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A single act of kindness.

Harry hated Dudley.

The Six-year-old watched as his cousin rode his new bicycle in the local park, steaming with jealousy,

He sat down on a bench, stewing in his own misery.

He wanted to scream. To hit Dudley and His Uncle and His Aunt.

They were the reason he had nothing nice.

Dudley was the reason he had no friends.

"What's wrong?"

He looked up to see a girl of his age with bushy brown hair and large front teeth.

He glared at his only living relatives "My uncle, aunt, and cousin are horrible. They never let me have anything."

The girl looked at a nasty-looking bruise on Harry's forehead, right next to his scar. She ran off.

Harry sighed and looked at his knees. Of course no-one wanted to talk to him. Everyone hated him, after all.

"Here you go!"

Harry looked up. The girl was back, and was holding out a painted pebble in her hand. It had red and gold spirals on it.

"I'm giving it to you!" The girl smiled "I painted it in Art Class!"

"Why?" Asked the boy.

"My parents told me if you can't do good things for other people, what's the point?"

Slowly, hesitantly, tentatively, Harry took the stone, expecting her to yank it back at the last second, laugh, and run off.

She didn't.

He took it and slipped it in his trouser pocket "Thanks."

The girl beamed, and ran off.

Harry smiled. He couldn't remember the last time he smiled.

At that moment, Dudley's bike fell to bits.


Harry was dragged back to Privet Drive by a furious Vernon. He wasn't stupid. Bikes didn't just fall apart. Especially bikes that were well-bolted and well-made. And brand new.

He threw Harry into his cupboard. This turned out to be an even worse thing for Harry when the pebble the girl gave him fell out of his pocket from when his Uncle shoved him in.

"WHAT'S THIS!?" He roared, grabbing it.

"It's nothing-"

Uncle Vernon shut the door.


The next Morning, Harry was frogmarched into the garden. Vernon was holding his stone and a large hammer.

"Here's a valuable lesson for you, boy." He growled.

He placed the hammer on a wooden slab, and smashed it once. It broke in three pieces.

Harry was dragged back to his cupboard. once it was shut, he wept.


Once he had been allowed to roam the house again, Harry snuck out during the night and looked for what remained of his gift. Fortunately, Vernon had gone for a lie down and forgotten about it, leaving it there.

He took it inside, and sellotaped it together. Clumsily, but successfully. The scars where it had broken remained, as had the other cracks, but it was intact.

From that moment on, Harry treasured that stone. He kept it in his room, where his stupid relatives wouldn't look. It was the first gift anyone had given to him out of pure kindness. He wasn't going to throw it away.

Whenever he felt sad, or angry, or wanting to hit Dudley, he grasped onto it. Just to remind him there were good people in the world. That he should be good. That he shouldn't be like Dudley.

When he first left for Hogwarts, he was so excited and happy that he forgot. He continued to not remember it for the rest of the school year, and the year after.

After he returned to Privet Drive from Hogwarts for the second time, he blew up his Aunt.

He packed everything he could see in a blind rage.

He. Hated. Them.

Not once in his life had they shown him kindness. They had once sent him 50p, and even that was probably out of fear.

Later on, he was staying in the Hogs' Head and showing Hermione around his room when she saw it.

"Hey, what's this, Harry?" She asked, picking it up.

"Oh, I'd forgotten about that." Replied Harry "Some girl in the park gave it to me because I was feeling sad. I wonder where-"

They both came to the same conclusion at the same time.

"That was you." He whispered.

They stared at each other.

She was the reason Harry hadn't become like Dudley. She was the reason Harry was who he was today.

No words were said. they just hugged it out like the friends they were.


This is a pretty good fanfiction for me. Hope you liked it! In case anyone's wondering 'Hang on, how come Harry remembers something from when he was Six' I'd like to point out that Harry has an amazing memory to begin with, and this is a pretty significant memory.

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