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When Clint heard giggling from Natasha's room, he stopped abruptly in the hallway, spilling coffee all down his shirt. Giggling? That was not a sound associated with the Black Widow, especially not recently since... well since Sokovia and... Bruce. He was scared to check what was the cause of this, but his curiousity got the better of him. Sticking his head around the doorframe, his eyes widened in shock, his (now luckily empty) coffe cup clattering on the ground. What?!

Natasha was levitating about a metre and half off the floor, above her pristinely made bed. Levitating?! What was in this coffee? Then Clint saw Wanda sitting cross legged on the floor, head tilted in concentration, hands glowing red, as she used her powers to float Natasha.

"Lemme... try a... aha!" Natasha flopped around in the air, finally getting into an upright position. Her usually quick and calculated movements were completely replaced with flailing limbs and breathless giggles, which amused Clint immensely. Hopefully JARVIS, wait never mind, JARVIS was now Vision, hopefully FRIDAY was recording this. It wpuld make great material for the next Avengers movie night.

"You look like a fish," mumbled Wanda in her accented English.

"Wait, what?" snorted Natasha, "I do not. I am a graceful... ahh... creature!" she flipped in the air, her head skimming the ceiling, long red curls falling all around her face.

"Really?" laughed the younger girl, observing the now red-faced, upside down assassin.

"You kinda look like a fish," quipped Clint, shocking both of the girls. Wanda whipped her head around, losing concentration, and Natasha landed on the bed with a thump.


"Hehe," he was completely unfazed by the chorus of disapproval, (though it was usually directed towards Tony). "What on Earth are you doing?"

"What does it look like we're doing, Clint?" bit back a very sweaty Natasha, though he could tell she wasn't mad. She caught Wanda's eye and together they burst into fits of laughter.

"Ummm... Trying to impersonate Thor on ice?"

"What?! No!" laughed the girls. "I was trying to show Wanda some ballet moves."

"In the air?"

"In the air."

"Well, I-" but Natasha and Wanda were saved from what was probably going to be another sarcastic comment by FRIDAY's voice ringing though the air.

"Avengers, into Meeting Room B, if you please. Tony would like a word. It's about Wanda."

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