it was hell.

Hell descended into the sky and poured curses and flames, killing everyone that was within the area. there were people trying to rescue either family or love ones but they've ended up dying with them afterall.

A black sun is in the sky pouring curses upon curses, flames that cannot normally be put out, there was no other way to call this situation other than hell.

A girl was stuck in the debris, her body crushed and bleeding, she tries to call for help, salvation or atleast anything that will help her live but even that was denied by the person she was crying out for help as that person walks away aimlessly.

The girl tries to call out to that person one more time but she still got ignored by that person but she keeps calling anyway, hoping she will be noticed, she keep deluding herself, thinking she will be saved until she noticed that person is now faraway, out of reach and forever away unnoticed by the person she was begging for help.

she gives up, she knows the moment that person keeps walking away from her sight that her chances at walking out alive keeps slimming until zero so she eventually gives up and accepts her fate.

she started coughing, ash fills her nose and her visions start's blackening, she tried to fight back and live but her small human body loses its senseless. She was dying. She noticed as smoke filled her lungs and made it hard to breath, her only thought at that moment before death was:

"If i come face to face to that person that abandon her, she will sure

Hunt them."


it was hell.

everything around him is filled with flames, smoke, ash and dead bodies as he keep walking trying to find salvation to escape this hell that ascended on this earth.

He kept walking, ignoring the cries of help of those around him, he wanted to save them buy he knew that if he did, he will have the same fate as them so he keep walking.

he knew that someday karma will get to him because he ignored those who need help but he didnt care, he wants to escape, to find salvation, for this pain to go away. The smoke filled his lungs yet he move forward so it can all end.

he eventually gives up and falls into his back, he was breathless for all of that walking with the smoke cover's his entire lung. He gives up. There was no point in trying to live anymore. he will die here soon, he knew that yet something at the back of his mind refuse to die.

With a final endeavor he raise his right arm for a final call for help, he knew it was useless but he still insist so that someone may notice him, save him but he knew that will not happen, he will die here just like those he ignore who calls for help, it was his punishment for not trying to help those around him and he accepted it because he choose his own life other than others.

his arm shaking and loses its strength, he closes his eyes and preparing for his death but before that happens, someone caught it, warm hard hands held it. He open's his eyes to see someone black eye and black messy hair with a smile on his face, tears coming out of his eyes as if he manage to save someone- no it was him, he was the someone he manage to save.

"he's alive thank god he's alive! Thank you, i'm so glad i found you."

He wore a beautiful smile, a smile that is so beautiful thathat it can cure anyone's sadness, He was happy because he save me. At death's door i envied his smile and the last thought i have before i lost consciousness was

"I wish that i could...

smile like that."

"Shirou if you dont wake up im going to pour cold water on you!"

A young female voice that sounded cute cut through the silence of the room, she had short black hair neck length with red eyes, she wear a kindergarten uniform for girls white red polo and red knee skirt, a normal uniform for girls her age.

"5 minutes mom..."

A young male voice replied to the girl, oblivious to the fact that person isnt his mother but he was still asleep so he doesnt really know that.

"Alright you ask for it!"

the girls's voice shouted and pick up a water back and threw the water at the boy who's sleeping suddenly wake up with a girly shout.

"Ahhhhhhhh its cold!"

the boy replied as he shot up from the bed and goes straight to the bathroom to try finding a towel, he heard a girls laughter outside the bathroom, he peeks over to see who it was only to find a laughing girl in his room with a water bucket holding her stomach as she try to contain her laughter.


the boy shouted at the girl who was still laughing from her actions earlier and trying to recover from her laughter only to see an angry face and laughed again.

"Y-you'll pay for this tachie!"

shouted the young boy who has red autumn hair with golden eyes, his outfit is a grey t-shirt and red shorts that is now wet and currently quivering from the young girls actions.

"hahahahahah hahhhh that was fun, that reaction is totally worth it"

the gi who now named tachie said as she finished her laughter and now looking at him with a content smile on her face who's looking at the red head with an angry face.

"Yeah yeah laugh it up!" Said shirou who's still angry from her actions.

"Come on shirou you can't be mad forever!" tachie said looking at her best friend

"You splash me with a cold water, of coure im still gonna be mad at you!"

"To be fair it was funny!"

shirou sighed at his best friend's antics while it is true that he can't be mad at his best friend forever its still annoying to get splash on with a cold water bucket, she knew he will forgive her at some point so he just gave up trying to fight or atleast avoid it.

"Fine i forgive you now get out of my room so i can shower and wear my clothes."

"Oh are you embarrassed that a girl will see you naked?" she said with a teasing smile, he knew that smile very well and he knew one thing that will let him escape with dignity

"im not dealing with this"He said as he closed the door to the bathroom as the black hair girl was disappointed.

"Your no fun" she muttered.

well first chapter or prolouge of the chapter, next week will probably the first new chapter and some of you may ask "Is this an OC?" the answer is no, she's not an oc because she's FSN heroine for deen anime named tachie, a girl who looks like mash but her personality is different.

this will be my take on tachie's route that was forgotten so i'd like to get some opinions and advice (maybe a fair criticism) and yeah thats about it bye.