Item #: SCP-7777

Clearance level 3: Confidential

Object class: Safe

Disruption class: 1/Dark

Risk class: 1/Notice

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7777 is to be contained in a locked small box at site-10

Description: SCP-7777 are 6 crystal stones that glow its own vibrant colors of purple (SCP-7777-6), red (SCP-7777-2, yellow (SCP-7777-1), green (SCP-7777-4), orange (SCP-7777-5) and blue (SCP-7777-3). Further research shows SCP-7777 has extreme levels of gamma radiation and completely indestructible

Experiment 7777-E

Subject: SCP-7777

Date: 03/12/XXXX

Subject D-1089 is placed in a chamber with SCP-7777 laid out on a table and instructed to pick up the SCP-7777 objects one by one.

D-1089 walks over and picks up SCP-7777-5, D-1089 reports nothing. D-1089 picks up SCP-7777-3, reports nothing. D-1089 picks up SCP-7777-2, reports nothing. D-1089 picks up SCP-7777-1, reports nothing. D-1089 picks up SCP-7777-5, reports nothing. As D-1089 picks up SCP-7777-6 he burns into purple flames to ash in an instant

Addendum: On 28/12/XXXX at 1:03pm two security personnel coming back from their lunch break found a Large crate was dropped in front of the gates at site-10 which contained SCP-7777.