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There are no immediate plans to continue this but you never know...


"9-1-1, What's your emergency?"

"I think I'm being followed."

"How long has the car been following you?"

"For the last hour, I've made several different turns. I'm getting low on fuel now. I can't seem to find any gas stations around that are open."

I blinked rapidly, trying to hold back the tears threatening to escape. I should have listened to Charlie and not made this trip in the middle of the night, especially on Halloween.

"Okay. I'm running a trace on your cell phone number to see if I can triangulate your location. Do you know what town you're near or in? I can't seem to get a reading."

"I'm on the 101 driving back from Seattle heading to Forks."

"Can you give me a description of the car you're driving? We have State Troopers who monitor the area and I can have them look for you," the dispatcher reassured.

"Yes, please. I am just really nervous. I am driving a small white SUV. I just left a Halloween party in Seattle."

"What's your name, ma'am?" the dispatcher asked.

"Bella. Bella Swan. My dad, Charlie, is the police chief in Forks," I quickly answered, hoping that dropping the name of my police chief dad would somehow make them find me faster.

"My name is Alice. My brother, Edward, is one of the officers on duty tonight. I am going to send him your way."

"Can you stay on the phone with me? Until someone reaches me at least," I asked, wishing and hoping that Alice wouldn't hang up.

"I can, but I am going to place you on hold for a minute to call my brother. I want him to make sure he has a gas can just in case," Alice responded.

"Thank you."

After being put on hold, the seconds felt like minutes and the minutes felt like hours. I tried to be subtle in my movements, trying to get a better look at the car following me.

Glancing into the rear-view mirror, the car had not backed off at all and despite there being no traffic, they continued to ride my bumper. I couldn't make out the person's face, only that they appeared to be male and had blonde hair. Was this the guy from the party that tried to grab me? I should've stayed with Rose and called out of work tomorrow instead of driving back to Charlie's. Not to mention the fact that I forgot to get gas before leaving Seattle. I was batting a zero for good decisions tonight.

"Bella, are you still there?" Alice's voice rang out from the speakerphone.

"Yes, I'm here. My gas light has been on for a few miles. I am not sure how much longer until I run out. I'm probably 60 miles from Forks according to the mile markers."

Panic sat in as the car slowed to a stop signaling the car was now out of gas. The car following me sped past. Maybe I wasn't being followed after all.

"I'm officially out of gas," Bella sighed into the phone. Hearing no response, she began to panic. "Alice, are you still there?"

Checking the phone and seeing no signal bars. I wanted to throw it out the window but knew that wouldn't solve anything. Deciding it was safer to stay in the car, I switched on the flashers and hoped the state trooper Alice mentioned would show up soon. Glancing at the passenger seat, I decided to nibble at the candy I pilfered from the Halloween party.

Seeing headlights in front of me, I sat up straighter, squinting to see if it was a cop car. It wasn't. It was the same red car that had followed me from Seattle. Blowing out a breath, I reached into the center console and took hold of my pepper spray. Thank you Charlie.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the car passed going the opposite direction, but when it did a u-turn, I knew they were coming back.

The car came to a stop 20 feet from the rear of the car and turned off its lights. Glancing at the rear-view mirror, I couldn't see the person inside the car. Craning my neck to try and see better, I was focused behind me.

The sound of glass shattering around and the sudden pain of something hitting my arm knocked the wind out of me. With panic building, I blinked a couple of times and tried to catch my breath before looking over to the passenger side of the car, realizing someone had busted the window.

Weighing my options, I scrambled to open the driver's side door and fell into the road. I can't run in these shoes, and I can't stay here. My only option was to run; kicking off my shoes, I began to run as fast as I could.

Relief flooded my system when I noticed blue lights in the distance. Yes thank you, Alice. I began running faster while waving my arms wildly to get the officer's attention.

Just as I would have come into view of the cruiser; headlights appeared behind me. Shit.

I could hear the engine humming behind me, getting closer and closer.

With both cars coming toward me, my hope was the officer would make it to me first.

I didn't stop running when the engine humming behind me suddenly stopped. I glanced behind me while still propelling myself forward. They're giving up, I felt instant relief as the cruiser halted as well. I was going to make it to safety!

I crashed into the unsuspecting officer and wrapped my arms around him as tight as I could. He braced himself and opened his arms as he caught me.

"Thank you! That maniac was trying to run me down," I choked out while trying to catch my breath.

"You're safe now." The attractive officer smiled down at me.

I breathed in his scent deeply letting my frantic heartbeats calm down. Safe.