating the no doubt delicious baked goods like no tomorrow.

I then see another image as my new parents chase me as I am flying on a broom. A real, honest to God, Flying Broom. I laughed at the image of myself as my little hands somehow instinctively held onto the small flying broom, chasing around the family cat with laughter upon my lips as my human parents chased me throughout the house.

I learn that I was then adopted through a ritual as the son of these two people who would become my new parents. A man with a wild mane of long black hair and pale skin becomes my magic sworn Godfather after being sworn to secrecy regarding the truth of my origins.

Other people come into focus as images entered my mind. I sickly scarred man in patched clothing. A rather small and yet obese of a man that had two overgrown front teeth, like that of a rat. Names entered my mind besides my parents names. Prongs, Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail.

And then came a night that everything changed again.

The death of my parents by a dark cloaked man. The scream of my father after instructing my mother to take me and go. My mother, before her murder casting a spell upon me and with the use of her blood, placing a protection over me. With her death, the protection took hold.

Her killer dying after she refused to leave me, offering herself up, unknowingly to the dark robed man, as a sacrifice to the magic she cast moments ago and sealing it with her blood. His 'wand' turned on me, the sickly green light, and then darkness, until I wake up to the sound of a shrill as I am later found on my aunts front steps that cold November morning.

But I digress. Who am I you ask. My name is, or was Harry James Potter, son of James Charlus and Lily Jane Potter-Evans. I also went by another name, that being Dreillide Thrace.

But once a long time ago, I was a Cylon. My true name is Daniel. Son of Ellen Tighris and Saul Tighris. The 7th Model in a line 8.

Husband of a cruel wife, a father to an unassuming young girl who doesn't even know the truth of her unique heritage. A girl who thinks I am as of the moment, dead.

My brother may have betrayed our kind and killed myself and my brother models, but he made one fatal mistake. He left me alive.

I may be stranded on this planet that is also called Earth, but I will return to free my people, and I will have my revenge.

I will find my daughter and I will end my brother and his line, of this I swear.

This is my story.

So, what do you think? Is this a good opening? Let me know in the comments section. Also, quick question, who knows how long since the 7's demise, leading all the way to the opening of the series? How many years since then as it will aid me in trying to figure out an appropriate return of the character or Harry when he returns to Caprica to stop John. Any help in finding these answers would be greatly appreciated. Until next time.