A/N: It's obviously been a very long time since I've posted anything and honestly, it's been a long time since I've written. I do keep a file with my ideas in them for when inspiration hits me and lately, I seem to be on a roll. This one is just a short story, something to get me back into the 'game' so to speak. I actually started it in 2018, put it on a back burner, and started it again at the beginning of Oct '21. So far, I don't have much drama and I've come to a place where I can end it or keep going so I'm going to let the reviews lead me in the next direction!

If you noticed that all my longer stories have gone - it's because I'm eventually going to turn them into originals and attempt to publish them. I have absolutely no idea how to start the process but at least step one is taken care of.

As always, I do not own Twilight, I am not Stephanie Meyer, and I don't get paid for any of my publications on ffdotnet.


Conifer branches hang low, random wispy branches desperately curling upward trying to find the sunlight that is so rare on this side of the country. The leaf litter on the ground beneath the creeping canopy of evergreens is so damp that even large galloping paws barely register a squelching sound. Ferns tickled the sides of deer as they grazed on rotting bark and dripped its lingering dew on the tinier wildlife that mingled throughout the night. A triangular brown nose rises in the air, scenting for safety quietly before she lies down, tucking her feet together under her chin. A small bobbed tail flicks in annoyance as more dew from the ferns drip down upon her but she is well hidden here with a large felled oak tree at her back and the rest of the forest within her eyesight. Rumbling contentedly, the cat blinks tiredly before she lies her head upon her paws and lets herself drift off into restless sleep.