By Tq3942

Based on the story by Tab Murphy & Godzilla: The Series created by Jeff Kline & Richard Raynis

Note: (This is my first fan fiction story. And I know that most Godzilla fans HATE the 1998 Godzilla film by Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin, but I ask you to please understand that I really liked that movie. It was the very first Godzilla movie I've ever seen when I was younger. I like the human characters and the monster Godzilla himself! I know Godzilla fans renamed "Zilla" because it was not like your beloved King of the Monsters. Ugh! Why is people STILL hate this 90's flick of Gorjira?! It's just a movie! TriStar was trying to do something completely different from the silly Toho Kaiju. I liked the idea of mutated animals better than the mythology and legend stuff of Toho. I do like the MonsterVerse, with the monsters actually looking real and awesome, but the TriStar movie & the GODZILLA:THE SERIES! I love animated TV show that's a real sequel to the 1998 film. The show is awesome with new mutant monsters & monster fights and likable human characters. But I really wish the 1998 film had it's planned trilogy continued. It would've been SO cool! I am mad that the Toho company and critics gave the film soo much hatred that the creators of the first film that had so much fun making it CANCELED the rest of the trilogy! AAUGH! It looked like the rest of the TriStar films were lost forever...until now. I am going to finish the trilogy that Emmerich& Devlin started. I'm basing the rest of the trilogy and a surprise saved for later, on the unmade Godzilla 2 by the writer of Disney's Tarzan, Tab Murphy, and, of course, the EPIC Godzilla:The Series. I don't own Godzilla or TriStar or Toho company. I hop there are 1998 Godzilla fans that will really like my choice on completing the incomplete story. Enjoy!)

PROLOGUE (Part 1.)

TriStar Pictures & Centropolis Entertainment logos appear with no sound or music, except GIANT booms.

Godzilla roars in the background.

David Arnold's Godzilla music plays ominously.

The rain fell down heavily down to the grounds of Manhattan. We see the camera moving up to the wreckage of Brooklyn Bridge. Cables and wires gave way and plummeted into the bay below. The metal squeaked with the huge amount of weight on top of the suspension bridge.

The music's ominous tune starts to get louder as the camera moves up higher for us to see a 400 foot creature with 12 gashes in it's skin bleeding rapidly. It had multiple dorsal plates from the neck to the VERY LONG tail which was dangling off the bridge's side. The body was tangled in the cables and wires that cut into the skin. The camera moves closer to the end of the wrecked platform where we see the head lying motionless at the end of the bridge.

The animal would've been considered to look like a dinosaur, if people hadn't noticed that it looked more reptilian than prehistoric.

It's Godzilla.

He was dead being killed by F/18 Hornet fighter jets while caught in Brooklyn Bridge's suspension cables. 12 missiles made direct hits at the monster's body, finally making the final blow at the heart.

Now the giant lizard and the wreckage of the bridge was blocked out by the police and the US Military. Reporters and journalists crowded around to see the a good glimpse of the now dead Godzilla. Just in the middle of the crowd is the despicable and adulterous W.I.D.F Anchor Charles Caiman who is trying to sneak in an exclusive for the events that just happened last night.

The moronic superior boss of his news network flashed a fake friendly smile as he did what he always did. Take. All. The. Credit!

"Hello, folks!" said Caiman. He smiled at all the flashes from cameras and microphones were reaching out to hear his words. "W.I.D.F. Anchor Charles Caiman here, reporting LIVE on W.I.D.F. News from the Brooklyn Bridge. The island of Manhattan is breathing a collective sigh of relief as the rampage of the terrifying dinosaur, Godzilla has finally come to an end."

His words were met by loud cheers and whistles from the packed crowd.

"And joining us is Dr. Niko Tattootilus,"

"It's Tatopoulos, sir." whispered one of the cameramen from behind him.

"The man responsible for destroying the hideous monster." Caiman finished without correcting himself.

"AND," the man whispered back. "He is not here."

This time Caiman's ears listened.

"What did you say?" he asked, keeping his voice down.

"The 'worm guy' isn't here, sir." the cameraman repeated to him. "He was here 25 minutes ago, but now we can't find him anywhere."

Caiman looked disappointed. Behind his back, the crowd grew silent, wondering what the 2 men were talking about.

Caiman noticed this and put on his fake smile again.

"Uh, sorry folks. Clearly, Dr. Snuffaluffagus is extremely busy. We'll have to conclude our interview with him later." he announced to the now quiet crowd. Then he motioned the cameramen to cut the tape.

Note:(What did you think readers? Cool start to the sequel, huh? If you've watched Godzilla: The Series, you will see I based the Caiman reporter interview scene from the beginning of the TV show. Notice I had Caiman try interviewing Nick instead of Audrey. Do you like how I started it like a movie? Do you guys like David Arnold's Godzilla music? I have listened to it 29 times! Let me know how you liked this prologue. I will write the next part soon. Until then, TQ3942out!)

Meanwhile in the other side of town, Dr. Nick Tatopoulos was walking down an abandoned street to meet with some scientists from parts of the globe. Nick's face was shown with reluctance and grief as he remembered last night.

Right after the Military killed Godzilla, the dying animal gave Nick a pained and sad look before his heart stopped beating. He felt guilty for helping the Military destroy a newly discovered species that wasn't fit for the world.

The warehouse where the scientists were meeting in was the building that the French man Phillipe Roache and his French Secret Service Operative team were keeping their weapons that were used to destroy the nest where Godzilla laid 200 eggs.

Nick wondered where the foreign man was now as he approached the building.

As he thought about this, he heard a voice call out, "Hey, Worm Guy!"

Nick turned to see a boy riding a bike down the road smiling and waving. "Thank you so much for saving us from the monster."

Nick's stomach hurt with guilt. But he gave the child a fake smile saying, "You're welcome, kid."

The boy beamed at him and pedaled further down the street and out of sight.

Nick released his hoax grin, sadly approached the warehouse and entered.

The warehouse looked different than from last night.

The French weapons were cleared out, and in it's place was Godzilla's dissected body parts. Fresh blood from the gashes in the dead animal's skin was all over the floor. And his head filled the entire room!

Nick felt sick.

Then someone behind him said "Mr. Topopolosis! So glad you could come."

Nick turned to see a German scientist, Dr. Bileno Deffindor, approaching him smiling broadly.

"Hello, sir. And it's DR. Tatopoulos." Nick said politely.

"Yeah, yeah, Mr. Tattabotullis." said Dr. Deffindor ignoring him.

He lead Nick to the spot where the rest of the scientists from different parts of the globe were grouping together. Nick could see one of them examining Godzilla's removed organisms.

"As you can see, Worm Guy, these scientists from different countries are here because of you. We want to recruit you to lead and help us study this monster's brain cells. The city is calling you a hero! You are Mr. Padopolus, the man who saved Manhattan by destroying GODZILLA!" said a Brazilian scientist named Dr. Miguel Tinario patting Nick on the shoulder.

"It's Tatopoulos," Nick replied. "And I'm not a hero. It's the Military that killed that mutation."

His voice sounded bitter when he mentioned the Military.

Nick cringed as he saw workers using a crane to remove one of the dead Godzilla's eyeballs.

"I really appreciate the offer, guys, but this job is not for me." Nick continued. Then he looked down to check his watch.

"And I have a date tonight. So, I'm very sorry gentlemen, but I'm turning this job down." he finished.

The group of a dozen scientists' faces fell.

"But Worm Guy!" an Indian scientist blurted out, "You'll miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity that can reestablish your career! Please sir, think what we can all find inside this dead monster. You love studying mutant stuff." He gestured with his hand to the huge corpse of Godzilla. Some workers were proceeding in ripping out his teeth.

Nick fought with the urge to vomit on the spot. He gave another fake smile as he backed away to the door.

"I only study mutations that are ALIVE and BREATHING. NOT dead and dissected." he said.

This time the men didn't smile back. But Nick didn't notice. His heart pounded as his fingers closed on the door handle.

"Good luck and good day, gentlemen." Nick replied curtly. Then, turning his back on their disappointed faces, Nick quickly slipped through the door and ran as far as he could from that reeking and disgusting building.

Three hours later, we find Nick at a cafe called Urban Jungle. We hear the son Heroes by the Wallflowers playing in the background. People are talking to each other, what we hear is about the events of the past few days.

We move away from the other people sitting down at their tables to get a close look at Nick.

He is wearing a navy blue suit and red tie with a white shirt underneath. Nick was fiddling with his fork on the table and staring off into space. He barely touched his plate of food (Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Mixed Vegetables).

He still was haunted by the memories of Godzilla's sad look before dying. It hurt his heart just thinking about it.

Across from the table is his date, his beautiful former college sweetheart, ex-girlfriend and ex-W.I.D.F News assistant, Audrey Timmonds.

She was wearing a ruby red dress and black high heels. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

While Nick was sitting absentminded, Audrey, who was already finished with her meal (Tomato and Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese), was staring at her fork which had a piece of her dessert she also ordered (Cheesecake).

She sniffed it and gave a small bite.

Her tongue danced with the cheese and crust.

Audrey sighed with longing and took another bite.

"Mmm! This is good!" she exclaimed. She turned to Nick. "What do you think the flavor is?" she asked eagerly. Nick didn't answer. Audrey shrugged and got up from her chair. She picked up the plate of cheesecake and walked over to a nearby waitress.

Nick watched her go and sighed. "She doesn't know how I feel," he thought to himself. "She doesn't understand what I think." He knew Audrey had broken his heart many times before, and if he told her what he really felt like, she would probably tell the Military.

A few minutes later, Audrey came back looking both happy and not happy.

"What's wrong?" Nick asked her as she sat down.

"Well, the waitress said that the flavor was Strawberry and Cheese, which has a lot of fat and calories that's not good for my body." she replied pushing the plate away. But then she pulled it back and moved her chair closer to Nick.

"But, it can be LESS fatting if we both share it TOGETHER." she said taking another forkful of more cheesecake.

Nick pushed the plate away.

"Uh, no thank you, Audrey. I'm full."

Audrey stopped eating and looked at his plate which still had a lot of food on it.

"Full? How are you full, Nick? You haven't eaten anything on your plate!" she pointed out to him and frowning.

Nick turned bright red.

"Oh! I meant to say 'I'm not hungry!' "

Audrey gave him a frown.

"Nick, is there something wrong?" she asked, with concern in her voice.

"What? Oh! Yes, Audrey. I'm fine." Nick wiped sweat off his face with a napkin and give her a fake smile.

His girlfriend raised her eyebrows.

"Are you sure?" she asked again.

Nick hesitated. Then he sighed.

"No, Audrey. I'm not fine." he said under his breath, defeated. "I've just been thinking about what we've done."

Audrey looked confused.

"What are you talking about?"

David Arnold's Godzilla music plays in the background once more as Nick paused for a moment. Then he looked around the room.

No one was paying any attention to them.

He turned back to Audrey.

"Look, Audrey, can I trust you?" he asked her.

Audrey looked surprised.

"Why are you asking me that?" she asked confused.

"Well, I think you are the only person that can keep a promise.

Audrey laughed.

"I'm horrible at keeping promises, but I think you CAN trust me since you've forgiven me."

Nick smiled as her gorgeous blue eyes gazed into his brown ones.

"Okay. Audrey, I'm going to tell you something that's on my mind right now."

Audrey leaned closer to her boyfriend to listen.

Then he told her what he felt about the Military killing Godzilla and his offspring without giving it some thought last night.

Thirty seven minutes later, there was silence for a minute after Nick stopped talking.

Then Audrey said, "But Nick, that monster was scaring everybody and his babies tried to eat us. The Military had to do something to calm the people down."

"The Military killed off a newly discovered species that wasn't even hurting anybody." Nick replied.

"But.." Audrey began. But Nick interrupted.

"People were only afraid of how big he was and the babies were only trying to eat us because we smelled like their REAL diet, which was FISH."

Audrey was amazed by Nick's words.

"So if the Military just left them alone, they wouldn't have saw us as a threat?"

"Yes. And with their interference, they attacked us to defend themselves." Nick continued.

"Well, why didn't you tell them to just leave them be? Then everybody would've been fine and you could've studied them like your earthworms." Audrey asked.

"They would've called me a traitor, Audrey. And besides, it's too late now. They destroyed the nest with all the hatchings inside. Nothing in there would've survived." Nick answered her.

He sighed and stared out the window watching the rain fall gently.

Audrey thought about what Nick had told her. He was right that Godzilla was just an animal and not meaning to hurt anyone. He was only trying to survive and start a family. And now the Military killed him and his babies without giving themselves any thought.

She looked at her boyfriend and was hurt to see him sad like this.

"I wish they hadn't killed those creatures." Audrey thought to herself. She wished she could do something for Nick to cheer him up. Godzilla was dead and his babies were blown up. None of them would have survived the Air Strike explosion at Madison Square Garden.

Or would they have?

Then an idea formed in Audrey's head.

"Nick!" she whispered.

He turned and she said, "I got an idea. Maybe we should go back to the nest and look to see if there IS any eggs or babies that survived."

Nick was surprised.

"But Audrey, I told you. None of those hatchings would've survived that explosion." he reminded her.

Audrey shook her head.

"No, Nick. Don't you remember when their parent was in the city, he made tunnels underground! Maybe some of the babies escaped through the burrows the adult made."

Nick's eyes widened when he heard these words.

"You really think so?" he asked.

Audrey shrugged.

"It's worth to look." she told him.

Nick's heart beat with excitement. "Some of the hatchlings might've survived!" he thought to himself.

But then something else swam in his mind.

"But Audrey, even if some did survive, the Military will be ahead of us! There are soldiers all over the city and the underground tunnels, and if THEY find the hatchings first, the babies will be KILLED on sight!"

Audrey's face filled with worry about that.

She sat up.

Nick jumped with surprise.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

Audrey grabbed their coats and threw Nick's coat in his lap.

"WE'RE getting there first, Nick!" she told him pulling her coat on.

Then she walked quickly to the door.

Audrey looked back at her boyfriend.

"Well? Are you coming or not?" she said impatiently.

Nick hesitated. Then he put his own coat on, left two 20 dollar bills on the table, and ran to catch up with Audrey.