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Chapter 5

Sasha woke up in her room in the new hotel. That dream... it didn't feel like a dream. In fact, it felt very real. And what she had been offered...

He had offered her power. A way to keep her friends safe. To make sure they did as she said. She knew best for them, after all.

She checked the time. It was Six O'clock. It was probably about eight when she fell asleep.

She got up and got herself dressed. Then she walked outside to see Frank and Hazel all prepared and ready to go.

"Are we going?" Asked Sasha.

"Yeah. We can have breakfast at Camp." Replied Frank.

"You're the boss."

Hazel put her hands on their shoulders and Sasha felt that horrible tunnel sensation again...


They reappeared in front of a tunnel. Two armed guards in armour with beefy arms asked them to identify themselves, but let them in once they saw it was Frank and Hazel.

Sasha looked around when she went through. The tunnel appeared to be for Maintenance, but once Frank explained about the Mist, which hid things from mortals, she focused and the tunnel changed to look more 'Roman-ey'.

When they reached the end of the tunnel, she saw a sight of a magnificent city, a Roman Camp, and a rushing river.

It was beautiful.


"So, this is the new recruit, is it Zhang?"

A warty toad-man stood in front of her, arms crossed behind his back in a paved street. One of his eyes was blind with a long scar, and he wore gold battle armour with a black cape.

"Zhang, Levasque, when you both retired as Praetors last year and left the army, and me and my sister Beatrix were elected, I decided I was not going to allow weakness of any kind. Weakness allowed my... current condition."

"You mean when you killed Bacchus's daughter-" Began Hazel

"Self Defence!"

"And called him 'The Wine Dude'?"

"Okay, that was a dumb move on my part." Admitted Grime.

Frank leaned over and whispered something in Grime's ear.

"Really?" Asked Grime, smiling curiously "Very well then. Welcome to Camp Jupiter, Daughter of Mars."

Sasha blinked "Did Frank tell you who my dad was?"

"Nope." Grime pointed above Sasha's head. She looked up.

A blood-red glowing symbol of a battle helmet was above her head.

"Recruit, you are hereby assigned to the First Cohort!" Ordered Grime "Report to The Principia! I'll lead you there!"

"Yes, sir!" Sasha followed Grime, leaving Frank and Hazel behind.


Grime sat down on a large throne, and looked over Sasha.

"Well, recruit, Zhang told me about your powers. I believe we should test them before we let you compete in the war games."

"But-" Began Sasha.

"It'll look better on your form if you don't accidentally kill anyone."

Sasha sighed. Grime made a good point, unfortunately.

"All right."

"I know a good place to test them." Grime got up and led her out of the door.

As they travelled through the streets, a small boy of around ten ran into Grime by mistake. "S-Sorry Praetor!" He stuttered, nervously.

"Get out of my sight, you miserable wretch!" Roared Grime. The Boy ran away, in tears.

"Easy, Praetor!" Said a large boy with red hair.

"Don't talk to me like that, you miserable wretch!"

Sasha was about to protest, but decided against it.

They kept walking until they reached the edge of the camp, and continued walking for several minutes until they reached a large rock.

Grime pressed his hand to it. A secret door opened up on it to reveal a spiralling staircase made of pure gold.

Grime began his way down it. Sasha Hesitated. She didn't exactly trust Grime. Not yet. Still, she followed.

When they eventually arrived at the bottom (It felt like it took half an hour to get there) they arrived in a golden room, an enormous circle with corridors in all directions leading elsewhere. They went to the corridor straight ahead, and went to the first door, made of silver, on the right.

They were in a domed room, with several odd machines and weapon racks.

Grime walked over to one machine that looked like a bronze training dummy "What activated your powers when you used them?"

Sasha though to herself, hesitated, and muttered "I guess. it was that my friends were gonna have to get on without me."

Grime sighed "Try that!" He barked, irritably.

Marcy began thinking about her best friends. How Anne fell on the ground, her side bleeding...

She felt energy surge through her. Her eyes burst into pink flames. She punched the dummy, and it flew off it's hinges. smashing into the wall.

Grime stared in astonishment.

Then he grinned "Wonderful."

Sasha frowned "So... memories and thoughts of my friends getting hurt activate my powers?"

"Probably. We'll see what else can." Said Grime.

"Yeah, cool. Also, why'd you yell at those kids earlier?" Asked Sasha.

"I will not afford clumsiness or incompetence in my camp!" Snapped Grime, angrily.

"Look, Grime, if you keep yelling at them, they're gonna lose confidence and fail." replied Sasha, pinching the bridge of her nose "If you're nice to them, they'll do better!"

Grime looked stunned. He hadn't considered that before.

"So, what is this place?" Asked Sasha, changing the subject.

"It's... a secret." replied Grime.

"Then why show me?"

"Tell me, did you receive any dreams from anyone?" Asked Grime, after some hesitation.

Sasha nodded "Yeah."

"Well, I have a story for you..."


Sasha sat on a cliff edge, twirling a golden gladius in her hands. Grime had given it to her when she left the room. He was going to give her some personal training, since he still wasn't sure about the whole 'Powers' thing. He had also grasped her wrist and (painfully) applied a Camp Jupiter Tattoo there. He said most Campers got them after proving themselves or staying a year, but she was getting one early. He had also told her about a chariot race with the Greek Demigods coming up, and what they were going to do at it.

It was getting late, and the sun was going to set soon.

Her phone vibrated.

She had a facetime request from Anne.


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