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It was a normal day for the members of Fairy Tail. Some were eating, others drinking, a few were in a guild brawl. Our resident celestial mage could be found talking with our resident she-demon at the bar.

"So Lucy, what are you and Natsu going to do for your one year anniversary?"

"I don't know Mira. Natsu hasn't shown that he's remembered or anything."

"Don't worry, he may not be the brightest but he's probably planning something, or he has someone helping him." Mira chuckled. "With him who knows."

"Yeah." Said Lucy softly.

Mira looked at her softly. The guild doors slammed open and both girls jumped at the noise. They looked towards the doors and saw Gajeel walking in with a sour look on his face.

"Hey! Metal head!" Shouted Lucy. "There was no need to slam the doors open."

"Tch." Said Gajeel. "Have either of you seen shrimp?" Both girls shook their heads. "I stopped by her dorm because she told me to meet her there but her scent was faint. Like she hasn't been there in a while."

"Maybe she's at the guild library?" Suggested Mira.

"Doesn't smell like it. I can smell her scent here but it's faint." Gajeel said as he walked towards where Levy scent was strongest. "Smells like she's down there in one of the storage rooms."

"Now what is she doing there?" Wondered Mira, suddenly having a bad feeling.

"Flame breath is there too. I can smell his scent heading that way."

"Oh! Maybe Natsu asked Levy for help Lucy!" Mira said excited. "Let's go find out."

Both Gajeel and Lucy looked at each other skeptically, but didn't have a choice until Mira grabbed both their wrists and pulled them along with her. As they drew nearer to the storage room where Gajeel can smell them both strongly, suddenly you could hear faint noises. The closer they got, the louder it was.

"Shh Levy," panted a voice, "you...mmm..don't want...ugh...any of the dragon slayers to hear."

Gajeel's eyes suddenly widened as he smelled familiar scents coming from the room. Both Mira and Lucy were confused.

"Sorry...ahh...Natsu," moaned Mira and Lucy's eyes widened and tears started forming in her eyes as she looked at Gajeel who looked ready to explode by the glare he was giving the door. "I...mmm...can't...ah shit...help it. You feel so good in me."

"You feel amazing wrapped around me Levy. Lucy hasn't let me have sex with her. She says she wants to wait."

"Gajeel, hasn't touched me since the first time we got together. I can't wait anymore. Plus you feel so much better." Moaned Levy.

Suddenly you could hear skin slapping harder. Lucy looked towards Gajeel who was looking at her. Hurt in his eyes, but anger is being displayed more prominently. Gajeel could see how hurt Lucy is and that angered him more.

I don't know what's pissing me off more, the fact that someone I love and consider a possible mate is cheating on me or the fact that Natsu, who preaches all about not hurting his nakama and shit is hurting the one woman who doesn't deserve to be hurt any further.

Mira looked at both Lucy and Gajeel. She's confused as to what to do. She's both upset that two of her nakama's are hurting and royally pissed at Natsu and Levy. But her mind was made up with what was heard next.

"Oh, yes, right there!" Screamed Levy. "Right there! Ahh!" She orgasmed.

"Oh, fuck, you feel so good and tight!" Moaned Natsu loudly. "I'm cumming!" He screamed as he orgasmed after Levy.

"That's it!" Said Mira loudly, but not loud enough to be heard by the two occupants in the room. "What is going on here!?" Mira shouted as she slammed the door opened and stomped in.

Gajeel grabbed Lucy's wrist and went inside the room with her. She struggled slightly, but she knew she had to see for herself what was going on.

How could they do this to us? Cried Lucy internally. Both my best friend and boyfriend having sex together.

Both inhabitants of the room jumped away from each other and scrambled to grab their clothes. Not all of the clothes were off since they were in the guild, but Natsu pulled up his pants and grabbed his discarded vest while Levy quickly put on her bra and panties and brought up the sleeves to zip in the back and brought the the hem of the dress to cover her hips and butt. Both quickly went to fix their hair.

"It's not what it looks like!" Shouted Natsu.

"Gajeel! Lu-chan! It's not what it seems!" Defended Levy at the same time.

"So Levy," growled Gajeel lowly, Levy flinched, "all that moaning and how Natsu feels good isn't what it seems? The slapping of his dick going in and out of your cunt isn't what it seems? Natsu saying that Lucy still hasn't choose to fuck him ISN'T WHAT IT SEEMS!?"

Everyone in the room flinched at how loud Gajeel has gotten. Lucy whimpered and went to hide behind him while Mira choose to stand next to him glaring at both Natsu and Levy. Both Levy and Natsu tried to talk but they were interrupted by Lucy.

"Why Natsu?" Whispered softly. If they both flinched from Gajeel shouting, Lucy's whisper felt like they were both being crucified. "Is it because I didn't want to have sex with you? Is it because I'm not attractive enough? Is it because you don't love me anymore?"

"Lucy…" whispered Mira.

"Luce its not—" Natsu started to say, but was interrupted by Gajeel.

"Bunny girl don't even say that." He growled. "Anyone would be happy to have you as a girlfriend. You are attractive. So don't go assuming it's because you're not. You are. These two fucks" at that Natsu and Levy flinched again, "just choose to forget that they had significant others. Apparently their love was fake."

"Gajeel! I do love you!" Shouted Levy. Trying to step closer to him, but he backed up so she stopped.

"Some love. If this is how you prove it then I don't want it and bunny girl doesn't need it. We trusted you two. Well guess what," said Gajeel glaring at them both, "consider yourselves single. Shack up all you want. We don't want anything to do with either of you!"

"You can't decide for Luce!" Shouted Natsu, stepping forward trying to reach Lucy, but both Gajeel and Mira stepped closer together to prevent him from reaching her. "Why do you care about Lucy anyways? Levy is your girlfriend."

"Ex-girlfriend starting now. Also the reason I care about un y girl is because she's been through so much, has sacrificed so much, and she still remained strong. She forgave me for my fuck up and I won't let either of you hurt her anymore. Or me for that matter. We're done."


"No Natsu." Stated Lucy sternly. "We're done. Gajeel is right." She hiccuped. "Consider yourself and Levy single. I hope your affair was worth losing your significant other and your best friend." She said looking at them as her tears fell. "Let's go Mira, Gajeel."

Once more Gajeel grabbed her wrist gently and pulled her out of the room with Mira following behind. He let go and she whimpered, but soon stopped as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into comfort him the best way he knew how.

Hmm, there may be something there, but with the stab in the back that will probably be pushed back. Oh well, now we just wait and see what happens next.

All three walked out of the hallway to see that the whole guild was staring in their direction. Some murmuring on what could've happened while the other two dragon slayers had looks of concern on them. Both Wendy and Laxus had adopted Lucy as kin and had warned Natsu to treat her right. They heard Gajeel better than the other members and knew what happened. Wendy was crying and Laxus was standing beside with a hard look on his face and his hand on her shoulder. Lucy took one look at Laxus and ran to him. He opened his arms and brought her into a deep hug to muffle her sons. Gajeel ruffled Wendy's head trying to calm her down. Rushes footsteps could be heard coming from the hallway all three vacated just moments ago.

"Lucy! Please! Let me explain. We can work this out."

"Gajeel," said Levy.

"No shrimp. We're done." Members gasped and started to whisper while listening attentively. "What you and Natsu did was inexcusable. I was going to talk to you about being my mate since you were a possible mate, but with this that tie is broken. I don't want you coming anywhere near me or bunny girl for that matter." He said with a fierce glare.



"No." She said fiercely as she turned around in Laxus' arms. The members gasped as they saw the amount of pain her eyes held. "Natsu we're done. Thank you for the amazing gift you gave me on our one year anniversary. I've always wanted to see you fucking my best friend while we were going out. Levy, it's nice knowing what you thought of our friendship. My best friend fucking around with my boyfriend." Lucy put énfasis on best friend and boy friend. The rest of the members glared. Erza and Gray's glares the fiercest along with Happy's. "We're done. Both our relationship and friendship. Hope it was worth it. Like Gajeel said, don't come to us. We don't want anything to do with you both. Laxus, take me home please."

Laxus nodded, motioned for the Thunder God tribe to follow, picked up Lucy bridal style and walked out the guildhall. For once, no one stopped them and no one said a word. The silence deafening in the building.

"Natsu!" Growled two sets of voices. "You're dead."

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