Miles away from the Military and the scientists, we go back to the couple.

Nick and Audrey have been walking for almost half an hour with the Baby Godzilla in tow. The hatchling's tail swung back and forth as they walked down another deserted street, knocking over trash cans and scaring away stray cats. The BabyZilla chirruped softly as it tried to shake the coat off it's body. Audrey kept a firm grip on the coat over the animal so it didn't slip off. And there was another tense moment when the trio passed a policeman as he spotted them hiding a concealed figure that was making odd noises. But Nick and Audrey gave fake smiles and waved at the curious officer who smiled and waved back.

At last when it seemed like they had been walking forever, Nick announced that they had reached their destination. Audrey looked around to see if they hadn't been followed and then took the jacket off the confused BabyZilla. The hatchling squealed with surprise as it looked around it's new surroundings. Nick smiled and showed Audrey the place he led them to.

They had arrived on Staten Island. And they were standing in front of a big, old and rundown warehouse. Audrey looked around where she could see. There was trash on the ground, there were rodents scurrying, and the walls had a lot of peeled paint that gave a bad smell.

Audrey sneezed. "Whew! Do you live here?!" she asked Nick, wiping her nose with a tissue.

Her boyfriend sighed and replied, "Yes, but my friend has turned my research facility into a dump. He's not very clean."

He pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

Nick gestured Audrey inside. Then he went outside to see the BabyZilla digging through the overfilling trash cans looking for more food.

"Whoa, Hey!" he shouted at it. The creature looked up at the stern tone of Nick's voice.

"Come on, follow us in here." Nick told it pointing to the open doorway.

The BabyZilla looked at Nick, and then started to follow him like a loyal dog.

"That's it." Nick smiled. And the Baby Godzilla followed Nick and Audrey inside the building.