AN: Hello! I have been reading a lot of Romione fanfics recently and ideas have been popping into my head, so here we are! This story was inspired by a story that I read in which the author was given the prompt "if this is my last night alive" or something along those lines, and it inspired me to write this Golden Trio ficlet. I have never written for the Golden Trio before, so please be kind. Also, if you know what story I'm talking about, please drop the title and author in the comments! I would love to credit them! This is my first story in several years, so please be gentle. :)

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Ronald Weasley laid awake on the sitting room floor of Shell Cottage, listening to the sounds of the ocean just beyond its walls. Although Ron knew that the following day would be one of the most dangerous and important days of the horcrux hunt so far, he couldn't seem to quiet his mind long enough to fall asleep.

So many things could go wrong. He tried to stay positive when going over the plans with Harry and Hermione, but the truth was that he was worried as well. Ron knew that he would do anything to protect his friends, sacrifice himself if it came to it. He would never let anything bad happen to Hermione ever again, of that he was certain.


Not for the first time that night, he thought about the bravery and strength she possessed in order to fulfill her part of the plan. Ron wasn't sure he would be able to stand looking at the face of the monster that hurt Hermione without being sick, but to BECOME her? Hermione was truly one of the strongest people he'd ever known and he was so proud of her.

Deep in thought, Ron did not notice the object of his thoughts quietly enter the room and crouch down towards his face.

"Pst! Ron! Are you awake?" Hermione whispered close to Ron's ear, trying not to disturb any of the other occupants of the room.

Ron startled for a moment before he took in her appearance. She stood over him wearing her pajamas and holding a pillow and blanket.

"Bloody hell, Hermione! What are you doing down here?" Ron whispered back, but not quite as quietly as Hermione liked.

"Shhh! You'll wake everyone up," she chastised as she stepped over his legs to stand between Ron and Harry. "Now, move over please."

Ron stared at her with wide eyes and a question on his face. This apparently amused her because Hermione let out a quiet giggle as she used her pillow to scoot Ron over to make room for her to lay down.

He moved his body to make enough space for her to squeeze in between him and Harry, putting her pillow down and wrapping herself with her blanket.

"What are you doing down here, Hermione? You should be sleeping upstairs in your bed. Why would you want to sleep on the sitting room floor?"

She sighed, "I just didn't want to be alone tonight. I wanted to be near you and Harry. Is he asleep?"

"No," Harry responded immediately.

"Oh, Harry I'm so sorry, did I wake you?"

"No, I couldn't sleep either. Can't stop thinking about tomorrow," he said as he let out a long sigh.

Ron propped himself up on his elbow, slightly leaning over Hermione to look at Harry. "Mate, you have to try to get some rest. We know the plan, we have prepared, and we are going to do this," he whispered in an overly positive manner.

"Ron, don't think I haven't heard you tossing and turning and worrying all night as well," Harry said as he looked pointedly at Ron.

"Stop," Hermione said, giving both boys a look. "There's no point in us arguing over this. We're all worried. We know the plan through and through, and we know that sometimes things go wrong despite our best intentions." She snuggled deeper under her blanket, but pulled out both arms to grab each of the boys hands. "So if tonight is my last night alive, I want to spend it with my two favorite people. Beds be damned."

Harry was overcome with emotion and adoration for his best friends in that moment. They had already experienced so much pain and suffering while on the run with him, and still they were ready to sacrifice their lives to see this mission through. He looked close to tears as he leaned close to rest his head on Hermione's shoulder. "You're the best big sister I could have ever asked for Hermione."

"And you're the best little brother that I never asked for, but I'm happy I got anyway," she smiled and leaned her head to rest on his.

Harry noticed Ron looking down on them, still on his elbow, with a small smile on his face. Despite the intimate moment, there was not a hint of jealousy on his face.

"Don't worry, you're my favorite brother Ron," he smiled, "and my best mate."

"Yeah, and you're my favorite Weasley and my best friend," Hermione said with a smile, but hastily added, "don't tell Ginny!"

Ron laughed, "Are you kidding? And let her hex my bollocks off in a jealous rage? No thank you, I quite like my bollocks."

Me too, Hermione thought to herself. Her cheeks turned bright pink as she eyed Ron with a smile.

Harry, watching the exchange, let out a laugh and said, "Well, I don't care for your bollocks much, so I may bring it up."

Hermione gave Harry a playful shove. "You really are a little brother," she said with an eye roll for good measure.

The trio settled down together, each lying on their backs and looking up at the ceiling, hands clasped together. Finally, Ron broke the silence.

"Well, you're wrong Hermione. Tonight is not going to be our last night alive," he said as he gently squeezed her hand. "But if it was, I'd want to spend it with the two of you as well."

"Same," said Harry. "I love you both so much."

Ron turned his body toward Hermione and reached his unoccupied hand over her to squeeze Harry's arm. "We love you too, mate." Ron put his head on Hermione's shoulder and made no effort to move from his embrace with both of his friends.

As the three of them lay in companionable silence, listening to the sounds of the ocean, they took comfort in the knowledge that no matter what tomorrow brought, they were safe and comfortable in each other's arms for tonight.