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A/N 1: This one-shot came to life after a comment that asked for a One Punch Man/The Boys Crossover fic and was also inspired by Aragorn II Elessar's special one-shot fic Emperor Of The Universe, which I highly recommend for reading, so a shout out to my good buddy. The events of this story takes place near the end of One Punch Man Season 2, Episode 12 and during The Boys Season 2 Episode 1 prior to Stormfront joining The Seven. If this isn't your cup of tea, you know where the back button is. With that said, have fun. ;) ^_^

*Normal speech*

*Telepathic speech*

*Higher Being speaking*

*Higher Being telepathically speaking*

One Punch Man Universe

Saitama just killed Elder Centipede with a Serious Punch when suddenly, his setting changes to an unidentified, unknown place where the concept of space and time is non-existent, and comes face to face with an entity that looks like a physical manifestation of a Kaleidoscopic Universe with Stars adorning its celestial body. Before he could process what the heck is going on, the entity speaks, "Apologies for the unexpected circumstances, Saitama-san. But I have need of your assistance with a situation in another Reality."

Saitama is obviously confused, but doesn't show it on his deadpan expression as he urges the entity now known as OOO to continue. "There are a group of individuals that pose as Superheroes, but are actually villains who are as depraved and evil as far as Human beings go, which is made worse when you realize they have superpowers through a chemical compound known as Compound V, so do not be fooled by their non-monstrous appearances. They can be very dec-"Saitama abruptly cuts him off before OOO can go on, "Blah-blah-blah. Make your speech with 20 words or less. No more."

OOO is undeterred, expecting this interruption based on what he knows of the charac- *internal cough* he meant to say what he knows of the man he kidna- *internal cough* he borrowed from the One Punch Verse. That was twice the entity slipped up there. "Very well. In short: Kill a bunch of supervillains posing as superheroes who have gone unpunished." OOO informs the hero.

Saitama replies, "I have never killed a human being before. I make it a thing to avoid that scenario. I only kill monsters." OOO responds with, "Do not be deceived by their human appearance. They are monsters by definition." Saitama feels the urge to Punch the mysterious being, but holds himself back, not knowing what the repercussions of such an action can lead to in this unknown dimension, and the fact that this entity is something more than meets the eye. Instead, Saitama replies with, "Do I have a choice in this matter?"

OOO responds, "No. But I am more than willing to compromise with you, since you won't budge on your stance of not killing humans regardless of their ill intent. So instead, you get to cripple them. PERMANENTLY! Do this one easy task for me, and by my honor as the Omni Creator (you read that right), I will return you to the last place you were back to your Reality."

Saitama ponders for a moment, and then asks the following questions, "How long will I be gone for? And how bad is the situation you want me to resolve?" OOO reassures Saitama with this response, "No time will pass in your Universe. Time will be at a standstill until you complete your task and return." OOO then answers the second question, "In simple terms, superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good."

Saitama is annoyed that the being ignored his earlier warning not to exceed the 20 word limit, but lets it slide for now, and is somewhat horrified at OOO's description of superheroes to the Reality he's about to visit, and then he finally asks, "Will I meet strong opponents who can test my power?" "NO!" OOO answers resolutely and says, "I did mention that this task is easy, which is why I specifically chose you for your Absolute, Incalculable power." OOO reaffirms.

Saitama replies in dismay, "So all it takes is one punch? DAMN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!". OOO quickly says, "No need for that. You're not killing anybody, just cause severe bodily harm, so make sure to control your strength and how much you believe is sufficient enough to cause extreme damage. As compensation, I will provide you with an event where you will be able to get a bargain sale for meat from the store you normally frequent to at a 75 percent discount rate upon your return."

Saitama quickly responds with, "DEAL!". OOO says, "Excellent. And one more thing: keep collateral damage to a minimum or if possible, to nothing. With your power, however, collateral damage is inevitable." Saitama, with his trademark deadpan expression, simply says, "Okay!" OOO looks at Saitama with slight doubt, but quickly erases the notion.

"Another thing, though it's silly to say this, killing innocents is not allowed.", OOO states with finality.

Saitama looks at the being as if it's dumb and says, "Um, you do know that I am a hero that protects the innocent from Monsters, right?" OOO replies with, "Obviously enough, I'm aware, but point taken. Now off you go, Caped Baldy."

"HEY! Don't make fun of my bald head." Saitama shouts in protest, as it's always been a sore spot and trigger point for him. OOO corrects himself with, "Sorry about that. My mistake. How about One Punch Man? Do you have any objections to that name?". Saitama thinks for a few moments and then replies with, "Huh? Sure, whatever. Better than Caped Baldy at least." OOO then finishes the conversation with, "Wonderful. Now off you go for real this time.". And with those final words said, OOO teleports Saitama to another Reality.

The Boys Universe

To say that Homelander was irate right at the moment would be the understatement of the century. What could have possibly invoked such an emotion in a guy who has a god complex, is an unstable psycho and who is delusional enough to believe himself to be a genuine superhero, you wonder? Well, Homelander's power over The Seven is challenged when CEO Stan Edgar has Superhero Stormfront (who was actually Lady Liberty once upon a fucking long time, a Supe that committed a racist murder in the 1970s, the first successful Compound V subject and widow of the late Frederick Vought, founder of Vought and creator of Compound V) join the the Seven without his approval. The more Stormfront grows popular, the more mentally unstable Homelander becomes and keeps getting worse with the passage of time.

Stan Edgar also makes it clear to Homelander that Vought Industries is not a superhero company, but rather a pharmaceutical company.

Unfortunately for Homelander, also known as John, his day was about to get much worse than he could ever comprehend. As he was thinking of ways to get back on top of his A-game, he is unaware of a figure materializing into existence outside of The Seven Tower.

It's none other than our favorite Caped Baldy, Saitama aka One Punch Man. Saitama observes his new surroundings, with an awed expression, his mind is assaulted with the images of the 3 individuals he is tasked to find and cripple. "The images must be the work of OOO." Saitama notes in his mind. Saitama speculates that based on how massive the area around him is, whatever city he's in, it is obviously much bigger than his native Z-City. With those thoughts out of the way, Saitama disappears in a blur of untraceable speed, wanting to familiarize himself a bit and to satiate his curiosity, then go straight looking for his soon to be unfortunate targets.

An hour later...

Stormfront had just been made part of the Seven, and was hanging out with the rest of the group consisting of A-Train, Black Noir and Homelander (minus Maeve and Starlight who were away on different errands for the time being, while Deep wasn't part of the group right now), when suddenly, Saitama blurs in front of them.

Startled, they stopped their current activities and looked at him as Homelander asked. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm just a hero for fun and profit, who are you?" Saitama asked, arms folded and maintaining his blank, deadpan expression, even though he already knows who they are thanks to OOO.

A-Train, Homelander and Stormfront were all silent for a moment, until they went into hysterical laughter as Stormfront said. "What a stupid joke that was."

"Yet the fact you laughed at it, just shows you have a poor sense of humor." Saitama quips, making the group glare at him and even surprising himself as he never quips to his knowledge.

"Must be due to what I know about those 3 from the added information OOO passed on to me." Saitama thinks to himself darkly, very aware of the trio's respective crimes, the fact A-Train killed his GF Popclaw by injecting her with syringes full of drugs, causing her to Overdose to death, the fact Stormfront murdered a black man in the past and especially the fact that Homelander r-a-p-e-d an enemy's wife and bore her a son. "I'll have to ask OOO about their current location when I'm done here.", Saitama thinks further to himself, turning his attention back on the group.

"You don't know who you're talking to, I am the most powerful being on this planet." Homelander boasted.

"Oh? Then show me what you got.", Saitama replies as Homelander fires his Heat Vision at Saitama, who is unaffected and unfazed by the attack, which simply ricochets off of the Caped Baldy harmlessly into the sky, thanks to his unparalleled physical prowess, much to Homelander's shock and horror.

"That was underwhelming. Care to try again?", Saitama remarks in a bored manner.

Homelander roars and fires a more powerful Heat Vision this time, but nothing happens as Saitama sighed. "How disappointing. I was expecting a little challenge."

"You'll get one, you cocky bastard!", A-Train roared as he sped at Saitama, but One Punch Man phases out of sight, shocking A-Train at the ludicrous display of speed, and the next moment, KAPOW!, A-Train is promptly smashed into the ground, leaving a sizable crater. Stunned and in massive, indescribable pain from the unforeseen attack, A-Train had no more time to ponder what was what when Saitama blurs back to visibility, and promptly punches A-Train's legs at untraceable speeds without mercy, vaporizing the speedster's bones and turning the flesh and skin into mincemeat. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!", A-Train screams in sheer agony, so much so in fact, that Saitama knocks him out with a weak right hook out of annoyance to spare his sensitive hearing.

That's when Black Noir tries to attack, but before he can get close, Saitama blurs behind him and hits him with a chop to the neck, knocking him unconscious, and proceeds to punch Black Noir's back, vaporizing his spine without cutting into the skin for good measure. "That just leaves Hornhonker and Stinkfest." Saitama replies to himself, turning around to face the final 2 members of the Seven still standing.

"Why you…." Stormfront and Homelander, outraged at the names given to them, tried to attack at the same time, but Saitama blurs out of sight again, throwing them off guard, and before they could regain their bearings, Saitama appears between the two of them above their heads and hits both Homelander and Stormfront with two wicked karate chops to the head, KABOOM!, sending them both crashing back to the ground, with their respective impacts leaving more sizable craters than A-Train's earlier impact, with dust and smoke billowing into the air. Saitama made sure to add enough strength to leave them both with severe damage, yet not enough to kill them.

Once the dust and smoke dissipates, it's revealed that Homelander and Stormfront are both unconscious, with their skulls split wide open, blood gushing out of their wounds. They won't be waking up anytime soon.

But the fight has drawn a commotion, with people wondering what the heck is going on in the Seven Tower, probably thinking it's a rogue Supe looking to cause trouble with the Seven, but knowing that the Seven will emerge victorious as usual. They're about to be proven wrong.

That's when Saitama remembers that OOO mentioned that these people needed to be humbled as well. "Bet public humiliation will shatter their fragile egos." Saitama concludes with satisfaction, and then blurs in a burst of instantaneous movement out of the Seven Tower with all 4 unconscious members of the Seven, piling Stormfront on top of Homelander and piling A-Train on top of Black Noir outside on the ground, to the disbelieving eyes of civilians who see nothing more than a moving blur vibrating non-stop before disappearing out of the vicinity in a flash.

It's not long until Vought and News Agencies alike caught news of A-Train, Black Noir, Homelander and Stormfront all left with critical injuries by an unknown assailant in full view of the public. It's safe to mention that Maeve and Starlight were shocked by the news, but both relieved to learn about Homelander's fate, for different reasons. Deep was breathing in anxiety, realizing he would have shared the same fate if he hadn't left for the Church of The Collective. The shocked reactions to the injured members of The Seven are the same for The Boys, especially William "Billie" Butcher, though the man was suspicious on who could be strong enough to seriously harm the Seven and get away with it unscathed, since he still holds a grudge and a great deal of mistrust for Supes in general, motivated by his revenge against Homelander. "Something to worry about another time.", Billy thinks to himself, deciding to enjoy this moment for now and worry about the unidentified stranger another time.

Later on, we find Saitama at Becca and Ryan's hidden (though it won't be for much longer) location, thanks to following the direction provided to him by his celestial guide, OOO, inside a secret gated community, operated by Doctor Park.

"Almost feels and looks like Z-City's ghost town, except with no monsters and people, the whole setting is fake.", Saitama ponders to himself. "The only residents here are the mother and the son.", he grimly notes, finding the idea of being hidden from the rest of the world and not being able to contact family or friends rather depressing.

Anyways, bypassing the community's security was a cakewalk. There is no fortress that can withstand Saitama's immeasurable, unchallenged, uncontested, unmatched and unparalled physical prowess.

Saitama then proceeds to scan and scout the area in search of the house Becca and Ryan live in. It only takes a short while before he finds the house he's looking for.

"How quaint." Saitama thinks, looking at the decently sized house with a homey feel to it. After observing the house and the compound, Saitama carefully approaches the door, a door mat laying at the front porch saying "YOU BETTER HAVE TACOS". Before he can get closer, however, Saitama notices a security camera monitoring the front of the house, and without warning, destroys the invasive object with a weak shockwave from a pinky flick, the action barely making a sound.

With that issue out of the way, Saitama begins to walk to the door at a slow pace. After regarding the door mat with amusement, Saitama gently knocks, careful not to blow it off its hinges, so as not to spook the people inside. His face isn't exactly the most welcoming sight, considering its poker expression, betraying no emotion or thought from himself.

It takes a while before someone opens the door, and that person is none other than Becca Butcher, wife of William "Billy" Butcher, who was thought to be dead for 8 years, but was in fact off the grid thanks to Vought and raising her and Homelander's son Ryan in secret.

Becca studies the man standing outside of her house with apprehension and caution, since outside of Vought and herself, no one else was supposed to learn that she was still alive and kicking. "But it doesn't matter anymore since both Billy and Homelander know she's alive and raising Ryan, and I have no idea if Billy is okay. Who knows where Homelander took him to?" Becca sadly wonders in her mind. "If both of them know I'm alive, it's only a matter of time before other do the same." She continues to think to herself, while still keeping a close eye on Saitama for any sudden movements.

Saitama stands outside awkwardly, not knowing how to break the tense atmosphere, but decides to break he silence due to his impatience and says, "You must be Becky Boulder."

"It's Becca Butcher.", Becca corrects the bald man with annoyance in her voice. "Who are you, what are you doing here and what do you want?", Becca interrogates the stranger.

"The name's Saitama. I'm a friend. I mean you no harm.", Saitama replies reassuringly, not holding it against Becca for being cautious, as she doesn't receive too many visitors barring a few exceptions.

"Forgive me if I doubt that.", Becca responds with more aggression than intended, but then again, she is an overprotective mother who takes Ryan's safety with utmost seriousness.

"Saitama, inform her that you know her husband and that you can arrange a reunion and escape plan for both her and her son.", OOO projects telepathically.

"How do you know she will believe that claim?", Saitama questions the entity, as he has yet to cross paths with Billy.

"Because you will meet with William Butcher after this, or Billy Butcher for short, convince him you know about Becca and Ryan, then lead him and his team straight to this location.", OOO replies with certainty.

"But will the guy even believe a stranger he's never met before?", Saitama counters with this question telepathically.

"He will when you show him undeniable proof. I will give you a map, and the marker of the secret location you won't find on any regular map.", OOO states with full confidence.

"Point taken.", Saitama acknowledges back to OOO.

Their telepathic conversation felt like ages, but in reality, only takes about a second, after which Saitama focuses his full attention back on Becca, now determined to make her believe the next words he's about to utter.

"I know about your husband. If you are willing to trust me, I can set up a reunion.", Saitama informs her.

"You know Billy? Is he okay?", Becca exclaims in surprise and worry, as she assumed the worst since there's no guarantee Homelander would keep Billy alive, even though they made an agreement that Billy would be spared in exchange for Homelander visiting his son Ryan once in awhile.

"He is definitely alright.", Saitama answers to her question.

Becca ponders this for a while, unsure if her ears are deceiving her, but she senses no lies in Saitama's words, only genuine honesty.

"Can you guarantee the safety of my son?", Becca asks. "Not only his safety, but also yours.", Saitama replies.

"Even if you find a way to help us escape, nothing will stop Homelander and Vought from finding us.", Becca points out.

"Hornhonker and Voyeur won't be problem.", Saitama replies with absolute certainty.

Becca couldn't help but snort at the names given to Homelander and Vought respectively, finding them fitting.

"Against my better judgment, I will put my faith in you. There's a hidden cabin within a different part of the facility housing this neighborhood. Ryan and I will wait for you and Billy there.", Becca notifies the bald man.

"Okay!", Saitama instantly replies, and after discussing a bit further about the escape plan and taking into account the possibility that Vought may show up to intercept them eventually. Before he leaves, however Saitama quickly sprints to his next destination: it's about the One Punch Man meets with The Boys.

Meanwhile, at The Boys' Hideout...

We cut to William "Billy" Butcher, who reunited with the rest of The Boys after being contacted by Frenchie, because Hughie Campbell's leadership was put into question.

The Boys have just apprehended Kenji, the Supe-Terrorist whom they learn is Kimiko's brother. They've also learned from Butcher that Becca is still alive and is living in a secret gated community raising Homelander's son. He made a deal with Mallory to bring Kenji to a rendezvous point in exchange for Mallory to reveal Becca's location.

Before they can arrange the meeting to the rendezvous point, they are abruptly interrupted by an uninvited guest, materializing in a blur of speed.

The Boys, startled by the intruder, quickly arm themselves with their weapons and aim at none other than Saitama.

Saitama regards the group with boredom, having expected this sort of greeting based on the information given to him by OOO.

"Which one of you is Billy?", Saitama asks. "Who the fuck is asking?", Butcher replies. "The name's Saitama, and I am here to share valuable information.", Saitama responds.

"And what news would that be?", Butcher remarks sarcastically, not trusting the man in front of him. "It's about your wife. I know where she is.", Saitama replies, not appreciating the sarcastic tone from the older man but understands why he's apprehensive as to not let his guard down.

"The fuck did you just say, you wanker?", Butcher questions aggressively, unable to believe that someone other than Mallory who isn't from Vought knows about Becca's status.

"I know it's hard to believe, but I'm telling the truth.", Saitama answers. "I even have the map that will lead you straight to her location." Saitama further adds for emphasis, making it clear he wasn't messing around.

Butcher is still hesitant. Earlier on, the Seven were attacked by an unknown quantity, and now a stranger is telling him and The Boys where to find Becca and also Ryan, Homelander's son. That's when everything clicks and Butcher connects the dots, seeing that this is no coincidence of events.

"You're the one that attacked Homelander, Stormfront, Black Noir and A-Train.", Butcher correctly deduces.

"You're not wrong. I was tasked to cripple them and humiliate them.", Saitama confirms, seeing no point in denying it as he needs The Boys' co-operation to plan a rescue mission for Becca and Ryan.

"If you are really here to help us, prove it.", Butcher challenges the bald man, still suspicious of Saitama's intentions.

Saitama, without wasting time, takes out the map made by OOO from somewhere on his person (Don't ask, even I don't know), and tosses the object to Butcher, who catches it.

After that, The Boys inspect the map, trying to detect any sign of forgery or trickery, but conclude in the end that it's genuine. Butcher, now realizing he can reunite his wife, wonders if he should honor his agreement with Mallory, as handing over Kenji over to CIA custody now appears to be moot. But even so, Butcher still intends to hand Kenji over to Mallory, to be sure that her information and Saitama's are a match and that he and The Boys aren't being fucked over by the Caped Baldy. Just a precaution on Butcher's part.

The Boys and Saitama come to an understanding, but before they can plan a rescue operation, Butcher informs Saitama there is some business that needs to be taken care of first. Saitama is willing to lend a helping hand, and save time while they're at it. And with that, The Boys and Saitama prepare to meet with Mallory the following day at the rendezvous point to hand over Kenji Miyashiro under CIA custody.

(A/N 2: Heads up. From here on out, the following events will diverge from canon, meaning that The Boys 2x2 up to 2x7 are irrelevant, with the only episode relevant being 2x8 with certain changes. Read on to learn more.)

The next day, The Boys hand over Kenji to Mallory at the rendezvous point without incident, as the authorities have shifted their focus on finding the rogue Supe responsible for hospitalizing 4 members of The Seven, but unfortunately for them, no picture of Saitama was taken, so they couldn't identify him, as only A-Train, Black Noir, Homelander and Stormfront were the only ones that have seen the man's face, and they have yet to wake up.

As promised per their arrangement, Mallory reveals Becca's location, with Butcher now knowing Saitama's information matches up with Mallory's hundred percent. Kimiko is also promised that she will be allowed to visit Kenji under controlled circumstances, but it must be done after The Boys' names are scrubbed by the CIA.

Even though he should know better by now, Butcher can't help but feel like things are going to be okay. Saitama is also looking forward to the rescue operation, as he has no intention of going back on his words, and promises to himself that Becca and Ryan will make it through this day alive, consequences be damned.

Hours later, at The Seven Tower...

A-Train hasn't woken up from the brutal and merciless beating he got, but with no legs, his days as a member of The Seven are numbered, with Shockwave now officially declared as the fastest man alive.

Black Noir has fallen into a deep coma, and with his spine vaporized into oblivion, it's clear he will never be able to move again, so his days with The Seven are also numbered like A-Train.

Homelander and Stormfront got off easily, considering they have awoken from their slumber after being unconscious for a whole day, though they still have noticeable scarring above their foreheads, courtesy of the karate chops dished out on them.

Both Supes were beyond livid to say the least. Not only were they beaten badly, but they were also humiliated in public to add salt to injury. Homelander didn't want anything more than to get back at the bastard that did him in, conveniently forgetting that he was no match for said bastard.

Stormfront was also thinking of many different ways to kill the bald man in a slow, agonizingly painful manner, overestimating her capabilities when the beating she got proved otherwise. When you also remember that Stormfront is a racist who has inherited the Nazi ideology, it really drover her mad to be schooled by a yellow bastard.

Then there's Stan Edgar, the CEO of Vought International, who was not pleased by the current predicament. He knows for a fact that the rogue Supe is not an asset of Vought, and was uncertain if the stranger is a Supe-Terrorist like the Telekinetic Kenji Miyashiro. There was also the issue of Compound V being exposed by an anonymous tip

That's when Stan gets a phone call from Doctor Park. Stan answers the phone, and listens as Doctor Park explains the situation. That's when Stan connects the dots. Attack on The Seven, weaken the strongest links, create enough distraction to waste time so The Boys can carry out a rescue mission for Becca and Ryan. Stan doesn't know if the rogue Supe is a member of The Boys, but he knows the sequence of events that played out are no accidents. This was all set up. By who? It's unclear, but if there's anything Stan Edgar hates, it's lack of knowledge and unaccounted for anomalies. He really hates anomalies.

His thoughts are interrupted by Homelander and Stormfront, with the former demanding to know what's going on.

"It seems William Butcher has found Becca and Ryan's location.", Stan informs the duo.

"SAY FUCKING WHAT?", Homelander shouts in anger, his eyes glowing a menacing red, ready to kill someone.

"Relax, stars and stripes. It's not like they'll get that far. We'll intercept them before they're halfway successful.", Stormfront replies with confidence, assured that they can win if it comes down to a full-blown confrontation.

"It's not just The Boys you have to worry about. The rogue Supe will be there as well.", Stan warns them both, and reminding them what happened the last time they went toe to toe with the bald man.

"I can't believe I was one upped by a guy wearing a yellow jumpsuit and white cape of all things. He's like a cheap copy of me.", Homelander rants, as how could anyone take a guy who might as well be wearing pajamas seriously?

"Regardless, this gives us an opportunity to pay him back for what he did to us.", Stormfront remarks.

"You won't be going alone. You and Homelander will be joined by Queen Maeve and Starlight, as both A-Train and Black Noir have been permanently incapacitated.", Stan explains.

"Screw waiting. Stormfront and I will get there first, Maeve and Starlight can meet us there later.", Homelander replies, unwilling to waste any more time and won't allow his son Ryan to be taken from him.

"I agree, Mister Edgar. The sooner we get there, the better our chances of stopping The Boys and their ally on their tracks.", Stormfront backs Homelander up.

Without waiting for confirmation, the duo immediately depart, flying into the skies, with Stormfront trailing Homelander.

Back at the secret gated community, The Boys and Saitama have arrived near the gate, with Saitama having been running at a sedate pace next to The Boys' Transport Van, much to the shock of the group, who still have no clue about the bald man's full abilities and what their upper limits are.

Saitama then throws a punch, creating a shockwave that obliterates the gate leading to the community to smithereens and causing a trench on the surrounding earth. That was more than enough to trigger silent alarms, but the assembled individuals pay no mind to that and continue straight to Becca and Ryan's location, the part of the community where she will meet with Billy and Saitama. But The Boys were nonetheless gobsmacked at Saitama's feat of strength, now understanding why Homelander and Stormfront were no match for the Caped Baldy.

The group would later meet with Becca and Ryan, with Ryan being properly introduced to Saitama since the latter left in a hurry last time, and of course, the rest of The Boys get acquainted with Becca and Ryan as well.

As the group begin to leave, Saitama senses a huge amount of killing intent nearing their direction.

"We've got company.", Saitama warns, putting The Boys on high alert, including Becca and a confused Ryan whom Becca assures everything is fine.

No sooner had Saitama said that, Homelander and Stormfront appear before the group, both Supes gently landing on the ground.

"You've made the biggest mistake of your life, pal. This time, you won't catch us by surprise.", Homelander says.

"Leave Becca and Ryan alone, and the rest of you can kindly go and fucking die.", Stormfront cheerily replies.

"That's not gonna happen.", Saitama challenges the duo, deciding to rectify his mistake on holding back against them the last time they met.

"I'm the Homelander. And I can do whatever the fuck I want.", Homelander gloats.

"I'm One Punch Man. Get in my way, and I will punch you to death.", Saitama threatens, with a serious expression plastered on his face, and unleashes a great amount of Killing Intent, which slams against all the surrounding area. The Boys, Becca and Ryan are all forced to fall on the ground involuntarily, shaking uncontrollably from the massive pressure slamming onto their beings. Homelander and Stormfront barely kept their footing, but still stand on shaking legs, alarmed at the unexplainable feeling that washed over them. Rocks were crumbling from the oppressively aura, and even the nearby trees in the vicinity were not spared, losing branches here and there, and creaking ominously.

Saitama notices this, and reins his Killing Intent in, allowing The Boys, Becca and Ryan to breathe again, much to their relief.

"The rest of you go. I'll take care of Hornhonker and Stinkfest while I buy you time to escape.", Saitama declares with finality in his tone.

Not waiting for further goading, The group quickly retreat from the area.

"Did you really mean it when you said you'll end Homelander and Stormfront?", OOO asks.

"I was bluffing, obviously. Just wanted to make them pause.", Saitama replies.

Saitama returns his attention back on Homelander and Stormfront, both having regained their bearings, now glaring menacingly at Saitama.

Homelander decides to make the first move, and approaches Saitama with intense speed, going for a right hook. Saitama tanks the punch, the attack having no effect. Stormfront joins the fray, proceeding to attack Saitama with a left hook. The results are the same, with Saitama also tanking Stormfront's ineffective attack.

Stumped, both Homelander and Stormfront back track, trying to access the situation and plan their next course of action, as brute strength won't cut it. Homelander scans Saitama's body with his X-Ray Vision, looking for any physical weaknesses to exploit, but finds none to his dismay.

Saitama takes this moment to go on his own offensive, and decides to use of his signature moves. "Serious Side Hops.", Saitama shouts, confusing his opponents, until Homelander and Stormfront witness Saitama stomp his feet, caving the ground he's standing on, and rapidly hopes side to side, creating a wall of afterimages. Having never fought beings more powerful than themselves, Homelander and Stormfront are unprepared when Saitama begins walking forwards to them, and unleashes a shockwave that blasts the Supes flying in mid air, both landing unceremoniously onto ground, their impacts leaving them sliding on the earth, momentarily forgetting that they could have regained their balance by hovering in the air. This was the same attack he used against Speed-O-Sound Sonic back in his reality.

As Homelander and Stormfront stand up, Saitama waits to see what more tricks they have up their sleeves. Stormfront, now losing her cool, snaps and unleashes her plasma bolts on Saitama, who takes the attack head on without any damage, the same way he did against Homelander's Heat Vision in their first encounter.

When her initial attack fails, Stormfront tries to Telekinetically move Saitama with her Plasma Bolts, but is met with absolute resistance due to the massive power gap between her and One Punch Man.

Out of options, Homelander and Stormfront fly high up in the air, deciding to unleash a combined assault of Heat Vision and Plasma Bolts. Both Supes attack at the same time, with Homelander and Stormfront charging up their Heat Vision and Plasma Bolts respectively.

Saitama, sensing their intentions, takes his own stance, ready to end this fight once and for all.

After several seconds pass by, Homelander and Stormfront fire their respective attacks, the Heat Vision and Plasma Bolts combining into a beam of radiating heat and crackling plasma heading straight for Saitama, meaning to vaporize the man on contact. They're about to be disappointed.

"Serious Punch.", Saitama proclaims, throwing an extremely powerful punch, the shockwave negating the Plasma Heat Beam, slamming harshly against Homelander and Stormfront, and parting the clouds above the sky on a global scale, a phenomenon which doesn't go unnoticed.

Unlike the last time, Homelander and Stormfront have taken a fatal blow, the duo falling to the ground, their impacts causing dust to enshroud their point of impact. Once the dust settles, we find both Homelander and Stormfront in critical condition. Both Homelander and Stormfront have lost their limbs, reduced to charred stumps. The Supes are in shock, unable to process what the fuck just happened, not properly registering the pain coursing through their bodies.

"That's more than enough. I'm surprised your attack didn't kill them.", OOO projects to Saitama.

"They'll live with a fate much worse than death. No less than what they deserve.", Saitama replies.

"As promised, I will take you back to your reality, Your task is done.", OOO reminds him.

"What about the others?", Saitama asks the entity.

"They'll be fine. You helped out more than you realize.", OOO assures the bald man.

Saitama nods in acknowledgement, and suddenly, he's teleported back to his reality.

One Punch Man Universe

Saitama finds himself back to the spot where he killed Elder Centipede, and sees Genos in the wreckage of Elder Centipede's attack and following demise.

"Sensei. What is it that I lack?", Genos asked. Saitama simply replies, "Power." Genos of course takes a note on it, to the the despair of King. Genos then looks forward to the future, believing he will be stronger now more than he ever was. Saitama then asks the remaining heroes, those being Bang, Bomb, Genos and King if they want to go back to Saitama's apartment.

Saitama of course fails to mention about his adventure in another Reality, on a planet which he learned is actually an alternate Earth from OOO, whom he remembers also promised him compensation. Saitama's day and mood couldn't get any better, though he makes it a thing to tell Genos another time about his otherworldly escapade.


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