Creepy Android Pasta

Chapter 1: Rules of Gero's Lab

A/N: This is a Halloween os that attempts at imitating the format of Creepypasta. For those who don't know, creepypasta is a popular trend of online storytelling that describes fictional scary stories, with many involving paranormal activities. One type of creepypasta involves a list of rules that a protagonist has to follow in order to stay alive while isolated in a dangerous situation.

Due to the nature of how Creepypastas try to imitate someone describing their personal encounters, this story will be written mostly in first person view and uses the pronoun: I. It's also semi AU right after Frieza saga with one slight twist: Future Trunks never went back to warn the z-gang about the androids.

Enjoy and don't take this one too seriously.

He looked positively exhausted, no, far beyond exhausted as he sat in front his desk with his breathing uneven and the fingers grasping a pen trembling slightly, still not believing what had occurred in the past several days. Bruises and wounds of various kinds could be seem all over his body and dried blood coated much of his orange gi, giving the vibrant uniform a rather sinister look.

Perhaps I should simply head downstairs and talk to Roshi, Turtle, or heck even Oolong? Surely they'll be able to give me some advices?

Right, and what should I tell them? That I barely escaped alive from my botched job and brought some uninvited guests into Kame House?

Thinking back to the many trainings he has had, the below-average-height warrior managed to steady his heartbeat and calmed his erratic breathing, effectively allowing his hearing to pick up more subtle audio cues. He could tell judging by the television noise and dirty cackling of the turtle hermit that his master was enjoying some "quality time" downstairs.

Under normal circumstances, he would've found the pervert's entertainment method irksome, but in this special occasion, the usually brain-numbing sounds proved to be a source of relief that convinced the young man he was truly at home and that help was within an arm's reach should he need it.

Anyhow, it would be better for me to write this down and get the whole story my head at the very least...

I can't believe I'm recording this on paper, as recalling the event even in the slightest made my stomach turn but this just might be the only way for me to sort through my emotions and come to a conclusion as to what to do next.

For those who don't know me, I'm Krillin Chestnut, a professional martial artist who's been practicing this often ignored craft for several decades. While some of you out there might favor quicker solutions to conflicts such as firearms and even explosives over martial arts that wouldn't be of any use unless trained rigorously for years, you'd all be surprised as to what physical training can do to you.

To cut to the chase, it can render you bulletproof.

"Is this guy nuts," I can hear you ask, and the answer is "no", training really can make you bulletproof and that's just the basics. Me and a couple of friends can all fire missile-like projectiles from our hands and even fly around like superman. No, it is no trick; with enough training, a human can accomplish anything. Using our well-honed skills, my little gang has managed to save planet Earth a couple of times from invading aliens to intergalactic space tyrants.

Anyhow please excuse me for rambling and even bragging a bit about my accomplishments, I just need to write anything positive that'll calm my nerves and give me the courage to describe what happened.

It's something that scared even me, a veteran fighter who thought he had seem all there is to be witnessed. Let me just say this, there are some evils out there much crueler than dying on a battlefield.

The event began roughly two weeks ago when my mentor, the famed turtle hermit: Muten Roshi suggested that I should find a job, saying it can help spice up my life so I wouldn't simply be training all day. This led me to searching around the advertisement columns of newspapers and talking to friends. Long and behold, Bulma Briefs, a scientist friend of mine, told me about this mysterious scientist looking for security at his lab that paid pretty well. Below is the actual advertisement me and my friend found.

Lab Security Needed

This cutting-edge laboratory requires a security guard to watch over the lab 24/7.

Applicants must be highly disciplined, physically fit, and able to deal with potentially dangerous and even life-threatening situations.

Salary per day is 30,000 zenni and upon completing the assignment, you'll be given an added bonus of 100,000 zenni.

My eyes almost popped out of its sockets reading this. "It's too good to be true!" I thought, and in the hindsight it really is too good to be true but back then all I could think about was of all the things I can accomplish with this kind of salary. To make the job even more enticing, I knew I would be a good fit with my skills and not to mention I had worked as security for an Bulma in the past. Yes, it's that Bulma, the heir to Capsule Corps and quite a genius inventor herself.

Within a few days of mailing out my resume, I received a reply from my potential employer, Dr. Gero, to meet him at the lab and to pack several days of clothes.

Alarm bells were starting to ring inside my head as this Dr. Gero hadn't bothered giving me a phone call or inquire about my credentials but once again with all that money I could use to renovate our Kame House, I didn't give much thoughts and instead travelled straight to the Northern Regions.

The Northern Regions, the place where Dr. Gero's lab was located at, was much colder than the sunshine weather back at Kame House. To make matters worse, Gero's lab was situated on a snowy mountain, the coldest of places. If that wasn't enough, it's actually inside a cave and there weren't any roads leading up to this place, meaning for your average joes, you'll have to scale the cliffs to make it.

Very cliché I know, this story has all of the elements of a horror story, from taking place inside a cave up on isolated mountains to a scientist who's most likely mad.

Anyways, I arrived in front of the big steely door that I assumed was the only entrance to this secret lab and gave it a couple of knocks.

"What is it? What do you want? State your business human!" a loud angry noise blurted out from one of the speakers while several cameras all turned toward me.

"I'm sorry to disrupt your work Dr. Gero, but I'm KC (it's the name I put down on my resume since Krillin Chestnut was previous involved with fighting against several alien fighters known as Saiyans and might standout too much for some) and I'm reporting for my job." I said while scratching my head, wondering why'd he call me "human" when he was also one.

No response came from the other end and I was left standing amidst a snowstorm for several minutes with the ice particles clashing against my skin being my only companion. Just as I was about to leave though, the ear-piercing shriek of what sounded like a young woman came through the speaker followed by a few curses from Dr. Gero that I won't describe here. Although this rather surprising outburst was quickly covered by the howling wind, it definitely caught my attention and made me stay despite the harsh weather.

After several more agonizing minutes of no communication, the voice of Gero blurted through the speaker once more. "Hey KC, you still there?"

"Yeah I'm here!" I tried to sound as civil as possible.

"Good, come in then and be quick about it!" he responded rather impatiently without mentioning that earlier episode.

The huge iron door slowly creaked opened, revealing the rocky interior of a dimly lit lab and of course, Dr. Gero himself, a scientist in his late sixties with messy gray hair covering his scalp save for the section right on top of his head that had gone completely bald. The most noticeable feature of Gero though were his rather unnerving eyes. While I may not be the most streetwise guy there is, I still consider myself a good judge of character and this Gero's eyes radiated a certain kind of inhuman quality. Staring into those malicious glares immediately caused my fighter's instinct to kick in and this combined with the scream I heard earlier made me realized this wouldn't be a regular job.

"Well what are you doing standing there like an idiot? Come in!" the doctor bellowed, his hands ushering me inside.

The moment those steely doors shut behind me with an audible "bam", the sense of isolation and dread increased by several folds and I was beginning to wonder if I would be getting out of this cave at all even with my training.

"Stay calm Krillin, you can do this!" I told myself and began observing my environment, knowing if the worst really happened, I'll have to utilize whatever I can get my hands on to stay alive. The lab had a minimalistic aesthetic to it, if you can call it aesthetic at all, as the walls and floor were just rocky surfaces, giving this place a very non-hospitable quality. What stood out above all; however, were the many metal containers with numbers marked on them.

Dr. Gero meanwhile also began looking me up and down. "Hmph, you are shorter than I expected and no, I'm not factoring in that silly mop of hair of yours!" he commented pointing at the wig on my head and before I could reply, the doctor had already waved me off. "Anyways we are not here for chitchats; I need you to keep my lab in order for the next week. I have a rather...important experiment to conduct. Think you are up to the task?"

"Yes, you can count on me Gero!" I replied trying to sound enthusiastic about the job but judging from the way he narrowed his eyes I could tell I have already messed up.

"It's Dr. Gero you imbecile!" he corrected harshly.

"Right, sorry Dr. Gero!"

The next couple of minutes revolved around this decrypted scientist giving me a tour guide around his lab, pointing out some of the maintenance works I'll be doing and equipment he said and I quote him, cost more than my life. Gradually, we approached the numbered metal containers and after peering inside the first one marked #17 I came across, I was shocked to find a teenager standing still with his eyes wide opened. This teenager, whom I assumed to be a boy despite pretty looking he was, had this rather lifeless look about him. Usually when you stare into someone's eyes, you can see glistens of light moving but not this guy whose unmoving crystal blue orbs almost made him resemble a doll sitting inside a toybox.

Without me knowing, I let out a gasp and the doctor chuckled at my reaction.

"That thing is Android Seventeen and no, it is not a human. It's a robot I created. One of your jobs is to clean these robots and do basic maintenance on them to make sure they function properly while I am busy with my other experiment, is that understood?" he barked as if he was a drill sergeant talking to a recruit at a boot camp.

"Yes Dr. Gero!" I shouted, almost giving him a salute with how authoritative he sounded.

"Good! You will be in charge of maintaining Seventeen and Eighteen while I am away! I suggest you to get familiar with them but remember, they aren't real so don't get any funny ideas!"

Next, he guided me to where Eighteen was and the moment I saw her, my jaw literally dropped.

Inside was a cute girl with shoulder lengthen blonde hair and her facial features looked almost identical to Seventeen except her jawline was softer and she's got more pronounced eyelashes. The girl also shared Seventeen's beautiful jewel-like eyes and rather unfortunately the lifeless look too.

"Impressive aren't they? They may be androids, but I took special care to make them resemble human as much as possible!" Gero stated sounding rather proud of his work.

"Yeah, you don't say Dr. Gero!" I muttered clearly impressed by this guy's craftsmanship.

By then, my attention was completely gripped by the many science projects that I have forgotten about the red flags ringing through my head earlier. Also next to Eighteen was Nineteen's container and...please excuse me...but after seeing how lifelike the two teenage bots were, I had high hopes for what this Nineteen might be like.

"Is it going to be another attractive young woman?" I thought at that time until a quick glance inside the container marked #19 almost made me crackup. Inside was an unusually pale and obese looking robot that was clearly not a human. "Well, so much for designing your androids to be as human-like as possible!" the thought ran through my mind but I decided to keep it to myself.

"This one is Nineteen and it will be my personal assistant!" Dr. Gero declared, "now watch carefully cause I'm only going to demonstrate this once! This is how you awaken these androids when you need to maintain them!"

The doctor opened a number-pad on the container and input a password that made the metal door slide open, revealing the fat clown-like humanoid. Nineteen's eyes began to flash a shade of artificial red that reminded me of ambulance alarms before it slowly climbed out of the container.

"Good afternoon Dr. Gero," it greeted in a robotic tone more artificial than outdated voice message you get when someone wasn't there to pick up the phone. I didn't get much time to contemplate just how ridiculous this Nineteen was though, as it snapped its head toward me in a creepy manner and its eyes began flashing red again. "Who is this Dr. Gero? Is he my next target?" the robot asked while gripping its fists.

Alerted by this development, I couldn't help but to raise my hands in a defensive manner. This obviously entertained the twisted scientist who let out a crude cackle. "No Nineteen, this is KC, a new lab assistant."

"Oh, one of those." The robot responded with its usual monotone, its words gave me chills.

"One of those? Were there other assistants before and what happened to them? And how come Nineteen asked Gero if I am its next target?" I thought as I began sizing up this robot, trying to get a grasp of how strong it was but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a reading on its aura and therefore couldn't gauge its strength.

Yes, all living organisms have an aura that we called ki and seasoned warriors can determine the strength of their opponent by ki alone. Despite this Nineteen didn't contain a trace of ki, I wasn't about to underestimate it since for all I knew, it could be ten times as powerful as I.

While I was assessing my potential opponent, Dr. Gero reached inside a refrigerator and took out what looked like jars of green goo.

"These are what you will be feeding Seventeen and Eighteen with." He handed me the jar.

"Wait, if Seventeen and Eighteen are robots, why do they need food?" I asked looking inside the container for the female android once again, memory of that earlier shriek surfaced and I began to wonder if that was from Eighteen. Now I know there's no way for me to describe the shriek I heard on paper, but she sounded positively human and an alive one at that.

Dr. Gero's already unpleasant face twisted into a scowl. "Silence you fool! I didn't pay you to ask me stupid questions but if you must know, these aren't food, they are chemical formula designed to enhance Seventeen and Eighteen's performance!" he shouted angrily with blood-veins visible on his bulging eyeballs.

"I-I understand Dr. Gero," I said timidly couldn't help but to feel my voice quiver slightly. I then asked a rather dumb question that I still felt needed to be addressed, even if it meant enraging this mad scientist once more. "If you don't mind me asking, do I feed them through their mouths or are there holes for me to pour this substance into?"

As expected, Gero got mad as hell, his face reddening to resemble a boiling teakettle. "What are you a moron? Of course you feed them through their mouths, where else would you feed someone? Their buttholes?"

"I-I'm sorry to have asked Dr. Gero." I said, already wondering why Gero would address two artificial humans as someone.

From my peripheral vision, I could make out a metal container marked #16 lying on the floor and for a split second was tempted to ask about this android who appeared to be much more human-like than Nineteen but still nowhere close to Seventeen and Eighteen. Seeing how worked up Gero was though, I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Finally, after some more elaborate duty explanation that I found hard to absorb in my tired state, Gero showed me my living quarter, which was a small room next to the main lab. My heart sank once I saw how Spartan-like minimalistic it was. There was a clock stuck on the rocky wall, a used mattress laying on the rocky floor, a flimsy blanket, a wooden desk, and a chair. Connecting to my room was a bathroom containing a shower cubicle.

"This is your room for the next several days," the stingy old man stated then pointed at a hole with ladder out in the main lab. "You are not to descend this ladder under any circumstance you hear? Failure to obey by this rule can result in your immediate termination!"

"Yes I understand Dr. Gero!" I said when in my mind I wondered how trigger happy this Gero was. For a scientist, he sure loved to talk about killing things.

Before the decrypted scientist went down the ladders with Nineteen who had been eyeing my suspiciously this entire time, he shoved a detailed job description and a sheet of paper onto my hand that contained a list of rules. It read as follows:

Here are a list of rules that must be followed to the letter if you want to remain safe at Dr. Gero's Lab. Failure to heed these simple instructions can result in serious injury or even death.

1. There are two kinds of activation for #17 and #18. You are only authorized to activate them with type 1, the minimal activation used to maintain their basic functions.

2. #17 and #18 are to be fed three times a day, with breakfast at 8:00, lunch at 12:00, and dinner at 19:00. Be sure to feed them precisely at those time.

3. #17 and #18 may look human, but they are just robots and are to be treated as such. Due to my advanced programming, these two may exhibit many human-like behaviors such as asking for food other than the one I issued. DO NOT under any circumstances give them anything other than what was prescribed to them. Giving those two human food can destroy their system.

4. Make sure not to throw away the empty jars. I want to know how much food those two ate every day. Failure to do so may result in your termination.

5. #17 and #18 also love to pretend they have names other than the numbers assigned to them. DO NOT believe a word coming out of their mouth. You are to address them by their numbers only. Failing this can result in serious malfunction.

6. Always deactivate #17 and #18 with the emergency controller after you are done with your maintenance and be sure to put them back into their container.

7. You may walk around the lab compound as you wish all day but must stay inside your room completely quiet with the lights off from 23:00 to 5:00 the next day. During this time, advanced security robots will sweep the main lab and will open fire on anyone they spot.

8. The security robots might knock on your door while they are patrolling. Ignore them, even if they ask you to give them drinks or help them find their baseball cap.

9. If you accidentally made a sound and the robots asked if there's anyone inside, tell them that "I am just another assistant" and they should go away.

10. DO NOT TOUCH #16's container. Waking him up can result in the end of the world!

11. During the duration of this job, you must not leave this lab. Breaking this rule can result in you getting shot by my security robots.

I stared at the rules for a while, wondering just exactly what I had gotten myself into. "Is this a job or a prison? And how come he placed this much emphasis on Seventeen and Eighteen being robots?" I wondered as suspicion began to brew in me. Before I could voice my questions though, the mad scientist had already disappeared down the hole, leaving me alone with many unanswered questions and a list I must follow to the letter.

The clock on the wall read 17:00 and despite how tired I was, I decided to leave my living quarter and get on with the job. I'm not going to lie, but part of me still thought if I did as told, I'd still be compensated.

Doing basic maintenance wasn't all that difficult, considering that I used to work at Bulma's place and had helped her with her lab from time to time. Quite a lot of equipment was the same while others at Gero's lab were much more bizarre. There was this one item that looked like a cellular restructure device while another one some kind of energy based surgical knife that's supposed to minimize bleeding. Although this Gero was supposed to be a doctor in robotics, quite a lot of his equipment was geared toward medical science.

Needless to say, my mind began to drift back toward Seventeen and Eighteen the more I did maintenance on many of Gero's surgical equipment, something I had tried to block out of my mind since setting eyes on them. Eventually the temptation grew so strong that I decided to check on them even though it's only 18:30.

"It's dinner time!" I said trying to sound all cheerfully and took out two jars of yucky looking green goo, which would turn out to be more disgusting when I peeled away the lids covering them, causing a putrid smell to erupt into the air. Although these two androids weren't supposed to be humans, I still felt sorry for them for having to stomach this thing.

"By Kami I sure hope Gero didn't give them taste buds like regular humans'," I thought looking at the two human-like dolls resting inside their pods.

A quick glimpse at the job description gave me the code for type 1 activation and not knowing what to expect, I pressed the numbers into Seventeen's pod. The heavy metal door slowly slid opened, giving me a full view to this android which appeared to be even more life-like. Like seriously though, I can almost place an actual human age of roughly 17 to 19 years old to this robot.

At first Seventeen didn't move a muscle and merely stood there inside his compartment, but then slowly his hands began to move as he climbed out of the container all the while sporting a blank stare, not looking anywhere but merely staring straight ahead.

"Good afternoon Seventeen. Are you ready for your meal?" I asked scooping a spoonful of the dreadful-looking goo and placed it close to Seventeen's mouth, half expecting the android to flinch or even vomit outright from the unpleasant odor.

Instead, Seventeen's face remained expressionless as he slowly opened his mouth, revealing his teeth, tongue, and oral cavity. "By kami!" I almost screamed then and there at how human his mouth looked before his lips closed around the goo, his cheeks moving just like how a human's would when chewing his food. Spoon after spoon, the boyish android ingested the substance with a blank look, showing no emotion whatsoever until the entire jar was emptied.

"Here, let me help you with this." I said and took out a towel and wiped off some of the green substance stuck on his lips, unable to help but to pay attention to his skin texture that I could've sworn was identical to mine.

Deciding to let the life-like android out of his container a bit longer, I left the emergency remote untouched and went to activate Eighteen instead. Just like Seventeen, this Eighteen could've passed as a human had no one told you she's an android and to make it harder for me, she had the appearance of a cute girl probably in her late teens with her platinum blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and those attractive full lips that will soon be stained with the disgusting goo I'm about to feed her.

Yeah, call me pathetic, but I just happened to have a soft spot for cute girls, it's the reason I began training in martial arts after all, not that my well-honed skill hadn't enabled me to take on dangerous foes though.

The moment Eighteen walked out of her pod, I caught Seventeen's expression twitching slightly but upon closer inspection, he had already went back to normal. Another quick glance between the two made me realized just how similar they looked. It's almost as if they were twins.

Feeding Eighteen would prove to be much more difficult, as I couldn't bare the sight of such a pretty looking woman eating something so disgusting as the green goo but I did it anyways, turning my head sideways unable to look all the while feeling her lips closing around the spoon. Call it my imagination, but I swore Seventeen was flinching as Eighteen ate her dinner as if in disgust. Afterwards, I cleaned the blonde robot's mouth just like what I did with the raven-hared one only this time, my face was blushing feverously at how close we were.

"Common Krillin, get a hang of yourself! The last time you let your affection for a girl get the better of you look at what happened and besides, she's not even real, she's just an android!" I mentally screamed at myself as images of my ex who had ran off with some random dude came flooding back to me, not that this did me any good since a quick glance at Eighteen reminded me just how real and human she looked.

A loud clinging resonated through the lab and I looked down to found I had accidentally dropped the spoon and jar onto the ground, probably too mesmerized by the female robot's appearance.

"Okay, anyways thanks you two very much for your cooperation, now what do we say you two go back to sleep!" I reached for the emergency shutdown remote and aimed it at them.

To my surprise, the look of fear spread through their faces with their eyes opened wide, both letting out gasps of shock at my gesture. There frozen eyes, which were only staring up ahead as if in a stupor drifted down toward the remote no doubt focusing on the device. This sudden discharge of human emotion only lasted for a brief second though, and the next thing I knew, the duo were back to their stoic selves.

Thankfully, they didn't make another sound as I pushed the shutdown button with the exception being their beautiful blue eyes going deathly pale, the small trace of light in them extinguished with the press of the button. At that moment, I felt as if I've killed someone, two innocent beings who were decommissioned against their will.

"Stop this already Krillin, there's nothing wrong with turning off two robots. It's like flipping a light switch!" I reasoned trying hard not to dwell on it.

Gingerly, I helped the two into their pods, taking extra care to not touch them in their privates while I moved them cause to be honest, part of me was convinced they could be real at that point and no human being deserved to get groped even while they were unconscious.

"Phew, that was much harder than I thought." I wondered aloud after finishing with my task and brushed away the sweats that had gathered on my forehead.

The next several hours flew by rather fast with me busying myself in all sorts of maintenance works, trying my hardest to forget about the whole feeding scene and repeatedly shouting "THEY WEREN'T REAL!" inside my head.

By the time the clock reached 22:30, my entire body was stained with sweat and it was then I headed for my living quarter, taking special care to not look at the containers where the androids resided. The moment I turned on the showerhead warm water came splashing against my naked form, washing away all my worries and with it, thoughts of the two life-like robots. I immersed myself in the steamy shower and savored the only small resemblance of normal life I was destined to get from now on, my mind drifting back to Kame House and pictured myself using one of the many showers there, with Goku, Roshi, Turtle, and others nearby.

Afterwards I collapsed onto the rickety bed, not caring it was particular comfortable or not with how drained I was. My heavy eyelids closed down on my unfocused eyes but just when I was about to drift away, the unmistakable sound of footsteps coming from outside my room invaded my conscious.

"Is that you Dr. Gero? I have finished all the tasks you have for me!" I shouted unable to help it but to get a bit impatient considering how tired both physically and mentally I was at the point.

Whoever that was didn't answer me immediately and simply came closer to my room which only made me more unease as the footsteps grew louder. I was on the verge of calling out to them again when rules 7 to 9 came to mind and I let out a startled gasp.

"Oh crap oh crap, it's the security robots! I'd better turn off the lights now!" I thought but it was too late, something was already knocking on the door.

"Hey, anybody inside?" came a firm voice and I could clearly make out silhouettes of two individuals by the door.

"Oh...uh...I-I'm just another assistant!" I blurted out and quickly shut off the light.

"Oh, one of those!" it replied.

I watched with wide eyes as the robot retreated. An incalculable amount of hours passed and I stayed up on the bed, listening to the security bots doing their sweeping outside. Sometime into the night, when exactly I don't know, I fell into an uneasy slumber with my muscles stiff and ready to attack should any of the killer robots burst into my room.

Krillin stopped his pen as he leaned back onto his chair and let out a deep sigh, clearly emotionally drained and would most likely had dozed off to sleep, accompanied by the light snoring sound coming from his bed.

No, not yet anyways, I've got to piece everything together while my memory's still fresh!

Deciding it wasn't quite the time to rest yet, the warrior monk left his chair and began stretching his dense muscles. As he loosened his tired limbs and stiff joints, the z-fighter penned his head around his room and caught the sight of one of his guests in tattered clothes lying unconscious on his bed. Just like the writer himself, the figure also had stains of blood all over his cloth and he smelt of dirt and other debris.

Aside from the sight of the male figure, the z-fighter could also hear water splashing against the tiled floor of the restroom across the hallway from his room, the sounds of water droplets drumming against hard surface reminded him of just who was inside the shower and brought him back to life.

Now more determined than ever to finish his tale, Krillin dropped back onto his seat as he began writing away yet again.

I woke up several hours later feeling like I've barely slept at all. The thoughts of some killer robots roaming around next door, ready to fire at any unnatural sound proved to be too much for me to sleep properly. Despite of not at my best though, I was determined to see through till the end of my job.

"Common Krillin, you've been through harder tasks than this. In the end, this all boils down to some lab maintenance work that's all. Sure Dr. Gero might be acting a bit too weird but that's probably just cause he spent the majority of his life inside his lab. It's not like he's a bad guy right? I mean if I were a lone scientist, I'd probably build myself some robots to guard me...oh Krillin, you are such a silly person." I tried desperately to convince myself that my nervousness for the new job was to blame for me thinking ill of the mad scientist and the two androids were well, just robots with no more sentience than vehicles you see on a daily basis.

Little did I know just how things would soon spiral out of control.

With renewed vigor, I threw myself into the tasks, making sure all of Dr. Gero's equipment were polished and in top condition. When the clock clicked 8:00, I proceeded to feed the two androids, this time not bothering to talk to them and merely addressed them by their numbers.

"Open your mouth Eighteen!" I ordered the petite young woman with an indifferent tone, refusing to show my emotion or let myself be persuaded this girl standing in front of me could be anything but a mechanical doll. The moment Eighteen opened her mouth, I put the spoonful of goo past her lips and watched unimpressed as she chewed on the smelly substance.

"It's not like she found it disgusting anyways, just look at her face devoid of all emotion. The thing probably tasted no different to her than a slice of juicy stake." I convinced myself.

Seventeen's breakfast was dealt with more or less the same way with me emptying the jar of goo into him. Afterwards, I pressed the shutdown button on the remote so fast the two barely had anytime to act surprised or anything and placed the wide-eyed androids into the container. Before I shut the doors though, I did something that I hadn't bothered to do the day before and closed their eyelids for them, thinking it wouldn't be all that comfortable to fall sleep with their eyes wide opened even though, well you know, they weren't human and probably didn't know what comfortable felt like.

Lunch for the androids was done without any trouble either with the exception the two appeared to be hesitant when ordered to open their mouths. Shaking my head and in all honesty a bit sorry for the two, I shoved the substance past their lips hastily then put them back to sleep.

Next thing I knew, the completely doll-like Nineteen had climbed up the stairs and began scanning the lab.

"Dr. Gero has told me to check on you. Is everything alright human?" it asked with a robotic tone and while it was talking, I paid special attention to the insides of its mouth, trying to see if it also had human-like tongue and oral cavity.

To my surprise, all I could see were wires and mechanical components.

"Y-yeah everything's good Nineteen, thank you," I replied then an idea came to me. Grabbing another jar of green goo, I approached the obese looking robot and offered it some of the disgusting thing, thinking if it was just like the others, it might need some of this nutritious drink.

"Very funny human, but I'm fully mechanical and don't need any of that stuff! Now let me see the empty jars!" Nineteen ordered and took the six jars into its hands, its mechanical eyes blinking red as it examined the jars. "Good work human!" its body turned 180 and began walking back toward the basement even as its talking head was facing me.

"Fully mechanical? You've gotta be kidding me! Does that mean Seventeen and Eighteen were partially human?" I asked myself feeling rather horrible that I had just fed several spoonful of goo into their mouths.

Feeding the androids, or should I say cyborgs their dinner was much more painful with my fingers quivering violently holding onto the jars. Seventeen and Eighteen, as if sensing my unease, looked at me with more emotion than ever, their pale blue eyes trembling ever so slightly peering into mine.

"It's time for dinner you two." I said in a slightly shaking voice while my head pointed downward, secretly praying to kami that the cyborgs had their taste buds removed or something along those lines, only to get the most shocking response to date.

"P-please..." I heard the voice of a teenage boy and jerked my head upward to face Seventeen's stoic expression, wondering if I had heard it wrong.

"Did, did you say something to me Seventeen?" I asked but the boy didn't utter a word, his lips remained shut and those blue eyes, as hard as they tried, could only stare at me with blank looks. Just as I was about to push the goo into his mouth, I saw Eighteen's lips moved and coming out of it was clear sentence delivered with unquestionable sorrow.

"Please, no more!"

I blinked, then blinked some more all the while my mouth hung agape.

"Please, no more!" this time it was Seventeen with his eyes staring blankly up ahead but his mouth articulating his pained thoughts clearly.

"Please, no more!" came Eighteen this time.

"Please, no more!"

"Please, no more!"

"Please, no more!"

The voices of these two teenage cyborgs reverberated through my head like a wrecking ball knocking on crumbled walls, tormenting and forcing me to cover my ears.

"This is only my second day here, why do you two have to make it so difficult for me? Please it's just my second day here!" I thought and prayed their voices would stop, that they could simply shut up and give me some peace.

"Please, I'm just an assistant here. What do you two want from me? So what if you two used to be human? Now you are just robots!" those horrifying words left me, making my heart sank at what I had just said.

"S-sorry about what I've just said, I don't mean it!" I quickly got up from the ground and faced the two but they had already stopped talking, both sporting those famous stoic expression of theirs except for traces of shock and dare I say, hurt. "Good, thanks you I don't think there's anyway you two would want to eat these right?" I asked dangling the jars in front of them.

They didn't' respond save for the glittering in their eyes that all but convinced me of their reluctance.

" about this then. I'll consume a jar if you two will eat yours, deal?" I didn't know what came over me, but that offering left my mouth before I could stop myself and a wave of regret washed over me.

The androids, no pardon me, cyborgs' eyes widened almost comically at my suggestion, their eyelids twitching somewhat and their lips thinned into a grimace showing they too were dumbfounded at my decision until with barely noticeable nods, the duo gave me their consent.

I sighed in resignation for agreeing to this but also knew that if its taste was as vile as its smell, there was no way I'd be willing to let them eat this crap alone. "Okay then, now as the person who suggested this deal to begin with, I believe I must take the lead." I said and peeled away the lid to one of the containers. Immediately, a disgusting fume filled the air but I knew better than to back down now.

With trembling hands, I scooped up a spoon of the disgusting substance and took a deep breath, trying to lessen the impact of this vile content by blocking my nostrils. The moment the liquid encountered my taste bud; however, all of my defenses failed as the foul taste of industrial fuel spread through my oral cavity and I almost vomited the content out.

"By kami is this for human?" I questioned mentally with one hand covering my mouth and the other holding onto my stomach as I rolled on the ground, doing anything within my power just to make the hellish stench more bearable.

"It's don't have to do it!" the angelic voices of Seventeen and Eighteen came drifting inside my ear and never would I have thought such a simple sentence could sound so relieving. Bolting onto my feet, I rushed into the bathroom and let loose whatever chemical I had just ingested into the toilet.

Needless to say, I couldn't bring myself to feed the cyborgs something so grotesque and instead, merely dumped that already opened jar and another one into the toilet, pretending I had fed them their "dinner". Sleep would prove to be even harder for me that night with faces of Seventeen and Eighteen visiting me in my dreams, making me question their origins and if they had volunteered for the experiment or if they were forced into it.

I woke up early day three determined to change how I do things a bit as by then I honestly couldn't care less how Gero wanted to run things in his lab, even if that meant breaking some rules. Truth being told, I have already scanned around the main lab and couldn't spot any surveillance cameras.

"Guess even someone as mad as Gero wouldn't like to work with cameras above his head or knowing the video footage could possibly leak outside." I thought and proceeded with my plan.

First, I took out two jars of green goo and dumped them into the toilet before placing the empty containers on a tray to give the impression I had fed Seventeen and Eighteen already. Next, I took out some of the food from the kitchen and made myself three sandwiches. Just imagine the look on the cyborgs' faces when I offered them real food that morning. No, it wasn't anything dramatic nor did they thank me, but Seventeen's eyes widened and Eighteen just looked at me questionably, her hands clenching and unclenching obviously not sure what to do.

"Care for some real food?" I asked holding onto the tray of sandwiches like a waiter at a buffet.

The two blinked several more times then reached out for the sandwiches with shaking hands. They held the food in front of them still unsure how to react but I gave them an assured nod, encouraging the two with my smiles and finally, they opened their mouths for a bite.

I don't know if it's possible to describe the facial expression of someone tasting real food for the first time but I'll try nevertheless. The cyborgs' eyes lit up unlike anything I've seem before, the pale blue pigment increased in warmth till they turned aquamarine. Like seawater glistening under the tropical sun, Seventeen and Eighteen's beautiful ocean-colored orbs shined as they sank their teeth into the sandwich and began munching as if the sandwich was the best food they've ever tasted in like forever. Watching their rather over exaggerated expression made me dig into mine too and while it's certainly not bad, I wouldn't put my cooking anywhere above average.

"Poor things, it must've been ages since they've had human food!" I thought observing the two devouring their sandwiches with unquenchable hunger.

After the main course, I took out several chocolate bars from my bag and peeled off the plastic wrappers for them. "Desserts anyone?" I asked thinking if the two were really teenagers turned cyborgs, there's no way they could resist some good old snack bars.

Turned out I was right again with Seventeen biting into the bar while it was still held on my hand, prompting Eighteen to give him a dirty look.

"Thank you!" Eighteen said politely as she reached for the bar. Our fingers made contact briefly and I almost pulled away from hers feeling the spark between us.

"Y-you are welcome!" I replied as she graciously took it and began eating in a much more lady-like manner compare to Seventeen. After all, male cyborgs are boys to begin with and compared to girls, it's only natural for their table manner to be a bit off.

Just like that, my lab assistant job had turned into babysitting two teenagers, making sure they didn't eat too fast or worse, choke on their food.

"Well, I hope you two enjoyed your breakfast but I'm afraid it's nap time." I said taking the plastic wrappers from them and pointed the remote at the pair. Almost immediately, their cheerful expressions faded, replaced by the look of dread that was always present in their eyes during the shutdowns but this time it was much more pronounced.

"C-can you not put us to sleep?" Eighteen asked with puppy dog eyes and Seventeen nodded eagerly.

"Sorry you two, but I've already broke several rules today by emptying the jars and then feeding you two human food. B-besides, I can never be sure when will Dr. Gero and Nineteen come to check on me. I'm telling you two I'm risking a lot just by going this far!" I pleaded, my eyes met theirs in a small reluctant staring contest as if both parties were trying to guilt the other into seeing their point.

"I see...but then again there's no way for that sick bastard to know we are awake as long as we stand inside the container right?" Eighteen reasoned with narrowed eyes.

"Y-yeah, just like what sister said. We will stand motionless inside the container so don't put us to sleep!" Seventeen chimed in.

I was actually pretty impressed by the idea Eighteen came up with until I noticed what Seventeen had just said.

"Wait, sister? Are you two siblings?" I inquired.

"That's right, we are twins." The male cyborg stated proudly.

"Yeah, and I'm the elder sibling!" his female counterpart quickly added cheekily much to her brother's annoyance who shot her a disproving glance.

"Only by an hour stupid sis, we are practically the same age!" the younger twin retorted.

"Whatever you say youngster. Anyways, like what I was saying, we'll gladly stay inside the container but just don't shut us down. I want to experience what it's like to remain awake for an entire day!"

Hearing Eighteen's request delivered in such human-like fashion and her sibling nodding so eagerly melted my already soft heart and reluctantly, I gave them my consent.

"Okay, but not a movement okay? I need you two to be perfectly still otherwise we will all be history!" I said and the two gave each other energetic high-fives.

"Great! Now quickly shut us inside the containers!" Eighteen stated urgently before strolling into the metal pod with a small smile. Seventeen meanwhile was acting like he could barely contain his excitement as he jogged into the metal box like he was going on a picnic.

Just as I was about to close the door, Seventeen suddenly popped a question that almost made me ask if I was being too nice. "Say, can you give me one of those chocolate bars? I'd like to chew on one while I am inside."

I rose my eyebrow but decided to oblige the teenage boy as he stuffed a handful of bars into his pocket then made my way to the sister.

"It's okay, I don't really want any." Eighteen stated with fears in her eyes but nevertheless I still gave her several bars.

"It's alright Eighteen, these should keep you occupy during your boredom." I replied and was rewarded with a radiant smile that looked nothing like a robot's.

I think it goes without saying that by the time Nineteen came up the ladders to check on us, I was feeling way more nervous than previous inspections, knowing I had broken several rules and praying the cyborgs could just stand still in their container.

"I see you've done your job nicely human! Dr. Gero will be pleased to hear that you've carried out his instructions to the letter." The obese pale as heck robot stated with that undeniably robotic voice as it picked up the tray of empty jars. While the robot was bending downward, my peripheral vision caught Seventeen flipping Nineteen the bird, which he quickly retracted the moment Nineteen stood back up.

I then waited for several minutes after Nineteen went downstairs before opening the door for the cyborg twins and the two left their containers, panting heavy for breath.

"Man, you won't believe how bad the air quality was inside." Seventeen complained and his sister nodded, patting him on the back trying to help him with his breathing.

"So, are you two ready for lunch now?" I asked bringing out another tray of meat and vegetable stacked in between bread bums and the two happily downed the food.

We ended up having a small picnic of sorts in the lab with me constantly straining my ear to hear if anyone's coming up to check on us. To be honest, although I was sure I had a pretty good time table of when would #19 come to check on us, there was no telling of where those night security bots emerged from and if they could be nearby so all the while I was breaking rules for these two, I had to be on constant alert.

"You have no idea how good it felt to be eating real food." Eighteen said chewing on the burger just like any human girl with drops of beef juice dripping down her lips.

"Yeah, like I'm totally done with eating that goo. I think they also work as mind controlling devices that kept us in line." Seventeen added licking his finger full of gravy.

"Well, I'm happy to help you two but be prepared, I'll only be here for a week and afterwards, Gero might start feeding you two that goo again." I said regrettably, causing the twins to frown. "Anyways, how did the two of you end up here anyways? You two were humans right?" I asked unable to help it but to bring up the subject since I need to hear the answer from them.

Eighteen crossed her arms in front of her chest and her lips pouted hearing the inquiry while Seventeen stood up angrily from his seat. "Of course I'm a human! Me and my sister have lives of our own before getting converted into this...this monstrosity you know?" the teenage boy shouted angrily, his voice reverberating throughout the cave causing the rocky walls to tremble.

In that instant I froze as did Eighteen who quickly covered her brother's mouth. We stood there like deer caught in headlights, too afraid to move least we made any more noises

Sure enough, our biggest fear came true as sounds of someone ascending the ladders drifted into our ears. Knowing there was no time to spare, I hurried the two cyborgs back to their pods and shut the doors as silent as possible. I then rushed back to our picnic table and began stuffing excessive food back into the fridge.

No sooner had I done all that did a strong cold grasp landed on my shoulder. "Care to explain what that was about human?" Nineteen asked coldly behind me, its grip sinking into my flesh and despite of my well-hone body capable of withstanding much more pressure than ordinary human, crushing pain still shot through my body.

"I-I'm sorry. I must have gotten carried away while having some fun!" I said with gritted teeth.

"Be careful human. Dr. Gero hired you to do your job and not to fool around. Fool around one more time and I'll execute you as if you've broken a rule!" it stated then loosened its grip just as I began to feel my bones cracking; causing me to drop onto the floor with cold sweats breaking throughout my body.

The fat bastard then made its way toward the twins' containers and gave the two a hard stare. To my relief, the cyborgs appeared to have mastered the art of staying perfectly still and maintaining blank stares without moving a muscle. Finally satisfied, the obese robot went downstairs but not before pointing a finger at a wall nearby and fired an energy beam at it, leaving a smoking hole and warning me that's what will happen to me should I screw up again.

"Are you alright? I didn't mean it I swear!" Seventeen opened the container and rushed toward me after Nineteen had disappeared into the hole.

"Y-yeah, I think I'll live thanks." I said holding onto the raven-haired cyborg for support as he helped me back onto my feet. At that moment with me leaning against his shoulder, I heard his breathing clearly and knew the boy was telling the truth.

"Now look at what you've done brother!" Eighteen smacked her sibling on the back of his head angrily before turning her head to meet me, her crystal blue eyes shining with warmth, showing no less emotion than any of my friends.

"Hey, it's really alright, thanks you two," I lied through gritted teeth as I tried rotating my bruised shoulder. "By the way, did you two see that energy beam? You two don't think you can do that can you?" I asked curiously. After all, they were cyborgs with designated numbers so strictly speaking, the duo should be capable of such a feat.

They exchanged defeated looks before turning toward me. "We can but not in our current condition," Seventeen began.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked before letting out a gasp as I recalled rule 1.

"You've activated us with type 1 activation, which severely limited our energy output and emotion. That's why we woke up acting like robots before you gave us something that reminded us of our human selves," Eighteen explained. Lifting her finger, she too pointed at the rocky wall but only minor electricity came out of her fingertips.

"For us to use our full power, you need to awaken us using type 2 activation." Seventeen finished the explanation for his sister.

"I-I don't think I have the code with me unfortunately." I said apologetically.

"No, it's okay, we don't want you to try it anyways. It's too risky. Only Gero has it." The male cyborg replied.

"Well, wherever that is I'm sure I can find it somehow cause we are getting out of here for sure!" I declared, my seasoned warrior past coming back full time ready to do what must be done and the cyborgs faces lit up seeing a ray of hope.

Before I got too carried away with my emotion though, my mind drifted back to the container labelled #16 and wondered if he too used to be a human just like the others.

"Hey, have you two ever met Sixteen?" I asked looking at the android with an orange Mohawk.

Seventeen and Eighteen gave each other a long look before shaking their heads. "No, it's always remained inside the container for as long as I could recall." Seventeen said.

That day, I ended up letting the cyborg twins stay up all day until roughly 22:30 when it was time for me to head for my living quarter. The cyborgs, as if reading my mind, climbed back into their chambers with a sad but resolute look staring at me with the remote in hand.

"Thanks for everything you've done for us today!" the beautiful blonde woman known as Eighteen said before she surprised me yet again. "What's your name? I'd like to know the man I'm working with," she asked.

"I'm Krillin, Krillin Chestnut pleased to meet you!" I responded before taking off my wig, showing my bald dotted head that glistened under the fluorescent light. "And I'm a warrior monk of my words so I'll definitely try to get us out of here!"

The raven-haired cyborg's eyes widened and his mouth twisted into a grin. "Wow, a kung-fu monk heh? I've always wanted to meet one of you in real life!" he stated and proceeded to strike a few inaccurate fighting poses he had not doubt picked up from the movies.

The blonde cyborg girl rolled her eyes at her brother's antiques. "Very funny bro, and who would've thought we'd both become franklin stein monsters?" she spat definitely not getting the joke.

Seventeen looked at his sister no doubt feeling a bit down but like a teenage boy, he seemed to be full of hope and wasn't about to let his more serious-minded sister get the better of him and fired some retorts back. Meanwhile I was standing on the sidelines enjoying this adorable sibling interaction but at the same time I knew it was too early to get carried away.

"I'll see you two the next day okay? Sorry but I really have to shut you two down now!" I asked and with two reluctant nods from the cyborgs, clicked the remote that saw their beautiful sapphire eyes lose their life.

Once again I have taken away their freedom, their lives and the only source of comfort I had was my vague promise of breaking out.

That night, all I could think about were Seventeen and Eighteen trapped in their prison and how to rescue them. The noises of the night security robots could be heard coming from outside and once or twice, something banged against my door asking me if it could get more alcohol or if I had found its baseball hat but I ignored them all. All I could think about was an escape plan, knowing full well I had to find a way for all three, well possibly four of us if we count Sixteen too, to get out of there alive.

Krillin stopped his writing briefly to take a much-needed break. In front of him stood a window and through the glass panels, he could tell the sun was beginning to rise up, signaling the dawn of a new day.

The sunlight eventually reached the person sleeping on Krillin's bed, revealing a raven-haired youth, his eyelids closing tightly as the bright sunrays illuminated his boyish face. Cradled in his arms was what looked like a decapitated head and on it few drops of tears that glistened under the morning lighting.

The sound of water splashing had also diminished, replacing it was the cheerful humming of a female, her voice bringing a smile to the warrior monk's face, a remainder something good had resulted from his adventure, one which he was about to finish describing.

I sprang out of my room not long after 5:00, staying just a bit longer after the security robots were done with their patrol. Tiptoeing down the main lab, I walked past Seventeen and Eighteen who were both in stasis only this time, there was a soft smile across their faces and their eyes were closed in a peaceful manner.

"Just a bit longer you two, but there's something I must do before awaking you guys. Wish me success friends!" I muttered quietly then made my way toward the hole leading to the basement.

But why the basement you may ask? Surely there's nothing worthwhile inside Gero's hidden lair right? Well I'd like to think otherwise since after searching through the entire main lab, there wasn't a trace of activation 2 codes to be found, let alone Sixteen's activation code. Besides, what better time was there than right after the robots had finished sweeping the laboratory? After all, when the enemy felt the most secure was when they let their guards down and therefore the best time to act. So off I went, into the sublevel of this mad scientist's lair.

The entire basement was devoid of lighting and it took me several seconds to adjust my vision. At first all I saw were rocky surfaces and boulders but as I ventured deeper into the basement, I began to pickup mechanical beeping sounds.

Slowly but surely, the flickers of light came into view and it wasn't long before I found myself staring at what appeared to be a giant computer that also happened to have several mechanical claws. Right beneath the computer stood the fat clown robot and three other individuals, one of them a purple skinned midget wearing a large green hat, the other one a pale skinned muscular male sporting a ponytail, and the last person a silver-haired guy wearing a cap.

"So those three must be the security robots responsible for scanning the lab at night! By kami, they all looked much tougher than that Nineteen!" I thought all the while continuing to search for Dr. Gero, who had been missing since day one.

Eventually my question regarding the missing mad doc would be answered in the most surprising way. In front of the four androids was an operation table and, you guessed it, lying on it was Dr. Gero himself, only this time his body looked to be slightly more muscular and there were wires protruding from his joints.

"Crazy fool, so he has decided to turn himself into a cyborg!" I thought, stealthily making my way toward the doctor, my eyes scanning for any lab codes and blue prints.

Thankfully, there was a desk a bit further from Dr. Gero's operation table and on it were several documents. Reaching my hand over the elevated surface, I took the documents and began looking for anything along the lines of activation code. Turned out I would find something even better as I stared at Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen's blue prints and on it not only were there activation codes but also detailed description of the cyborgs' components.

My heart literally skipped a beat and my entire body frozen solid looking at what looked like a bomb in their blue prints, the sense of fear was soon replaced by white hot anger for the cyborgs.

Not only had Gero took away their lives, but he even installed bombs just so he could blackmail them into doing whatever he want them to do!

Part of me wanted nothing more than to toss a destructo disc at the doctor still in operation and end his life right then and there but the mental image of my closest friends and their altruistic nature stopped me in my tracks.

I have better things to do.

By sitting cross-legged and closing my eyes, I was able to clear my thoughts even while my enemies were close by and regained my composure. No sooner had I cooled my nerves though, the voice of Dr. Gero resonated through the cave.

"I-is it done? Have I ascended my humanity and become an android?" the doctor said as he sat up on the operation table, his voice much more robotic than that of his human self but those unnerving steely glance remained the same. They were the eyes of someone ready to take lives without hesitation and I was foolish enough to not pick that up during our first encounter.

"Yes Dr. Gero, your conversion is complete!" Nineteen announced as it gave the mad scientist a bow as did the three other androids.

The newly-converted cyborg didn't answer his subordinates immediately, preferring to check himself up and down, marveling in his own glory. Once the madman was done admiring himself, he extended one of his arms and spread his fingers wide in a pose akin to someone ready to fire an energy blast and that was exactly what he did as he shot a beam of yellow energy from his palm, incinerating a nearby boulder.

"Excellent, now I shall carry out my revenge against Goku and his gang of z-fighters! They will pay for what they have done to the Red Ribbon Army!" he proclaimed loudly but by then I was already darting toward the ladders upstairs with the blueprints in hand, not even allowing this scary revelation of the doctor's plan to halt my pace.

I quickly awakened the cyborg twins with a steady hand but this time, the siblings peeled opened their eyelids revealing a pair of crimson eyes that were quite unlike anything I've seem before. Furthermore, despite of me unable to sense artificial energy, my skin with its acute senses picked up strong air vibrations, the super-charged air molecules colliding against my muscles, telling me just how much stronger they were now.

"Seventeen, Eighteen, can you two hear me?" I eyed the two with both awe and unmasked wariness, secretly praying to kami high up on the lookout they hadn't forgotten about me.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to find out the state of mind of these cyborgs before Gero and his cohorts rushed up the stairs; however, and soon found myself surrounded by five androids all ready to pounce on me.

"Ahh KC, I see you've broken rule one of my rule book you little weasel! I don't know how, but your dumb looking face belied the sly trickster beneath!" Gero stated with gritted teeth while the rest of his robots snickered. "Ahh well, from another perspective you've saved me the trouble of having to awaken them myself and from the looks of it, my little puppets were as obedient as ever. Now we shall make our presence be known to the entire world!" the mad scientist stated triumphantly, seemingly having forgotten about my presence as he turned his back toward me, no doubt thinking no mere human could inflict any damage on him in his new android body.

Taking this perfect opportunity, I threw a powerful punch at the doctor's neck, determined to cripple him while he had his back turned toward me. I don't care how strong he was, with my fighting ability, which should have far surpassed that of the Ginyu Forces by now, there was no way a blow to his unguarded back wouldn't be of any effect.

To my surprise, Eighteen's hand quickly grabbed hold of my fist and pulled me into a strangle hold. The petite woman may not look much, but I swore I've never been subdued by someone of such strength in my life ever. Not even Frieza, the intergalactic tyrant and boss of the aforementioned Ginyu Force possessed as much power as Eighteen did.

"Ahh good, thank you Android Eighteen for restraining this pest for me!" Gero cackled turning his attention toward me once more and before I knew it, he had slapped me across the face, drawing blood.

"Pretty impressive isn't she?" the doctor asked as he shifted his inhuman glance toward the blonde cyborg, "not even in my wildest dream could I imagine gaining the skills to turn a pitiful delinquent into the killing machine she is now! I mean really, normal humans would kill to obtain magnificent strength she now possess!" he finished triumphantly, his wrinkled fingers, which for some reason remained ancient-looking even after being converted into a cyborg, stroke through Eighteen's silky hair.

I had far exceeded my boiling point by then and thoughts of getting out of there alive was the least of my concerns. All I wanted was to get back at the doctor one way or another. "You didn't give them strength, you took away their humanity and freedom! No one would volunteer to get turned into mindless killers!" I screamed, earning myself a gut punch that nearly turned my insides out.

"Whatever you say human, I don't have all day to waste on the likes of you! Android Eighteen, I want you to kill this maggot and make it clean you hear? An energy blast through his neck should suffice! The last thing I want is brain matters splattered all over my lab!" he said in a stone cold voice devoid of any emotion, even anger. It was as if killing was natural to him.

Despite my best efforts, no matter how hard I struggled, Eighteen's iron grip on me was too strong for me and I remained there locked in a debilitating hold.

"Curses! Is this how I am about to go out? Getting offed execution style by a cyborg girl I tried to save?" I thought with my eyes shut close, images of my life flashing before me, my early days of being bullied at Orin temple, me training with my best friend Goku and Master Roshi, my first time holding Gohan, the offspring of my bestie, the fierce battles on Planet Namek all went through my head in less than a second as I prepared myself for my inevitable fate.

"Don't worry Krillin, I haven't forgotten about you. Sorry but I can't afford to let you attack Gero. There's no way you could've survived his retaliation!" a soft lips whispered into my ears and awakened me from my tectonic state.

"Eighteen?" I whispered feeling sliver of hope mounting inside me.

"Yeah I'm me and Seventeen's with us too. We'll launch an attack at them on my mark!" she answered apologetically, her grips loosened around me and even used her sleeves to brush some blood off my face.

By now, Gero and his androids had already turned their backs against the three of us and were walking toward the entrance. Without making a sound, Seventeen and Eighteen both raised their palms at our enemies, their hands beginning to glow green and pink respectively with strong electric current coursing through their limbs. I had also took up a fighting stance and began gathering energy on my palm as a pale blue orb appeared between my fingertips, causing my cyborg companions to look at me in awe.

We released our combined attacks at the same time to devastating results. Seventeen's spring green energy bolt decapitated the purple-skinned android and continued to travel forward, knocking down the big steely door while Eighteen's pulsating pink blast blew a hole in the ponytailed android's midsection, revealing his wires. My Kamehameha blast struck home too and took out one of Nineteen's arms, the same arm that grabbed me the other day actually.

"What the hell were you two thinking Seventeen and Eighteen? Have you both gone mad?" Gero shouted, his eyes almost bulging out of his mechanical socket akin the same manner he got angry when he was fully human.

"That's for putting us to sleep and forcing those crap down our throats old man!" Seventeen shouted and continued to let loose a barrage of blasts, his projectiles inching toward Gero who regrettably was being protected by both Nineteen and the cap-wearing android.

Meanwhile the headless midget robot and giant bot with a hole in his stomach looked like they weren't done yet and got up, ready to face us but Eighteen shot a penetrating beam that carved the big guy in half while I launched several of my destructo discs at the now even shorter android, slicing him into pieces.

"T-The hell? I've seem that technique before! Don't tell me you are Krillin?" Gero's beet red complexion took on an even vibrant shade as if he was about to suffer a heart attack and to fasten his demise, I yanked off my wig, revealing my cleanly shaven dotted head.

"That's right, KC stands for Krillin Chestnut you fool!" I taunted and threw another disc at Dr. Gero, my projectile managed to sneak its way past the madman's bodyguards and cleaved off one of his mechanical arms.

The three of us continued to hurl energy attacks at our pinned down enemies, causing dust to cover the entire place not to mention shaking up the cave as walls began to crumble. Despite our advantage though, I could see from Gero's steely eyes he still had some kind of trump card inside his sleeves which was exactly what he unleashed next.

"Thirteen! I authorize you to absorb androids Fourteen and Fifteen!" ee shouted.

The cap wearing android's eyes flashed red as it abandoned its defensive stance and stretched its arms out, baring its chest. To my surprise, pieces of the two downed androids began glowing as they floated in midair then, as if pulled in by Thirteen, sank into its skin.

The previously muscular but lean android let out an earth-shattering roar as it began to grow in size, its skin slowly turning blue while the silver mane on its head all but turned orange.

"W-what is that thing?" Seventeen exclaimed but neither he nor his sister stopped firing at the now gargantuan robot, not that they inflicted any dent on the monstrosity who shrugged off the blasts akin to swatting off flies.

"Yes, that's it Super Thirteen, teach those traitors what it was like to betray me! No, start with that Krillin!" Gero roared, his finger pointing straight at me.

I could see my own shocked expression reflecting off Super Thirteen's yellowish eyes and the next thing I knew, it was in front of me, its muscular frame towering over me and cutting off all escape routes. I watched as it's oversized gloved fist flew toward me but just as it was about to connect, a blonde shadow crushed into me knocking me off its path.

"Ahh!" a loud shriek pierced my eardrums and all I could do was watching in horror at Eighteen's body getting tossed across the rocky floor.

"Eighteen, are you alright?" I tried to chase after her but the beast was more agile than it looked as it grabbed hold of my ankle and tossed into a crater I dug with my body.

Body-shattering pain rocketed through my frame and I tasted iron in my mouth. As I forcibly peeled open my eyelids that both weighed several tons, all I could see were crimson liquids.

Blood, I was coughing out blood more than anticipated. Slowly, I tried to lift myself up from the floor but all of my bones ached badly. Through my now obscured vision, I could make out the two cyborgs engaging in a fierce fight with the near unstoppable Super Thirteen and were losing badly, their cries reaching my ear none stop, threatening to take away my sanity with the amount of anguish in them.

"I-I have to do something quick otherwise we are all toasted...," I remember myself thinking those dire thoughts as I looked around the lab for anything that could tilt the balance of power.

Then it hit me, rule ten, Gero's warning against waking up Sixteen, saying something along the lines of dooming the world should it awaken. I began debating with myself whether to activate this Sixteen. What if waking it up really lead to the end of the world? Or perhaps Gero was merely talking about how Sixteen will end his life?

Either way I managed to drag my limp body to the container marked #16, punched in the codes, and watched with anticipation as the Mohawk android risen from its slumber.

"By Commander Red you have got to be shitting me! Just how many rules do you plan on breaking? All of them?" Dr. Gero's wide grin reverted to sheer horror as he warily eyed the green giant climbing out of its container.

The doctor's scream apparently had put a pause to the battle as Super Thirteen stopped its attack on Eighteen who was getting pummeled, her brother the poor Seventeen laid battered on the ground, his hands grasping Thirteen's feet tightly despite having apparently passed out.

At first Sixteen merely stood there as it scanned the environment until its eyes stopped on the cyborg twin's sorry state and its eyes narrowed. It was then I knew I had made the right call. This Sixteen could be trusted.

"Super Thirteen, change of plans, I want you to take out Sixteen first! We can deal with the three pests later!" I heard Gero's order but was too injured to observe the ensuing battle.

Instead, my attention drifted toward Seventeen and Eighteen as I slowly limped toward the two. Every step I took cost me all of my strength but I ignored the pain and soldiered on, finally reaching Eighteen who was trying to revive her brother.

"Common bro, you have got to hang in there!" I saw her grasping onto his limp body tightly, the corner of her eyes red as if fighting back tears while her voice quivering just like any other sibling caring for her brother. If anyone wanted proof of these two's humanity, here it was, laid bare for all to see. Gently, I placed a hand on her shivering shoulder and the cyborg turned toward me with much anguish in her eyes.

"Krillin, Seventeen's" her sobs were drowning out her words.

"I-it's okay Eighteen! Here, take this!" I took out two senzu beans and her eyebrows furrowed, no doubt wondering what kind of fool I was to offer them useless beans at such crucial moment, "these beans will instantly heal anyone's injury, here, let Seventeen have some." I explained.

The senzu beans lived up to their names as I watched the dying cyborg suddenly sprang into life sporting a bewildered face. The twins exchanged weird looks then back at me and I nodded, giving them a reassuring smile. Eighteen was the next one to ingest the bean and as if graced by magic, her exhausted expression livened up. Unfortunately, I had only brought two beans with me and had to carry on without one, only managing to stand up with Seventeen and Eighteen carrying me on their shoulders.

The cyborgs recovered just in time too, seeing Super Thirteen was beginning to overpower Sixteen and then in a gruesome move, it had blasted through Sixteen's body, leaving the android's insides flying through the air.

Amidst the debris, my eyes were able to identify something I had seem on the blueprints and my eyes widened at our chance out of here.

"Seventeen, Eighteen, grab Sixteen and let's get out of here!" I shouted.

"But..." they were hesitant seeing Super Thirteen probably wouldn't let us off easily.

"Just do as I say, I have a plan!" I yelled.

Seventeen was the first one to move as he darted toward what was left of Sixteen and gathered the android in his arms while Eighteen carried me by my shoulder. Gero, Nineteen, and Super Thirteen all stared at us puzzled but before they could do anything, I aimed at Sixteen's detonation device right next to the blue-skinned android and fired.

Gero's petrified glance followed the blast and he tried to intercept it but it was all in vain. Bright light blinded my vision as an explosion engulfed the three below, incinerating them in seconds.

The four of us weren't safe from the explosion either, as shockwaves crashed against us, threatening to knock the two cyborgs from the air. Numerous times I felt like I was about to slip from Eighteen's shoulder but she held firmly onto my broken body. The last thing I saw before fading to unconscious were her worried eyes glancing back at me.

I woke up hours later surprisingly on my bed. Apparently, Seventeen and Eighteen had managed to sneak into Kame House without Roshi knowing anything.

His hand was still still moving feverously when a pair of arms wrapped around his neck, his vision partially covered by the sudden appearance of silky golden locks that made the identity of this attacker all but crystal clear.

"Eighteen, good to see you are back! How was the shower?" he asked with droopy eyes and the cyborg girl responded with a radiant smile.

"I couldn't have felt better thanks! You have no idea how many months it's been since I've taken a proper bath!" she said gently.

The two looked at each other lovingly, the visuals of each other reflecting off their eyes while their lips drew closer, only to be interrupted by a loud yawn that caused the two to pull apart.

"Hey you two, what's happening?" Seventeen sat up from the mattress, his hands lazily rubbing his eyes. "Oh, you are done showering heh sis? Mind if I use it now Krillin?"

The warrior monk did the one thing he would to a fellow friend and gestured the cyborg male to do as he wish. Before Seventeen left the room though, he walked toward Krillin as if ready to give him a high-five but changed his mind at the last second as he looked at the story before him, his expression transforming from intrigued to embarrassed at what the monk had written down.

"Ex-excuse me? Do I look that girly to you?" the raven-haired cyborg complained with pouting lips.

"Oh common brother, just hit the shower will you? You stink!" his blonde counterpart said playfully giving his back a smack.

"That sounds like a good idea, can I join you too?" an unfamiliar voice came from the bed and the trio turned their heads to Sixteen's Mohawk head staring at them, the android was wearing a smile despite of its state, earning it some heartfelt cheers.

"Sorry Sixteen, but I'm afraid I'll be taking the shower on my own. I don't think you are waterproof at this moment anyways. Thanks for the assist though buddy! We owe you one!" Seventeen stated as he left the room, leaving Sixteen to look at him disapprovingly with a raised eyebrow.

Soon, cheerful singsong voice filled the second floor, livening the room now basked in pinkish glow.

"So, what's on your mind genius?" Eighteen asked taking a seat next to Krillin, her platinum blonde hair glistening under the sun and her entrancing jeweled eyes sharing the same color as the warm ocean water below, the combined attraction of her facial features almost made the warrior monk pass out from her beauty.

"We-well..." he stuttered unable to help himself.

"Well?" the cyborg girl asked leaning closer.

"W-well, I-I t-t-think we should visit B-Bulma's place. We'll get Sixteen fixed up and help you and Seventeen remove your bombs."

Facing the z-fighter's cute stuttering, all the cyborg girl could do was to hold a hand over her mouth and chuckle lightly.

Krillin, always so considerate of us even though you've just met me and Seventeen not too long ago!

Staring at the shorter human now blushing like mad with her cat-like eyes, Eighteen leaned closer and closer, shortening the distance between them until their faces were right next to each other then planted her lips against his cheeks.

"Thanks Krillin, that sounds like a great idea!"

A/N: I know Halloween has already passed but I just have to get this story out there. Hope you all enjoyed this rather weird os. To be honest, it was pretty awkward to write in first person but at the same time I felt I was able to get more out in a shorter amount of time considering how easy it was to write in regular dialogue and not having to worry so much about sentence structure and stuff. Anyhow glad to get this off my chest, it's been bothering me for a while now and I hope you all get to enjoy yourselves reading this rather unconventional story.