PROLOGUE (Part 2.)

After speeding out of the cafe, Nick and Audrey hitch a taxi ride back to 29th street. They didn't tell the driver why to take them there, but just told him to drop them off close to the ruins of Madison Square Garden. After the driver zooms away, Nick and Audrey sprint down the alleyway in the direction of Madison Square street.

But as soon as they get there, Audrey stops fast.

Nick comes to a halt as well.

And he accidentally runs into Audrey. She helps as they both crash into a bunch of garbage cans.

Audrey stopped because she saw that they WERE too late. The Military had arrived back at Madison Square Garden (Or, what's left of it) just as Nick had said. There were soldiers on either side of the street, tanks rumbling their way down the road, and police blockades guarding the building's wreckage.

A guard nearby heard the noise of Nick and Audrey's collision and trotted over to investigate.

The soldier pointed a pistol at them when he found what he was looking for.

The couple looked up guiltily up at the man's armed weapon.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" he demanded as he glared down at Nick and Audrey who were covered in trash and junk.

Nick spoke first.

"I'm Dr. Nick Tatopoulos and this is my girlfriend, Audrey Timmonds." he said grinning sheepishly.

The man didn't smile back.

"You didn't answer the SECOND question. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" the soldier growled.

Nick started getting sweaty. He didn't want to tell the guard what he and Audrey were in a RESTRICTED area posted by the U.S. Military, but he also didn't want to lie because he was a Christian.

"Well, we..uh.." Nick stammered.

"You DO know that this is a RESTRICTED area, Mr. Tattabottollis, and if you don't want to be arrested.." the man continued.

"Hey, Sergeant!" said a voice Nick recognized.

The armed soldier also turned to see Sergeant O'Neal standing in front of them.

"Put that gun away, Steve. It can hurt someone." said O'Neal placing his hand on the soldier's shoulder.

The guard, Steve replied, "Lieutenant, I found this young couple trespassing in RESTRICTED Military property."

O'Neal waved his hand and answered "Steve, I think I can talk to them myself. Now please return to your position."

Steve stood there open mouthed, gave O'Neal a Military salute, and walked away giving Nick and Audrey one last glare.

Then O'Neal turned to the couple and helped them to their feet.

He brushed the plastic off Nick's shoulder and picked a banana peel out of Audrey's hair.

"O'Neal!" Nick exclaimed. "You're a Lieutenant?"

O'Neal grinned and said "Yes, Nick. I got promoted just this morning by Major Hicks."

Audrey's eyes widened.

"Colonel Hicks has been promoted, too?" she asked.

O'Neal nodded.

"Yep, and he's ordered me to do a double check in Godzilla's burrows."

Nick rolled his eyes and said, "Why do you call that mutation 'Godzilla'? It's proper name is Gojira."

O'Neal sighed and said "Nick, I've got no time for questions right now. But I DO want to hear answers, like Steve just said."

Nick started sweating again as O'Neal asked him Steve's same unanswered question.

Audrey came to his rescue.

"We're here to help, sir." she lied.

O'Neal raised his eyebrows at her.

"Help? What help will you do us, ma'am?" he asked.

Audrey thought fast and said, "We've come back to help you and your team check for any more newborns of the adult. I mean, if you missed even ONE of those eggs, the whole world would become a New Stone Age. After all the MISERY those things caused in New York, we can't afford to even let ONE of them on the loose and multiply, can we?"

O'Neal looked at her and so did Nick. Even though he disapproved of her lying, he was thankful that his girlfriend had saved their REAL cover from being blown.

O'Neal replied "Well, Miss, you're right. We can't afford another Godzilla to be set free and take over our planet."

"It's Gojira!" they corrected him.

"Fine, Gojira." sighed O'Neal. "Very well, Nick you CAN help us out. Come on, I'll lead you the way."

"Wait! What about me?" Audrey asked quickly.

O'Neal turned back to her and said, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but you're not taking part in this mission. It's pretty dangerous."

Audrey answered "Dangerous? More dangerous than being inside Gojira's mouth?!"

O'Neal gasped.

"INSIDE his MOUTH?" he stammered.

"We'll tell you that another time" Nick said quickly. "And I DO think Audrey CAN handle herself just fine."

O'Neal hesitated and then gave Audrey a nod.

Her frown was replaced with a smile.

As they followed O'Neal, Nick whispered to his girlfriend, "Audrey, I thank you for covering for us, but you know lying is bad."

Audrey whispered back saying "I know, Nick. I HAVE lied a LOT in past and just now."

She put her soft hand on his cheek and said, " But I want you to know, that I will NEVER lie to the man I really care for.

Audrey gave her boyfriend a gentle kiss on the cheek and finished saying "I promise."

Nick smiled at the girl he loved and put his arm around her. Audrey sighed happily and rested her head on her lover's shoulder.

O'Neal saw this and said to himself "Those two make an adorable couple."

But the moment is recalled back to Reality as they approach the burning rubble of Madison Square Garden. Soldiers watch the trio as they walked past. O'Neal informed them that Nick and Audrey were allowed to accompany them on their mission to double check for surviving hatchings inside Godzilla's burrowing tunnels.

Nick's stomach hurt once again when he saw corpses of Godzilla's babies lying motionless on the grounds. Audrey noticed this, and gently led Nick away from there. She felt as sad as he was.

Nick got his mind off what he was thinking when he looked at something else.

"Man! Their armory DID destroy this building." he gaped. "The smoke reaches the sky."

Madison Square Garden was still lit with fire and firefighters with fire trucks were trying their best to kill out all the flames.

The inside of the building's arena was still covered with eggshells and debris.

Soldiers armed themselves with weapons searched around the whole stadium Godzilla nested in with flashlights.

One man gave Nick and Audrey helmets with headlights attached and they put them on.

O'Neal came back and told Nick, "Major Hicks says we have 45 minutes of searching and then we're pulling out, Nick.

Nick nodded and followed the troops right into the center of the building with Audrey behind him.

O'Neal led them toward what looked like a HUGE crater. But we actually see it's one of Godzilla's burrowing tunnels.

Audrey clutched her boyfriend's hand tightly as she looked down the big hole. She looked scared. Nick noticed this and gave her a gentle squeeze.

The troops secured rods and cable wires near the edge of the burrow, clipped hooks onto one another's belts, and threw the ropes down the seemingly bottomless hole.

"Audrey, I will go down first. Then you follow." Nick told her.

Audrey gave him a brave smile as she watched her boyfriend descend into the tunnel.

Nick kept his feet firm on the tunnel walls as he and a few other soldiers climbed down. Soon, Audrey followed close behind trying not to look down. She yelped when she slipped and almost lost her balance.

"Careful, everybody!" O'Neal called from down below. "These walls aren't stable, so stay close."

Audrey carefully lowered herself down close to Nick as he waited on her.

A few minutes later, the troops made it down to the bottom of the tunnel where two other tunnels had been carved in different directions.

One soldier groaned as he stared down each tunnel.

"Tracking anything down here will take forever!" he pointed out.

"Maybe not." Nick said pulling out his phone. "Time to call the BIG GUNS."

Audrey frowned.

"Big guns?" she whispered to Nick. "I thought we're here to SAVE the surviving hatchings. You're calling an Air-Strike?"

Nick whispered back patiently saying "No, Audrey. I am calling for some help from a colleague of mine."

Then he clicked the phone number and waited for an answer.

Meanwhile, five miles away, on Staten Island we see a 15 acre warehouse. The building looked like it was 11 years old and paint was peeling off the walls. Trash was littered on the ground. A mouse scurried past.

We move inside to see a really messy workspace. Trash was all over the floor, pizza boxes lay on the tables, and a small chihuahua was asleep in her bed, ignoring the song Monster by Automatic playing in the background.

The dog is woken up by the phone ringing. She jumped up and walked across the room to her master. She scratched his legs and yipped up at him.

But Randy Hernandez wasn't paying attention. The African-American Mexican hacker was in the middle of a computer game Space Aliens. He was 97.3% close to killing off giant red bugs. He had only 2.7% of life left. There was only one more giant bug left.

"Wa-Hoo! Yo, who's the man?" he mocked at the enemy his avatar was fighting.

The chihuahua whined and barked at her owner.

Randy looked down impatiently at the dog.

"Gidget, can you see I'm almost winning?" he yelled.

But when he turned his head away from his game, his player was immediately slaughtered by his enemies.

There was a low beep and a deep robotic man's voice announced "YOU LOSE"

Randy groaned and growled in anger.

"You think I didn't know that?!" he yelled at the computer.

He turned back to Gidget.

"Thanks, amigo."

Gidget barked, jumped on his lap, jumped on the table, and pawed the ringing and vibrating cell phone.

Randy sighed and answered it.

"Congratulations!" he yelled at the device. "You just cost me 50,000 points and a chance to exterminate an entire alien hive!"

Then he blushed when he heard who was calling him.

"Oh! Uh, Dr. Nick! Uh, que pasa. When ya coming back to the lab?" Randy replied, calming down.

"What? No! No problemo, jefe." he said hearing what his college friend just said. Then he moved his chair over to a more advanced computer and started typing on the keyboard. Gidget the chihuahua curled up in his lap.

"We just bypass nine nix, bounce a little satellite uplink.."

We see the computer screen show us a 3-D view of Earth from Space, then as Randy continued typing, the screen zoomed in back down straight to Manhattan and down underground. There is a beep and a red blip-light signal revealed infrared signatures in Midtown.

Randy chuckled and said "Oh, ho, man! I'm good."

He smiled as Gidget licked his face, wagging her tail.

Back underground, O'Neal heard Nick's conversation with his hacker friend and was a little tizzy about it.

"He hacked into Con-Ed?" he asked with disbelief. "Who is that guy?"

Nick turned to him as he put away his phone and said, "I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya."

Audrey pulled her boyfriend aside and whispered, "You don't actually mean that, do you?"

Nick grinned.

"No, sweetie. I was kidding." he answered.

Audrey sighed with relief and smiled.

"All right, Nick. Which way do we go?" O'Neal asked Nick.

"Well, the person I just called just gave me a map to follow, so I say we go THAT way." he answered pointing left.

One soldier said "No, I think we should go right. Right is always the right way."

O'Neal turned to him and said, "Dan, I think we should follow Dr. Tatopoulos. He's in this too."

Dan fell silent.

Audrey put a hand on Nick's shoulder.

"Lead the way, Nicky." she said.

Nick turned bright red. A few soldiers laughed, but fell silent when they saw O'Neal's stern look.

Nick led the way down the left side of the tunnel. His friend five miles away aboveground just told him there were infrared signatures in that direction. So a hatching might be down there.

At the end of the tunnel, the group came across a chamber flooded with deep and dirty water. The Military squad bravely slid down into the murky waters and started wading across holding their weapons above their heads.

Nick gave his girlfriend a lift. Because she was the shortest person in the group, she would have difficulty crossing the flooded chamber. So Nick lovingly carried her across.

Once the squad reached the other side, Nick once again called Randy for some further instructions while the O'Neal and the soldiers dried up.

They continued on for 11 more minutes, and found another tunnel. It was more deeper than the hole they came in from.

Nick hung up on his call and said "The last reported power outages originated this way." He looked over the edge of the tunnel.

Audrey found some big footprints leading down the crater. But she didn't dare point it out so is to not blow their cover.

"Might be residual damage or it could mean something's loose down here" Nick guessed touching the soil.

Just then, earth and rocks gave way above the group showering them.

"You mean, besides the ceiling!" O'Neal shouted.

Debris fell down on soldiers' heads knocking them out. Rocks clashed against one man's head causing him to throb and bleed. O'Neal ducked as a broken down subway train fell down from above. Glass shattered and people screamed.

Nick dodged a huge boulder and accidentally tripped near the edge of the tunnel behind him. He yelped and grabbed hold of some roots.

"Nick!" Audrey cried.

She ran to the edge and tried to grab hold of her boyfriend's hand, but she slipped and fell in too!

Both Nick and Audrey screamed as they fell down into the tunnel.

Once the dust had cleared, O'Neal went over to his unconscious fellows.

"Everybody alright?" he asked.

One soldier looked around and saw that two people weren't present.

"Hey, where's Worm Guy?" he asked.

"And where's the chick?" another wondered.

Some of the men gave him a puzzled look.

"The blonde babe. She's a cutie." The soldier pointed out.

They glared at him started searching down one of the further tunnels. O'Neal stayed behind to look after the wounded.

"Oh, Nick, where are you?" he wondered.