Naruto: Wind Monk Banishment 7

Note: Yeah, a lot of fights going down as I try to wrap up the majority of it. I'll try not to make it too confusing.

Fanfic Recommendations:Medicinal Lullaby(Naruto as a parent) by Shivakashi,The Cost Of Living(Naruto and Fuu as Kakuzu's apprentices) by livezinshadowz, andThe Lives Worth Saving(Naruto Time-Travel) by cywsaphyre.

Chapter 7: Lost in Hatred

With Sasuke

"They…told…you?" Itachi said in a slightly lower voice that could almost be considered anger.

"Itachi, I almost went with Orochimaru because of what you did!" Sasuke laid into his brother. "I tried to kill my teammate because of you and go with someone who wanted to steal my body! I've still got the curse mark even if it's been sealed! I can even feel his chakra inside me and gathered at the seal!

"If they hadn't told me everything, I would have defected and turned against the very village you sacrificed our family for! Everything would've been wasted! What on earth possessed you to try and drive me to get stronger through hatred? Why did you constantly pressure me to tell try and kill you?"

Sasuke felt a warm trail of tears that had come down his face during his rant. "…Why didn't you just tell me the truth?"

"…Sasuke, our clan had fallen." Itachi told him factually. "I slaughtered my family to prevent civil war on what I assumed to be the orders of the Hokage in order to avoid the total lives that would have been lost had the Uchiha followed through. I killed mother, father, even my lover at the time, for the sake of the village. I killed the minority to save the majority, a valid tactic that I did not enjoy but understood, and left as a missing-nin to ensure our dark legacy did not come out to keep our clan's name clean."

"You didn't do it alone…" Sasuke glared at him. "Who was it that helped you?"

"I cannot tell you…" Itachi sighed. "You cannot hope to face him as you are. I have seen that hatred can give one the strength to live on provided that one doesn't lose themselves in it…I did what I had to in order to ensure the village would remain stable and you…"

"And I would like to get strong enough to come after you. To judge you for your crimes as an Uchiha…" Sasuke shook his head. "You do not force someone you care about to undergo mental torture and expect them to come out sane! Lose myself in hatred? I nearly fucking drowned in it!"

Itachi has no words on the matter.

"At least tell me why you're helping Akatsuki? You're an international criminal now, even if Tsunade forgave you, they'd still call for your death!" Sasuke stomped the illusionary ground. "There's nothing she can do given the organization you worked for attacked Suna and possibly other nations!"

"I originally joined to keep an eye on that certain person and the group, but Akatsuki's primary leader has a vision for peace and the eyes of the sage…" Itachi closed his eyes. "You haven't experienced the true terror of war. The endless bloodshed and depraved acts that were given form by this current system…I sincerely doubt the original Sage of Six Paths would have approved of what his guidance led to because of his two sons."

"Sage of Six Paths…what does a myth has to do with this?" Sasuke asked.

"It is no myth, Sasuke," a crow emerged from Itachi's body and flew towards Sasuke and landed on his shoulder, before it melted into it like a hot brand being burned onto him.

"What did you—" Itachi placed his fingers on his head and poked him.

"It is the power given to me by my long dead friend…I am not long for this world, Sasuke. That power…I pray you never need to use it."

"What do you mean you're not long for this world?"

"…Sasuke," Itachi said before vanishing in a murder of crows. "Tell your teammates that Orochimaru has arrived to kill the Nanabi and Kyuubi containers and capture you. I shall wait for him to show an opening and do my duty—not as an Akatsuki member, but Itachi of the Leaf."

Sasuke found himself back on the battlefield and felt the point where his brother touched his forehead. "Damn it…Itachi…"

Heading back to the shelter to inform the others of the situation, he wondered if Sakura had any more soldier pills to keep him able to fight. It was thundering and the sky would soon be ready for him to unleash the thunderclap if he had to.

With Shikamaru's Group

The light roar of thunder echoed across all of Old Uzushio and a flash of lightning cast a long shadow in the face of adversity. The rain had yet to beat against the flesh of the seven gathered ninja and kunoichi.

Lucky-Seven, how long until I can use my arm again…Fuu mentally asked her tenant.

"I'd say about a minute or two while your wings and tail in a cloak…" Choumei informed her. "Remember, you can't go any further or you'll go stage two and lose it Fuu-girl."

Hinata reacted first. As if an explosion erupted at her feet with no prior indication she charged at Fuu with her Byakugan ablaze as chakra scalpels shrouded her hands and she ducked under the blade coming towards her before she spun on the balls of her feet and unleashed a strike before hitting the woman's cloak.

"8 Trigrams Mountain Crusher!" A powerful wave of chakra was unleashed against the jinchuuriki at close range and sent her into the distance as if she had been hit by Chouji again while the Hyuuga gave pursuit.

"Hinata!" Shikamaru called out to no avail. "Damn it, Shino after her!"

"Guren," Kabuto addressed the woman behind him. "Make sure the jinchuuriki doesn't escape."

The two went after them silently while opposite each other. Shino had drawn several projectile weapons and Guren made hand seals as steel and crystal clashed.

"Iruka-sensei," Chouji stared at the medic-nin. "Leave this to us."

"No, Chouji-kun," Iruka told him. "Ino isn't here to help with your famous combination. Three-on-one is better than leaving you and Shikamaru-kun against him."

"I feel compelled to ask what are you still doing as a chuunin, Umino-san?" Kabuto asked. "While you are an exquisite instructor for children, your stats according my research out do those of Anko-senpai. By all means, you should be special jounin at least, yet you only teach the basics to genin-hopefuls. Regardless, I'd hate to deprive the fine children of Konoha of such a figure…"

"Students need a gentle but firm hand to guide them into this world we live in. For that reason I stay at my current rank," Iruka bought out a kunai. "Besides…the basics are useful no matter the battlefield…since you've seem to have forgotten, allow me to give you a crash course."

"I learned all I know from a less gracious instructor…" Kabuto tilted his glasses. "But I guess I could use a reminder."

Kabuto took off towards the trio and Chouji's pumped up left fist was sent straight towards the missing-nin who leaped onto the back of the fist on his chakra scalpel covered hands and severed the flexor tendons before he pulled out a kunai and threw at the Akamichi's head, only to have it intercepted by Iruka's kunai. Shadow tendrils appeared from around Chouji's outstretched hand and attempting to run Kabuto through when he somersaulted backwards and sent shuriken at the Nara in his family's crouching position.

"The first lesson is Shurikenjutsu!" The sound of slicing air and clashing steel was heard as Iruka's shuriken intercepted his and he charged the medic-nin with two kunai drawn. "Next is close combat!"

Kabuto drew a single kunai and met with him head on. Two clashed at close range before Iruka rolled and shadow tendrils tore into the medic's body. "The third lesson: Diversionary Tactics and Planning!"

"Chouji!" Shikamaru called and a massive right fist descended on the body from above with sickening crunch that was overtaken by the sound of the ground being destroyed and hidden in a spray of dirt and dust.

"Ew…" Chouji muttered as he felt the visceral fluids and blood that lingered on his hand drip when he shrunk it and left the remnants of the corpse in a crater. "Well, that's one way to end it…"

"Chouji, Iruka-sensei, are you alright?" Shikamaru asked.

"I can't bend my fingers in my left hand…" Chouji answered.

"I'm fine, but…" Iruka trailed off.

"That felt too easy…" Shikamaru muttered and Iruka agreed as he went to confirm the body remains. Upon seeing the stitches on the face and remembering the report about the previous attempt on Sasuke before he tried to defect, they realized they had been played. "It was the Dead Soul technique."

"Then where is he?" Chouji looked around. "I can't see him or sense him—"

"Chouji, MOVE!" The Akamichi was cut off as Iruka flung a spread of kunai at him that forced him to jump to the right and they continued straight…where they were deflected not three feet from the Akamichi's position. "He's using the Hiding with Camouflage technique."

Right, Iruka-sensei's a tracker…Shikamaru turned to the direction the kunai were heading. "Where?"

"3 o'clock to Chouji!" The Akamichi picked up the direction and slammed his other fist on the ground. He missed as Kabuto jumped and flung kunai towards Iruka who dodged and addressed the Nara. "5 o'clock to me!"

"Shadow Sewing!" Shadow tendrils lashed and rained down over the area as they hit warm pockets of flesh and pinned down the medic once again while blood flowed down the tendrils. "Blossom!" Shikamaru put extra chakra into it and tendrils exploded with extra thorns and completely skewered the body that faded into view.

"It's another corpse!" Shikamaru identified. "Iruka-sensei! Where is he?"

"I'm not picking him up," Iruka said after stressing his vocal cords. "That means he's under—" Kabuto popped out of the ground with a kunai in hand and plunged it in towards Iruka's temple as the instructor raised his arm and felt it go through the muscle only to be stopped by the radius and ulna bones as Iruka kicked the man away.

"I must admit, I didn't know you were a tracker…" Kabuto complimented the man. "Since you weren't labeled a sensor in the report and the technique hid both sight and scent…that leaves only sound.

"Since I can't use the same tactic over and camouflage myself until you're dealt with…" Kabuto pulled out a scroll and unraveled it, releasing twelve corpses that looked like himself. "I'll show you my performance known as Death Technique: Requiem Soul Play."

The corpses lurched before dashing towards the group at a speed beneath that of the original Kabuto. Despite the lack of excess abilities that the original possessed, their numbers and the control of the original made up for the slight drop in speed. They avoided the splintering shadow tendrils before splitting into groups four and attacking the Konoha chuunin.

"Mortal wounds won't stop them. Take away their legs!" Shikamaru's tendrils skewered one that lunged at him, but the one behind it used its shoulder as support and jumped over them to throw a kunai at the Nara and force him from his position, returning the shadows to normal. The other two closed in on him.

The Akamichi was having a difficult time due to having only one working hand. His Multi-Size technique was a hindrance because the chakra blades would bypass the fat and strike at the sensitive parts. He was forced to dodged or risk losing his other limbs.

Iruka somersaulted over one and planted an explosive tag on its back before pulling out a kunai and ducking under another chakra blade. He crouched and spun to cut the Achilles' tendons to take away the second corpse's ability to stand and kicked it into the explosive tagged one before detonating it. He paid no mind to the raining innards as he contended with his other two enemies.

The Nara and Akamichi may be chuunin as well, but Umino has more experience…Kabuto noted before glaring at the weak point. Chouji was a liability since he had to fight at close range against the chakra scalpels and wasn't nearly as nimble due to his size. He had the corpses change their tactics to overwhelm the boy until—

"Chouji!" The Akamichi was swept off his feet before he could be severed by three incoming chakra blades by a blonde. She threw down several kunai with explosive tags and yelled before she got out of range with the Akamichi. "Shika, Go!"

Shadow tendrils speared through the corpses and then through the pommel of a kunai with a tag and pinned it to the corpse as it went back through. They repeated the motion until they stitched them to the ground and the explosive tags were triggered on the three corpses. The rain of body parts and viscera colored the area.

"Let me see your hand!" She performed a diagnostic on it quickly while Shikamaru had the shadows drive back the remaining corpses and noted the cut tendons before mending them and crafting a chakra splint over it. "Don't use it until we can get you back to Konoha or else they'll tear again."

"Ino…" Chouji muttered. "Why are you here?"

"Sasuke-kun told us Orochimaru had come so we're being split apart to each group with Sakura watching the others who can't fight with Neji to ensure that no one can get to the injured while they're being treated and Shizune-san heading towards Asuma-sensei's location with Sasuke-kun."

"What about Iruka-sensei's arm?" Shikamaru asked.

"It's not immediately life-threatening!" Iruka told him. "You three are together so you can take it from here while I set things up!" The instructor pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it down before he vanished to set up the finale.

"Alright," Ino stood with her back to the Akamichi. "Let's show glasses our Ino-Shika-Cho formation."

With Fuu

Three women danced as they were engrossed in the battle. Their battlefield was filled with crystallized clones of the jinchuuriki and the sound of clashing steel, crystal, and solidified water as the three of them tried to kill each other.

Guren moved. On both of her arms wereCrystal Style: Jade Crystal Bladesthat were tinted light blue and flashed as they cleaved through the shadow clones before she lunged at the original Fuu that thrust herWater Slicing Bladetowards the woman's head. Her first blade deflected it upwards while the second came around towards the caramel-toned woman's face.

Fuu stepped back, only to circle around and slash at the incoming Hyuuga that attempted to ambush her. The sharp edge of the blade clashed with a kunai but Hinata was knocked aside using brute force as the cloak Fuu dawned slammed into her using a chakra arm.

"Crystal Style: Wild Shuriken Dance!" The moisture in the air around Guren took the form of crystal and was sent towards the jinchuuriki before shattering into a rain of shrapnel that she couldn't completely avoid and scraped across her skin while she rose in the air.

Chakra Needleswere fired towards both the crystal-user and jinchuuriki. The crystal-user dodged while Fuu's chakra tail batted them aside. The crystal-user made several hand-seals to ensure the green-haired kunoichi didn't escape.

"Crystal Style: Growing Crystal Thorns!" The crystal thorns emerged from around the battlefield and angled towards the jinchuuriki and beyond, before closing in on themselves to form a net with spikes that would impale her if she went further.

Shino watched on in the distance while taking in the sight of the battle. He recognized that at the moment he would be unable to assist Hinata or stop the crystal-user. The crystal-user was the most dangerous person here.

She managed to crystallize his insects along with the jinchuuriki's when they tried to snare her. Yet, the jinchuuriki's beetles managed to make it through earlier when they were enshrouded in lightning chakra. Hinata's gentle fist midrange strike passed through theCrystal Style: Crystal Imprisonment Wavewhen she attacked Fuu again with the crystal-user as an intermediate.

They all had one thing in common. "I see. It's because they were coated in chakra."

If he had enough time he could breed his colonies to be immune to the crystallization process. That being said, he opted for a different approach and whispered to his colony before sending them towards the jinchuuriki to give the information to her. His reasons for aiding his target were simple, logical, and would benefit both parties.

With Jiraiya

Naruto finally stopped wailing the corpse of the Snake Sannin in the ground when what should have been the spatter of blood was soil brown mud.

"Earth Style: Shadow Clone…" Jiraiya gritted his teeth in the distance.

"A FUCKING SHADOW CLONE!" He paused for a moment and thought about this is what everyone I fought before must've felt like when I used the same strategy. Irony's a bitch.

"Kukuku…I heard you loved to play tag with sensei when you were younger, so let's play Naruto-kun…Follow the sound of my voice…" echoed in the distance and Naruto gave chase to the soon-to-be-dead Snake Sannin.

"Naruto, don't chase him!" Jiraiya yelled in vain and prepared to chase after him when a strong gale fromWind Style: Great Breakthroughof Orochimaru's held him back.

"I haven't forgotten you either…" Orochimaru's voice echoed. "Until I've killed Naruto-kun, you can deal with a few extras."

The ground beneath them upheaved in an explosion of stone and dirt as a number of massive snakes came up to surface and glared at the group before lunging.

With Naruto

Naruto's ears twitched. The bubbling chakra arms were shot forward and slithered through the air as they tore through rubble in an attempt to snag and crush the Snake Bastard who had hidden himself. So far there had been no luck and every attempt failed.

"WHERE ARE YOU HIDING!" Naruto roared before the ground parted and a massive snake emerged to consume him. The cloak bubbled over and Naruto unleashed another sonic roar that exploded it outwards like a bursting balloon.

The Snake Bastard was toying with him and Naruto knew it. He growled and felt his anger beginning to rise even further. Four tails…it would be enough to kill the snake. Realizing he would lose himself, Naruto shook off the thought. He had to remain rational enough to act off his thoughts and not instinct.

"I'm such an idiot…"a smile etched its way across his face. "There's no point in hiding it anymore…"

Chakra flared and consumed the area without restraint, merging with the air itself and becoming an extension of his body. A solid shape was not an option at three-tails. Instead it became an irregular mass of tendrils that touched over everything within range, including the Snake Sannin himself.

Shaping the chakra around the Sannin it became a box to imprison the snake. Naruto claws flashed and the air around the Sannin followed suit. Laced with chakra they became an extension of the jinchuuriki's body and came down upon the box, which began to implode to be safe, with intent to shred the contents into little more than scraps of flesh.

There was a silver flash from the Kusanagi blade as it sliced through the shaped chakra and the prisoner escaped while the ground around the former box was torn asunder. "That was unexpected, but Kusanagi can easily cut through such a thin layer of chakra…"

"Then I'll make it denser!" The box shape was reformed to enclose the man and then multiple layers were applied to slow the man down. The loose chakra floating around Naruto gathered in front of him and was pushed using the right chakra arm toward the layered prison as it became a thick box of compressed chakra.

Kusanagi cleaved through the final layer and then swung towards the dense box.

It's too dense?Were Orochimaru's thoughts before the blade was knocked from his grip and to the side as he was hit by the large object and pushed off his feet backwards with the dense box of chakra the size of the Snake Bastard's torso.

"RUPTURE!" Naruto flooded the box with the chakra from the extending arm and forced the tainted chakra to rupture in a massive explosion that threw Orochimaru skyward as the chakra arm branched into four miniature claws and grabbed his limbs. He dropped territory as he pulled the man towards him with great speed.

"WIND STYLE:—" Naruto formed aGrand Rasenganin his free hand and exhaled a thick layer of wind chakra onto it from his mouth. Orochimaru opened his mouth—perhaps to say something or scream from mercy—but it was too late."—GRAND SQUALL RASENGAN!"

The second layer expanded as it neared the Sannin and sucked him inside the sphere of wind towards the center. Along the way he was slashed from all angles that bled and were severed into chunks that spattered on the ground as the main body of theRasenganslammed into the remaining torso and detonated.

That probably wouldn't have worked if his skin was too hard to cut through…Naruto thought before he spotted a gleam from the Kusanagi blade and his chakra arm extended to grab it.

"This is mine now…" Naruto eyed the sword before placing it in a body seal. He needed a new weapon anyway, and Kino showed him how to use a Jian blade before he left the Eight Spades. Maybe when all of this was over he should visit the temple and undergo the trials…

His ears twitched and he jumped away as another large snake came from the ground. His chakra arms batted it away before he heard a familiar chuckle. Orochimaru emerged from the ground with a snake's tail from the use of his slithering mode. "Now, Now, Naruto-kun…It's not nice to steal from others."

Naruto's chakra arms shot out to entrap the snake that slithered out of the hole, but he was faster and slipped close to the jinchuuriki. When he got too close Naruto swung his chakra tail around and it batted the snake away hard enough break him into two pieces…that reconnected by a series of snakes?

His tail reformed into legs and he stared at the jinchuuriki. "You have learned some interesting techniques and gotten better at manipulation your Bijuu's chakra, Naruto-kun. Sensei would be proud if such knowledge had come from the village, but alas."

"DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK OF THE OLD MAN TO ME!" Naruto snarled as he prepared to form the wind variant of theRasenganagain. "WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO KILL YOU!"

"Kukuku, you'd be surprised the number of people who've asked that…" Orochimaru chided him. "You create an extra layer of wind to suck the enemy into the range of the main body of the Rasengan. Once inside the first layer wind tears an enemy apart before hitting them with the brunt force and then rupturing…Granted, it isn't complete as it doesn't fully incorporate the element into the Rasengan, but if I hadn't slipped out of my skin it would have been painful…

"However, I imagine if I use a fire jutsu, the technique would run rampant and create a nice size conflagration…"

"Good to know!" A new voice entered as a giant frog descended in the form of the Toad Boss and forced both the Sannin and jinchuuriki to stay apart. On his head was the Toad Sage. "I'll keep that in mind."

The Toad Boss exhaled a ring of smoke. "That you Naruto?"

"Toad Boss…" Naruto addressed the large summoning with respect. "It's been some time…A shame we never got that drink. The Ferret Boss spoke of a brand of human sake that you were fond of. I would have been happy to have supplied enough for your eventual reunion."

Gamabunta snorted. "You know that old ferret?"

Naruto nodded while keeping his eyes on Orochimaru. "I'm the current contract way things are going you'll be seeing him soon."

Jiraiya looked at his former student. "Naruto, leave this to me."

"Screw off Pervy Sage!" Naruto told him. "If you get in my way, I'll do to you worse than what Granny would do if I told her about your little visit to Nadeshiko all those years ago."

Ignoring the fact he knows something that happened that long ago, he's still too short sighted and allowing his anger get to him,Jiraiya sighed. "Don't make this anymore difficult than it has to be. Tsunade and the Ichirakus already miss you and if you die here…"

"Only a few people out of an entire village?" Orochimaru shook his head in mock sympathy. "Sensei really did a poor job in managing his successor's son's social status with the whole exposing you thing. Honestly, his trust of the people would've been the death of him if it weren't for me."

The Snake Sannin fell on all four and belched out a sea of snakes that threatened to swallow them all. The sea formed a wave and became a wall of death as each of the snakes opened their mouths and produced a copy of the Kusanagi blade. "Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes!"

Gamabunta leaped back to get some distance for a flame and oil combination and to avoid the poison fangs. Jiraiya looked on as his godson refused to move away from the impending death. His cheeks and stomach swelled as chakra gathered inside his body and converted into flames.

"NINE-TAILED FOX FIRE STREAM!" Flames roared from his mouth and expanded into a tidal wave of flames that surged towards the wall of death. Blazing scarlet flames consumed the snakes that were charred into coal and then ashed as the wave passed them by and descend upon the snake-user.

Orochimaru opened his mouth and a large snake stretched out above the wave as it consumed his body and caught the bottom half of the snake and began to race upwards. Before the snake could be completely consumed, the Sannin emerged from its mouth and made hand seals as he fell beyond the reach of the dying flames. He held his hand outstretched and a sealing array has written in the air.

"Summoning!" The Snake Bastard called his own boss summoning. Manda had appeared.

With Shikamaru's Group

"Not that I'm not grateful, but isn't this breaking one of Tsunade-sama's rules as her student!" Shikamaru jumped before the corpse could slice at his jugular artery. He crouched and his shadow split to entrap the several around him and pulled them closer together. "Black Spider Lily."

"Chouji's my patient, I'm defending him!" Ino stood back to back with the Nara and made her family's hand sign. "Now shut up and watch my body, Shika!"

Two rushed in to take advantage of the situation by Kabuto's control when they suddenly froze and then started using their chakra scalpels to sever the limbs of the others that had gathered near the Nara. "Mind Transfer Clone!"

"Chouji, finish it!" Shikamaru released his technique and grabbed Ino's body to jump away while she had the ones under her control to cut off the legs of each other. Using his undamaged hand, the Akamichi crushed the area with a massive fist to stop the corpses once and for all.

"So, this is the current Ino-Shika-Cho generation's style…?" Kabuto wondered out loud as Shikamaru sent shadows after the man. He avoided the tendrils by jumping back and smirked as he landed…only to freeze when he spotted four explosive tags around him on the ground. "Sealed Bomb Square Release?"

"Trap-setting is a basic that was taught in my class. That's the final lesson…consider yourself caught up." Iruka said to the immobile medic from behind a stone outcropping. "Shikamaru-kun, if you would."

Shikamaru connected their shadows and forced him to take a step, which triggered a deafening explosion that the person inside was unable to escape from. Kabuto's head fell to the ground as probably the largest piece left. Shikamaru noticed the stitches on the face.

"Another corpse…" Shikamaru sighed. "The real Kabuto must've been long gone when Ino showed up since if she had taken him over it would have ended then…but did I ever tell you that you were the best instructor in the Academy?"

"Yet you slept through my classes…" Iruka deadpanned as Ino began working on his injury.

The group then turned their attention to the clashing Snake and Toad Bosses doing battle.

With Pace

"The Snake Boss…I have to go tell boss to get dad!" Pace exclaimed as he saw the massive snake do battle with a giant toad, but was unable to move due to the cage of insect threatening to consume him.

"Water Style: Wild Water Wave!" A wave of water batted the insects away and they writhed on the ground wet.

"I'm all wet…" Pace shook his body before looking up. "Boss Lady!"

"I'm just a clone," she told him. "Go home and tell your dad that Manda has appeared. I felt Naruto's cloaked chakra from my position and he's facing the Snake Boss right now, so your dad will need to be ready."

"B-but what about you and boss?" Pace asked.

The Fuu clone patted him on the head. "We'll be fine. The original me is going to help Naruto once she's done since it took a lot of work to sneak e out from the Hyuuga and crystal-user. Now go."

"Kay…" Pace vanished in a small puff of smoke.

With Naruto

Naruto ran up and around the thrashing Manda's body with his chakra claws rending off bits of flesh as he tried to concentrate on which priority to take. The Snake Bastard had taken off with Jiraiya to fight to the death somewhere while the summonings wrecked the ruins further. Now the Snake Bastard was on his kill list for the Old Man, but he promised the Ferret Boss that he would help him get revenge on the Snake Boss.

Naruto was flung into the air and Manda opened his mouth to consume the jinchuuriki while he squeezed the Toad Boss. Naruto bit into his arm on the summoning tattoo and let the blood flow freely as his chakra arms curved around to slam onto the top of Manda's skull and etch the summoning array. "SUMMONING!"

The Ferret Boss dropped down on the Snake Boss and wielding a giant pair of Deer Horn Knives. The impact was enough to free Gamabunta enough to leap away. Without hesitation, the blades descended towards the head of the Snake Boss. "DIE—"

Only to go flying with the Ferret Boss as Manda's tail came around and slammed him across the back. The Snake Boss flicked its tongue as the Ferret Boss was sent crashing into the barrier around New Uzushio and knocked back due to the rebounding feature. "Well, well, if it isn't Dao…I haven't seen you since that time my kin ran into that daughter of yours…the eldest next to the axe wielding one I believe. Ever since then I've had a small craving for ferrets—"

"GRAND RASENGAN FLAIL!" A massiveRasenganhalf the size the Toad Boss and attached to roughly a hundred chains that interwove as they trailed down to Naruto's enlarged chakra arms slammed into Manda's head from the side and knocked it into the ground smashing the rubble beneath it. "GET IT IN GEAR FERRET BOSS!"

The Ferret Boss fell on all fours after biting down on the handles of the Deer Knives and they ran parallel to the ground. Desert Ferrets resided in a hidden location in the Land of Wind and were adept at wind chakra as well, so he streamed wind chakra through the blades as he passed the lunging Snake Boss and cleaved a good gash into its side. Manda retaliated by smashing the Dao into the ground with its tail and came around to devour the summoning.

The Toad Boss leaped down and plunged his blade through the Snake Boss's mouth and pinned him to the ground. "That's twice!"

"Nice work Bunta…" The Ferret Boss coughed blood as he struggled to stand with several ribs broken from the snake's assault. He looked over to Naruto. "Did you get the seal you mentioned in Iron ready?"

Naruto nodded and summoned a large scroll roughly his height from his body seal and spun while clenching the edge before he tossed into the sky and it unraveled. Large black chains shot down in a circular pattern the encompassed twice the area the summonings took up and staked into the ground. They formed an ominous dark barrier that surged with his demonic chakra. "Uzumaki Forbidden Seal: Isolation Encampment!"

"Damn you, I'll remember this…" Manda cried and disappeared in a plume of smoke…or at least he tried. "I-I can't return!"

"This is a forbidden sealing art that uses the owners' chakra to create a field that can't be escaped unless the ones feeding the field are incapacitated or killed. The condition is that owners can't move within the field under their own power and they must remain within the encampment. It interferes with Time-Space jutsu so that summoning and reverse summoning are cut off as well." Naruto explained.

The encampment field also consumed an unholy amount of chakra, enough that Naruto three-tailed state had reverted to a simple coat. It was meant to be used in a large group to supply the necessary chakra…and often killed them. That was why it was forbidden. Although the Uzumaki had plans to make a miniature version to stop the masked freak as well as removing the no moving rule.

"I'LL DEVOUR YOU ALL WHEN I GET FREE!" The Snake Boss roared.

The Ferret Boss pulled out a cigar and lit it with a match before looking at Gamabunta. "Hey Bunta, can you help me arrange a funeral pyre?"

"Why not, he's been attacking my kin as well and we've debts to settle. We can drink to old times once this is over." Toad Boss spat out an enormous amount of oil at the Snake Boss while Ferret Boss tossed the giant match into the oil and Manda's eyes went wide.

"BURN, YOU SON OF A SERPENT." Dao exclaimed and watched as the Snake Boss howled in anguish while the flames consumed him. The scent of cooked snake meat was tainted by the smell of burning oil and made Naruto's stomach churn before they made sure the snake was dead and dropped the encampment.

"Dao," Gamabunta looked at the giant ferret. "About that issue with Jiraiya and your last contract holder…"

"The past is the past for now…" The Ferret Boss took a deep puff from the cigar and released the smoke cloud into the air. "Vengeance at last…but it won't bring my little girl back. Regardless, thank you Uzumaki. I'm afraid I must return to tend to these injuries, but I shall repay my debt one day…perhaps over a drink with Bunta here."

"Once this issue is settled," Naruto nodded. "We can swap stories over a drink."

"I always did like you kid," Bunta lightly chuckled as the Ferret Boss disappeared in a plume of smoke. "You know, Gamakichi—"

The boss summoning was cut off by the sight of a giant 8-headed white snake emerging in the distance.

With Fuu

"Water Style: Archerfish!" A jet of water was spouted at the crystal-user who made a series of hand seals and a gleam revealed a thin layer of crystal covering her in her Crystal Armor. She then made another set of hand seals and touched the ground as the water washed off her armor.

"Crystal Style: Burst Crystal Falling Dragon!" The dirt, stone, and mud crystallized to form a crystal dragon that lunged towards the jinchuuriki that began to back away.

"8 Trigrams Sky Palm!" A blast of chakra nailed the jinchuuriki from behind and directly towards the dragon that opened its mouth to consume her. Fuu fed the beetles in her cylinder a good amount of lightning chakra and they darted out towards the dragon.

"Hidden Art: Flash Beetle Dart!" The insects shrouded in lightning rained down from above and impacted the dragon. On impact they became small domes that radiated lightning before rupturing in an explosion that rained the shards of crystal down. Fuu made several more shadow clones and decided to deal with the Hyuuga while most of the clones fought the crystal user with assorted lightning jutsu.

"Crystal Style: Crystal Needles!" The moisture in the air around Guren solidified into pink crystals and darted towards the onslaught of clones to skewer them before they could get in range with the lightning techniques. Before she could target the Hyuuga and original, a black cloud of insects swarmed and were turned to crystal before she got back on task.

"Jade Crystal Prison!" Guren announced and light began to shroud the two women who were in close range. Fuu substituted with a clone that was destroyed by a quick strike from the Hyuuga, but Hinata was unable to move her feet.

"Hinata, release chakra from all the tenketsu in your body!" Shino yelled out to her before the light engulfed her completely. The Hyuuga was frozen inside the crystal in a traditional jyuuken stance.

"Hidden Art: Hiding in Scale Powder!" A cloud of powder glinted and became a bright flash that blinded Guren until she heard the next technique being announced. "Exploding Water Shockwave!"

A wall of water filled the entrapped space and rushed towards the crystal-user, who sealed herself usingCrystal Style: Crimson Fruituntil the wave died down and rushed towards Fuu as she panted on the ground. Fuu crafted her blade of hardened water and swung the blade down…only to watch as the blade broke upon hitting her nearly invisible armor of crystal.

Guren plunged her hand into the jinchuuriki's chest…and she vanished in a plume of smoke. "Shadow Clone?"

The original Fuu and a clone emerged from two of the numerous puddles next to her using theHiding in Waterjutsu while a third pinned to the woman. Blazing through seals the clone made the first move.

"Water Style: Water Prison!" The crystal-user was trapped inside of a sphere of water by the first clone while the second vanished and the original ran through hand signs and lightning strong enough to rip through stone arched from her hands. She looked into the sphere and noticed that the crystal-user had a small smile on her face and made no attempt at doing anything. "Lightning Style: Earth Flash!"

Yuukimaru, I probably won't be going to the same place as you are, but…were Guren's final thoughts as the electricity finished her off in a death that even Fuu couldn't look at before she dropped the jutsu.

"You switched with the clone while she was blinded," Shino commented as he watched the crystals begin to break apart. Thanks to his shades he could see through the blinding powder.

The footsteps of the Aburame inching closer put her slightly on edge. Even though the Aburame looked like a drug dealer, Fuu had to ask. "Why would you tell me how to defeat her and help me? What was in it for you?"

"Because, we seek to retrieve you alive—" Fuu pointed towards Hinata, who was freed from her imprisonment and fell to the ground unconscious and weak, "—she has…problems that stem from her home that we plan to address…"

Shino sighed. "Nevertheless, things have started to go out of control. Given that Orochimaru is here he must be trying to kill both jinchuuriki and thus is targeting Naruto. Merely a temporary alliance to ensure that we can accomplish our primary mission by aiding in your survival."

"We don't need your—" Fuu body pulsated and she coughed up blood. The imperfect seal was starting to malfunction.I used too much of Choumei's chakra.

"You seem to not be feeling well. Should I take it those are the aftereffects of using your tenant's chakra for too long?"

"That's none of your business!"

"I find you highly illogical, Fuu-san." Shino told the jinchuuriki as he approached the downed Hyuuga. "You must realize by now the odds of victory have waned for you and Naruto, yet you still try to fight against us. Considering we are fellow insect users I thought you would be somewhat more rational in your decisions such as my clan. However, it would seem that emotions have overtaken your judgment.

"Let me ask you, why do you oppose us?"

"Because you're trying to take Naruto back with you and are invading our home!"

"Your home consists of buildings that can be replaced and no people had yet to occupy it." Shino pointed out. "Despite being heavily outmatched, you went out of your way to defend a place that holds little more than sentimental value to Naruto and could be rebuilt elsewhere?"

"Well weren't expecting you to show up…" Fuu sprouted her wings despite Choumei's silent warnings. "What were we supposed to do?"

"Why did you not flee when things went wrong or convince Naruto to flee?" Shino stated. "Aburame are familiar with guerilla tactics which you are privy to. The moment we stopped after the regrouping flare had been sent up and we were occupied with tending to our comrades, why did you not use the opportunity to flee with him while your clones distracted us and you still had the strength to do so?

"The moment this place was discovered it became a lost cause for you I'm afraid. Akatsuki is on the island as well as Orochimaru, this place is no longer safe for either of you."

Fuu's heart skipped a beat. "A-Akatsuki is here too?"

"Yes. And despite having so many opponents that are S-class and after him, Naruto allowed his anger at the village to compromise his judgment on the matter to the point he picked a fight with people who had obviously been training to deal with him and endanger both himself and you…and you let your personal emotions compromise your judgment by not pointing out how suicidal it was."

Fuu stomped the ground. "I'm supporting Naruto!"

"Yes, and well done by the way. So far all he has accomplished was to wound those who actually cared about him and forced them to retaliate with force. It must be painful for people such as Jiraiya-sama and Kakashi-sensei to have to harm the one they see as family. To have someone who sees Naruto as a little brother be forced to order his return by extreme force must have weighed heavily on the Hokage as well."

Fuu was silent. Shino made his point.

"I must tend to Hinata's injuries and I cannot use my remaining allies against you. While I could keep you occupied in your weary condition—" Shino pointed to the giant eight headed snake, "—there is a chance Naruto would be killed and the mission would be a failure. You should take this opportunity to reason with Naruto before it is too late."

Fuu gritted her teeth and flew off shaking while nursing a growing headache from Choumei's chakra.I'm…not responsible for this am I?

"Doubt later Fuu-girl! He had a point, we need to fall back." The Aburame may have been an enemy but he was right on some points. They had no choice but to abandon their home in order to survive.

"Shino-kun…" Hinata mumbled from behind him as he watched Fuu fly off.

"Hinata, have you—" the Aburame fell to the ground from a blow to the back of the head.

"Sorry, Shino-kun," Hinata whispered as she rummaged through his backpack. She pulled out several explosive tags and kunai before departing after the jinchuuriki of the skies using her Byakugan to track her. "I have to kill them…"

With Jiraiya

"You haven't changed at all Jiraiya!" Orochimaru chided his former teammate in his Eight Branches form. The Toad Sage avoided the heads as the Snake Sannin emerged from the head of the main one and lashed his tongue out. It wrapped around the man's leg and lifted him into the air. "All your life you've done nothing truly worthwhile on your own…

"Tsunade became the Hokage and has that method of healing that prevents her from dying on the battlefield; I rule Oto and gained immortal life along with Edo Tensei…" He slammed the sage against the ground hard enough to leave a crater before lifting him up to face his executioner.

"You on the other hand have done nothing but age and travel while writing your low-class books that only appeal to the perverted; even your students surpassed you…Just give up!"

"You…" Jiraiya spat toad oil in his eyes and pulled out a kunai to cut the tongue off his leg. "Give up—" He formed aRasenganbehind him as he turned upright and it expanded to an enormous size. "TRYING TO MAKE ME GIVE UP!GALLANT RASENGAN!"

He slammed the huge jutsu into the Snake Sannin and it consumed him as his body was assaulted from all angles by the spiraling sphere inside the snake's mouth. The other heads tried to devour the Toad Sage when—

"TOAD BLADE CUT!" Gamabunta sliced through two of them in a pass and the Toad Sage clung to the summoning's head as a jinchuuriki inside a red coat of chakra slammed into another two with aWind Style: Grand Squall Rasenganthat decimated the heads before he was batted towards the ground by a third head and made a crater as his coat faded from exhaustion.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Orochimaru's roared as pale lightning crackled between the remaining heads to incinerate the giant toad, sage, and jinchuuriki. "THIS IS MY ULTIMATE JUTSU!"

The attack was about to be launched when a crimson-dreamlike blade pierced the Snake Sannin and everyone diverted their eyes towards to flaming humanoid wielding a shield and sword. Itachi Uchiha looked on with bleeding eyes. "Be sealed in an eternal, drunken dream. Sword of Totsuka."

The Snake Sannin as a whole was sucked into the liquid sword and drunken into the sake jug, massive form and all. Susanoo vanished and Itachi fell on his knees. The Uchiha vanished in a murder of crows without saying another word while the others looked on wondering what the hell just happened.

"Whatever!" Naruto snarled at his godfather while creating anotherWind Style: Grand Squall Rasenganand lunging with half of what was left of his remaining chakra. "Now that he's gone, it's time to deal with you!"

"Naruto, you really don't want to do this!" Jiraiya spat flames into the technique and it went out of control and exploded in the jinchuuriki's face to send him flying through some of the remaining ruins. "Naruto, it's over. You've used enough of the fox's chakra to damage your body and you're exhausted. Any further fighting alone will run the risk of killing you. Tsunade didn't want this, she doesn't want it to be this way, but you have to come back."

Naruto picked himself off the ground and clutched his charred arm. "I won't!"

"I thought you might have matured over the years, but I guess that when it comes to the village you haven't…" Jiraiya shook his head in disappointment. "Then what about the girl you're with? Think about her. This fighting could end with her getting killed or captured by Akatsuki!"

"I won't go back and I won't let you take Fuu!" He prepared to stand against the Sannin before a cloud of blinding powder flashed.

"NARUTO!" Fuu grabbed him as she passed and took him into the air. "We're leaving!"

Gamabunta rubbed his eyes and sighed. "While we may be allied with Konoha, I won't help drag the kid back to that village."

The Toad Boss vanished in a plume of smoke as the other jounins, Shizune, and Sasuke arrived next to Jiraiya and the quickly assessed the situation before Shino arrived nursing a headache and told them of Hinata taking off on her own and running off to give chase to the airborne jinchuuriki.

With Fuu

Naruto noticed Fuu wobbling in flight and looked at her sweating and panting form. The rain had begun to drizzle and a great flash of lightning was followed by booming thunder. "Fuu, how much of Choumei's chakra did you use?"

"I—" Fuu didn't finish as her partial transformed wings dissipated and she began to plummet from the sky. Naruto embraced her and landed on the ground safely before looking at the remaining ruins for shelter from the rain.

The battle had wrecked the majority of Old Uzushio by now and the current portion they were in was the remains of the residential area. Naruto took her inside one of the broken buildings that still had 3/4 of the roof intact.

"Naruto…" Fuu whispered as here placed her against the wall. "I know how you feel but it's time we cut our losses."

"Fuu…" He checked the inventory of his body seal despite the aching he was suffering from the use of Kurama's tainted chakra. "We can still—"

"We didn't plan on running into two Sannin, bloodline users, clan members, and Akatsuki. We came here to inspect how the rebuild was going for two weeks. We've improvised so far give our circumstance but they haven't lost a person on their side—"

"Not for a lack of trying mind you."

"—while you've been stripped of your weapons and you looked like you were about to go stage two while I'm starting to get feel the aftereffects of my seal's imperfection. Even you have limits and healing as much damage as you have has worn you out as well. They've been working to keep us split up and at this point we've both been through too much to keep fighting and not go berserk and risk destroying the island or each other."

"I didn't expect this kind of crap to happen. I mean honestly, where the hell did they find another wood-user? I thought Granny was the last of the Senju line and she usually smashes things instead."

"And I wasn't expecting a crystal-user either…although I still think she wasn't trying too hard," Fuu stumbled as she tried to stand. Naruto grabbed her before she could fall over. "Naruto, we don't have any other choice but to abandon the island for now. Look at us. Look at the situation. Assess it from a perspective outside ours or theirs."

Naruto rubbed his forehead at her words and his thoughts gathered until he drew a conclusion. "…Things don't look good for us, do they?"

"No," Fuu shook her head.

"Fuck." Naruto conceded. "In the end it was a pointless struggle. We should've fled the moment Akatsuki showed up huh…No, the moment Konoha caught onto the new village it was over. They would have stationed ANBU there until they eventually caught us."

The Kyuubi jinchuuriki could only laugh at his misfortune before his voice became somber. "Akatsuki and Konoha know about this place now. We won't be able to come back anytime soon. Even when the threat of Akatsuki is over, two jinchuuriki would be too good for other nations to pass up if the information slipped out. It would be a repeat of what happened to old Uzushio…"

He slammed his fist against the wall hard enough to make it bleed while making a hole big enough to fit a person through and exposed the falling rain. "All I've done was get you hurt."

"I know you have an attachment to this place because of your mother and Mito, but…" Fuu hugged her lover and kept her hand on his bloodied fist. "We can always rebuild the village somewhere else. Somewhere on another continent…away from the 5 nations…"

"You're right; maybe I'll even get to see if Temujin kept his promise…" Naruto pulled out the contact scroll from a body seal. "I'll transfer the island ownership over to Kanna. It was only because of her I learned a lot about how to get things in the village set up and got the proper channels to buy it. The research into the Aeroponics and Hydroponics systems from the Land of Spring and Birds panned out and the place has a decent soil deposit…it would make a great farming village then and I could have her relocate the contents of the underground storage vault…"

"Okay…" Fuu looked a bit worried about the somber shade his eyes had taken. "How will we escape?"

"You'll go to Suna alone via the parallel array." Naruto raised his hand before Fuu could argue. "I screwed up in judgment but even if they catch me I have safeguards so they can't control me through other means. That's why I altered Kurama's seal in the first place. As soon as I'm done with this, I'm sending you to Gaara. I've sent him a message just now telling him to get ready with a medic he trusts to treat your injuries and watch over you for me."

"What about you?"

"I'll summon Pace with the little chakra I have remaining and tell him to have his father reverse summon me. Even if Jiraiya could weasel the location out of the toads, the ferrets would maim him for stepping foot on their lands. Once I've recovered enough I'll go through with the body seals modifications I had tinkered with before this went down, plus I had some new ideas for utilizing my territory and seals…and then there's Akatsuki, I'll need to draw their attention away from you and Gaara…"

"Naruto, you are planning to come to Suna…right?"

Naruto rolled up the scroll, replaced it in his body seal, and hugged her before reaching for her seal to activate the parallel array. "Thank you for bringing me to my senses and fighting with me, Fuu…and I'm sorry for dragging you through the mud with me."

"Naruto, answer my—"A kunai landed next to them with an exploding tag. Fuu's eyes widened as it became lit and she forced Naruto through the hole in the wall he made before he could trip the array. Her eyes became compounded as Choumei forced it's chakra out of her as the blast went off.

The rain beat against Naruto's back as he moaned from the shockwave of the blast. There was a buzz in the Kyuubi jinchuuriki's ears and the world was blurred as he struggled to realign his body and stand. He felt liquid heat on the side of his face and wiped it with his hand to see blood…but it wasn't his.

"Kit, to your right!" Kurama roared. Naruto shockingly looked over to his blood drenched lover as the green coat of chakra faded. She was covered in patches of blood with stone fragments sticking out at various points of her body.

"Fuu!" Naruto rushed over to hold her in his arms and pulled out the stone fragments. Her pulse was still strong and she was vaguely conscious as her dulling orange eyes peered towards him. Naruto's mind raced to think of what he could do. "I-I'm sorry, I…"

It shouldn't have come to this. If he had fled earlier…If he had just gave up…If he had done so many things differently…

Hinata looked on at his miserable form as the rain poured onto both of the jinchuuriki. She thought seeing the one who tainted the clan in anguish would begin to appease her. The voice screamed for her to finish him. Yet…why did it hurt to look at him?

Hinata took a single step forward and Naruto registered her presence. Seeing the explosive tags and kunai in her hand his eyes became slits and he snarled as he placed Fuu on ground gently."I will never forgive you…YOU DAMN HYUUGA!"

Naruto lunged at the girl with aGrand Rasenganin hand as wooden binding emerged from below and entrapped him. A senbon dipped in a sleeping agent plunged into the Hyuuga's neck to render her unconscious as Shizune rushed over to check on the fallen jinchuuriki while Naruto thrashed against his bindings. Yamato dashed forward to slip the necklace onto Naruto while he was unable to move.

Inside Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto was pulled into the valley that made up his altered mindscape for Kurama to roam in. Overcome with grief he was on his knees and clutching his heart in pain. He took no notice when darkness gathered in front of him until it took on a familiar shape. "Despite everything you've done…you still couldn't protect what you said you would…"

Naruto looked up at the form of an imitation that faced him. "Who are you…?"

Dark Naruto grinned like the regular Naruto would. "I am a shadow. Your true self hidden beneath that mask of the forgiving clown you wear to make others like you better."

"Why am I here, I have to get back and—"

"And what?" Dark Naruto shook his head. "One of the women you love lies dying now and we couldn't even avenge her. Konoha has gone too far to be forgiven."

"Shizune-nee can help her—"

"Shizune-nee might heal her, but then they'll take her back to the village. Then what? Will she be persecuted like we were? Tormented mentally and physically until she reverts back to how she was before she met us? Or worse, they'll kill her and take Choumei."

"Granny wouldn't—"


"That's not…it's…" Naruto trailed off, unable to refute his own words that were hidden beneath the surface of his soul.

"STOP LYING TO OURSELVES!" The words continued to echo inside Naruto's heart. "She is the source of all that has happened to us! Yet we lie and say hold no blame towards her. No more lies!"

Naruto was silent.

"I'll help you embrace the truth this time…" Dark Naruto twisted the seal on Naruto's stomach and bleeding shadows flooded the plains that made up his mindscape. Kurama exerted a bit of his control over the domain that Naruto had given him by tampering with the seal and made it so the swamp stayed out of the plain area he was lying in as he watched on. "Let's destroy the source of our pain. Everything this twisted ninja system has given birth to. The Hyuuga will be the first, and Konoha with the Hag, then the great nations will follow."

Naruto became consumed by the darkness lurking in his heart and the bleeding shadows began to creep over his body to consume him. It swallowed his body up to his torso slowly and he began to sink into the dark swamp, where his consciousness would be forever suppressed in the bliss of darkness.

He would no longer feel anything. No pain. No misery. No guilt. No false hope.

In a trance he resigned to his fate as Kurama looked on from his patch of untouched this all you were capable of Kit? Is your own darkness too great for you to bear?

Golden chains erupted out of nowhere and pulled the hopeless jinchuuriki out of the dark swamp. A form cradled him in her arms as Dark Naruto looked on until the figure emerged as a woman with red hair that flowed like fire down her backside.

"You've gotten so big since I last saw you," the woman hugged him tightly and cried lightly. "You probably don't remember me since it's been so long, but my chakra was only able to appear if you needed it…"

"Hmph." Kurama lightly scoffed as he watched the reunion. "Kushina…"

"Naruto…?" Kushina separated to look at her son's emotionless face when she didn't get a response. Before she could say anything further the darkness in the form of her son made himself known.

"Ah…Mother," Dark Naruto slapped himself on the forehead. "We forgot that Father sealed both of your chakra inside the seal. Either way—" demonic chains erupted from his body and forced Kushina apart from her son "—we don't mind if you want to hang around as we have a few words for you, but don't interfere with us."

"Who…what are you?" Kushina asked the darkness in the form of her son.

"What are you talking about?" Dark Naruto looked slightly puzzled. "We are your son that you left to bear your burden. We are one and the same, I am his true self and he is my mask. We form the being known as Naruto Uzumaki."

"No…" Kushina shook her head as she looked at Dark Naruto before staring murderously at Kurama. "This isn't my son! What have you done, Kyuubi!"

"Me?" Kurama snorted. "I've done nothing. This all your son—the hatred, the rage, and sorrow, it tainted the chakra he took from me even further. The one controlling this body is the part of himself he's worked so hard to contain. Just sit back and enjoy the show."

In Reality

Hinata, what have you done…Shino wondered as he lifted her unconscious form and tried to apologize to Jiraiya as they looked on at the struggling jinchuuriki. "My apologies, I did not expect she would have attacked me to escape."

Jiraiya shook his head. "Save it for later, right now—"

Naruto's skin peeled off and a wave of demonic chakra flung the ANBU wood-user backwards before he could use the necklace or slip it on. His eyes became sunken pools as the wood broke apart and the Uzumaki fell onto all fours. He howled a demonic roar unlike before and the earth shook beneath him.

"Shizune, get back!" Jiraiya yelled and the medic-nin grabbed her patient and jumped back before a pillar of darkness rose into the air and parted the clouds to stop the rain. The force of the energy release sent her flying as she cradled the injured jinchuuriki and they landed on the ground, just out of range of the huge crater with the second stage jinchuuriki at the center.

Shizune was partially stunned at the girl's resilience. If it weren't for the fact that Choumei forcibly gave her a coat at the last second, her body wouldn't have withstood the close ranged blast. She would live if Shizune could focus on healing her.

"Na…ruto…" Fuu whispered as Shizune began treating her again. "Don't…"

But now a bigger issue had arisen as the dust cleared. Six Tails had formed along with a skeleton. The mouth of the skull opened and revealed the empty eyes as they locked onto a single target. Its first target was the unconscious Hyuuga.

"Shino!" Sasuke called out to the Aburame from his summoning. "Get on now! He's going after Hinata!"

In Kusagakure

"We've found it…" Zetsu told their creator who looked on in the distance at the castle-like prison. "The Box of Ultimate Bliss."

More Notes:

That whole Iruka being stronger than Anko thing is actually backed by their current Stats on the Wikia. He really is special jounin material at least. He's just too nice for the job.

As for Dark Naruto…All those dark feelings have to go somewhere and since Kurama isn't actively trying to corrupt him anymore…Think Persona's Shadows before the boss fight basically…He's going to be a jerkass with valid points.

The conclusion to the battle will be coming next chapter.

Non – Canon Jutsu:

Death Technique: Requiem Soul Play – A variation of the canonDeath Technique: Returning Soul Play, Kabuto controls numerous corpses that look like him and attack in his stead.

Canon Jutsu (I count Games, Anime, Manga as canon):

8 Trigrams Mountain Crusher – The user hits the target at close range with a powerful wave of chakra and sends them flying into a rock or wall.

8 Branches – Orochimaru's greatest technique, he becomes a giant eight headed snake that is even larger than Manda.

Black Spider Lily – After using Shadow Sewing the user manipulates them to bring the enemies closer to them. (Rat)

Body Shedding – Orochimaru sheds his skin to recover from all injuries at a great chakra cost.

Crystal Armor: Guren covers her skin with a thin sheet of crystal to protect herself from physical attacks and can only be noticed by light reflecting off it.

Crystal Style: Burst Crystal Falling Dragon – The user crystallizes materials in the area and then turns it into a dragon. Several can be made and manipulated at once.

Crystal Style: Crystal Needles – Creates long bright pink and white crystals that shoot at the target at extremely high speeds with pinpoint accuracy.

Crystal Style: Growing Crystal Thorns – Guren creates a growing thorn-like crystals that she can manipulate to grow towards her targets direction.

Crystal Style: Jade Crystal Blade – Guren creates a blade made of crystal on her arm. (Horse-Ox-Boar-Snake)

Crystal Style: Shuriken Wild Dance – Guren surrounds herself in crystal particles and condensing them into numerous shuriken that rain towards an opponent. (Ram)

Crystal Style: Crystal Imprisonment Wave – Encases a swarm of opponents in crystal in the air.

Crystal Style: Crimson Fruit – Creates a dome of crystal to surround a target. It is highly durable from both external and internal attacks.

Crystal Style: Jade Crystal Prison – Completely encases target in crystal. If crystal is shattered the victim is shattered as well unless body is surrounded by chakra.

Earth Style: Shadow Clone – Creates a shadow clone made of mud that can reform into its original shape and hold enemy in place.

Formation of Ten Thousand Snake – Countless snakes crawl out of Orochimaru's mouth and hunt down the enemy making defense and evasion meaningless since they can bite with poisoned fangs, extend Kusanagi-like blades from their mouth, and when they gather together they become a defensive wall.

Gathering of Snakes – If Orochimaru is somehow bisected by the opponent, snakes come from the halves and bring him back together.

Hiding in Water – The user blends with water to be undetected by the enemy. Even water as shallow as a puddle can be used.

Hiding with Camouflage – Allows user to control how light is reflected around their body with chakra inflections while erasing scent and shadow and usable on any terrain.

Lightning Style: Earth Flash – User creates a wave of electricity from their hands and the user can vary the power from a small shock to a stream of lightning that can rip through solid rock. (Boar-Ram-Snake-Horse-Dragon)

Mind Transfer Clone – The user transfers their consciousness into more than one target and takes control of the bodies for a short time but leaves the main body defenseless. It can travel in a curved line.

Sealed Bomb Square Release – An array of explosive tags is set up and will detonate if the opponent makes a move.

Shadow Sewing – Shadows materialize and bind opponents by making several sharp needle-like tendrils that can attack multiple enemies at once and take away their ability to move by sewing them with shadows, but since it is a physical attack, target will be hurt. (Rat-Bird)

Slithering Snake Mode – Orochimaru turns the lower half of his body into a snake's tail to move faster.

Sword of Kusanagi: Longsword of the Sky – Allows Orochimaru to levitate the Sword of Kusanagi and attack foes at mid-range while emitting a bright blue light and controlled by finger movements.