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The Overlord of Tensura

Chapter 8: Submission of the Ogres…

The night sky glitters with the looming stars above; however, the clouds seem still as if stuck with fear. The moon is standing alone, beaming down blue light upon a clear patch of the forest. A figure stands in this patch fashioned in a black and purple cloak as if screaming his status. The adoring red mask on his face hints at him being mysterious, but red eyes appear from the mask, giving off nothing but a sheer emotion. What could this emotion be called?

Nothing less than the reincarnation of death itself.

The wind breezes past, if that wasn't enough, only making his cloak flutter. Although, this slow breeze carries the dread from this figure's perfect form. To a group of figures so astonished and filled with dread, they cannot grow the courage to take a single step forward. After a few seconds of this overwhelming dread, the figure started to speak to this group of figures In a tone that can only be described as full authority, as a black mist came up from his perfect form, amplifying the dread.

"I am Ainz Ooal Gown; in the past, there was no man or creature that did not fear this name. And I will make it clear you will start to fear it as well," Ainz said.

His sheer voice hits upon the small group, as it seems an orc with red hair has his morale shattered at that very moment. However, he does not seem to run, or maybe, he believes that running will only amplify his chance of death. Finally, however, an older man who seems to be dressed in a white cloak and has pale white hair starts to speak up.

"Young Master, I do not believe we can handle such a formidable foe. Therefore, I urge you to retreat; I'll buy as much time as I can afford." The older man said.

'Impressive; even though I have Aura of Despair level, one activated, he seems to be not affected at all. Although, he might be putting up a facade to look strong in front of his leader. What did he call him again, "Young Master," so I can only guess that this so-called "Young Master" is maybe a prince? Anyhow I'll disable Aura of Despair for now as It serves no use since the older Ogre can move.'

"Hush up, Gramps! We cannot ignore the factor that this Ainz Ooal Gown person might've been involved in our home's raid!" The young master said.

"Yes, young master…" the old man said in a saddened tone.

At the same time, Ainz started to speak.

"I will tell you something. I was not involved in the invasion of your home," Ainz said In response.

The look that the young master gave Ainz Ooal Gown was quite fierce. It seems that anger has set deep in his eye. Although Ainz was a skeleton and lacked emotion, he didn't feel intimidated. All he felt was the urge to stuff that anger out, like putting out a lit candle by blowing on it.

"Lies! You wear a similar mask to the one that guided the Orcs and invaded our village! Therefore, you must be In an alliance with him or support him somehow!" the young master screamed these words at Ainz. He seems pretty confident In his assumption.

"It seems that your anger is clouding your judgment. Maybe you should-" Ainz is cut off mid-speech as the older Ogre appears behind him, swinging his Katana.

Ainz notices his appearance behind him, quickly taking action against the Katana strike from the old Ogre; Ainz promptly dodges.

'Even though I didn't think that attack would've dealt any damage, I would rather avoid It. I don't want to over-assume they are fragile because they couldn't resist the Aura of Despair level one's effect. They could harm slightly if they are level 60 or above, and a well-placed strike or bulging attack might deal critical damage. I surely won't die from it, of course. But I don't know if others are hiding in wait that may be stronger than the Ogres I see in front of me. I should've done some recon before entering, but that would've led to a hob-goblin death.'

"Damnit, It seems my old age has slowed me down. This is quite an unfortunate circumstance." The old man said as he looked a bit discouraged about his mistake.

'So he used to be stronger in his youth? Now thinking about it, if Rimuru named this old Ogre, he might become a strong warrior. As it seems that naming has de-aging properties, I noticed it when observing Rigurd's transformation.'

As Ainz focused on the benefits that could come from the evolutionary properties of naming monsters. Ainz seems distracted because the purple-haired woman is running up to him. She goes for a strike and makes contact. However, the shockwave dissipates throughout Ainz's body, screaming about the fact that she cannot hurt him even with her pure strength.

"Impossible! That was a direct hit." The female Ogre seems to be shocked by her attack, doing nothing.

As the purple-haired Ogre is stuck In shock, It seems Ainz Ooal Gown prepares something to test her capabilities.

"At such a close range, this should incapacitate you! [Thunderlance]" Ainz said as a lance made of thunder fires out of a magic circle as it penetrated the purple-haired Ogre's body and sent shock waves throughout, making her unconscious almost instantly.

Her body slumps down upon her knees, and then her body collapses onto the ground with a loud thud. She was down for the count, and there was no possibility that she would awake before the battle ended.

'A tier 2 spell was able to completely make her go unconscious, although I'm not surprised as I believed her to be around level 15. Since I'm level 100, the spell was much stronger than It should've been. If a lower caster had fired it off, It definitely wouldn't have made her go unconscious. She most likely would've powered through it, but how unfortunate for her that I was the one that casted it.'

Ainz looks toward the other Ogres, who stood In shock that she was taken down In a single spell. Although this does not stop their assault, just a few seconds later, a giant hammer comes crashing down upon Ainz.

'Sadly, I saw you coming!'

Ainz quickly turns around, stopping the hammer mid-strike. He turns the hammer slightly with a quick movement, and with a massive thrust, he sends the hammer-wielding Ogre into the forest. The sounds of trees breaking and a loud crash sound rings out on the battlefield. One forceful push with pure strength was enough to take care of him, though he isn't dead but unconscious, just like the other Ogre.

'Even though I'm a caster, my strength is quite high; low-level weapons will do nothing against me, so It's quite easy to stop mid-strike. But I didn't expect just my strength to be enough for that Ogre. It's a bit... Well, pathetic.'

As Ainz comes out of the thought, four Ogres are left, one dressed in a blue assassin-type outfit, and the young master, Princess, and old man. The Ogre that looks like an assassin still stays off in the distance. He might be studying Ainz for weaknesses but to no avail. The old man seems to be getting a bit worried, and he's seen two people fall in quick succession. In their perspective, those two were quite influential in physical strength, which means Ainz isn't just strong in magical power but also in physical power.

"Dammit! This is bad; we can't even touch him!" The young master said in anger.

"You know, If you lay down your arms, I'll happily talk this out," Ainz said while hoping they would take up his offer of mercy. Though he wouldn't kill them, he sees them more as assets than enemies.

"No, I won't-" As the young master was attempting to speak, It seemed the Princess had grown impatient.

"Brother! If we continue fighting him, we'll get exhausted! Though not that It matters, we've lost this fight right when we engaged him, and It would be best to hear him out. He has no reason to lie to us." The Princess said, attempting to persuade her brother.

"But he helped destroy our village!" The young master responded, irritated at this disagreement.

"Do you think that? Consider this his magical power and physical strength far surpass the Magi we've seen. If we consider this, he does not need to use Orcs or other Magi to destroy an entire village, and he could've done it himself. Plus… I feel like he's toying with us. There's more power to him than we've seen. If he wanted, he could kill us Instantly." The Princess said.

"You should listen to the Princess; she is correct. I could kill all of you right now whenever I want." Ainz said, adding to the Princess's words.

'Good Job, Princess! I hope this calms him down. Then, if I can end this fight without more of them being Injured, I can hear what happened. In full detail without waiting, the information would be useful.'

"Fine… we'll drop our arms…." The young master said, accepting his defeat.

"Good! Now let's talk like I said earlier. I was not involved with the destruction of your village. I've been traveling around quite a bit. I most likely was at the Armed Nation of Dwargon during that invasion. Unfortunately, luck wasn't with me, and I returned at the same time that you all were escaping. This led to this run-in and a short, meaningless fight, though I'm not alone. I have a friend returning to the village soon, which leads to the village I live In." Ainz said all this to convince them he wasn't part of the attack.

"I see… then I did conclude too quickly." The young master said.

"Yes, you did. Now I want to talk about something else. Do you have somewhere to stay?" Ainz asked.

"No… we don't have anywhere else to live. So we're hoping to roam around and find a village to settle in," The young master replied.

"Hmm, do you want to stay in the goblin village I reside in? I promise no harm will come. I even promise upon my name of Ainz Ooal Gown." Ainz said, affirming that no harm would come.

"Promising upon your name sounds convincing, but wouldn't we be a trouble to the goblin village?" The young master said.

"I wouldn't say that. It would be useful for capable fighters such as yourselves to join our village. Even though I am present, and my friend Rimuru leads the village, it would still be useful to have extra hands. I wouldn't say you won't get anything out of it. I'll even help you take revenge on this Magi you speak of and the Orc army. I can promise that If you join us." Ainz said, offering something of interest In hopes of garnering their attention.

"Really?" The young master responded.

"Yes, will you accept my offer to join our village?" Ainz replied.

"Give me a second," The young master replied, turning to the old man and Princess.

A few minutes pass as the young master talks to the other Ogres, and he begins to turn around as If about to say something.

"We will!" The young master replied.

"Hahaha, great! Then follow me. I will lead you back to the village I call home," Ainz said while walking off into the forest. The Ogres instantly walked behind him, although the two uncautious Ogres had to be carried by their comrades.

The breeze flows by as quick footsteps can be heard as a sizable four-star-headed wolf travels down a dirt road. The few people on his back can only be described as three dwarves who aren't quite used to the outside world yet, and a tiny blue slime who seems to be smiling even though he has facial features.

"I'm glad you guys wanted to come with us. I thought we were goners earlier in that courtroom. The intense air put me under pressure." Rimuru said

One of the dwarves, who has a large beard and goggles on his head, started to speak.

"Hahaha, yeah, the in-tense air was caused by the King, his power is quite vast, and his presence always seems to leave a sense of pressure," Kaijin responded.

"Indeed! We could've avoided that entire situation If you didn't punch him." Finally, Rimuru commented on previous events.

"Well, we could've, but I wanted to punch his face in for a long while that allowed me to do so," Kajin replied, obviously proud of what he did.

"Well, don't let it get to your head cause now you are banished from the Armed Nation of Dwargon. No Idea how that doesn't bother you," Rimuru said.

"Well… It does bother me quite a lot; I rather not show It. But, something good has come out of it. I'm getting to travel around for once, and my blacksmithing skills will come to better use by building up an entire village." Kaijin responded, seemingly quite proud of this challenge pressed in front of him.

'It seems that Kaijin is excited about going to my village to help with infrastructure and to help with weaponry and armor manufacturing. I'm glad he cares, though I wonder what his brothers think about this. Though they will stick with him, they have a strong bond.'

As Rimuru was In thought, a massive clash sound could be heard like someone was In a fierce battle. Immediately Rimuru ordered Ranga to change directions. While Ranga headed straight into the Forest, the snapping of tree branches could be heard, and running through all the bushes leaves a rustling sound behind them. The dwarves seem to cling to Ranga. They almost fall off, but they stay on due to Ranga's tough fur and the dwarf's firm grip. A clearing of the Forest starts to become apparent, and a massive ant-like beast stands in the middle of this clearing. It seems one of them is burned to a crisp. However, three others can be seen fighting a woman In white clothing, although she wears a mask. It seems a bit cracked. Although, there also seem to be three other humans behind this woman In-which Rimuru quickly recognizes as the idiots in the cavern he was in when he first arrived.

'Why are they out here? And what kind of bad luck could these four possibly have to get attacked by four giant Ants.'

As Rimuru thought that all the Ants seemed to have been burned by a crisp. At that moment, the woman dressed in white and wearing a mask knee's down like she's exhausted by Rimuru senses something. One of the Ants then began to twitch and instantly jumped up to attack this woman In-which Rimuru quickly reacted to this sudden attack.

"[Black Lightning]" Rimuru screamed out as massive black lightning struck down the ant, burning It so severely that it turned into a pile of ash In mere seconds.

The woman, dressed in white clothing and wearing a mask, turns her head over to Rimuru. Which secretly tells him that he was the reason for her traveling to the Forest of Jura.

'I see, so this is the soulmate I was told about in the Elven-Bar. Her body complexion seems quite well built… but what's up with the cracked mask?'

Rimuru starts to move toward this woman, which she quickly notices since her gaze is upon him.

"You alright?" Rimuru asked In a tone that gives off some innocence, though the burning carcass of the Ant laying before her breaks that innocent presence.

"Yeah, I'm alright; though I don't know much about my friends over there, they seem to be shocked by this encounter." She said, pointing over to the three.

The three adventurers, one woman and two men seem to be In utter shock. They can't even let out a single word as they didn't think a slime would have such power that he could wipe an Ant clean-out with one strike.

"Yeah, I see that," Rimuru said while observing the three people he called idiots.

The woman dressed in white reaches toward her mask, which she promptly takes off. Rimuru starts to blush a tiny bit, though. It doesn't show on his slimish body, at least. Her face is beautiful. Her dark eyes and smooth skin match her quite well, making Rimuru excited that this is his proclaimed soulmate.

'YES! I DREW THE LUCK OF THE DRAW! She's adorable. I can't believe this is going to be my soulmate. But… something feels off. She doesn't look quite happy even though she's smiling. I sense a sad presence behind that smile.'

"So, what's your name?" The woman asked.

"Uh-? Oh, my name is Rimuru, and your's?" Rimuru said while asking a question.

"My name is Shizu," She said slightly, smiling more at Rimuru.

After a tiny bit of conversation between Rimuru and Shizu, the adventurers finally knocked themselves out of it in a state of shock. However, in one of the adventures, in which a woman holding a staff starts to walk up to Rimuru, she seems a bit worried, which Rimuru quickly notices and responds.

"Ah, don't worry!" Rimuru said, noticing her shaking.

"Huh?" The elven woman replied

"I'm a friendly slime slurp~!" Rimuru said, which made Shizu slightly giggle.

'She knows the reference!? That means she's Japanese. I rolled the lottery! Hell Yeah!'

As Rimuru celebrates his lucky lottery roll, the two other adventurers come back to their senses. As they realize the situation and that the Ants are burned to a near crisp, they feel more at ease.

'Anyways, I should take them back to the village, there are a lot of monsters out there, and It seems that they could've been hurt just by the giant ants, which are quite a weak type of monster around these parts. But, of course, there are many stronger monsters, but that's not saying I can't deal with them.'

"So, do you want to come back to our village?" Rimuru asked Shizu and the women holding the staff.

"Uh… no, we have somewhere to go-" as the woman attempted to speak, an enormous roar could be heard In the distance, which shocked her.

"Yes! We want to go to your village!" The woman said In a bit of a panic. This made Rimuru chuckle in his head a little. Then, realizing that the woman was scared of the monsters in the Forest.

"Well then, just follow me!" Rimuru said while hopping back onto Ranga, his slimy nature caused him to bounce slightly, but he became steady after a second.

Ranga started to walk back toward the main pathway, and Rimuru hinted toward Shizu and the others to start following In, which they quickly did. They soon disappeared back into the Forest, resuming their travel toward the Goblin Village. Only one thought crossed Rimuru's mind after those few events.

'I wonder what Ainz has been up to lately? I hope everything has been going smoothly at the village with him there.'

The wind breezes as the tree ruffles, the dark looming clouds spreading so much that they block out the looming moon. As echoes of a sound ring throughout the Forest, the sound of footsteps? Two figures roam the narrow roads. One of them is a Butler known as Sebas dressed in his natural uniform and walking in his refined manner. Next to him is a young woman known as Yumi, most likely around 15-16 years of age, though she seems clumsy as she navigates these roads.

A thud sound can be heard like someone falling to the hard dirt ground, making Sebas look behind him, wondering what might've happened. He sees Yumi, who seems to be struggling to navigate this environment and falls to the ground, but this makes him wonder.

'Why would these adventures take such a clumsy young woman out this far in the Forest. It doesn't make sense, and she doesn't seem to have much compatibility for combat. Could she hold some special ability that makes her useful?'

Sebas walks over to Yumi and reaches out his hand. Yumi proceeds to grab it, and Sebas lifts her to her feet. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a beautiful cloth. It's so clean that It shocks Yumi, although, to Sebas, It's just a hanker-chief.

"Here, a woman such as yourself should not let your appearance be degraded; wiping off the dirt helps to restore your beauty," Sebas said as he wiped the dirt off her face with the hanker-chief. He then handed It to her In, which she stored in her pocket.

"Uhmm... thank you, Sir," Yumi said as a response to his kindness.

"No, please, It's my job as a Butler to make sure one is cared for. And please call me Sebas; you've earned as much," Sebas said.

"Oh! Alright, then thank you, Sebas." Yumi said, giving off a slight smile.

"Your Welcome; anyways, let's get back on track; we should keep heading in our current direction. It has the highest possibility of leading us to civilization or some other type of structure." Sebas said, thinking about what they might encounter along the way.

Sebas then stands up and turns to look off into the distant road. He then walks in that direction, secretly hoping that his previous words would be correct. He wouldn't want to keep traveling endlessly for days on end, as It would be Inconvenient. Although, as the narrow road begins to fade in the distance, he has some doubts. It's as if the Forest is tempting him to lay down and die. However, Sebas's mental fortitude would not allow that, and he has a goal to find Lord Momonga. Sebas then turns his head slightly back to Yumi as if he's about to say something, to which Yumi pays attention.

"Are you coming, Miss? We have a long journey ahead of us. I would rather not leave you behind." Sebas said, awaiting her answer.

"Uh! Yes, I am." Yumi said as she jumped from the ground and jogged over to Sebas's side.

As she reaches his side, a slight drizzle can be felt. As they both believe It's about to rain, they move along the narrow road again. Finally, they slowly disappear into the distance. However, It only takes Yumi a couple of steps to fall to the ground yet again.

The clashing of lighting on the hard ground sends shockwaves throughout the cave. The ceiling lamp was slightly rocking, dirt directly falling from the roof onto Pandora's Actor's hat. He eventually took off his hat, slightly patting off the dirt, and placed his hat neatly back onto his head.

'The storm seems to be quite powerful even though It wouldn't have done much to me. I'd rather avoid getting soaked twice In one week. The swampland seems to have frequent weather events for some odd reason, and It isn't even near a warm location that'd produce such frequent weather.

While Pandora's Actor was thinking about how this world's weather worked, a few steps can be heard as If someone is heading toward his room. The jiggle of keys can be heard, and a bit of armor. This alerts Pandora's Actor, but he knows there's no real threat in this place. Then, the door starts to open with a loud creak. In front of him stood two guards, and the man he met out front was the general of the military; he was named Gendold.

"Come, our King has requested an audience with you," Gendold said

'An audience with me? What reason could he possibly have for requesting an audience from me? Was It possibly the weaponry that I gave him? Or maybe because of the nearby Orc Army and my sudden appearance.'

"Sure, no problem," Pandora said, standing up from the chair he was sitting upon, which slightly rocks back and forth due to the absence of his weight.

Pandora's Actor walks past the two guards, which stick behind him, which gives Pandora's Actor the impression. That he's being held as a captive more than a visitor, but he needs no mind to it as he is a stranger. The general named Gendrold walks in front of him, making sure that Pandora's Actor can not flee, but if necessary, Pandora's Actor could easily wipe them all out even with this formation.

After around ten minutes, they eventually reach a giant door which seems to be decorated with Lizardmen holding up spears and swords In a great triumph. The door suddenly starts to open Inward. Into the room, what Pandora's Actor sees first is a wooden throne room and guards standing at attention.

"Enter," The lizardman king said, his voice filled with authority, but It doesn't affect Pandora's Actor as he's seen as someone superior.

As the lizardman king ordered the guards behind Pandora's Actor ushered him to move forward. He started moving forward closer to the lizardman king, eventually reaching just ten feet away from him.

"Welcome!" The lizardman king said with enthusiasm.

A second passes by as the air turns a bit stale. There's a bit of tension between the lizardmen and Pandora's Actor, but It isn't so high that it would cause an escalation, at least not yet.

"Did you need something from me?" Pandora's Actor said, slightly tilting up his hat for his eyes to be revealed.

"Hmm… Indeed I did need something from you, but It's simple, just Information." The lizardman king responded, curious about Pandora's Actor's figure.

"Alright, then what Is it?" Pandora's Actor responded, awaiting the question.

The lizardman king starts to pull out a Dagger which Pandora's Actor quickly recognizes as the one he gave Gendold.

"This Dagger is quite a powerful weapon. It channels Mana to cut through Objects. However, my true question is why someone like you would be holding onto such an item. Recently our scouts have spotted a massive Orc Army near our borders preparing to attack us, which is quite a cue with your arrival Into this kingdom. As a visitor, are you planning to sabotage us from the inside? Or maybe spy on us and see our tactics and plans?" The lizardman king said.

"No, I had no plan to sabotage or spy on your kingdom. On the contrary, I wish to establish friendly ties." Pandora's Actor said.

"Huh?!" The lizardman king responded, a bit confused about this sudden request.

"My creator Lord Ainz has wanted to establish an alliance between the Goblin Village. In the Forest of Jura and the Lizardmen in the swamplands." Pandora's Actor said.

'I'll have to tell Lord Ainz that I've established friendly ties with the lizardmen. Although, I'll have to do that. If I'm successful, this is the only option not to cause tension between the two parties, Lord Ainz and the lizardmen.'

"I see, and what is the reason for this request?" The lizardman king responded.

'What can I use as an excuse? Ah, I got it. I can use the Orc Army's presence as an excuse. But, unfortunately, I doubt that they will be able to defend against the Orc Army without heavy casualties.'

"It's because of the presence of the Orc Army. It has been quite prevalent in the Forest of Jura and the swamplands of late. We believe that their ultimate goal is to wipe everyone out and take over the entire Forest of Jura. So we want to establish this alliance to combine our strength and fight this Orc Army so that we all can live without tension or a threat." Pandora's Actor said with confidence that It doesn't sound like he's improvising.

"Ah, I see, so It's the presence of the Orc Army… give us a few days to think about this." The lizardman king said.

"Sure," Pandora's Actor responded, tilting down his hat to hide his eye.

As Pandora's Actor was thinking of more to say, the Guards started to bring him back to his room.

'That was quite a boring interaction. I'm shocked that It didn't take much to convince him. Although I think he slightly caught on that I wasn't going to tell him my true intentions on the other factor, I'll have to tell Lord Ainz that I made a quick decision. It isn't a bad decision. It actually might benefit him in the near future.'

As Pandora's Actor enters his room, he sits down on the previously rocking chair. The creaking of the chair ego's throughout the room slightly but not very loudly, as Pandora's Actor brings his hand up to his ear and starts using a message.

"Lord Ainz?" Pandora's Actor said, awaiting a response.

A slight beeping noise can be heard, which signals that the message is connected, and a very familiar voice starts to come through.

"Yes, Pandora's Actor, do you need something?" Lord Ainz responded.

"No, Lord Ainz, but I have some information about the lizardmen." Pandora's Actor responded, waiting for Lord Ainz's word to resume.

"Go ahead then," Lord Ainz said.

"Well, I've started to look around the lizardman underground cave system. It's quite vast and has a lot of structure to it. They are used to chiseling out caves and putting designs into the very stone they walk upon, which isn't necessarily surprising. However, I found it curious that the lizardman King summoned me into his throne room and started questioning me about the low-level Dagger I gave Gendold, a lizardman commander. In this world, people aren't used to seeing powerful weaponry. So it counts as suspicious, which could be used against us or for us in the near future. Also, I've offered an alliance to the lizardman king. I'm hoping that he'll accept it because It would highly benefit us and our operation for Information." Pandora's Actor said.

"I see… Since weapons or items from YGGDRASIL are counted as rare, Pandora's Actor does not give out anymore. However, the offer of an alliance was well done. This will benefit us, as It means I don't have to worry about the threat of an invasion from the swampland." Ainz said.

Pandora's Actor is relieved that Lord Ainz wasn't angry at his choice.

"Also, I would like for you to start heading back to the Goblin Village, as I might have a job for you in the near future," Ainz said

"Ja, Lord Ainz, ich werde in ein paar Tagen dort sein." Pandora's Actor replied

"UH- STOP SPEAKING GERMAN!" Ainz said as the message spell ended.

A few seconds pass by. Then, the air fills with silence.

Pandora's Actor slightly looks up to the roof, realizing that he did his job well. As water drips can be heard, the rain outside is still quite prevalent as thunderstorms crackle in the cave.

A few hours have passed since Lord Ainz Ooal Gown and the six Ogre's arrived back in the village. Liana practices with a Katana a bit here and there, still thinking about Lord Ainz Ooal Gowns words that he said to her previously. Which increases the amount of dedication to have but with every swing of the Katana leaves tiny flashbacks to events that she can not unsee, but she holds firm.

'It's been sixteen years since I've fought Kona, and I still can't seem to get that fight out of my head. Damnit! I know I'm not that well off with magic, and I know that I'm better with the sword than anything, but I can't help but shake while practicing.'

As Liana was In a bit of a troubling thought, It seemed an older man was watching her practice. He starts to walk toward her though she doesn't notice him, not yet at least.

"You know, If you hold the Katana at the lower hilt, you'd better grip and control it." The old man said.

Liana quickly turns her head, slightly jumping up as she doesn't sense him approaching.

"Oh! Hi Uhm, I haven't seen you in the village before? What's your name?" Liana said.

"Well, I do not have a name yet, so you can just call me Gramps as everyone else usually does." The old man responded.

"Well, Uhm, hello then," Liana said.

The old man started to approach closer; this allowed Liana to notice that he was an Ogre, which shocked her a tiny bit, but she Is used to the surprises by now because of Lord Ainz. On their travels to the Goblin Village, Lord Ainz had used a bit of magic that she wasn't used to, like using magic that caused fear and despair, which she called dark magic.

"Now hold the Katana tightly, and now try to swing, do not think of anything but yourself." The old man said as he started to teach Liana.

She lifts her Katana and swings forward, striking a tree, and a small crack forms Into the hall of the tree as drips of sweat run down Liana's face.

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