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Chapter 1

Today was a day just like any other, except for one little detail. It was Halloween. A holiday that was very much liked by a rambunctious guild by the name of FairyTail. At the guild you could hear the loud noise from a few feet away. That's where we find our favorite celestial mage. Lucy was walking towards the door of the guild when she heard the loud noise. She opens the door and sees a whole world of chaos. Members running around helping with decorations or moving around the furniture. In the middle you can see Erza giving out orders to everyone. Mira is by the bar also barking out orders while she fulfills every food or drink order she gets.

Lucy walks in, avoids the mass of members running around and heads to the bar. There she sits down and waits for Mira to get a free moment so she can order her usual, a strawberry smoothie.

"Hi Lucy, when did you get here?" asked Mira.

"Just now." replied Lucy.

"Well what can I get you?"

"Can I have a strawberry smoothie?"

"Sure! Coming right up!"

While Lucy waited for her smoothie she turned around in her chair to observe the guildhall more. Unbeknownst to her, in a dark corner was our favorite metal dragon slayer watching her.

"You know," said a small girl with blue hair, "you should really tell her how you feel. What she is to you."

"I don't know what your talking about shrimp."

"Gajeel," said the girl, "Lucy won't know she's your mate until you tell her or until mating season comes up when your mating compulsion happens."

"Levy," said Gajeel, "you do realize the guild expects you to be my mate. They'll be surprised it Bunny and probably mad too."

"Who cares. Mating can be explained later on to them. I mean they thought Natsu was going to be with Lucy until he and Lisanna came in one day with her sporting his mating mark. Sure they were surprised but they got over it after Natsu explained mates are predestined. Anyways, I'm thinking about telling them of my relationship with Jet. If they ask questions than I can easily explain that all we are is friends and that's all we'll ever be. I mean you claimed me as kin just like how all other dragon slayers claimed Lucy as kin."

Gajeel just remained silent while he continues to look at Lucy as she talks to Mira.

"Gajeel," Levy started, but was interrupted.

"Shrimp, even if I did tell her she can still reject me y'know. I mean after everything I did to her, why would she even look at me?"

With that Gajeel leaned further back in his chair to have the shadows cover him even more as he sulked on the inside while on the outside he looked pissed off.

Oh Gajeel, thought Levy, Lu-Chan likes you too. She forgave you before even I did. She feels a connection to you, but she's hurting because you won't tell her. You idiot!

Back at the bar Mira is talking with Lucy trying to figure out who she likes.

"So Lucy, if you never liked Natsu, even though now nothing can be done since mating is sacred, or Gray than who do you like?"

"Not telling Mira." Lucy said firmly.

"Why not? It's not like I'm going to tell." Mira whined.

"I don't need you trying to force us together. It's not like he notices me anyways. Especially since he seems really comfortable with someone else. He probably loves her anyways." Pouted Lucy. Her shoulders slumped and Mira looked at her sadly. Lucy took a deep breath and continued speaking. "Anyways, is there anything I can help you with?"

"At this moment, no. But when the Halloween party starts and the other guilds come, can you help Kinana, Lisanna and I man the bar. I have a feeling we're going to be swamped before they all get drunk and leave the bar alone." Chuckled Mira.

"Sure! I'll just have Virgo add a few finishing touches to my costume so it'll be ready. What time do you want me to come?"

"Can you come an hour before the party begins. That way we can set it all up so we all know where everything is at. Also, we will be having goody bags for the little kids that stop by since the first hour will be for the people of magnolia to visit and the parents to come here to trick or treat with their kids. After that hour is over than it will be the party."

"Alright." Said Lucy.

She finished her smoothie, placed the jewels on the counter and got up to head to the guild doors when she heard someone call out to her.


"Levy!" Shouted Lucy as both Levy and her hugged each other.

"Are you leaving already?" Levy pouted.

"Yeah. I need to go call Virgo and add the finishing touches to my costume."

"Oh, so…what are you going to be?" Asked Levy.

"Nice try," smiled Lucy, "but you'll find out when I come to the guild later. I'll be helping Mira, but all I will tell you is that it it'll surprise you and hopefully draw you know who's attention. If this doesn't work then I'm giving up. But I was wondering if you can help me with something."

"What is it?"

"I'll give you more details later, but I feel a pain in my chest whenever he's not around."

"Huh." Said Levy. Well I can tell you it's the mating bond, but because someone is being a metal head and distancing himself from you it's hurting you. Fucking Gajeel, you better get that iron rod out of your ass before you lose your mate and you both end up hurting more than you are now! "Sure! I'll see what I can find. Just let me know when."

"Thank you Levy-chan!" Exclaimed Lucy as she went to hug Levy again.

Both girls bid farewell and Lucy headed to her apartment. Once she reached the building and entered her apartment she called out Virgo.

"Punishment time princess?"

"No Virgo, do you think you can add some finishing touches to the costume? The party starts at seven for the trick or treating kids and then it the adult party starts at eight. Mira wants me there at six to help her out with sorting the food and drinks since I'll be lending a hand."

"Very well princess. I just need about an hour and I should have it done. You'll need Cancer for your hair and makeup."

"Right. Thanks for reminding me. Well it's three in the afternoon, I'll take a bath and then I'll prep myself for when the costume is done and then I'll call Cancer to finish it off."

"Very well princess, if that is all I'll be heading back to add those final touches and then come back to help you into the outfit."

"Thank you Virgo."

The sound of a doorbell was heard and Virgo disappeared in a flash of gold and pink and sparkles. Lucy went into her bedroom to get what she needs for a bath. Once in the bathroom she filled up her tub with hot water up to where she can handle the heat and added a bath bomb for bubbles while she stripped naked. A sigh of relief can be heard as she stepped into the tub. Her piece and quiet was interrupted when she heard a crash out of her bathroom.

"Natsu! If that's you, you better clean up that mess or I will Lucy kick you into next year that your future kids will feel it!" She growled out.

"Sorry Luce!" Shouted Natsu.

Well I better finish off my bath, which was short lived, before he chooses to barge in here. How Lisanna is dealing with him as a mate I don't know. I'd go crazy. I'm glad they found each other. Now if only I had that with him, but I doubt it. I mean even though Levy told me she's secretly seeing Jet and just sees Gajeel as a friend doesn't mean that he doesn't see her as more. As far as I know, since all dragon slayers have mates Levy could be his, but if that's true then she should feel a pull, but if she doesn't that means that someone else is his mate…

While Lucy's thoughts were going around and around in her head, outside the bathroom Natsu was waiting for her to come out but he caught scent of her sadness. Oh Luce, if only it wasn't a dragon law I would tell you your Gajeel's mate, but he has to tell you. Metal head better do it soon it I'll beat the crap out of him. I don't know why he's hesitating, but if I see you in any more pain I'll definitely step in.

His thoughts were caught off as he heard the door click open. He didn't turn around for fear of being Lucy kicked and of having Lucy tell Lisanna that he saw her in a towel. After being mated to Lisanna things changed. Lisanna wasn't as jealous of him hanging out with Lucy because he explained how mating and kinship works. That to him Lisanna will always be first, but if his kin is hurting he will be there for them too until whatever is hurting them is gone or in this case until Gajeel man's up to tell his best friend that she's his mate. Nastu heard the bedroom door shut.

"I'll be out in a bit Natsu."

"Sure thing Luce!" Natsu gave his signature smile even though she couldn't see him.

Once Lucy was done changing she came out and sat down next to Natsu on the couch. "So what's brings you here? Lisanna knows you came right?"

"Yes she does know Luce, but just because I'm mated doesn't mean out relationship will change. You're kin Lucy. That means your family. She knows the difference. She knows she'll always be first, but right now you need me too. Tell me what's wrong Luigi."

She growled at his nickname. "I don't know. I like Gajeel, you know that, but I know he's a dragon slayer. He has a mate. That could ne Levy, but if it's so than why doesn't she feel a pull—"

"Levy isn't his mate Luce." Interrupted Natsu.


"She's not his mate. If she was, like you said she'd feel a mating pull but she's not. She wouldn't even be able to date Jet— yes I know about that. All the dragon slayers do. We can smell them on each other. But anyways, she wouldn't be able to date because she wouldn't be interested in any other male other than him and it would physically hurt her. For an intended mate, until the bond is completed it would physically hurt them to be romantically involved with anyone else. Same thing for the dragon slayer. Which is why Gajeel hasn't gone out for a while now because he's recognized his mate. Why he hasn't claimed his mate yet I don't know."

Lucy's shoulder slumped as she heard Natsu talk about the mating bond. Her chest started hurting for some reason and her breath started coming out in pants.

"LUCE!" Natsu said as he saw the state she was in. Fuck! That's it metal head. I'm going to talk to you. The more you let time pass without you claiming Luce, the more pain she'll be in until she can't take it anymore! Her breathing started to return to normal as the pain started to subside. "Are you ok now Luce?"

"I'm fine."

"Alright, I have to head out before I go home and change and pick up Lisanna. She told me you'll be helping them out?"

"Yeah I am."

"Will you be fine?"

"I should be. Thanks for worrying."

"No prob Luigi." Natsu said, smiling widely. "I'll always be here. You're my sister, nakama."

Both bid each other farewell as Natsu jumped out the window. He looked up to the window one last time before heading off into the direction of Gajeel's house. Once he reached the fixed up, modernized cabin and pounded on the door. He heard a growl and the door was thrown open.

"What do you want flamebrain?"

"We need to talk." Natsu said seriously as he pushed past Gajeel and entered his home.

"Who the fuck said you can come in?" Growled Gajeel.

"Who cares. Listen, you need to tell Lucy she's your mate."


"Why the fuck not metal head!" Growled Natsu.

"While it's none of your fucking business, but she deserves better than me. Mate or not she shouldn't be tied down to someone who tortured her for the hell of it!"

"She forgave you for that you iron rod!" Shouted Natsu. "The more you delay telling her the worse she'll get. I don't know if you know this or not but she feels the mating pull. She's hurting and she doesn't know why. I just came from her house and I had to watch and she clutched at her chest and her breath come out in pants and see her almost collapse because you're abandoning her! SHE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW WHY SHE'S FEELING ALL OF THAT AND IT'S YOU'RE DAMN FAULT! Tell her before you lose her. You need her just as much as she needs you. She's good for you and all of us dragon slayers who have taken her in as kin agree that you're the one for her. You know we can't pick out mates. Your magic and dragon chose her because she's your match. Stop denying it and save both her and yourself from anymore pain."

"Wait what?" Gajeel said in disbelief. "She can feel the mating pull?"


"I didn't know. She never showed interest." Gajeel said. His eyes wide and unfocused. "If I would've known I would've done something sooner. Fuck!"

"Well it seems like she thinks that Levy is your mate since according to her a while back you two are so comfortable around each other that she says everyone is saying you belong with each other."

"What the hell!" He shouted. "Shrimp and I are nothing more than friends, kin!"

"We know that, but others who aren't dragon slayers don't. Lucy knows about kinship and mateship and all, but she doesn't know the signs. Which is why you have to fix this."

"Fuck!" Said Gajeel. "Whether I like it or not, and I will deny it should anyone ask, but I'm going to need your help. I have to fix this. I can handle the pain. If she didn't feel the pull I could've kept avoiding her, but if she's feeling the pull and hurting I can't keep doing this. I don't deserve her, I don't think I ever will but fuck. I need her."

"About time. Just get to the party on time and I will tell you when to go to her. I'm going to see if I can get Lisanna to get her into a storage room or something. Once I give you the go ahead, look for her and talk. Explain everything and then plead like your life depends on it because it probably will so she won't Lucy kick you for being a moron."


"Well, I'm heading out. I have to go to Lis. See ya!"

With that Natsu left Gajeel to his thoughts. Time past until Gajeel was able to move out of his stupor. He saw that he had an hour before he had to be at the guild for the trick or treating kids.

"Virgo! This is amazing! Thank you!" Squealed Lucy as she turned and turned and looked at herself in the mirror.

Her costume consisted of a form fitting black dress that reached a quarter way down her thigh. It was short, but not overly short. The dress hugged her well endowed chest and pushed them up to be a bit perkier. Silver intricate swirls were all around the dress that popped out. She had a tail attached to where her tail bone would be located and with the help of magic it moves around on its own. She had above the knee leather boots with heels high enough for her legs to look like they go on for miles, but are comfortable enough for her to be able to help Mira out no problem. She had on gloves that reached a quarter below her shoulders but wrapped around her middle finger on both hands, also the color black with silver swirls. She had silver wings that like her tails flapped with the help of magic. Off to the side on the bedside table were silver horns that would be going on her head.

"You're welcome princess." Bowed Virgo.

"Once again thank you Virgo. You may go back and relax. You're the best!" With that Virgo bowed and went back to the spirit world. Lucy called out Cancer.

"What can I help you with, Ebi?"

"Can you do my hair? I want curls with black and silver streaks all around. Also, make my hair length a little longer. One last thing, here are the horns Virgo says go with the costume."

"As you wish Ebi." Cancer said getting started. "You will be the most beautiful dragon anyone had ever seen, Ebi."

"Oh hush Cancer." Flushed Lucy. "If I manage to even get Gajeel's attention I would be grateful, but if not then there's nothing I can do. It just goes to show that I'm not attractive to him."

A bright light flashes and out stepped Loke. "Now princess, don't go saying that. If you would've placed your eyes on me I would never let you out of my sight."

"Oh hush you flirty lion" laughed Lucy.

"Lucy," said Loke seriously, "don't sell yourself short. If he doesn't notice it's his loss. Now hurry up and start heading out or you'll be late to help Mira."

"Shit! Thank you so much Cancer!" Said Lucy and she grabbed her keys and her whip and placed them on a hidden belt. Both objects would be hidden from view from the same magic that moves the tail and wings.

"You're welcome, Ebi." Said Cancer as he disappeared.

"Well Loke, either you can walk with me or head back and celebrate Halloween with the others. Your choice."

"I will walk you to the guild and then head back princess. I have a date scheduled with Aries."

"Well do enjoy." Said Lucy as they stepped out of the apartment and she locked up.

Both stepped out of the building and started walking the path towards the guildhall. Lucy forgoing on the canal ledge for fear of falling in and ruining her costume because of her heels.

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