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Entry for Twilight: Tricks and Treats Contest

Will an escape room make a memorable Halloween night, or will this be the biggest mistake of their lives? What happens when time is up?

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Dark Escape

"You seriously have to sign a waiver to even go in?" Alice asked, chewing on her bottom lip.

"Yeah, apparently it's a thing now," Bella answered, studying the flyer more carefully.

"I'm not sure I want to do this you guys," Rose chimed in, shaking her head. "I mean, this seems suspicious."

"Why not, what's the harm? Normal haunted houses are so last year." Bella laughed, handing the flyer to Rose.

Come one, Come all the to the new

Interactive attraction, Dark Escape!

Something new around every corner.

You won't believe your eyes!

Can you escape before the timer runs out?

Must be 18 to enter and sign a waiver.

Warning, the actors will touch you!

Not for the faint of heart.

"I don't know. This screams regret, Bella." Alice sighed.

"Come on, don't be a pair of pussies. What's the worst that can happen?" Bella argued.

"Fine, but if I die, I'm coming back from the grave to haunt you!" Rose exclaimed.

"Such a drama queen," Bella shot back at Rose. "Ali, you're coming too. I'm not dealing with Rose alone."


Dressed in their sexy costumes, the girls decided Halloween was the perfect night to visit Dark Escape. Alice had channeled her career choice as a beautician with her sexy Edward Scissor-hands costume. The short black tulle skirt was barely decent, scissors for hands made doing anything difficult, but it was a cool costume. Rose embraced the crazy, becoming a leather-clad Harley Quinn. The pigtails did nothing to make the outfit innocent. Rose was definitely going to turn heads tonight. Bella decided to go with a Punisher costume, complete with knee-high white go-go boots, a black bodysuit with the Punisher skull, and white fishnets.

"I hope there is indoor waiting because we are going to freeze out there." Alice gestured at her phone, displaying the temperature with a forecast low of 40 degrees.

"Maybe there will be some hot guys there to keep us warm." Rose smiled.

"Whore, is dick all you think about?" Bella shook her head.

"Good dick, definitely. Bad dick, no." Rose shrugged.

"We need to leave now. I signed up online for 10pm, it's already 8:30, and we will have to sign the waiver on-site," Bella explained as she grabbed her purse.

"Let's get this over with," Alice huffed.

The drive to Port Angeles was filled with loud music, terrible singing, and a lot of chatter about what they were going to be walking into.

"Do you actually know anyone who has been through this," Rose asked as they pulled up to the warehouse location.

"No, but it's new," Bella answered. "Plus, it's by appointment. With it being an escape room, I'm sure they spread the groups out."

"How much did you pay for this?" Alice asked.

"The guy that gave me the flyer also gave me a coupon code for a free visit," Bella admitted reluctantly.

"You made us go to a place in the middle of nowhere to an escape room after some random guy gave you a flyer and a coupon? Plus, you don't know anyone who has been through this. Are you high?" Rose screeched.

"Come on Rose, live a little," Bella argued. "Plus, the guy was super-hot."

"Do you not see that this has 'bad idea' written all over it?" Rose sighed.

Rolling her eyes, Bella chose not to respond.

"There are only four other cars in the parking lot. Are you sure we are at the right place?" Alice asked.

"The email confirmation said to look for the jack-o-lantern lit pathway," Bella said as she looked around from the front seat of the car. "Look over there. I see the path."

The girls got out of the car and checked each other over, making sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions.

While walking up the path of carved pumpkins, they all looked pretty standard, but as they got closer to the entrance, the designs started morphing into something different. The faces became distorted, showing pain or torment.

When the door swung open to reveal a tall, slender man wearing a suit with slicked-back blonde hair, it took all the girls by surprise. The man's face was painted to look like a skeleton with blacked out eyes. His piercing blue eyes were the first thing Bella recognized as they approached the building where the stranger was waiting.

"Hey, that's the guy who gave me the flyer and the coupon," Bella whispered to Alice and Rose as they seemingly checked the man out more closely.

Looking up, the man smiled. Surely, he hadn't heard Bella whisper to her friends.

"Ladies, welcome. I hoped you would join us this evening. I'm Jasper, and I will be getting you three settled in, to begin the game."

"I'm Bella, these are my friends Rose and Alice." Bella gestured between the three of them. Upon closer inspection she noticed the suit Jasper was wearing was a priest costume. The added makeup made the costume even more shocking.

"Just the three of you then?" Jasper asked, looking behind them.

"Yeah, just us," Alice crooned as she stared intently at Jasper.

"Follow me inside, and we will get the paperwork out of the way." Stepping to the side, Jasper gestured for the girls to enter the building in front of him.

Stepping inside, the sudden chill of the room caused all three of them to shudder. It was cool outside for an October in Washington, but this room was way colder than it was outside. Suddenly they were regretting their choices of sexy costumes for the night.

Jasper moved to the desk and pulled a folder from the drawer before turning to face the girls. "I take it that you understand what this is?"

The girls nodded but stayed silent as a door opened next to them. Rose gasped audibly when she saw the large man with clown face paint enter the room. They could now hear music being played in another part of the warehouse where the new man had come from.

"Is that Richard Ramirez by SKYND?" Alice asked with wide-eyed fascination from the proximity to the two men standing in front of them.

"You know your music, darlin'." Jasper smiled. "This is Emmett. He will be waiting for you after you make it through the first door."

"How many rooms do we have to escape?" Rose asked, smiling at Emmett.

"Well, Harley my dear, there are 4 rooms to get through before you make it to the end. Jasper will explain the rules, and you will have clues in each room to help."

"It's Rose actually, and I look forward to getting through the first room even more now," Rose flirted.

Bella rolled her eyes and threw her head back with an exaggerated groan. "I swear Rose, can you try not to hump every guy you meet."

"Hmm, interesting." Emmett smiled. "I look forward to you making it to my room, as well."

"Alright Emmett, I need to go over the rules and get the papers signed if you'll excuse us," Jasper chuckled.

Alice and Rose giggled as Emmett blew them a kiss leaving the room. Bella sighed and shook her head at her friends' behavior. It was like they were being influenced to be submissive kittens. Rose always made jokes, but she normally was more subtle, and Alice was never one to bring any attention to herself, especially around guys.

Clearing his throat, Jasper began. "You will have 30 minutes to escape the first room and for each one thereafter. In between each room after the first, you will move through a hallway to reach the next room. If you fail to unlock the doors in each room, a buzzer will sound."

"What happens after that? You come in and let us out?" Bella asked.

"How about we don't find out what happens and just know that we are going to win this," Alice chimed in.

"Once you make it to the final room, you can collect the reward. Trust me, you're going to want this reward," Jasper continued. "Beware that not everything is as it seems. This is a haunted attraction as well, so make sure you pay attention to everything that you see and hear."

"Now for the rules: No photography or videos. No cellphones. You will leave your phones in this lock box and get them back at the end. I want you to look over these waivers, and if you agree, then please print and sign at the bottom."

The girls were handed a waiver each and began looking it over. Mostly standard stuff about Dark Escape not being responsible for any lost items, injuries, or accidents. What they didn't expect was the line stating that death or serious injury could occur if all instructions were not followed with each task. Surely, that was a scare tactic, and they wouldn't actually be in any real danger. A place for listing an emergency contact was provided as well.

After reading through the risks, the end of the waiver made Bella's stomach flip. The small section labeled About Me contained some intrusive questions normally you wouldn't divulge to a stranger. What are you afraid of most? Any secret fetishes you wish to share?

Bella looked over at Rose and Alice to see if she could gauge their reactions to the questionnaire. What she saw was them happily writing down their fears and secret kinks. What the hell was going on, she thought to herself.

Bella reluctantly wrote down her fear of spiders even though she knew she really wasn't afraid of them—she didn't want to come face to face with her real fears. She purposely skipped the fetish question. There was no way in hell she was telling a stranger that.


Once they finished the waiver and questionnaire, Jasper took their papers, and with a wink, he led them to a door. "Once you enter this door, you will have 30 minutes to escape into the next room where Emmett will be waiting for you. I will be in the 3rd room, and Edward will be in the 4th.

"Who's Edward?" Bella questioned.

"You'll find out if you make it that far." Jasper smirked.

"So, you're going to be waiting for us in the 3rd room?" Alice flirted.

"Indeed, I will. Don't keep me waiting too long, darlin'," Jasper crooned.

Bella rolled her eyes as Alice giggled.

Stepping into the first room, it looked like a library with shelves lining the walls filled with books. More of the distorted Jack-o-lantern faces lined the walls, strategically placed on the shelves just out of reach.

The door slammed shut behind them before they could utter any more questions. A song began to play overhead. Mind Games by Sickick, kind of catchy but also a little creepy.

Looking around the room for any clues or instructions, Bella was drawn to the table in the middle of the room. The table was long and stained a dark color which appeared almost black; on the table sat a timer, three keys, and a note.

What has a base but no room, a key but no lock,

you can enter but you can't get into it?

What is it?

The girls all looked to one another for the answer. When no one spoke up, they began searching the room for any clues.

"A fucking riddle! This is going to be so hard." Rose sighed.

"Let's think this through. What in this room stands out?" Bella said as she moved around, inspecting the random items scattered throughout the room.

"A computer keyboard! It has to be that!" Alice exclaimed excitedly.

Agreeing with nods, the girls moved to the computer in the corner and pressed enter. The screen immediately came to life with a new message.

Congratulations! You passed the first test.

Now using the three keys you must find

the correct order in which they unlock the three

locks on the door to your left.

Room two awaits you if you succeed.

Bella quickly ran back to the table to retrieve the keys. Each girl took a key and inserted one into each of the three deadbolt locks. When the first attempt didn't work, they rotated the keys to different locks until one finally clicked open. Using the final two keys they determined which key unlocked the second and the third locks.

"Ten minutes, Bella!" Rose gestured to the timer.

After what seemed like an eternity and with all the determination she could muster, Bella finished unlocking the door. The third lock seemed to want to stick so it took a little extra effort on Bella's part. They all cheered loudly, but those cheers died when they saw a menacing figure wearing a hood standing through the opening in the door in the hallway.

"Emmett?" Rose asked.

Just as quickly as the figure appeared, they disappeared, leaving Rose stunned. "I guess it wasn't him."

The opened door led to the darkened hallway, the walls painted a deep red, the old wallpaper nearly peeling off the wall in places.

All three girls nearly jumped out of their skin when I Can't Decide by Scissor Sisters began blasting through the speakers. The sounds of the eerie song but not nearly loud enough to drown out the screams and pounding on the walls to their sides. Moving cautiously, they reached a door at the end of the hallway with a bright red Enter Me sign; they were reluctant. Alice grabbed the knob and turned it.

The girls entered the room slowly, checking every corner for any signs of Emmett or the hooded figure. Seeing the room was empty, they stepped inside.

This room was also painted a deep red but had one gray stone wall. Scattered around the room were items you would see in a BDSM dungeon. Whips, chains, a leather bondage horse, stocks and even a bondage chair.

"This is an interesting room," Rose said, looking around.

"Yeah, this shit is getting weird," Bella added.

"But you know it's kind of cool too," Alice argued.

Bella looked at Alice like she had grown a second head. This place was doing weird things to her friends.

While searching the room for any clues on how to escape, Bella decided to bring up the waiver and questions. Turning to her friends, Bella asked, "how did you guys answer the questions at the end?"

"I wrote about my fear of having my head covered up and that I find clowns hot," Rose admitted.

"So, you wrote down half the truth?" Bella asked with widened eyes.

"Of course, why not?" Alice added. "I wrote about my fear of snakes and that I have a thing for cowboys."

"Okay, so you both half lied. When did this thing for cowboys and clowns happen?" Bella scrunched her nose.

"When that hot guy called me darlin' in his southern twang." Alice giggled.

Rose shook her head and laughed. "When hot as fuck pennywise walked in, all bets were off."

"You two are sick! Now let's find the next clue and get the fuck out here. Something doesn't feel right." Bella sighed as she continued her search.

"Hey, over here I found a note," Rose gasped, picking up the paper to get a better look.

What asks no questions

but gets lots of answers?

What is it?

You will find one of these near the exit.

Better answer quickly.

After reading the letter, new music began playing through the speakers, Villain by Wild Fire began thumping. How ironic, Bella thought as she studied the exit door.

"A doorbell! Look there's one right here!" Rose shouted as she pressed the button.

They took a step back as the door opened to yet another hallway with the same song as before playing loudly. Bella stepped out looking both ways, followed by Alice.

Once in the hallway, Bella turned back to her friends just as the door they exited slammed shut. The screams that followed made her skin prickle.

"Alice, where's Rose?" Bella asked in a panic and moved back to the door to try and open it. There was no knob on the outside.

"She was right behind me! Oh my god that wasn't her screaming, was it? Did we leave her there?" Alice's eyes widened and tears threatened to fall.

"Rose! Rose! Press the doorbell button again!" Bella screamed through the door.

Suddenly the music stopped, and a low gravelly voice came over the sound system. "Better move along girls, wouldn't want to stay in the hallway for too long."

Scared shitless and panicking, Bella and Alice ran down the hall until they reached another door. Bella quickly turned the knob and grabbed Alice's hand as she pushed inside.

The room was slightly different than the last but still had the same bondage theme.

"What the actual fuck is all this?" Bella gestured around with her hand.

"It's like torture stuff, I guess. Makes it scarier, maybe," Alice answered. "We didn't see Emmett in the last room, and I don't see Jasper in here. Maybe that was a trick too." She pouted.

"All I want to see is the exit. Come on, let's find our next task," Bella stated firmly, grasping Alice's hand, and pulling her to the middle of the room.

Searching around Bella noticed a box in the corner with a note attached with open me written in fancy script. Cautiously she lifted the lid and found a blind fold and a note.

It can't be seen, can't be felt,

can't be heard and can't be smelt.

It lies behind stars and under hills,

and empty holes it fills.

It comes first and follows after,

ends life and kills laughter. What is it?

"Bella, the blindfold has to be a clue," Alice whispered.

"If we put the blindfold on then we won't see any clues, it will be dark. How's that going to help us?" Bella asked. "Wait, that's it! The dark! That's the answer!"

The song Bad Things by Jace Everett started playing as soon as the words left Bella's mouth. The girls both looked at each other with widened eyes. When a door across the room slowly opened, Bella grabbed Alice's hand, and moved toward the door. When they reached the door, and stepped into the hall, all the lights went out. Bella gripped Alice's hand tighter and ran into the hallway. Scrambling to move as fast as possible, Bella could see a faint red light at the end of the hall and began making her way toward it. Realizing it was another door, Bella turned the knob with her free hand and rushed inside.

The lights suddenly came back on. Bella looked back to make sure that Alice was okay, even though she held onto her the whole time. What she saw knocked the wind out of her.

Alice was no longer holding her hand, instead it was a tall man wearing a gray hood with his face painted like a skeleton with hollow eyes. Bella quickly dropped the hand in shock and backed away.

"What's wrong, love? You look like you've seen a ghost," the man spoke with a deep chuckle. "It seems despite trying to cover your fears from us, I have discovered it. Being alone, my dear Bella?"

Bella couldn't speak for the huge lump now forming in her throat. She was frozen in place and suddenly felt light as a feather, as if she was floating. Staring intently into the deep green eyes in front of her.

"Now, I say we fulfill that little fantasy you've had rolling around in your head. I can see what's going in those pretty eyes of yours, and I can smell your sweet pussy from here," the man continued.

Bella gasped audibly and tried to calm herself. She was indeed becoming very turned on with the man's words and his proximity to her.

"Who are you? Where are my friends?" Bella stammered out while trying to remain calm.

"I'm Edward, and I'm here to make all your fantasies come true," he replied with a smirk. "My brothers are taking care of your friends as we speak."

"Are they okay? I need to see them. What makes you think I have a fantasy? I didn't answer that question," Bella whispered.

"You'll see them when I'm done with you. I know what your dirty secret is. The one where someone you don't know ties you up and has their way with you," Edward replied, moving in closer.

"Who says that's what I want?" Bella asked, trying to hide the fact that her entire body was on fire with his words. How did this sexy mystery man know what her biggest kink was?

"The dilation in your pupils, the wetness filling your panties, and the blush in your cheeks tell me all I need to know, Bella. You can deny all you want but we both know that's what you want."

"Now be a good little whore and don't fight this. I don't want to have to get rough with you," Edward sneered.

Bella could hardly register what was happening when two strong arms enveloped her waist, pulling her into a hard chest.

"Do you have any idea how good you smell to me? Do you realize how much I've wanted to taste you since you walked through those doors earlier?" Edward claimed while pressing his proof into her soft belly for emphasis.

"What do you intend to do to me?" Bella began melting into his embrace.

As if on cue, Hate F—k by The Bravery began playing overhead, and Edward loosened his grip enough to put his hands on her ass as he lifted her up, and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his hard body.

"Very bad, bad things," he purred.

Carrying her over to the huge wooden X-cross, Edward patted her bottom for her to put her legs down to stand. One arm at a time, he lifted her arms and placed her wrists into the soft cuffs.

He stared directly into her eyes which were now black. Had they not been green a few moments ago? Deciding to ignore the questions swirling in her brain, she focused on Edward's movements as he reached to unsnap her costume at her crotch, the cold air hitting her pussy

"Easy access. It's like you were hoping this would happen tonight," he whispered in her ear while skimming his nose down the side of her cheek.

"This won't be gentle, but we have all night. I'll make sure you feel me for days," Edward declared as he lifted her hips, allowing her legs to wrap around his waist.

Before Bella could open her mouth with a response, she felt him push inside her soaking wet core, invading her. How had she not noticed when he undid his own pants? Bella could no longer form any coherent thoughts. Being filled to the brim with probably the largest cock she had ever taken, her body gave in to the pleasure that was consuming her. He didn't give her time to adjust, his hips jerked and pounded as his cock throbbed inside of her, sparing her no mercy. The sounds coming from her were loud and animalistic.

"Do you have any idea how incredible you feel around my cock or how sweet you smell?" Edward uttered, still thrusting into her as she writhed in pleasure. His cock hit in places she had never felt before, filling her to the brim.

Feeling the tingling build up, curling inside her, Bella panted out, "I'm going to come. Oh my god, don't stop."

"That's it. Come, come on my cock. I don't think I can get enough of this tight pussy. It's a shame though, considering what I have planned for you," he grunted, chasing her orgasm out of her.

Bella could swear she saw stars and heard angels singing when her orgasm hit her. White light filled her vision, and the sounds of his growling and skin slapping slowed as she was placed back on her feet. When her wrists were released from the X-cross, she would have fallen flat on her face if Edward's body hadn't been in the way.

The next thing Bella knew, she was on her back on the cold leather bench, and she was naked, her legs spread wide open. Did I blackout? She thought to herself. Looking up to find a menacing looking Edward staring down at her, shook her back to consciousness. She could hear a new song playing overhead, one that she recognized instantly, and her eyes grew wide. Bloodbath & Beyond by Ice Nine Kills, that's an interesting choice.

In an instant, Edward had settled his face between her legs, trailing kisses and dragging his tongue along her thighs. Once his mouth reached her pussy, he dragged his tongue up her slit, growling at her taste. "Your pussy is fucking drenched for me." He slid down to her entrance, thrusting his tongue inside of her, fucking her with it. Bella wriggled and writhed from the pleasure, right before she felt a slight pinch.

Edward lifted his face to meet hers, and with blood on his lips, he smiled deviously. "Mmmm, tastes better than I imagined," he spoke softly before lowering his mouth onto her again. This time, he started flicking her clit with an incredible speed, it practically felt like a vibrator, bringing her closer to her climax. Moments later, she felt a harder pinch that blended her pain with pleasure, and that's when she began to unravel.

Bella could not open her mouth to speak. She was entranced by his beauty and his touch, and the intensity she had never felt before, so instead of screaming out, she let her head fall back and let herself get lost in the lyrics—before everything went dark.

-So, won't you come with me? And taste immortality. You're dripping from the ecstasy of one last crimson kiss. When your blood pours out like rain. Take pleasure in the pain. You're not the only girl to scream my name. But the first I can't resist. So, here's one last crimson kiss. In my hungrier years I would prey on their fears. Devoid of all reason or rhyme. I've made every girl melt for the notch on my belt. But I swear that it's different this time. Don't think of this as damnation. 'Cause we don't need their salvation. And I'm slipping through the cracks again. They'll never take me alive because I'm already dead. And forever in your head. So won't you come with me. And taste Immortality? -Ice Nine Kills