Heya! I decided to start a short series, and then remembered SwissSides Beta sibling AU. I wanted to do of fic of their AU, but I don't know if they are okay with it, even if a lot of Artists and writers are doing it. long story short, I decided to create one of Amphibia. Then I realised that's already been done by someone else. Drat. So, I gave up on sibling AUs. So, I debated whether to do an Amphibia Hogwarts or PJO au. I settled on PJO.

Please note I haven't read either PJO or HOO in months and I haven't read Trials Of Apollo yet.

In this AU, Mr Boonchuy (Anne's father) Is her stepfather, but they treat each other like father and daughter, and all good stepparents and stepchildren should. Also, Anne doesn't know it. The same goes for Sasha and Marcy, except they have bad relationships with them, and it's not explicitly their fathers.

Frogs and Demigods Chapter 1

"Anne! Get over here!" Called Mrs Boonchuy from table 3.

Anne poked her head out of the restaurant kitchen "Yes, Mom?"

"Go take out the trash!"

"Yes, Mom." said Anne, who grabbed the bin bags, and walked out of the side door, humming 'Ready as I'll ever be'.

After ten minutes of stuffing the bags into the bin, a scared yell of "ANNE!" was heard from behind her.

"Hey, Marcy!" smiled Anne, turning to see Marcy. her smile fell when she saw immediately that Marcy looked, to put it simply, Terrified.

"Mar-Mar? What's wrong? Is it Maggie?"

Marcy shook her head, panting "No! It's-"

She never got to finish her sentence.

What she was scared of stepped into the alley.

It was huge. It was muscular. It was Monstrous. It was impossible.

It had the muscular body of a man, and the enormous head of a bull. It had a loincloth that covered it's private parts, and wielded a large axe.

It was a Minotaur.

"I don't believe it." muttered Marcy, in complete awe, fogetting her fear for a oment "It's the Minotaur. From Greek Mythology. It was defeated by-"

"Great Info Marcy, but that's REALLY not important right now." cried Anne, grabbing her Friend's arm and dragging her as they dodged past the Minotaur and broke into a run.

"WHY IS IT CHASING US!?" Screamed Anne, running as fast as she could.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Screamed back Mar-Mar.

They made a turn into a shopping district, and continued running, only tol be grabbed by the backs of their T-shirts and pulled into an alley.

It was Sasha, who held a finger to her lips "Shhh."

The Minotaur ran past, knocking over cars and bystanders, who yelled things like "Mad Bull!"

Anne panted "Sasha, there-"

"-Are a bunch of Monsters trying to kill you?" asked Sasha "Some weird part-lion, part-goat, part-snake monster tried to eat me!"

"What in the name of Einstein is going on?" Wondered Marcy.

"Wanna find out?" came a low hissing voice.

A figure jumped from a roof onto the ground, blocking the exit. It was a dark-skinned female figure dressed in a cheerleader outfit.

All three of them stared at her. Suddenly, they felt more relaxed. She was so pretty.

She sniffed Anne "Definitely Greek."

Then Marcy "Her too."

Then Sasha "This one's Roman."

She sniffed Anne again, and grinned cruelly "Aha... This one can die first-"

She didn't get to finish that sentence. She suddenly had a mild inconvenience of getting stabbed from behind.

She let out a screech of pain and collapsed into yellow dust, and the spell on the girl broke.

A man stood where she once did. He was tall and muscular, with jet-black hair and sea-green eyes. He wore a greenish-blue jacket over a bright orange T-shirt with a black Winged Horse symbol on it, and black trousers. He looked almost thirty, and held a bronze Sword in his hand.

He looked at them "Come with me if you don't want to die."

They looked at each other. it seemed the best option for now.


They ran out of the alley, and ran into a black car that appeared to have just parked there, judging from the tire tracks.

"Step on it, Wise Girl!" Yelled The Dude who just saved them.

A blonde, tanned woman of similar age to The Dude who just saved them sat in the Driver's seat. She had grey eyes, and a determined expression on her face.

The car sped off at high speed away from the direction the Minotaur was running. Unfortunately, that became the direction the Minotaur was running when it Smelt them.

It charged after them at high speed.

"It's gaining!" yelled Sasha.

Suddenly, there was a whinny of a horse.

The dude grinned "Hold onto your hats!"

"What-" began Sasha, before there was a banging sound from the roof. then some clinking sounds.

The car began to rise. The kids all looked out of the window.

On the roof were three winged horses with cables attatched to their saddles with hooks at the end which were attached to the car. And they were flying. The one who was holding the front of the car was jet black, and appeared to be in charge.

They all got their breath back, and then the questions started.

"What the heck is going on!?" Yelled Sasha "Who the heck are you?"

"Those monsters were attacking you because they could smell who you were." Explained the guy "I'm Percy Jackson. This is my wife Annabeth Chase."

"Wait, who we are?" Asked Anne.

Annabeth took charge of the conversation.

"You know the Greek Myths of old? Zeus? Hercules? Mount Olympus? They're real. Frighteningly real."

The kids stared at her, speechless.

Annabeth continued "Sometimes they fall in love with mortals and have kids with them. Aaaaannd..." She winced, and simply pointed at them.

The three teens stared at them, stunned and speechless.

"They're taking it better than I thought." muttered Percy.

Two minutes later, when their brains had processed it, Sasha spoke;

"What. The heck!?"

Percy chuckled "Definitely taking it better than I thought."

"Wait, so one of my parents isn't my real parent!?" Shrieked Anne.

Percy chuckled "A real parent isn't made by blood, kid. It's by bonds. What are your names?"

Sasha took charge, and "I'm Sasha, This is Anne, and that's Marcy."

"Right. We got some friends nearby. They can help us."


They landed several miles outside the city near a small lake, where a man and a woman sat around a campfire, both in their late twenties. One was tall and muscular, Chinese in appearance, and had a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back. The other was a woman, short and dark-skinned, with cinnamon brown hair in a loose ponytail.. Her smile was warm and friendly. On her belt was a long golden sword.

"this is Frank and Hazel." Whispered Annabeth.

"Heya, Percy! Hi, Annabeth!" Grinned the man "Found some demigods?"

"Frank, the Minotaur, the Chimera, and some Empousa were after them." Percy explained, seriously "I killed the Chimera and the Empusa, but the Minotaur might be on his way."

Their expressions turned serious.

"We'll have to move." muttered Frank.

"The blonde kids' Roman." Explained Percy "Kelli could smell it on her."

Hazel turned to the kids "Listen, they've explained it all to you, right?"

They all nodded.

"There's these places for Demigods. Camp Half-Blood, which houses Greek Demigods, and Camp Jupiter, which houses Roman demigods. We can take you there separately, and there you can learn to fight. Learn more about the World of Myths, Magic, Gods and monster. Learn about your powers. Learn about your Godly Parents."

"Wait, will we have to split up!?" Demanded Marcy.

"Will we have to leave our homes!?" Asked Anne.

Percy sighed "your families will be safe and we'll notify them of what's going on. We'll give you some time to discuss this."

They walked through some bushes, leaving the girls alone.

"Are we really gonna leave our homes?" Asked Anne "I mean, they did save us, but..."

"This is really sudden." Said Marcy "And according to them, we'll have to split up."

Sasha was deep in thought "Girls-"

Suddenly, there was a crashing sound from the Bushes. The Minotaur burst out with a thunderous roar, and raised it's axe over it's head. It swung down.

Anne leaped sideways, and felt a sharp pain and a wet sensation on the right side of her abdomen. She hit the ground, which made it hurt more. She rolled onto her back, and looked at the side of her lower body. There was a gash on it that was surging with thick, wet blood.

She turned her head. Marcy was trying to keep it away from an unconscious Sasha. Unfortunately, it simply grabbed Sasha and, surprisingly, ran off.

"SASHA!" They yelled.

Hazel and Frank ran past them, weapons drawn, and chased after The Minotaur.

Percy and Annabeth grabbed Marcy and Anne and took them to the car "We gotta move!" shouted Annabeth.

"But Sasha-"

"If anyone can get them back, Hazel and Frank can. Besides, you're losing a lot of blood!"

Anne groaned as another shock of pain went through her body. Annabeth carried her into the Car, and they all got in. Anne was lain across Marcy and Annabeth. marcy was in the lefy seat, holding Anne's head. Percy got in the driver's seat and rummaged in the glove compartment.

He let out a groan "We've run out of Ambrosia!"

"Salad?" Asked Anne, weakly. She really was losing a lot of blood.

Annabeth Swore and took out a handkerchief, using it to clot the blood while Percy grabbed a first-Aid kit.

As Annabeth got to work, marcy tried to comfort Anne "Anna-banana, you're gonna be okay. Trust me! hang on..."

Anne didn't hear another word. She had the mild inconvenience of passing out from blood loss.


Well? What do you think? This idea came to me months ago, and I decided to put it to the test.

I hope I got the characters right. The biggest challenge is Godly Parents for Anne and Sasha. Marcy is easy -I'm not gonna say, but if you've watched Season 2, you probably know- but the other two are more Difficult. I have an idea for Anne could be, but it would help if you could leave your ideas in the reviews section.

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