Ben Tennyson, the slimy, creepy, fast and strong boy/kid that we like looks for his Wildmutt.

Ben Tennyson: Come here Wildmutt. I love alive Wildmutt.

Ben sees big squid-man punch his mutt into afterlife.

Ben Tennyson: No! That Wildmutt was like my dead Feedback. Now it is dead like my dead Feedback!

Big Squid-Man: I care not. My father is Vilgaxia.

Ben Tennyson: I am retiring from being human.

Ben reaches into his watch and pulls out a Diamondhead. 59,000 murder drones get out of a cool spaceship and throw lasers at Ben. Diamondhead shoots 17,000 of them in their motherboards. They hate that.

Diamondhead: Foolish. You should not have brought motherboards. Foolish.

Kevin's car drives by. Ben grabs it and fires it like a gun.

Big Squid-Man: Oh bad. He knows about cars.

Ben tries to reload the car but is hit by several bounty hunters. The bounty hunters die. Ben lives more. He rolls near Big Squid-Man.

Big Squid-Man: You are out of car Mr. Mutt!

Ben throws Kevin's car and it explodes killing 21,000 murder drones. Kevin's car lives and goes back to it's job as Kevin's car. Big Squid-Man and Ben punch & kick until their blood that can't be shown since this is a children's show is tired.

Big Squid-Man: Let's build a truce. Take present.

Big Squid-Man grabs a Vulpimancer from the Vulpimancer store and gives it to Ben.

Ben Tennyson: Okay. I love alive Wildmutt. BYE.

Ben holds Vulpimancer and walks home. Big Squid-Man pulls Ascalon out of his beard and points at Ben's back. But Ben knows all beard tricks. Ben turns, aims Vulpimancer at Big Squid-Man and fires.