Makoto weaved past the people of Class 78, today it's their graduation party from Hope's Peak Academy, he was truly glad of spending time with each and everyone of his classmates. He was gonna have everyone in his heart and he hoped they had bright lives ahead of them.

He was gonna try to stay in contact of course...but you never know what might happen in the future.

But one person had called him specifically:One of his closest friends, Kyoko Kirigiri.

She said it's an important matter she wanted to discuss with him and it was vital they had this conversation...underneath a Sakura Tree.

Now, in hindsight he should have known what this meant...he should, but he read wrong on the type of person Kyoko was.

And there she was, leaning on the three waiting for him, she smiled when she saw him.

"Hello Makoto"

"Hey there Kyoko! Nice party huh?"

"Yes, it is nice spending one last time with everyone here, I gotta say I never thought I would enjoy my time here at Hope's Peak. But everyone, especifically you, proved me wrong"

"Well I'm glad you did! I did want everyone here to be friends and have a good time and I like to think I made it"

"...Always so friendly, so positive, so full of life, you truly are one of a kind" She said smiling to the side.

"I'm just a guy who's optimistic and has a bizarre luck streak" He said shrugging, while he didn't get to exactly control his talent, all the tests and time at Hope's Peak showed he was indeed lucky, they still had no lead in how his luck works but they said it's probably intended to be that way.

He didn't really care anyways.

"Well if I said I'm just a girl with great deductive skills, would you agree? Or would you give me a speech about how I'm special?" She said smiling.

"Hehe, you got me there" He scratched the back of his head laughing a bit.

"...Makoto, there's a reason why I called you here to talk, specifically underneath this tree" She said, still smiling.

"Oh, what is that Kyoko?" He asked curiously.

"Makoto...During these three years I have known you, I have been happy, immensely happy. It's more than any friend or family has ever made me feel...You made an effort to befriend me, to get to know me, to make me feel invited to the Group, to help me...I always treasured our friendship and thought I was ok with just that. But I have realized I wanted something more, I wanted it for a long time but I never got the courage until now…"

Makoto tried to hide his discomfort from the situation, he was painfully clear what she wanted and he now had to deal with rejecting her in front of everyone.

Because he didn't like her that way, he already loved someone else, which she probably didn't know off given she wasn't one of his classmates but someone back home.

Or maybe it was him who misread the situation and Kyoko was actually referring to something else, yeah, he was probably worrying about nothing and she was-

"...I love you Makoto, I loved you for a long time and I want our relationship to continue past our time here. I know it's a little late but I don't think our graduation means it isn't will you accept my confession?"

Going to confess her feelings like he initially assumed, yup.

"Kyoko, I am touched by what you said, i'm grateful to have meet you...but I don't feel the same way"

Up to now the party had been going great, people were in their own little worlds not paying attention to them.

But just as Makoto dropped those words, it's like the entire party crashed and everyone focused their attention on them.

"You don't feel the same way?" She asked, she still seemed to carry over her happier tone from before.

"No, I'm sorry about that, but I can't help it, I see you as a friend" He said as gently as possible.

"...yes I know that, I already knew this was gonna be your answer. You helped everyone here just as me so that tells me you didn't see me any differently than say Byakuya, Toko or even Junko...Yes I already saw this coming" And now her tone of voice dropped, now there was a low disappointed one.

The rest of Class 78 were having a sense of dread from what was coming next...except Junko and Genocider Jill (Toko had sneezed during Makoto rejecting Kyoko) who were laughing their asses off.

"Please don't feel bad" Makoto tried to help his friend.

"Don't feel bad? Makoto you just grabbed my feelings and spat on them, you don't have any idea of how bad you're making me feel right now, I had these feelings for years and now that I finally got to confess my feelings in what's possible our last day together you reject me? I can't allow that...honey" Her tone was cold and bitter, it was even worse than we she spoke to her father in her first year

Makoto was feeling guilty about it, but he couldn't help it, he didn't love Kyoko that way.

"Listen, it's not just what I told you...I'm not normal, there's something deeply wrong in my head and only you can fix it...not that it's something completely out of this world, I been told things and see the signs to show me that this was my fate after all...but if you reject me, you left me no choice"

"I'm s-sorry, but I have feelings for someone else '' Makoto let out.

"Who?" Kyoko said as if looking for a soon to be dead person and looked at the rest of class 78 who tensed at her glare except Junko and Jill who were eating popcorn.

"It's no one from Hope's Peak" He said in order to leave his friends from here out of this.

"Who?" She was now glaring straight at him.

"You won't tell me?" She asked.

"I don't want you to feel worse" Said the Luckster.

"Don't give me that cheap excuse, I'm already feeling more bad than you can ever imagine. I gave you my heart and you ripped it to shreds then proceeded to stomp it's remains, you can't understand how I feel. Regardless of what you think of me, you WILL learn to love me sooner or later" She stated while glaring daggers at him.

This caused the others to get a little scared for the poor Luckster who was trying to defuse the situation as best as he could.

"Kyoko calm down"

"Don't ask me to calm down!" Her voice raised in a rare display of over the top rage rather than cold fury, Making Makoto flinch away.

"You're going to do that or're gonna force me to-"

"Kyoko" Makoto grasped her hands in an attempt to calm her down.

"Don't touch me!" She took her hands away from him.

"Don't look at me with pity, I think you're misunderstanding...since when are you the one in control of this decision?" She said to his shock.


"Believe me, you're not in control of anything here. When I confessed to you I had only one thing in mind...if you aren't mine, you won't belong to anyone else" The Detective threatened.

In hindsight the others aside from Junko and Jill should have done something to help...but they were too busy being scared or shocked to do something.

"So I'm gonna ask again, are you gonna accept my confession? Will you accept my feelings and live a long and happy life with me?...or will you reject me and force me into this decision?"

This was ridiculous in Makoto's eyes, she was threatening him over something so stupid.

"Kyoko, I can't just accept your feelings like that, we are friends and I don't feel that way about, if we talk this out i'm sure-" He tried to reason with her.

"Blah, blah, blah. I didn't ask for your speeches, I asked for a simple yes or no, so choose...and choose wisely, because if you don't choose I'll make you Choose...and my patience is getting really, really, really thin with you because I waited years to get ready to confess with you and when I did, you rejected me" Her voice was getting a more annoyed tone by the second, it was clear she was losing her patience with him and wanted him to choose to accept her feelings.

Makoto had been under the Kirigiri Stare many times but this one was even more vicious than that, it was almost completely different to how Kyoko usually looks at him, having a tranquil but happy look on her face.

"I'm gonna give you 10 Seconds to give me an answer. I know you're usually Gun-Ho when it comes to your words, so this should be easy for you. 1…"

As Kyoko was counting, Makoto couldn't believe this was happening. One of his closest friends revealed that she was in love with him, he rejected her and now she was threatening to...he didn't know what.

He looked at his other friends, nobody was doing anything, then again this was such a shocking turn of events he wasn't surprised if it was still not registering, except for Junko and Genocider Jill who thought this was better than cable.

Still, it would be really nice if say...Sakura or Mukuro restrained Kyoko, surely she proved she wasn't...exactly sane but that didn't mean she was suddenly more powerful...right?

Though at the end it didn't matter, Kyoko could threaten him all she wanted that won't make him change his mind, he loved someone else and he didn't think she could do a thing to change that. He needed to stay true to himself and maybe he could get her to not do something drastic, she was his friend after all and he believed they could get past this eventually…

Worst case scenario, he'll trust his luck and hope for the best.

"7...8...9...10" She finished her ominous countdown and Makoto gathered courage for doing what he was about to do.

"I hope you thought about it very clearly, so give me your answer...And i'm hoping it's the answer that i'm waiting to hear"

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