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Chapter 2

Lucy and Loke reached the doors of the guildhall when Loke bid his farewell while Lucy opened the doors. As soon as she stepped in she saw all the decorations put up, spiders hanging, cobwebs everywhere, fake blood here and there, skeletons strategically placed. She looked towards the bar which had more cobwebs but also had two smoking cauldrons on both ends. She looked towards Mira and saw that she was dressed as a witch. Then she looked towards Kinana and Lisanna and saw that they were also dresses as witches.

"The Hocus Pocus witches." Mumbled Lucy. She walked up to the bar. "Hey Mira! What can I help with?"

"Lucy! You're right on time!" Smiled Mira. Once she fully looked at Mira she got a twinkle in her eye. "Well, we'll, well. Who are you supposed to be? A demon? The succubus?"

"Nope. You'll find out later." Giggled Lucy.

"Aww!" Pouted Mira. "Alright. Anyways, help Lisanna set up the buffet food in the kitchen. That will help us when people order food. Normally this style I would put it out, but to prevent lines and people fighting over food it'll be easier if we just have it in the back and serve it ourselves. Drinks will be done here. We're going to rotate, you will help Lisanna with the food in the back and I'll be with Kinana serving drinks. Then about two hours in we'll switch and you'll man the bar with Lis while Kinana and I do the food."

"Alright." Said Lucy.

With that both females set to get everything ready. Time went on and two hours passed. Now it was the time for the adult part of the party to start. Lucy called out to Lisanna saying she'll be back in a bit and headed out of the kitchen. She looked around and saw that Kinana and Mira were busy so she quickly headed to the bathroom. Once in, she called out Virgo to help her adjust her costume. Now instead of it being a dress, she unbottoned hidden buttons and brought the loose cloth to wrap around the sides of her bust, bringing them up a bit more, and to be tied on her neck. Virgo added a few black chains to hang around her hips.

"Thank you so much Virgo."

Virgo bowed and went back to the celestial world. Lucy stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror as best as she could. She adjust the new cloth a bit more, brought the top of her breast out a bit and fixed the skirt. Once she was happy with how she looked she walked out of the bathroom. As soon as she walked to the main part of the guild where everyone is partying she caught the eyes of Levy. She winked at Levy and went back to the kitchen motioning for her to follow. Once in the kitchen she waited for Levy to step in.

"Lu-chan!" Shouted Levy surprising Lisanna. "Sorry Lis. Your costume is amazing Lu-chan. What are you? A dragon?"


"Let me guess, you're representing him?"

"Yup." Lucy said popping the 'p'.

"Who are we talking about?" Asked Lisanna even though she knew who Natsu was talking about, but she wasn't going to tell Lucy that. She'd rather Lucy be comfortable telling her herself.

Levy and Lucy looked at each other. Lucy nodded her head and Levy spoke up. "Lucy here has a huge and I mean huge crush on Gajeel."

"But aren't you two together?"

"No. I wish people stopped saying that. I'm dating Jet. We're going to announce it soon, but yea. Anyways, people really need to stop because of that Lucy here won't tell Gajeel how she feels."

"Lucy, if they're not together then what's stopping you?"

"Just because they're not together doesn't mean that he doesn't have feelings for her. As far as I know you could be his mate or some other girl. If that's the case I should just get over him."

"Lu-chan," whispered Levy sadly, "if I would've known this I would've talked to you sooner. I'm not Gajeel's mate or I would've felt the pull of the mating bond. But I don't. I can explain a few things about the mating pull and what to look for."

"I don't know Levy. As far as I know, I'm probably not even his mate." Whispered Lucy. She felt a pain in her chest and her breathing starting coming out in quicker pants than what happened earlier before. Suddenly her vision started getting blurry and she quickly grabbed onto the closest thing being both girls arms.

"Lu-chan!" Shouted Levy. "How long has this been happening?"

"A…few…weeks now." Panted Lucy.

"I know what's going on but it's not job to explain." Explained levy as she helped Lucy straighten up. "You know what, you are going to out there and enjoy the party and I'll tell Mira I'm helping out instead."


"No buts." Said Lisanna sternly. "Go. Have fun and knock that pole out of Gajeel's ass and show him what he's missing out on."

With that small pep talk, Lucy nodded her head and walked out the kitchen. She ran into Mira and looked at her questioning Lu but before she could voice anything Lisanna called her into the kitchen. Lucy kept walking until she saw Kinana and asked her for a strawberry smoothie with an alcohol shot inside. While she waited for Kinana to fill in her order she looked around to see who was here. So far all members of Fairy Tail are drinking and partying and it seems like the majority of Sabertooth are in also. She kept looking around and saw that Cuatro Cerebus just arrived along with Blue Pegasus and Mermaid Heel and a few other smaller guild that she doesn't know the names of yet. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a clank of a glass meeting the counter top. She turned around and thanked Kinana for her smoothie. She grabbed her drink and went to the corner table we're normally Gajeel's sits.

Well, this isn't normally where I sit, but hey it'll give me a better view of the whole place to see when he comes in. As soon as he does I'm going to the dance floor and dance and see if I catch his attention. In the end, if this doesn't work then that's that. I'll give up. She felt a slight pang in her chest before it went away. Just what is it with this pull and then pain. It seems like Natsu and Levy know but both won't tell me. It's getting more worse as the days go by. I don't know if I can take this anymore…

Lucy's thoughts were interrupted by the guild doors slamming open. She looked up and saw the person plaguing her thoughts. Long black hair styled the same way as always. Since it's Halloween even he had to dress up. She saw he was wearing a gold Greek style skirt for men warriors. He had a gold chest plate that molded well to his upper body. A helmet with a weird hair looking thing on top and a red cape that reached an inch above the floor. He also has on sandals even though it is chilly outside.

"Fuck." Whispered Lucy. Ok he looked like a Greek god before, but now, shit. Well there goes my new panties.

Gajeel discretely sniffed the air and turned his head to look at the table where Lucy was at. Both their eyes met before Lucy looked away and got up. She saw that Cana was on the dance floor and walked her way. Hoping because of the music level, Gajeel wouldn't hear what she's saying.

"Hey," Lucy spoke softly into Cana's ear.

"Hey Lu, what's up?"

"Help me grab someone's attention."



Cana whistled and turned to face Lucy. Both started dancing now. "Trying to make him jealous or something?"

"More like trying to see if he's interested. I have liked him for so long, but I haven't seen anything on his end so if after this I still see nothing I'm giving up."

On the other side Gajeel is trying to listen in to what they're saying, but because of the noise level and then talking softly he couldn't make out what they're saying. He saw the way the males were ogling Lucy and he glared and growled. Anyone close to him slowly distanced themselves from him.

When an upbeat song came one Lucy and Cana started dancing. They were moving and grinding against each other. Before she knew it Lucy felt someone from behind. She quickly glanced to the back to see who it was, hoping it was Gajeel, but she was disappointed when she saw it was Hibiki. While she does think he's hot, in her eyes he has nothing on Gajeel. She shrugged her shoulders, thinking nothing of the fact that he was behind her, and kept dancing. She became slightly unnerved when she felt him press closer while everyone danced. She looked over at Gajeel discreetly and saw that he was glaring at someone. She followed his gaze and saw that it was Hibiki.

Why is he glaring at Hibiki? She thought. She shrugged her shoulders and kept dancing. She was quickly pulled back to attention when she felt someone start feeling her hips. Breathe Lucy. If this gets out of hand you can just Lucy kick him. If not scream and make a scene.

Before she knew it the hands that were touching her hips went to grab her waist and bring her close to Hibiki. She was about to do something when she felt someone grab her arm and pull her away from the man. She looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Gajeel and he was giving off a murderous aura.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" He growled lowly.

"Just dancing with dear Lucy here." Smirked Hibiki.

"Didn't look like dancing to me that way you were touching her and making her uncomfortable."

"Well why do you care? As far as anyone knows she's free to claim and I was making my move."

"We'll go make your move to someone else and not bunny girl."

With that Gajeel pulled Lucy away. She went with him willingly only with the fact that she was still shocked at his actions. When she snapped out of it a tick appeared on her forehead.

"And just who the hell said you can butt in metal head?" She glowered at him.

"No one, but you seemed uncomfortable so I stepped in." He kept pulling her down the hall where the infirmary was at.

"Just where do you think you're taking me? As far as I know you have no right to man handle me like this."

"I know." He growled upset. His dragon was slowly coming to the surface and if he doesn't calm himself he's going to try and mark her. While that thought is appealing, I'd rather it be consensual and while she's writhing under me. "You and I need to talk. There are a few things you need to know and I need to right a wrong because I was being a fool."

Whatever she was going to say got stuck in her throat by what Gajeel said. She nodded her head and just kept following him. Once they reached the infirmary doors, Gajeel opened them and led them inside. Once in he shut the doors and locked them. He didn't want any interruptions.


"Bunny, what do you know about dragon slayer matings?"

"Not much. There's not much that can be found. Levy and I only know what Natsu would tell us. He just said that every dragon slayer has a mate that is predestined for them. That both parties will feel a pull. Just that." She said. Then a lightbulb went off in her head. "Oh! And that the marking has to be done during intimacy." At that last bit she blushed.

"What he said is right, but there's more. If one or both parties start denying the pull or are distancing themselves away from their mates before the bond can be completed they feel pain. A dragon slayer can tell what it is and handle it, but their mates won't know why they feel pain all of a sudden. The longer the pull is left alone the worse the pain gets. Until one or both parties are in critical conditions."

She took a deep breath and prepared herself to ask the questions that will break her heart. "What does this have to do with me? Let me guess, you found your mate right? It's levy isn't it? Well, I can tell you she'll be ecstatic. You two will make such a good pair."

"Shrimp isn't my mate, bunny." He said softly. "There was never a pull between us aside from a kinship pull. My mate is you."

"Me?" She whispered. "But how can you be so sure?"

"Remember, you said it yourself. The pull. I felt it since the phantom lord incident. But after that I was distancing myself because I didn't feel worthy of you. I put you through hell, tried to break you, hurt your best friend and family. Although I know you forgave me, I still haven't forgiven myself. Because of that I was pulling away, but by doing that I was hurting you too."

"The pain in my chest?"

"Yes. You were feeling the pull, but I was pulling away so because of me you were in pain. I still don't think I'm worthy, but I can't deny it any longer. I want you." He said grabbing her waist and pulling her to him until they're flushed together that not even a piece of paper can fit between them. "I need you. I don't want anyone else to have you. If you'll have me I promise that I will try my best to make up for all of the pain I caused you."

Lucy lifted up her hand and cupped his cheek. "Gajeel, all I ever wanted was you. You don't have to make anything up to me because there's to make up for. I forgave you long ago just like I forgive you now. I love you and I will always love you. You soothe the pain and loneliness that I feel inside. All I ask is for you to allow me to be with you and love you."

"That is all I want bunny. I love you too and I want to be with you. There may be times when I'll get insufferable, but I know you'll be able to handle me. You're my light that helps guide me from my darkness. So I have to ask, will you allow me to call you mine? Will you, Lucy Heartfilia, Light if Fairy Fail, be my girlfriend?"

"Yes." She said softly as she giggled.

He gave her one of his true smiles and lifted up his right hand and cupped the back of her head, slanted her head upward and he bent down to kiss her. The kids started of slow and soon it became frantic as both of them released all of their pent up emotions. He pulled her to him even closer if that was possible and moved them until her back was to the wall. He cupped her ass and she jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist. They started grinding into each other and moaning until Gajeel pulled away.

"Now bunny, while I want to continue this, I think we should stop. If we don't I won't be able to stop myself from marking you and before that I was to shower you with everything I have and prove to you my worth."

"Gajeel you don't—"

"I know I don't, Lucy." She looked at him wide eyed when he said her name and not bunny or bunny girl. "I want to. I don't want anyone to have a bad thing to say even though in the end the choice will be yours if you'll let me. But like I said, first I want to shower you with affection and heal the pain I caused. Until then, our libidio will be on hold."

She giggled. "That's fine. Let's head back to the party. Hey some food and drinks and just hang out."

"Fine by me bunny girl."

She smiled at him and grabbed his hand as they walked back to the party. He let go quickly to interlace their fingers. She smiles brightly at him while he smirked. She felt the pain in her chest lighten considerably ever since they talked. As they were nearing the end of the hallway and would be entering the main area where the party is, Lucy stopped and looked at Gajeel. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"What's up bunny girl?"

"Do you want the guild, people, to know about us?" She asked, worrying her bottom lip. Her eyes were downcast until she felt Gajeel cup her right check and bring her head up.

"Bunny," he said softly, "I want nothing more than for everyone to know you're mine, but if this isn't what you want then we don't have to tell anyone."

"I want others to know too. Honestly, I don't think I'll be able to handle women throwing themselves at you. I mean, I don't have any experience like you or Laxus so I don't know how you'll feel when the time comes for that, but—"

"Bunny," Gajeel interrupted her. Pulling her bottom lip from being bit further and gave her a chaste kiss, "you don't have to worry about that. Virgin or not, I fell in love with you. For dragon slayers and their mates, any of that stuff doesn't matter, because there's a difference between shameless rutting during mating season because we don't have our mates yet and being intimate with our mates because the bond is being complete. It's different on a whole physical and emotional level. You have nothing to worry about."

She breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok. Then if you're really ok with people knowing." He said a brief 'I am.' "The let's go out there holding hands or however you want and get some food because I'm really hungry now after everything. It was starting to get hard to stomach anything because of the pain and the not knowing and all that."

"Let's go bunny girl. From now on, you'll always know how I feel. It'll take time to open up to some things, but I'll try. I won't promise it because you're like me. I'm really big on promises, and I'll explain why one day."

She nodded her head and Gajeel let go of her hand to wrap his arm around her waist. Both walked out back into the party. So far no one has taken notice until they all heard an ungodly high banshee scream. Both members turned around and saw that it was Mira who screamed. She had hearts in her eyes.

"Blonde hair, red eyed babies! Black hair, brown eyed babies! Blonde hair, brown eyed babies! Black hair, red eyed babies!" Mira said as a mantra.

Lucy flushed and Gajeel smirked at her.

"I wouldn't mind a mini you." He said airily to her ear.

She blushed further and shivered. "And I wouldn't mind having one that looked like you at all."

Gajeel blushed faintly and pulled her in closer. He gave her a kiss on her head. "Listen up! I'm only going to say this once! Bunny girl is mine. Anyone flirts with her and they're dead."

Lucy elbowed him. "Really." She rolled her eyes.

"Yes." He said smugly.

"Well it's about damn time metal head."

"Don't start with me flamebrain."

"Natsu." Growled Lucy. Gajeel shivered at her growl.

"What Luce. All I said is about time." He defended himself. "But on a more serious note, Gajeel hurt her and it won't be just Team Natsu you're going to have to worry about."

"It'll be the Thunder God tribe and me you'll have to worry about too." Said Laxus.

"And us dragon slayers." Said Wendy, Rogue, Sting and Cobra together.

"Guys." Said Lucy.

"Alright, I get it. Hurt her and I die. I'll let you guys do it anyway. I don't want to hurt bunny girl anymore." Gajeel said seriously.

"Well," said Master, "now that that's settled let's get back to partying. Except now instead of just a Halloween party, we're toasting to the new couple!"

Everyone cheered and went back to dancing, drinking and whatever they were doing before. Lucy and Gajeel looked at each other before both were being called over by Mira and Levy.

"You little sneak!" Said Lucy to Levy jokingly. "You knew I was his mate and wouldn't tell me even though you saw me going through pain."

"I'm sorry Lu-chan, but he had to tell you. Just let me tell you, and Lily can verify how much I tried to convince him to tell you but the fool is just so stubborn he wouldn't listen to me."

"She's right." Said Lily.

Lucy rolled her eyes at Gajeel's attitude. "Anyways, I'm glad he did tell me. I'm feeling much better."

"I'm sorry bunny." Levy and Mira eyebrows rose at his statement.

Well I'll be damned. Thought Levy. He's changing. He'll still be him, but he'll be softer around Lucy. Good for you both.

Aww. They're so adorable. How did I not see this sooner. Thought Mira.

"If it wasn't for Natsu shouting at me and then telling me you were feeling the pull and then the pain, I probably would've taken longer to tell you."

"Well you're forgiven. That's in the past now. Now we're together and I'd rather keep it that way." She said.

"I do too."

Once again, Gajeel gave her a kiss on the head and sat down on the stool to her right while Levy was on her left and Mira was behind the bar. Both of them ordered food and drinks. They continued talking with Levy until Mira came with their food and beverages. They ate, drank and chose to go dance. Time wore on and before everyone knew it, it was growing late. Slowly, everyone started heading out and heading home. The visiting guilds went to the inns they were renting rooms at while the members went home. With the last few stragglers leaving Mira, with the help of Lisanna, Natsu and Kinana, started closing up. Once the doors were locked they turned around and saw one special couple walking together.

"I'm glad they're finally together." Said Natsu. "Mates can't be denied or there's serious pain."

"We're glad he finally said something." Said Kianana.

"They're so cute!" Squealed Mira and Lisanna.

From where they were standing they could see Lucy being wrapped in Gajeel's arms as he was walking her home. Both talking softly and once in a while, Gajeel placing kisses on her head.

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