And So, Bell Cranel Became a Hero

Description: Bell's Grandfather had a more impactful role in the boy's early life until his disappearance. Bell, with his newfound morals and dreams, and the help of an unexpected Goddess, starts his own journey to become a Hero like the one in the stories of his gramps.

Tags: Mature, Action, Romance[Harem]. Adventure.

Setting: Bell's 15 years old instead of 14, Zeus had a more impactful live in the boy's early life and actually did more than just teach Bell his lecherous ways.

Mature Story/Harem: There are GRAPHIC scenes in this story which include gore'ish scenes and smut/lemons/limes. Both of this are important parts of the story. The Harem will be large due to influences you'll read about later on.

DISCLAIMER: Danmachi belongs to its respective owners. Everything that occurs in this fanmade story is of my own creation and the characters abide by the fictional laws in the setting.

Prologue: And So, The Boy Started his Journey

Part 0


The man that took care of him for the past fifteen years was gone.

Just like that.

"I'll be back before you know it." The man said, but he didn't return that week.

Or the next week, or the week after that.

During the first week, the boy left behind ignored the traitorous voices in head, knowing that the old man would be back with yet another tale about a nearby village and the ladies inhabiting it, boasting about some false perverted feats and with inaccurate recounts of his involvement in the wild game hunt.

By the second week, the boy doubts grew more, and more. Never did the hunting expeditions last longer than a week, and in the rare cases they did, those were the expeditions that Miss Kat would then lend a helping hand to the village's men.

And when the third week passed without any positive signs of his return, the boy had already come to terms with reality and 'sucked it up' as the old man would often say.


A knock on the door, a slight dash of hope returned to his chest.

Hope that died the moment the boy threw open the door and came face to face with not his old man, but the elder chief of the village. An old, lanky, bald man in his late sixties barely holding himself through the grip of his wooden cane.

"Hello Bell," The elder greeted with a strong voice contrasting his fragile appearance, "We need to talk."

Those words… Bell knew what was coming, and he moved aside to guide the older man into their home – Now solely his. A minute of silence passed as the two sat in the wooden rocking chairs set in front of the small burning hearth. The chief sighed deeply as the wood creaked with his added weight, his cane came to rest on his lap as he met the unique set of crimson eyes of the young lad across him, a lad whose muscles were tense in preparation for what he had to say.

"There is no easy way to say this young Bell," The old man grumbled, then exhaled loudly. "We found the hunting party your grandfather was a part of, and all that remained of them after being missing for weeks were torn cloth scraps and few broken, personal, trinkets."

Bell sucked in air, his face tensing further as he tried to hold back the tears from his fears confirmation.

"Martha and I have decided to take you in seeing as you no longer have anyone else to take care of you," The chief looked away, seeing something past the walls that Bell could take a good guess about. "That is, if Miss Kat doesn't take you in first, and only if you wish to. We're not trying to replace your grandfather, but merely give you a place where you won't feel alone."

Bell nodded at the kind offer, not trusting himself to speak any word without his voice breaking or his emotions spilling.

The chief looked back at the distraught teen, "Irina would be overjoyed that her 'big brother' came to live with us, if you so wish to." Bell's eyes shimmered, the chief sighed. "Sorry for your loss, Bell."

Bell shook his head, then gave a thankful bow to the older man for telling him the truth, even if he did in the bluntest of ways.

At last, he could finally let his fears come to rest.

"Chief," Bell sniffed, sucking in air to keep the tears in. "Could you give me the night to think about this…?"

"Of course, you already know where to find us." The older man gave him a kind smile before he stood up with some difficulty. One of his lanky palms came to rest on the distressed white-haired boy's head and added, "Be strong, Bell."

"Hai." Bell bowed again, then accompanied the chief to the door, there he waved him good-bye with a bitter smile. With the chief gone, Bell gently closed the door and let his head rest against the wooden surface.

"You… stupid… old… man," Bell sniffed, legs failing as he could no longer hold back, his knees hit the floor, hard. Fists slowly came to hit on the door's surface as the boy started hiccupping, "Why…"

'Stand up, boy. Ladies hate weak willed men.' The mental voice of his gramps answered his mourning question, but it only made him hit the door with his forehead.

The old man who had taken care of him since he was one year old, whom he had looked up to, who had made sure he remained innocent but not naïve to the reality of the world and who had instilled in him the morals from heroes of old, giving him the hope that he could become someone like them.

The man who had given his all for him, was gone.

But not forgotten.

Thus, Bell decided, that with nothing left for him in this village, it was time to start his own adventure and use everything the man had given him in life.

It was time for him to make his dreams become true.

Just as his grandfather would've wanted.

But first… Surely, even his stern grandfather would forgive him for spending the rest of the day, and night, mourning his only family's loss.

And so, the young boy broke down in tears, the sight seen and known to nobody but himself.

- 0 – AsBBaH Vol 1 – 0 -

Part 1

The next morning, one Bell Cranel, a white-haired, crimson eyed, fifteen-year-old of average height (1.65m) and slim, yet fit, body, stood outside of what he once called home. An enormous backpack on his back, filled to the brim with things they, now only he, owned.

The young teen looked past the horizon at the sun that peeked back, the pleasant feeling of the morning's cool air refreshed his lungs as he walked towards the village's chief house to let him know of his final decision. He knocked on the elder's two-story house door and not a moment sooner the chief greeted him with a smile, though that smile did not last long once the old man saw the backpack on Bell's back.

"Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and my Gramps." Bell gave a formal 90-degree bow that made the contents of his bag jostle and force him to straighten up again less they spill. "I've decided I will explore the world like my grandfather once did."

The chief straightened up in response, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Bell replied with absolute determination. "It's what he would've wanted."

The chief frowned, then his features softened as he chuckled, "Lil'Irina is gonna be sad her big bro's gone, but if that's your choice then we'll accept it."

Bell smiled guiltily in response.

"However!" The chief raised a finger, "Know that no matter where you go, or who, or what you become, you will always be welcomed in this village of ours."

Bell rubbed away the traitorous tear from his face and gave a thankful bow before he turned to leave.

A hand on his shoulder stopped him from doing so.

"I don't believe you're quite ready to start your adventure just yet, young man, just look at yourself!"

Bell blinked and frowned as he did. He was dressed in his everyday farmer, worn out boots, faded brown thoroughly stained pants, and equally worn and stained white shirt.

"What's wrong with me?"

The chief would've facepalmed if he was a couple years younger, as it was, the old man could only release a weary sigh and pull the younger teen into his home, leading the boy to wait at the living room as he went to get what rightfully belonged to Bell.

Bell's apprehensiveness grew by the minute until the old man returned, carrying two bags and one large pouch which he, literally, dropped at the teen's feet.

"Go ahead and put on the things in those bags."

Bell curiously opened the first one, finding three sets of folded clothes consisting of black pants, long sleeved black shirts, a pair of brown boots and a single brown coat.

He did as ask and changed into the gear provided.

Now, wearing the brown shin-high leather boots, black pants, long-sleeved black shirt with the long-sleeved brown coat, with a black patch on one shoulder and high collar, Bell felt more like an actual adventurer and not like the farmer kid he'd dressed earlier as.

"Now you're lookin' much better," The chief chuckled, corroborating Bell's thoughts about himself. "Go ahead with the second one."

Bell obeyed, opening the second one and he stared, surprised, at the item he pulled out. A single steel shoulder pad with crisscross straps that he wasted no time on wearing over his left shoulder, he fit the armor piece snuggly in place before he pulled out the next item. A dagger in its hard leather sheath that he'd seen the older men use for hunting, the handle and blade totaling somewhere in the 30cm mark with the slightest of curved shape to it.

The young adventurer strapped it to his belt on the left side of his waist, making sure he had easy access to it before the older man spoke again.

"As for the last bag… That's what your grandfather has been saving over the years for you."

At the mention of his grandfather, Bell didn't hesitate to open the last bag and found it filled to the brim with Valis.

"Your grandfather always put a little bit of his earnings from the hunts in there and gave it to us to safeguard, said they'd be your lifesavings. As promised, it's yours now." The old man clapped Bell's new shoulder pad, "Don't waste it all in one go, though I doubt you'll be able to." The old man smirked, "There's 20, 000 in there and another 10, 000 from us."

"What?" Bell looked back at the older man in surprise.

"That's for all you've done helping around here and there and taking care' of our lil'Irina when we were gone."

"I- I can't," Bell tried to reject but with a placed smack to the back of his head, the boy accepted the good-hearted gift.

"That's our goodbye present kid, just promise to take care of yourself."

Bell sniffed and gave another deep bow in gratitude to the chief before he secured the valis pouch at the back of his waist, hiding it from view with the length of his new coat.

"Now you are ready kid. Go, before Lil'Irina wakes up, or Gods forbid Miss Kat next door sees you leaving." The chief grunted, forcefully pushing Bell out of his home.

Outside, where the morning Sun fully greeted him, Bell picked his enormous backpack and gave another profuse thanks to the elder who smacked the back of his head again.


And so, Bell Cranel's journey started.

- 0 – Part 0 End – 0 -

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