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With their conversation coming to an end, they both walked out of the office and went back to what they were doing.

It had been two weeks since the guild last saw Crime Sorciere and two weeks since they saw Gajeel and Lucy. Both decided to go on a mission together and left the same day Crime Sorciere we're leaving. Levy had come back to the guild the day after they had left. She quickly noticed their disappearance and asked Mira about it.

"Gajeel had found a mission that was perfect for the both of them. They left yesterday."

With just that Levy had spent the rest of the days in the corner table glowering. Everyone would look at her every now and then. Mira, would keep watch from the corner of her eye.

If she thinks she's getting in the way, she's got another thing coming. I was all for Gajevy happening until the stunt she pulled with Natsu. Now, I'm all about Galu and she's not ruining it for me.

With that final thought hours went by and before the members of Fairy Tail knew, two weeks had gone by since. Everyone anxiously waiting for the two members to come back. All for various reasons.

It was a normal day like any other at the guild. Chairs were flying, tables were being broken. The only differences were Laxus and his team sitting in one of the corner tables on the first floor instead of their normal table on the second floor and Levy glowering in the shadows.

How long does a mission take? She seethed. I need for them to come back so I can put my plan into action.

As she was lost in thought she didn't notice a group of mages entering from the back door of the guild.

"Is the cunt still moping?" Asked one of the cloaked mages.

"Yup." Said Bickslow.

"I don't like it." Stated Laxus. "I feel like she's planning something."

"She is. But because she's not thinking about it in detail I can't pick up on what it is. Just that it involves her and Gajeel."

"Cobra, keep an eye out." Said Laxus. "Blondie sent me a com text saying they're on their way back."


Any other type of conversation was halted when the doors opened. Everyone looked up and saw Gajeel and Lucy entering. But then entering together isn't what shocked them. What had them with their mouths open was the fact that Lucy was laughing and swatting at Gajeel and he was standing there letting her do it while smirking with a hand on her lower back. A growl was heard, but was quickly shushed.

"Gajeel!" Exclaimed Levy as she got up and walked to them.

"Stay where you are." Growled Gajeel, glaring at the girl. "I told you to stay the fuck away from Bunny and I. I meant it. We want nothing to do with you."

"Now Gajeel," started Levy, "I know you don't mean that. This big breasted, blonde haired bimbo just seduced you away from me. Otherwise why would you be with her? She's got nothing going for her aside from her looks."

Before anyone could do anything, a resounding slap was heard. Gajeel stared wide eyed as he watched Lucy walk up to Levy and slap her so hard that her cheek was smoldering red and her face was turned away at an odd angle.

"Keep talking Levy," said Lucy, "and you'll find out exactly who I am. I'm done dealing with you and your false sense of embarrassment. You're not sorry for what you did. You're sorry because you got caught. Also, that drink you have in your hand, you might want to get rid of it. The smell of aphrodisiac is horrendous. How you hid it from the dragon slayers, I don't know, but if you were planning on offering that to Gajeel then think again. I warned you. Last warning, stay the fuck away from Gajeel and I or you'll regret it."

With that both mages walked away, leaving Levy standing there seething. Lucy looked around quickly and saw that Crime Sorciere were once again here. She quickly latched onto Gajeel's arm and pulled him towards the table.

"Hey guys." She said, pushing Gajeel to sit down in the only empty seat. He quickly adjusted himself and then tugged Lucy down to sit on his lap. "What brings you in?"

"We'll Cobra here wanted to be back by the time you two came back. Guess he wanted to check in."

"Damn right I did." Cobra said. "Fucking cunt was going on about she was going to get Gajeel to come back to her and blah, blah, blah. Also," he stated loud enough for Levy to hear. "She also said something about how until she gets Gajeel to come back to her she was still going to have a go at Salamander. So pretty much, she was trying to get you to forgive her fuck up, while still shacking up with the pink menace."

Gajeel looked over his shoulders and glared at her.

"But now that Lucy mentioned the aphrodisiac, she started thinking about her plan and she was about to offer you a drink. Kind of like waiving the white flag. So then after you drink it you would be all hot and bothered and disappear on your own and then she'll discreetly follow and seduce you into bedding her. She knows something is going on with her body and she's suspicious, but when it gets confirmed she was planning on putting it all on you, since because of the aphrodisiac you would have fucked her and then she would've demanded you get back together and get married and shit. So to put it simply she was planning on trapping you." Cobra finalized.

A low feminine growl was heard and everyone at the table saw Lucy stand up.

"You fucking little bitch." She said as she walked to Levy. "You just can't leave shit alone. You really have to try and stoop so low as to drug Gajeel just to fuck him and then trap him into being with you."

"I have no idea–" Levy started but was interrupted by her arm being pulled to the back, hair being pulled and her face being shoved into the table she was sitting at.

"Don't fucking lie. Cobra heard your soul, your thoughts. He may be rude, and downright wicked, but he's not a liar. I don't know what the fuck is going on with you, but BACK THE FUCK OFF!" Yelled Lucy. Everyone was quiet. Including the master who stepped out of his office to get a beer. "Be lucky I don't report this. Final warning, leave Gajeel alone or you'll regret it. I PROMISE."

Suddenly everyone felt a brief magic pressure. Just as how it came, it went. Everyone was left confused.

"Third," said a smaller, softer, childlike voice, "you better keep a closer eye on Levy. Lucy just made a big promise."

Everyone turned around and saw the First Master, Mavis, sitting next to Master Makarov on the bar.

"That magic pressure we all felt was Lucy's magic reacting to her promise. What she hasn't told you, and she will soon, is a big responsibility she has to uphold with the Celestial Realm and it's King. Her sacrifice didn't come without a price. Remember, you all left her behind. And while she's let it go for some of you, she hasn't for others. She's been through a lot and is even going through more now. She will keep this promise and no one can interfere."

"But what if she chooses to kill her?" Shouted Droy.

"She won't." Stated Mavis.

"You don't know that!" Retaliated Jet.

"She's right." Said Lucy letting go of Levy and walking back to Gajeel and the others. "I won't kill her. That's a big taboo for a Celestial mage. What I will do won't harm her, it'll just…well you'll just have to wait and see. I have to talk to Stache Face and see if it's alright to tell you guys something big. I don't like keeping secrets, but Celestial Law states that some things I can not tell you."

"Don't worry about it my dear," Master started to say until he was interrupted by the building shaking and glasses falling and breaking.

Everyone quickly got up and into fighting stances and started looking around for the threat. The only person not surprised was Lucy who was smiling wide and Cobra who was laughing because he heard what was going on in Lucy's soul. Soon everyone felt a pulse and saw the background change into a starry night sky and then they saw the biggest person possible with the biggest mustache.

"Stache Face!" Said Lucy smiling brightly.

"Old friend."

"What brings you here?" She asked but quickly stopped when she saw all of her spirits materializing all around. Everyone just stared with mouths open.

"Hey Bunny!" Said Gajeel walking a bit closer. "You know him?"

"Of course!" She beamed. "He's the Celestial Spirit King." Everyone blanched at what she said, but Levy just glared at her. "Now Stache Face, what brings you here and why are all my spirits here?"

"Old friend," he started, "your spirit friends are here to see the final coronation. I opened this realm so the friends you hold dear in your guild can be witness to your recognition."

The Celestial Ling waved his hands and Lucy's clothes changed to a long champagne colored dress, which sparkled with the glow the stars provided.

"Please step forward, old friend." He said motioning for Lucy to walk onto the platform that suddenly appeared.

"Hey Cobra." said Gajeel.


"Do you know what's going on?"

"No." He said. "I think this spirit knows how to block my magic."

"You are right, old friend's friend. What is about to happen has never happened before, but Lucy is a one of a kind mage. Her bloodline will be blessed even further and will always be under the protection of all 88 stars." He turned back to Lucy. He moved his hand and the platform floated up to his eye level.

Try not to hurl. Thought Lucy. Fuck! This is so high. Great, now I'm sounding like Gajeel with all the cursing I've done today.

"Old friend, before I had bestowed upon you the title of Starbringer. A title that no other mage has ever gotten because they never met the criteria. You, on the other hand, have surpassed what was expected. You hold your spirits as equal. You treat them like you would humans. You have them as friend's. While because of unfortunate events you had to willingly break a bond, a contract, that won't be held against you. You called upon me in dire need and I answered your call. You were bestowed the star dresses, which no celestial mage has ever gotten."

Angel looked on with slight jealousy. Cobra looked at her from the corner of his eye.

That should be me, but…he's right. She's better in so many ways. I'm glad she knocked some sense into me. Though she doesn't need to know that.

"Aquarius gifted you with part of her power indefinitely so you could get stronger and you have. Before your spirits and your guildmates, I hereby declare the title of Starbringer to you officially. But that is not all, I hereby adopt you as my child. You will now become my daughter. When the time comes for you to leave Earthland, you will become my successor and rule over the Celestial Realm and I will cease to exist. This has only been done once before and that was with my person. Whoever chooses to stand by you as your husband will also be welcomed into the stars. Leo the Lion and Capricorn have sworn to serve your bloodline but if there are others who wish to also can do so. Not now, but when they choose to."

At this Lucy was crying and everyone was looking on in wonder while Levy was seething in jealousy.

"Now to explain the responsibilities that come with being the Starbringer. It is not much. You just have to make sure any remaining celestial mages abide by Celestial Law. Should they be abusing their spirits, you have the authority to take them away and either contract them or hold onto their key until they find a good owner. One final thing, you have the right to let anyone, that you trust, know about anything that either I or your spirits tell you. As in messages and any information that's normally a secret."

"Thank you." Whispered Lucy as she smiles and cries.

"Now, I'm also here for one final thing." He waved his hand and the podium lowered. Gajeel walked to where Lucy was at and helped her down. He put an arm around her waist while she snuggled into him until she composed herself. The Celestial King turned and faced Levy. "Human girl, why do you hold so much hate towards my daughter when you used to be her best friend."

"Everything comes easy to her. If she never came to Fairy Tail, then we wouldn't have had to defend ourselves too many times. She's nothing but a plague."

"Hmm." Said the king. "I believe that there's more to this than meets the eye. My daughter,"


"When the time comes, use that spell and the truth will be revealed. But make sure that those who have wronged you are present. That is all my dear. I can't hold this for much longer without altering too much. Be strong my daughter and remember, the spirits and I are always watching."

With those final words everything went back to normal. Nobody moved. The only person who moved was Levy and that was to leave the guild.

"What just happened?" Asked Macao.

"We just got visited by royalty." Stated Wakaba.

"Yea." Said Lucy. "He tends to do that suddenly. But he really only doesn't it for important things."

"We'll I for one am glad I got to see that." Said Laxus. "It's not everyday my little sis gets a title or gets adopted by a higher being."

Lucy flushed. "That was a bit embarrassing."

"C'mon Bunny. No it wasn't. That was cool. But it does seem like a big responsibility."

A bright flash was seen and there stood Loke. "It is. But our King truly believes that Lucy can handle it. And we, her spirits, believe she can handle it also."

"Of course she can." Said Mira. "If anyone can it's Lucy."

Everyone cheered except for Levy. She just glared and walked out the guild. No one noticed a mop of pink hair follow her out.


Levy turned around and saw that it was Natsu.

"What's up?"

"Oh," he smirked, "y'know."

Levy smiled and took his hand. Both walked to Natsu's cabin. He opened the door and before he could close it he was slammed into the door, forcing it closed. Levy kissed him vigorously as she pressed herself into him. She could feel his erection straining against his pants. Before she knew what was happening she was pressed into the door. Natsu cupped her ass and lifted her up as Levy wrapped her legs around his waist. He ground his erection into her core.

"Ah…fuck Natsu." Moaned Levy.

"Lev," moaned Natsu. "I need to be in you. There's no time for more. I'm too…ah…hard."

"Go ahead." She moaned. "Give it to me."

He pushed her dress up and ripped her panties off as he pushed his pants down. He seathes himself and started pounding into her. Never giving her time to adjust.

"AH! FUCK!" Moaned Levy, orgasaming. "I'm cumming!"

"Shit! Levy you're clamping me so hard."

Natsu stopped his movement and started walking to his bedroom. He peaked inside hoping Happy wasn't in there.

Not that it matters. Ever since he found out what happened he started sleeping here less. Natsu thought.

Once he saw that Happy wasn't inside he dumped Levy onto the bed and quickly put her on her hands and knees. Before Levy could ask what he was doing he seethed himself in her again and started pounding away. Levy started moaning with abandon and gripped the sheets until her knuckles were white. Before she knew it she was orgasming for a second time and Natsu followed soon after. But it didn't stop there. They kept going at it for hours and before they knew it, it was night time. They quickly showered separately and Levy put on her clothes and waited for Natsu to finish dressing.

"So," said Levy, "is your plan still in motion?"

"Yes." Said Natsu. "Before Lucy knows it, she'll be mine again."

Both mages grinned wickedly.

"Good." Said Levy. "I want her away from Gajeel and if this is the only way so be it. You'll get to claim her and she'll be too dirty for Gajeel to want to protect. He'll have no choice but to take me back."

Before Natsu could say anything, Levy got up and rushed to the bathroom. Natsu went after her and held her hair away from her face.

"You alright?" He asked.

"Yea. Just probably something I ate."

He shrugged his shoulders and helped her up. She gurgled some water and spit it out. They went over Natu's plan one last time and Levy left his cabin. What they didn't see was that Happy was by the window the whole time. Eyes wide and little paws over his mouth.

What should I do? Who do I go to? They're planning something. What it is, I don't know but it involves Lushie. I don't want her to hurt anymore than she does. Who do I go to?

As Happy started flying back to the guild, his inner turmoil going on, he didn't notice a certain dragon slayer coming out after hearing a soul in a mess.

"Happy?" Asked Cobra.

"Cobra!" Shouted Happy. "I don't know what to do!? Natsu is planning something! It involves Lucy! They didn't go into too many details, but Levy wants Natsu to make Lucy dirty so Gajeel won't want to protect her! Why are they doing this!?"

"Relax, little blue." He said, grabbing Happy. He has a soft side for the little exceed that Lucy cares for. Even if she doesn't find him annoying. "I'll let Jellal and the others know and we'll keep a look out. We aren't leaving until next month."

Happy sniffed. "Ok."

"Good." Cobra said. "Go inside and ask Mira for a fish. Tell her I'll pay. Don't tell anyone else what you heard. Let them think that they'll get the upper hand."

He waited until Happy was inside before heading to Lucy's apartment seeing as she offered him to sleep at her place until he leaves.

Sigh. These two are just not going to stop. Well, we have a month. If they don't do anything then, then I'll tell Laxus and Master Makarov. I get the feeling they'll wait until I'm gone to proceed with whatever they're planning. From what it Happy told me it sounds like Natsu is going to– he stopped thinking. Eyes slitting at just the thought. If it is that, he better hope he doesn't get to complete it or he's dead.

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