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Bella's second day of school went a little better. She made friends with a tall, muscular boy with dark curly hair. His eyes are the most particular shade of amber and she loved his dimples when he laughed. Which seemed to be all the time. He had ambled up to her in phys ed, telling her to 'think fast' before he shot a soccer ball out from his hands, straight at her face. She caught the ball, shaking out her stinging palm with a laugh in her throat. They spent the period together and creamed the opposite team as Emmett - he finally introduced himself - told her all about his beautiful girlfriend, Rosie. She was so happy to make a new friend that at the end of the day, she skipped to her truck and headed straight to Jake's to tell him all about it. She knew he'd be so happy for her considering he was basically the only friend she had here. It might seem like such a little thing but to Bella it was amazing. She felt such a brotherly connection with the larger boy and when he rubbed his knuckles on her head in a 'noogie' after class she felt only fondness.

It's odd to make a connection with someone so quickly isn't it? Wouldn't people think she was trying to be something more to him when he had a girlfriend already? Negative thoughts tried to shove their way through Bella's mind and she pushed them back. There was no use in worrying about it. People would talk if they wanted and she was too happy about making a friend that she wouldn't let their hypothetical rumors plummet her mood.

Pulling up the small gravel drive, she parked and unbuckled, just in time for Jake to come barreling out of his small house with a wide smile when Bella hopped out of her truck. It seemed like he would pick her up and swing her around in a hug, the way he came toward her, but just as he stepped into her personal space, he dropped his smile and his face twisted.

"What the fuck is that smell?" He gagged and stumbled back away from Bella quickly, the smile no longer in sight and he glared at his friend. "Who the fuck have you been with?"

"Excuse the hell out of me?" Bella asked as tears filled her eyes. She hated that when she got offended, embarrassed, or angry, tears would come. She sniffed her shoulder and glared right back at him. She smelled her deodorant, freshly applied after gym class. "I made a friend!" She stated indignantly.

Jake was shaking his head before she finished that sentence. "No. No you did not. You made a mistake. You can't be friends with that thing." His voice grew deeper the more he spoke, almost seeming to growl by the end of it. Something like recognition flashed through Bella's eyes as she saw his arms quiver with his anger but his words sliced through her train of thought.

Bella's eyes grew wide with horror. "Who are you?" She choked out, disbelievingly, before she climbed right back into her truck and slammed the door. She saw Jake's hand reach out for her handle before she threw the gear shift into reverse and backed all the way down his driveway, not bothering with the turnaround.

This was why she chose solitude. This was why she spent all kinds of time on her own, hiking, reading, writing. There was never anyone there for her. She couldn't count on anyone. Her mom didn't give a shit about her, she hadn't any friends back in Arizona before she moved to Forks and she barely had friends here. Angry tears slid down her cheeks as she drove through La Push and headed back toward home. She could lose herself in cooking dinner and then writing for the rest of the night. It was ridiculous that Jacob Black thought he could ever attempt to tell her what to do. Her phone chimed over and over as text after text came in and she reached over to her backpack, pulling the device from the side pocket without ever taking her eyes off the road, powering it off. There were no more spoons to deal with her oldest friend while she was so upset with him.

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