Decided to do a Halloween Fic. Happy Halloween! Even if it isn't Halloween yet. I was originally going to do futurama, but decided to do Beano.

Dennis and the Vampires!

31st October, Beanotown.

Dennis was going to his cousin Minnie's house to prepare for trick or treating in about an hour. it was dark out, and Jack O' Lanterns were everywhere.

"This is nice, innit Gnasher?" He smiled.

"Yes it is Dennis." Replied gnasher.

"I keep forgetting you can talk on Halloween."

"Me too."

Suddenly, Minnie came running up "Oi! Dennis!"

"Hey Minnie." He noticed the scar- (Oh. O-Okay, Minnie, i'll do anything, just don't hurt me!) Concerned look on Minnie's face.

"What is it? Zombies again?" asked Dennis.





"Yes, actually."

Suddenly, Bananaman landed next to them. Except his cape looked like Rotting Bananas, and the blue on his skin was now black, though most of it was covered by a black suit. Oh, and his skin was pale and his teeth pointy. Not to mention there was an odd green light in his eyes.

"Hey, Bananamman! The Minx says there are Vampires about. Mind helping us check it out?" Asked Dennis.

"You fools! I'M a Vampire!" Boomed Bananaman, baring his fangs.

"AAAARRRRRRGGH!" Screamed Dennis, Minnie, and Gnasher, running away. But Bananaman simply ran past them and blocked their escape "You fools! I'm as fast as twenty seagulls! You can't outrun me!"

"We're doomed!" Wailed Gnasher.

"Hang on, you can talk!?" Gasped Bananaman "AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGH!" He flew away as fast as he could.

"Wonderful." Grinned Gnasher "What now?"

"To the den!" Yelled Dennis, running as fast as he could to the woods, with Minnie and Gnasher in close Pursuit.


When they got there, Rubi and Danny from the Bash Street Kids were already there.

"They turned everyone in the gang except me and Smiffy into Vampires!" Explained Danny.

"Where's Smiffy?" Asked Gnasher.

"Wait, he can talk?" Asked Toots.

"Not the time." Everyone else said in unity.

"Okay, you know Smiffy always gets things wrong?" Asked Danny.

"Like that time a meteor turned us all into cat-people but Smiffy turned into a Pig-Person?" Asked Minnie.

"Yes. When Fatty Bit Him, he turned into a werewolf."

Smiffy ran up to them as if out of nowhere. He was indeed a werewolf, with brown fur and a wet nose. he was only recognisable because he hadn't grown much, so his school clothes were still intact.

"This is great! Werewolves are the natural enemy of Vampires!" Grinned Ruby.

"Hang on, why are we fighting them? Being a Vampire sounds well cool" Pointed out Dennis.

"We'll have to wear suits." Pointed out Rubi.

"Let's fight those Vampires!" Cried Dennis, grabbing his Catapult, as well as some stink bombs and water balloons. He hated Suits.


"So, what's the plan?" Asked Dennis.

"The only way to stop this is to defeat the head vampire." Explained Rubi.

"How much of the town is affected?" Asked Dennis.

"I can answer that." Dennis's gran stepped out of the shadows.

"Gran! How'd you end up not a Vampire?" Asked Dennis.

"I used to be a Vampire Hunter." She explained "Before I was an Explorer. Then a Dimension hopper. then-"

"We get the idea." interrupted Dennis "Do you know who the head Vampire is?"

"Yes. I do." Said Gran, looking awesome as she took out a sword.

"Can I have one?" Asked Dennis.

"I would lend you one, but I left the rest at home." Explained Gran.

"Aaawwww..." Moaned Dennis.


They walked up the long, long drive of Number 13.

"I forgot about this place. Haven't seen Boris and his folks in a while." Remarked Minnie.

"Here's something to know." Said Gran "When you turn into a Vampire, you pass out for an hour. So we can have a chance to tie anyone up if we have the chance or notice they're gone and just run away."

"That's a bit harsh." muttered Dennis.

They arrived at the door and knocked. Frankie answered it.

"Hello, Dennis. Hello, Dennis's friends. Are you here about the Vampire Outbreak?" He asked.

"Yes. We are." Replied Dennis.

"Right then. Right this way, please." Frankie began leading them down the hall.

"Y'know, I got a good feeling about this." Said Dennis.


Ten minutes later, they were all in cramped cages hung above the floor, while Boris's family stood by, a ghostly green light in their eyes. Smiffy was kept occupied with a rubber fish, which annoyed Danny.

"Hey, what's the deal, Monster dudes?" Demanded Dennis, annoyed.

An evil laugh was heard. None other than Walter and Wilbur stepped out of the shadows.

"HAHAHAHAHA! I bet you're surprised that we're using magic to enslave the minds of the No. 13 family and then spread a vampire outbreak, which we can use magic to control while they are passed out from the bite!" Gloated Walter.

"Actually, you're behind almost every evil plot in this town, and you just told us your plan." Replied Dennis, casually.

They both went red "Well, we'll turn you into Vampires and control you too!" Shouted Wilbur, angrily "I'll be Emperor of the world within days! So there!"

"Okay then, Wibbler!" Taunted Minnie.

"IT'S WILBUR!" yelled Wibbler, marching off, with Walter and the No. 13 family except for Boris's dad in close pursuit.

Boris's dad flew up and prepared to sink his teeth into Dennis's neck...

When suddenly, a flurry of Tomato's hit him, making him fall onto the floor, and knock himself out.

None other than Roger the Dodger came out of the shadows, carrying an enormous catapult.

"Roger! How did you end up not a Vampire?" Asked Dennis.

"I didn't." he replied.

He showed his neck, revealing a bite mark "They bit me, but I managed to bosh Plug with a bat hide myself before I passed out."

"I'm guessing he looks better." Remarked Danny, drily.

Roger flew up, broke open the bars, and carried them all down. Smiffy just went to sleep. they all decided to leave him there.

Suddenly, several figures transformed from bats into Vampires.

Everyone in the Menace Squad, all pale and wearing suits. with green glowing eyes and pointy, pointy teeth.

Plug strode forwards, looking angry "What did you say, Danny?"

Gran reached in her jacket pocket, and took out some Garlic. All the Vampires in the room, including Roger, winced.

"Get back!" She ordered. They all did so.

"Who's the head Vampire Again?" Asked Dennis.

"I am." Said Boris's dad.

"Gran began lobbing garlic at him. All the vampires except Roger turned into bats and flew away, so the Heroes and Anti-heroes all began running for the exit. They made it through the doorway, and slammed the door.

"Do you know what the best thing about being a Vampire is?" Asked Roger, as they ran through the corridor.

"What?" Asked Minnie.

"I don't have to go to school since I'll disintegrate in the sun! Plus, I won't be made to do as many chores!"

"What if she makes you do it at night?"

"I'll still need my sleep!"

"Good point."

"I'm gonna need some sleep after this." grumbled Gnasher


They ran through the streets of Beanotown, hoping to get away as fast as possible.

"I got a dodge!" Cried Roger "Quick! To the school!"

They all followed. after ten minutes of running, they arrived at Bash St School.

"Into the bus! Into the bus!" yelled Roger. They all scrambled in. The driver had left his keys in, as usual.

"Why didn't we get into a car?" yelled Dennis as they drove off.

"This is more crucial to my plan." Replied Roger "To the town hall!"

Roger leaned out of the door. it wasn't just the menace squad. Almost everyone in town were Vampires now. "Oh, Vampires, take us to your master!"

"WHAT!?" Everyone exclaimed

"He's a traitor!" Screamed Gnasher.

"Take us straight there! Express!"


Wilbur and Walter had arrived minutes before, and were looking out of the Window of Wilbur's office.

"Soon, son, the world will be mine." Smiled Wilbur, evilly.

"Ours." Corrected Walter.'


Suddenly, they saw a huge shape in the moonlight.

"What's that?" Asked Wilbur.

"It appears to be a school bus being carried by our vampires." replied Walter.



Suddenly, a school bus being carried by their vampires smashed through the enormous windows.

The vampires placed the bus on the office floor, and flew out.

"Thanks for taking us straight to Wilbur!" Roger called after them.

"You stupid kids!"

"Hey! I'm an old Lady, and don't you forget it!" Gran corrected him.

Minnie ran up to Wilbur "How do we stop the magic mind control?"

"I'm saying nothing!" replied Wilbur.

Roger and Gnasher bared their teeth.

"WAAAAH! SMASH THIS!" He passed a glowing green amulet to Danny, who grabbed it and threw it to the ground. It remained intact.

"Allow me." Smirked Minnie, taking out a comically large knobbly club and bringing it down onto the Amulet.


That did the trick all right.

All the controlled Vampires suddenly snapped out of their mind control, and looked around, confused.

"We beat the bad guys, and saved the world! Not to mention cured those Vampires!" Announced Dennis, triumphantly.

Toots and Sidney flew in "Actually, you didn't cure of of being Vampires. You just freed us from Mind control."

"Right! Boris's dad, get over here!" ordered Gran.

"But we Wanna stay as Vampires!" Protested Toots.

Dennis's dad flew down "I'm fitter than I've been in years!"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Don't you have to wear suits, though?" Asked Dennis.

"No, Wilbur and Walter just had us wear them." replied Bananaman, tearing off his suit to reveal the rest of his now black costume.

"BITE ME!" Yelled Dennis, and before anyone could stop him, Bananaman obliged.

Dennis then bit Gnasher.

"Ow!" he complained "A little warning next time!"

The pair then bit Rubi, Danny, and Gran.

Dennis transformed into a bat "Now, let's all go trick or treating!"

And they all flew off to other towns to trick-or-treat for the night, but some went just to trick...


Happy Halloween!

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