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"Liv do we have to do this," Eli groaned as she put the finishing touches on his scarecrow makeup.

"Ask your father. I was perfectly content with going as the Men in Black but he and Noah got the Wizard of Oz stuck in their heads."

"Kathleen and grandma didn't help either," he laughed and she nodded. "No they didn't."

"Is it mean that we are making her be the wicked witch?" He asked and she set the makeup down laughing. "No, she requested it!"

He chuckled, shaking his head. "Well you look pretty at least," he smiled and she kissed his head. "Thank you baby," she said with a grin as Noah and El came in.

"Kiss me, Dorothy!" El cried, completely painted silver.

"Absolutely not!" She yelled and he laughed. "It's dry!" He pursed his lips and pressed them closer to her. She laughed and pecked them, pulling back.

"Look at my handsome little lion!" She said to Noah who grinned and then put on his best cowardly face.

The boys ran out to see Kathleen and Bernie, and El turned to Liv.

"You're going to wear this in bed tonight, right," he said huskily.

She smirked and gently lifted the back of her already slightly too short skirt to show the top of her her red, glittered thong that matched her ruby slippers.

"Olivia," he groaned, turning on his sex voice. She laughed and pecked his lips again. "I can't take you seriously. Come on tin man," she said, dragging him from the bathroom.

They emerged into their kitchen and Eli spun around with the littlest Stabler in his arms, adorned in a fluffy dog costume. "Ohhh there's momma's little Toto!" She cried, taking him from his older brother.

Nate was the newest member of the family at just 10 months old. Liv and El had adopted him shortly after they married earlier in the year. He was found during a joint trafficking case and the pair felt that his addition to their budding family was written in the stars.

"He keeps crying when he sees dad," Noah giggled and Liv chucked, shaking her head. "But not when he sees grandma, make sure everyone knows that!" Bernie said from where she was sat, face painted bright green.

They all laughed and Liv brought Nate over to El. "It's just daddy, baby boy," she said gently as his lip quivered under his dog eared hood.

"Nater nater, it's me big guy, it's daddy," he cooed, rubbing his small back gently.

"Nathaniel you're breaking dad's heart, man," Kathleen said as he laid his head against Liv's chest, his eyes watering.

Noah came up in his lion costume next to his dad. "Buddy it's just daddy, look!" He said, motioning for El to remove his hat and cardboard suit.

The little boy reached down for Noah and Liv beamed with pride. Her three boys had become best friends. Noah took him and hoisted him up towards El. "It's daddy Nater," he said encouragingly as Elliot discarded his costume.

A smile curling on his small lips, the little boy with bright blue eyes like his dad and brothers reached up for his absolute favorite person in the room.

"Ohhhh there he is," El cooed, rocking him gently. "You look soooo cute today," he smiles, rocking him gently and kissing his cheek several times in a row.

The road to this point had been rocky, filled with many hearings and meetings with Langan who, in a shocking twist, had become a close family friend.

Nate's situation was eerily similar to Noah's, making it hard to say no when family court offered the 2 week old to the Stablers.

But, just after five months of being their foster son and his birth parents eventually surrendering their rights, the almost 6 month old was officially adopted as Nathaniel John Benson-Stabler.

Liv smiled snapping some photos of El with their youngest, who was beaming as they celebrated his first Halloween. "Mom I know we can't win cause you're the captain," Noah groaned, "but I still think we should," he finished.

She laughed and kissed his cheek, noting that she didn't have to bend down as much to do so. He'd gone through a growth spurt, but was still her baby boy.

The family headed to the 1-6 for their joint Halloween party/costume contest with El's unit.

Kathleen eased Bernie in and Noah and Eli ran ahead to greet everyone.

Liv and El walked in, hand in hand. El was holding Nate and she laughed. "You gotta give him to me, he's my Toto," Liv chided and El pouted, handing him over.

"Want me to take the diaper bag?" He asked and she shook her head. "Nah it's okay, thank you baby," she smiled up at him.

"Oh there they are!" Phoebe called, rushing over to them. "Give me my Godbaby," she grinned, taking Nate who smiled huge, his dimples like tiny potholes in his cheeks.

She laughed and hugged her and Fin who were dressed as Benson and Stabler. When the pair realized, they broke out in laughter.

"This why you wanted a costume party?" Liv cried and they shook their heads laughing.

"The idea came after the fact I promise, Liv," Fin said underneath his readers and fake, bushy goatee.

They stood with their doppelgängers and took photos with them, and then as a family before the boys got too far down a rabbit hole with Uncle Munch who'd dropped by for the festivities.

Amanda came in with Carisi, the girls, and her swollen belly smiling. "Hi guys," she said with a grin. They were dressed as Santa and and Elves, causing Elliot to snort. "Sonny, the pointy ears look good in your man."

"Yeah you should talk, tin man," he shot back with a laugh.

They greeted them and the whole squad took photos together and mingled for a few hours

Liv looked down at her phone when it buzzed and laughed to herself.

E: Tin man's getting stiff. Could use a lil oil. Can we get out of here soon?

L: You're bad tin man. ;)

E: Not my fault you look super fuckable right now.

L: Detective! Here I though you were talking about your old man muscles and getting our kids home at a reasonable time.

E: Hey woman, there is nothing old about my muscles, and if getting them home at a reasonable time means getting you in bed faster…

L: You're insatiable!

E: Have you seen your body?

L: Haha. Noah is starting to look sleepy and I do need to get Nater down. Gather everyone and we'll go

The Stabler crew headed out, arriving home around 8:30- about an hour past their little ones bedtimes.

Liv retreated to their room to change and rock Nate to sleep while El handled the boys.

Scrubbing their faces, Elliot groaned. "This is gonna take forever to remove," he grumbled causing the boys to laugh.

"Dad, me and Liv are picking next years costumes." Eli said and Noah nodded. "I will never wear make up again," he groaned.

Both Elliot's laughed. "Dude you are being the mouse king or something in your Nutcracker recital you have no choice," El said.

"I know," he grumbled, leaning against his dad.

Elliot's phone buzzed and he looked down. "Nater is falling asleep, let's take a break from this and go do our prayers and good nights with him and momma," he said, ushering the boys back to her room.

Liv laughed softly when she saw her boys walk in, faces half clean of make up.

Noah crawled up and cuddled into her and Eli sat on the edge of the bed, gently putting his hand on Nate's head. "It's late, brother," he whispered to him and the baby cooed up at him, giving a sleepy smile.

Sensing the hesitation in her oldest, she squeezed his arm. "What's up," she asked and he smiled small. "Just getting more and more real that I'm going to college and leaving you guys," he said softly, keeping his eyes on Nate.

"You'll be just 4 hours away in Boston baby," she said softly, "living your dream and making us and your momma so, so proud."

"Plus you've got almost a year before we ship you off," El said, smiling and sitting behind him.

"I can't even talk about it people it makes me sad," Noah said, holding his hands up.

They laughed and Eli nudged him playfully.

"Alright you guys, let's say some prayers, El said gently and they all took hands, saying their evening prayers and sharing their positive moment of the day.

Liv and El started the tradition, after coming home with nothing but bummer stories, as a way to end each day on a good note with their boys.

"For me, It was definitely forcing you guys to dress up with me and Noah," El laughed and Noah nodded in agreement. "Ditto! It was fun. Also Uncle Fin and Aunt Phoebe as you guys was hilarious," he giggled.

Eli smiled. "Really glad the three of us got to hang out this afternoon," he motioned to the three boys who'd watched Star Wars for the first time together before they had to get ready. Well- Eli and Noah watched and Nate slept between them.

Liv looked at Elliot and then their boys and smiled. "My positive note is that dad forgot that I gave him make up remover that would take all of that off your faces," she paused to motion to their messy faces, "but that instead I get to witness this," she smiled and they all groaned.

"Dadddddd" Noah yelled.

"Elliot you serious man!" Eli teased.

El covered his face when he remembered their conversation. "Shit that's right," he groaned and they laughed again.

"Okay, go get cleaned up. I'm gonna get this one down. I love you guys, goodnight," she said, kissing the older boys heads and sending them off.

Returning, cleanly shaven and no longer silver, El smiled at the sight before him of his son asleep on his wife's chest.

"See," he said, giving a cheesy grin, "told you the moment he woke up this morning that he was gonna be a momma's boy tonight."

"You're just jealous," she teased and kissed him when he lay beside her.

"His hairs getting long," he commented, playing with the soft blonde curls that had begun extending to his shoulder.

"I know… I don't wanna cut it. You should have seen Noah's hair," she laughed.

"Oh I've seen pictures. My little mullet boy," he smiled and laid his head on her free shoulder.

"When he turns one you and the boys can take him to the barber," she said and he nodded.

"Momma doesn't wanna come?"

"No, I might stop you," she laughed softly and he smiled up at her, pressing a kiss to her jaw bone.

Leaning her head against his, they both watched Nathan sleep for a little bit, laughing when he clearly started to dream.

"What do you think he's dreaming about," she asked softly, noting the smile on his cherub face.

"Finally being able to walk so he can properly chase Noah," El said with a soft laugh and she nodded, smiling.

"You're probably right," she mused. "He's such a good big brother. I mean he has the worlds greatest examples but… I'm really proud of him," she whispered, tears pulling at her eyes.

"Me too… he's just a great kid. They all are- we're so blessed, babe."

With her free hand, Liv wiped her eyes and chuckled softly. "C'mon let's put him in bed," she said, getting up slowly and making their way to his nursery.

El expertly pushed his paci in his mouth as Liv laid him down. She held her hand up and he high-fived it silently, causing them both to giggle softly.

Wrapping his arms around her from behind, El placed his head on her shoulder, looking down at their son. "You ever get sad cause you never had a girl?" He asked Into her ear while kissing the spot just below it.

Shivering at the touch of his lips, she shook her head. "I have three…" she smiled fondly and he gave her a squeeze.

"They love you so much… but you know what I mean…"

Turning in his arms, she looked up at him and shook her head. "We have three gorgeous boys at home. One that somehow doesn't hate me even though I'm the step mom. One that made me a momma. And one that I get to raise from birth with my partner for life. El, I don't need or wish for anything else," she finished, placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

His hands snaked up the back of the button up night shirt she wore and he smiled against her lips. "When did you get so damn wise."

She laughed and pulled his body flush to hers. "I always have been. You're finally just wise enough to admit it," she winked and stepped back.

"Bedroom?" She questioned and El nodded taking her hand and following her to their room.

"What's the chance I get you back in that dress," he asked her quietly as they walked down the hall.

"Slim to none, but I did keep on the bra and panty set that cost way too much for how uncomfortable it is," she laughed and he smiled, giving her ass a squeeze as she walked in front of him.

With three kids at home, especially a baby, it was increasingly hard to get a second of alone time. After a few rough weeks of barely seeing each other, let alone being intimate, El pulled her into their bathroom where they devised a system to keep their romance and relationship alive.

Part of that plan was to designate a day of the week where it was just them and taking turns planning it. Usually, it involved mind blowing sex with multiple orgasms, but sometimes they just made love and watched a movie.

"It's my week," he grinned, winking at her as he shut and locked their door.

"Oh I know it is," she smirked and he stood in front of her. "Do you want me to put the pig tails back in?" she asked with a laugh.

His hands connected with the dip where her ass met her legs, and she smiled, jumping into his arms and giggling.

"Nah… I'm gonna mess them up anyways," he mused, kissing her slowly and turning to lower her on their bed.

He set her down on the edge of the bed and she remained there, the height of their King Sized allowing her to be just below eye level with him.

"And what do you want for your night, El," she whispered and he smiled, kissing her softly, feathering a hand up her arm and to her cheek. "Anything you want," he replied.

Her hands slid down his body, from his neck to his waist, reaching a hand into his sweats to cup him. "I want you to stand right here and make love to me," she requested, kneading him as her breathing increased.

"Was hoping your request would involve making love," he whispered through a chuckle as his hands found the hem of her shirt and lifted it away.

The red and sequined bra she wore matched her panties and and looked breathtaking against her olive skin. "You're something else, I swear," he murmured and ran his hands up and down her now bare sides.

Looking up through hooded eyes, she bit her lip sensually and pushed his sweats down, allowing his solid member to spring free. She smiled when he greedily lifted her ass up on the bed to yank her pajama shorts down.

She stopped him when he reached for the thong, clicking her tongue in the process. "Keep it on," she husked, a moan escaping her throat when he pushed her back in response.

"Fucking soaked," he muttered, pulling the string of her thong to the side and thumbing her clit.

"All night," she admitted, her hips thrusting upwards ever so slightly.

She squealed when he pulled her ass closer to the edge of the bed, and huffed out a moan when he entered her a slow and torturous pace.

Holding her legs, the bend of her knee meeting that of his elbow, he pumped slowly into her, their breaths matching and their eyes not breaking contact.

When they came, it was together; jaws dropped in silent cries, heads pressed to one another, and eventually, lips meeting as they came down from their explosions of pleasure.

Laying there, motionless and spent, she watched him go to her dresser and return with her favorite comfy boy shorts and a T-shirt she'd stolen from him a lifetime ago.

"Mmmmm, youre the best," she said to him, as he removed her thong and replaced it with the boy shorts and then her pajama shorts.

Helping her sit up, he unhooked and discarded her bra, sliding the shirt over her head and kissing her again. "Always wise," he teased and she giggled.

Pulling up his pants, he unlocked and cracked their door before climbing back under the covers with her and curling up, ready for sleep to wash over them.

It was 1am when she heard their baby whimper. "I got him," she said sleepily, rubbing El's cheek and making her way to Nate's room.

He was sat up in his crib, eyes wide and teary, with hands reaching towards the sky the minute she came into view.

Her heart melted and she lifted him. He curled into her immediately, grasping a handful of her shirt and sighing contently.

"Just needed some mommy time, huh," she asked him, sitting in the rocker in the corner of his room.

Smiling at the shadow she saw in the door way, she spoke a little louder. "And looks like you're not the only one?" She asked.

The shadow morphed into a human she wasn't expecting to see. "Eli…" she breathed out. "You okay? Think I was dad?" She teased.

He nodded and came in slowly and sat on the footstool of the rocker. "No… I knew it was you and you're right… needing some mom time too," he said, eyes remaining on the ground.

Tears pricked at her eyes; she could count on one hand the amount of times he'd referred to her as his mom- which she wasn't surprised about. But still, she savored the rare moments like these when he gave them to her.

"What's going on," she asked him gently, still knowing her limits.

"Couldn't sleep. Did I do right by committing to BC? Should I have stayed closer," he asked and she smiled.

"No… I think you need to make your own life, baby," she encouraged, "and remember that you could go back to Italy and me and dad would still drop everything to jump on a plane and come see you if you needed us."

He smiled sadly and nodded. "I miss her…"

Squeezing his hand, she thought carefully before she spoke. "I know you do," she said- she knew from experience that sometimes, validation was enough.

Sitting a while longer and chatting about nothing, he finally stood and kissed Nate's head and then her's. "I love you guys," he said simply and she squeezed his hand.

"Love you baby… get some sleep," she paused and looked down at the zoned baby in her arms. "Say night night Eli," she whispered, waving his chubby hand for him.

Eli kissed his curls again with a slight chuckle and went back to bed.

Liv and El were big opponents of co-sleeping, that much was clear to them instantly when they'd moved in together and Noah went through an attachment phase.

But despite her opposition, sometimes she just wanted her babies. "Tonight's your lucky night," she whispered to Nate.

Standing with him, she made her way back to their room, laying back and placing him snuggly on her chest.

El rolled and draped and arm across her. She smiled to herself when she saw the realization on his sleepy face that she wasn't alone.

"Sucker," he muttered with a smile and she laughed softly.

Resuming the position they were in earlier, Nate tucked under her chin and El rested on her shoulder, she moved her head to kiss his.

"You are the best mom," he said, his voice coming back to life ever so slightly.

"Why do you say that?"

"Didn't shut the monitor off. Our boys are really fucking lucky to have you, Benson."

With her eyes closed, a grin spread across her face.

"That's Benson-Stabler to you."

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