And So, Bell Cranel Became a Hero

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Chapter 2: And So, He Made the Decision.

Part 4

Bell tried.

He really did.

Bell spent every single second of his second week in Orario going back and forth to every single Familia where he left his admission forms. Day after day, door after door, rejection after rejection; scorned, spoken down to, ignored, or outright kicked out from the Familias' precincts.

For every rejection, his world turned duller.

Another day, less Valis left, another wave of rejection.

The first ten he tried...

"We are not recruiting."

Understandable, just move on to the next.

Thirty more down...

"You don't look like Familia material."

Teeth grounded but he nodded; He must look small, slim, innocent, and frail to them, after all.

The world was even duller, and even the food was no longer tasting as well anymore.


"You're too young to be an Adventurer, why don't you go play somewhere else?"

Yes, yes, he was young! But he could prove his age didn't matter!

The normally joyful street chatter he enjoyed became an incessant irritating noise at the back of his mind.

Fifty! Fifty!

"We will let you know sometime next month."

Bell didn't have until next month! 4, 000 Valis was all he had left!

"Piss off, trash." A kick to the ribs, and Bell flew several feet before rolling across the ground. Once he stopped, he curled in pain and held onto his wounded stomach. "If you couldn't even take that head on, then there's no place for you here."

Bell left favoring his left side, his pride wounded, and his emotions a muddle of shame, regret, loathing, and self-hatred.

Was he really that weak?

Why... Why couldn't they give him a chance! He knew life wasn't fair all the time, but this much was bullshit!

Fifty-one Familias turned him down, fifty-one!

Another day, another 1, 000 Valis down the drain.

He tried again, maybe it was just his week of bad luck.

Another day more, the irritating buzzing became louder, the day was grayer, his valis pouch dangerously lighter.

More rejections.

New day, new attempts!

Even more rejections.

Trembling, pale, fingers placed the last of his Valis on the inn keeper's hand, whatever the keeper had been telling Bell was lost in the constant buzz assaulting his brain.

One last attempt.

And no luck.

Was this it?


This couldn't be it.

He wouldn't let it be it.

Bell was determined to see his dream come through, Familia or not!

Gaunt crimson eyes fixed on the giant tower in the distance.

All he had to do, all he needed to do, all his worries… could be solved there.

And so, a pale and trembling white haired adventurer made his decision.

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Part 5

It had been two and a half weeks since Rose last saw the White Puppy, and the one time she did was in their first, and only, meeting. She had expected the pup to return in no less than three days under his new Familia, and be ready to tackle the dungeon's challenges, but the days kept passing and there was no sign of him anywhere.

Rose had gone as far as asking some of her coworkers if they had seen, or attended, the white pup, but nobody had so much as seen him.

She was getting worried about an Adventurer, something very unlike her.

This was the sole reason why she didn't return to being an Advisor like her half-elf co-worker was.

Never knowing if the person she sent into the dungeon would return, never knowing if they retired, never knowing if they left the city… Never knowing… if he…

In all her fourteen years of working at the Guild, Rose had seen many people come and go; about as many people she hadn't seen return at all, and the later was always a bitter pill to swallow, however, this time… This time was different.

The White Puppy had experience, something that many of those who never returned lacked.

Twenty Goblins on the outside world, and ten Ferals; that was thirty monsters higher than most starting level 1 adventurers with 0 kills under their belts. There was also the fierce determination the White Puppy had shown when speaking of his dreams, just how committed he was to accomplishing his dreams, and she knew that someone with that much resolve could never fail in the upper floors.


Unless someone had done something to him, taken advantage of him.

Rose bit her thumb in frustration at that thought.

Bell was an innocent looking kid, but she didn't think he was naïve enough to let himself be taken advantage of… But she could be wrong… And she, for the first time in many years, prayed to the Gods that she was not wrong.

"Rose, are you okay?" The concerned voice of her co-worker snapped Rose out of her frustrations.

Said co-worker was Eina Tulle, a half-elf of eighteen years, and her booth partner for the previous five years. She had short bob-cut brown hair with bangs framing her soft face, emerald-green eyes hidden behind round glasses, and her somewhat longer, and pointy, ears denoted her half-elf parentage.

"Yes, I'm just thinking…"

"About the kid?"

"Am I that obvious?" Rose frustratedly sighed.

Eina giggled, "You have been asking everyone about him every day for the past week."

Rose frowned in response and wrung her hands together.

"Maybe he found a Familia and he has been too busy to come back?"

Rose tilted her head at that, what Eina said could be true but there was that nagging feeling at the back of her head telling her that that wasn't the case.

"I hope that's the case Eina."

"Maybe what you need is to take a break, clear your mind for a bit?" Eina added.

"That... would be great, thank you Eina. I'll be back in a bit" Rose gathered her things, giving a grateful smile to Eina who giggled in return.

Rose went into the staff room to leave her things in her locker, since she was only going to take a walk around the building to clear her head, she decided against taking her purse. The thought of there being a chance to meet the White Puppy outside led her to leave the Guild in a hurry.

A couple unlucky minutes later, Rose sat on a bench across the Guild, a cold beverage in hand while she continued staring at the people walk back and forth through the streets.

With no sign of the White Puppy whatsoever.

Her mind was a silent mess, and more minutes passed as she simply stared, and not too soon, her beverage was empty.

Rose crushed the can in her hands and moved towards the trashcan set in front of an alley near the bench, she threw the cup with a little bit of force, and just as the metallic clang echoed in the bottom of the trashcan, her vision went dark.

[Graphic Warning]





Rose woke with an earsplitting headache at the back of her head, and she tried to rub the spot to ease the pain, but she felt her arms were bound tight behind her back, she panicked and snapped open her eyes, but her sight was filled with darkness. Her body reacted next, and she tried to stand but felt her legs bound too, both around the ankles, and around her thighs.

The uncomfortable feeling of the tight rope digging deep into her body made her try to scream, and only now did she notice the cloth gag stuffed into her mouth, muffling her scream. Rose worked her mouth and spat out whatever had been crammed in her mouth and screamed with all her lungs.

"HEL- urgh"

Another blow to the head reignited the splitting headache she'd felt earlier, through her disorientation she heard, and felt, the ruffling of cloth over her head before her vision was filled with light, and she finally took in the face of her capturers through bleary eyes for a second before the gag was pushed into her mouth again and tied behind her head painfully tight.

"Fucking idiot, hurry up, we're too close to the entrance!"

"Done, done! Hurry up!"

The darkness returned, and Rose was hoisted up, then thrown stomach first over her captor's shoulder.

"Well, at least she's still lively."

Rose was jostled around for what felt like forever, bound, helpless, and in pain, as monster screeches came and went accompanied by the laughter of her captors, pain mushed time, her thoughts a jumbled mess…

There was no way this could be happening to her…


Oh Gods… Why…

For a second, she felt herself weightless before her back connected hard against something, the wind knocked out of her lungs from the force behind the impact. Rose gasped for air, the bag covering her head being taken off, and she finally saw the light, and her captors, again.

Crouching around her, with matching wicked grins, were the two troublemakers that gave her the creeps two weeks ago.

One, a lecherous dwarf that had tried cupping her butt when she guided him to the advisor's booth. He was bald, short, and fat even by dwarf standards, a bloodied axe strapped to his back, and his chubby fingers worked on the bindings of her mouth.

"Look lass, you could've avoided all this rough play if you hadn't been such a bitch."

"Haha, funny. Bitch, and she's of the werewolf race," The second captor, an elf with slick blond hair, slim body twice the height of the dwarf laughed along, a lance in his arms with the tip pointed at her, "Now don't go making noise bitch, we're on the fifth floor of the dungeon, and we'll have no problem leaving you behind if you howl for help."

The bindings of her mouth came undone, and Rose bit back the curse she was going to yell after the elf threatened her, instead she settled for spitting her disgust right into the fat dwarf's face when he leaned much too close to her face for comfort.

"Bwurgh!" The dwarf sputtered in surprise before back-slapping Rose in the face, sending her tumbling down to her side. "Bitch still has a temper, nothing I can't tame."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Don't break her until I have a go," The elf replied, knowing very well what his cohort would be doing next, and moved away from the two to stand guard.

"Don't blame me if she can't handle this," The dwarf wickedly replied as the elf moved away, he took off his pants, letting out his flaccid genitals.

Rose saw this from the corner of her vision, and she tried to struggle and escape, but only hurt herself more as the ropes dug painfully into her skin. A chubby hand grasped her hair, and she was pulled up none too gently before being smacked again against the wall, a dagger suddenly pointed right between her teary eyes as the dwarf spoke again.

"Look, bitch, we can do this the easy way; you let us have our fun, and we take you out of here alive, or we can do this the hard way," The dagger moved to her neck, pushed just enough for the edge to draw the slightest amount of blood, "This goes in, and we have fun while your body's still warm. Your choice."

Rose bit the inside of her cheek hard, the coppery taste of blood filling her mouth immediately.

To survive and be sullied, or to die and still be sullied… It was a no brainer for her choosing between her purity or her life.

"Just get it… over with." Rose hiccupped out.

"Atta' Bitch!" The dwarf victoriously grinned, and with a swift slice of the dagger cut through the top of Rose's uniform, freeing the werewolf's bountiful chest. The dwarf's grin grew, just as his eyes did when he continued cutting through Rose's remaining clothes, the belt and her front part of her pants sliced open, revealing even more of her skin.

Rose closed her eyes, resignation, shame, anger, and even more emotions swirled into a mix of cold numbness, one that barely felt when her pants and underwear were pulled down and folder over the ropes over her thighs. She couldn't help the tears leaking through her closed eyelids when those grotesque chubby hands forced her on her side.

"Don't worry, bitch, once I'm done with you, you'll be hooked onto this." The dwarf voice was close to Rose's animal ear, and her eyes tightened even more when one hand caressed her lower back muscles, "Here I come!"

And so, a bloodcurdling scream echoed throughout the fifth floor of the dungeon.

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