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Chapter 12 – Thoughts, Birthday, and Mastery Exam

Harry and his family were finishing up breakfast when the Daily Prophet arrived by owl post. Sirius paid the bird the required Knuts and the owl flew away once more. He barely had to look at the front page before he barked out a laugh and then flipped it around to show everyone the front page filled with warring headlines.

Harry Potter 'The Boy-Who-Lived' dazzles at the Junior Dueling League!

Dueling prodigy, Harry Potter, conjures Primal Fire single handedly!

Harry Potter's Wandless Magic!

"That certainly didn't take them long." Andromeda barely held back on rolling her eyes.

"It's to be expected though." Ted placed his hand atop his wife's hand with a warm smile. Andromeda returned the affection and kissed his cheek softly.

"You're getting even more famous, Harrikins!" Tonks ruffled Harry's hair playfully.

"At least this is for something that I actually did." Harry shrugged at the article and the headlines. He didn't much care what the Prophet thought of his skills. He was still pondering over his many ongoing magical studies and spell projects.

"At least it's not by Skeeter." Sirius had sat down at the table and began reading the paper. "They've got a lot of pictures of your duels alongside the article, Harry. Usually, an article only gets three or four pictures, they've got seven for yours."

"That's nice, I guess?" Harry shrugged as he finished the last of his breakfast. "I'm going to be practicing some spells." He informed them with a grin before taking off upstairs towards his bedroom.

"Nerrrrrrrrd!" Tonks called after Harry teasingly.

"You're going to be late for work, Nym!" Harry shot back over his shoulder.

"No, I'm not!" Tonks retorted, only to look at the clock and realize that she did indeed need to leave right away. "Ah shite." She was on her feet and heading for the Floo quickly. It was a good thing that she already had her Auror robes on.

"That girl of ours." Ted chuckled as Tonks left for work.

"I'm sure she gets that from your side." Andromeda grinned at her husband.

-Harry's Room-

The young Spellcrafter closed his door behind him and headed for his desk. It was piled high with a stack of books and various pieces of parchment and paper. With a wave of his hand, a notebook flew from a shelf across the room and into his outstretched hand. He opened it to the page he was on and looked at where his thoughts had left off last time.

'Hmm, my best guess for the Blood Malediction is to remove it entirely. But removing it all at once is going to be difficult as it sits. The 'roots' of the curse are sunk deep into both Magic and body. How do I remove it entirely without ripping someone apart from the inside out?' Harry pondered on the conundrum that he'd been going over ever since he'd gotten a chance to look at Daphne's condition. The old book from the Restricted Section had helped, most definitely, but like many spellbooks it claimed that the Blood Malediction was unbreakable.

Leaning back in his chair, tilting it onto the back legs and then holding it in place with Magic, Harry continued to ponder. The curse was old, how old he didn't know, but old enough that no one outside of the Greengrass Family seemed to know or recall that such a curse had been placed on their Family Line. The ability to curse generation after generation was honestly impressive, but morally deficient to say the least. If he could ask more direct questions about the Blood Malediction's history, then he might be able to figure out a bit more that could help him undo it. As he continued to think over the problem, he began to speak another of his fake incantations. Something about the prose helped his thought process when he was thinking about certain topics. In the case of removing the Greengrass Family's curse, his mind subconsciously went to healing.

"Heavenly light, once rejected. Merciful arms that save my shallow self. Rescue my miserable companions in place of my words that cannot reach them. Oh sunlight, may you beat back ruin." Harry murmured as he looked up at the ceiling while his mind tried to work out a way to deal with the blood curse. There had to be a way to safely remove the roots of the curse from the victim. It was sort of like a parasite the way it took from the ones that were cursed.

A book floated over to Harry, old and worn, it was from a collection that was in the Black Family Home in London. A house called 12 Grimmauld Place, according to Andromeda and Sirius. The two had gone there a couple of times over the last few years to take books from the large library there. Nothing that would be considered dangerous or Dark, but old and rare books that they knew Harry would be interested in. This particular tome was on Magical Healing, including both spells and potions, which Harry thought might help his current thought process.

"The song of a now distant forest. The nostalgic song of life. Please bring the mercy of healing to those that seek you." Harry spoke another poem-like chant as he flipped through the large book, stopping on anything that looked like it might be useful before moving on.

Seeing a section on Magical Surgery peaked Harry's interest. That particular branch of Magical Healing wasn't used anymore except in the direst of situations. There wasn't much that needed to be physically removed from a sick Witch or Wizard nowadays that a regiment of potions couldn't cure over the course of a few days or weeks. Even healing spells had developed enough that actually doing a surgery was almost never necessary anymore. But as he read more into the section, Harry began to consider some new possibilities.

"Pius's staff, Pione's light. Intersect with the authority of healing and heal everything." Harry wished it were so simple to remove the Blood Malediction. But it wasn't technically an injury, more like a condition, and that was less a thing to be healed as it was to be treated over time.

Thinking on some of the things he'd read over in the Restricted Section of the library, Harry knew of one thing that could potentially work already. But much like the Blood Malediction itself, the potential 'cure' was very lacking in morals. It was considered a Dark Magic in which one sacrificed someone else to take on the curse of another. In this case, Harry would have to find a person to take on Daphne's curse and basically sacrifice said person to suffer the blood curse in her place. The only problem, aside from the repugnant nature of the Magic, was that there was no guarantee that Daphne's curse could be transferred to a new 'host' like that. Worst case scenario being that the Blood Malediction killed her as it was moved from her and into the new victim.

"Not like I could kill her either." Harry shook his head at the thought. Upon death, the curse would absolutely break as it had served its function, but that would just be murder. There was no way to truly bring the dead back to life. Necromancy was merely moving corpses and giving them a semblance of life. A very good Necromancer could even have their risen speak and act like the person they were in life, but it was still just an imitation. The corpse was still a corpse and would eventually rot away, even with Magic slowing the process to a crawl.

Looking out of his window and at the clouds in the sky, Harry continued his musing and hypothesizing. If there was a way to truly resurrect a person, then there'd be no such thing as an unbreakable curse. Not to mention the fact that there would be a lot more elderly Witches and Wizards that potentially exceeded even Dumbledore's age. Maybe someone that was recently deceased could be resurrected, the body's functions restored before the brain died, but Harry didn't have much idea about how to accomplish such a feat. At least not a way that wouldn't just put the revived person back into the same state that had killed them in the first place.

"Oh untrodden realm, oh forbidden wall, on this fateful day I reject the laws set forth by the divine. Rod of Asclepius, bowl of Salus, oh ye who lingers beyond the furthest reaches of healing, I implore you to bide that time. Unending tears, chorus of grief, the ultimate price has already been paid. Oh path of light, I pray that you forsake the unyielding past and shine upon my foolish desire. I swear I shall not look back." Harry spoke as he watched the clouds roll by.

It was a truly insane idea to use Magic to revive even the recently deceased. In all of the millennia of Wizards and Witches, it had been considered something truly impossible, even with all that Magic was able to accomplish. There were some things that just weren't meant to be. Even Harry wasn't sure it was truly possible, despite all of his intuitive understanding of Magic. It may be that there truly were some constants of reality that could not be changed, death being one of them.

"Looks like I got a bit off topic." Harry chuckled to himself as he realized that he'd gone off on a tangent in his own thoughts and musings. It was a recurring thing with him and always had been. He'd start thinking on one subject and it would eventually lead into another, and then another. He'd realize sooner or later and then refocus back onto whatever topic he'd started on again. "Back to the matter at hand."

Harry spent all morning going over different ideas of how to deal with the Blood Malediction. His hypotheses were always geared around getting rid of the curse entirely from the Greengrass Line, but he continued to run into the issue of exactly how to go about that. With what he'd seen from Daphne, it would be hard for any spell to undo the blood curse. It was deeply entrenched within the current generation of the family, and after so long, removing it was always going to be difficult.

After lunch, Andromeda asked Harry to help her with her garden for a bit. It was something Harry didn't mind doing, and it let him practice a little of his Herbology at the same time. Plant Magic was still eluding him at the moment, but he felt like he was making some progress. At the very least, the plants he grew, shaped, and manipulated didn't shrivel up and die instantly anymore. Now it took several seconds before that happened. Not much progress, but still progress.

"Make sure you get all of the roots, Harry." Andromeda smiled as they were doing the weeding. A point from her wand and a weed slowly worked itself out of the ground, roots and all. Andromeda quickly placed it into the basket next to her that was filled with similar weeds. "If you leave the roots behind a new weed will just grow back."

"Yes, Auntie." Harry used the same spell, albeit wandlessly, and watched as the weed slowly pulled itself out of the ground. Cocking an eyebrow as he looked at the roots of the weed, his mind made a connection. "Roots." He murmured before finding another weed to use the spell on again. This time Harry activated his in-progress Mage Sight spell to watch the Magic uproot the plant. He saw his spell cover the plant first. Once the weed was surrounded by his Magic, the roots in the dirt slowly moved, releasing their hold on the soil. As the various roots disengaged from the dirt, the visible part of the weed began to sway and move. The roots lifted upwards until the weed was perfectly uprooted and fell to the ground. Harry picked up the weed, inspecting the roots and not seeing any damage done to them. 'That might work.' The Spellcrafter had a grin on his face and his green eyes were alight with thoughts and speculation. Perhaps he'd been looking at this the wrong way? This wasn't some curse that had a counter-curse and could be undone with a simple spell. This was a multi-generational curse that was unbreakable and had existed for who knew how long in the Greengrass Family. 'Perhaps I need to think of this less like undoing a curse, and more like uprooting it from within the Greengrass family members.'

"What's got you smiling, Harry?" Andromeda questioned her surrogate nephew.

"Just thinking about how simple things like this can lead to thinking about things differently." Harry laughed lightly, smiling at her.

"Do I want to know what weeding the garden has put into your head?" Andromeda questioned with a look thrown his way.

"It's nothing bad." Harry shook his head.

"Uh huh." Andromeda teased him lightly. "I've heard that before."

"At least I don't always play pranks like Sirius." Harry gave a playful pout at his surrogate aunt.

"The key word there being 'always' young man." Andromeda was quick with the response and Harry couldn't help but grin.

The two would spend the next several minutes finishing the weeding of the garden together. It was just one of those simple things that they did as a family. Harry, despite his age, had come to enjoy such times with his aunt. Not to mention, this wasn't the first time that doing something simple with one of his family members had led to him having an epiphany about something completely unrelated. Not everything was contained in books, and Harry had the proof from his own experiences. Sometimes you had to get out of the mindset of traditional study or research and just do something else entirely.

-Junior Dueling League-

"Oof!" Terry Boot coughed as an invisible force hit him in the stomach. Before he could fully process the pain, his wand was yanked out of his hand by a Summoning Charm.

"Disarmed!" One of the male Judges declared as Terry's wand was caught by Harry.

"Harry Potter wins his fourth consecutive Duel today." The announcer declared to the watching audience. The applause was polite from some and almost raucous from others.

"Nice match, Harry." Terry smiled as they bowed to each other.

"You did much better than last time yourself." Harry praised his fellow Ravenclaw on his higher placement compared to the last time the Under 17 Dueling League had met up. Both Terry and Harry had to win three Duels to face each other today, and Terry had put on a better showing by beating Theodore Nott, Zacharias Smith, and Draco.

"I'm trying to think outside the box, so to speak." Terry shrugged as they cleared the platform. "It seems to work for you."

"Keep it up, you'll become a better Duelist that way." Harry encouraged him as the two boys separated to head back to their respective families.

"That was quick, Harry." Sirius high-fived his godson with a grin.

"I might be a little restless." Harry admitted with a shrug. "My Mastery Exam is coming up soon."

"True," Sirius patted his back gently. "But your birthday is before that." He reminded.

"You're right, and I'm curious what new books or trinkets you've found this time." Harry grinned at his godfather.

"Don't think that I'll ruin the surprise, Harry!" Sirius laughed and was happy to see Harry laughing with him.

"Still undefeated, huh, Harry?" Alexander Runcorn chuckled as he walked close to where Harry and Sirius were sitting. The older boy had taken his loss to Harry well and had shown some clear growth in his Dueling over the summer so far.

"So far." Harry replied easily. "I don't believe that I've seen you lose either."

"I can't lose all the time." Alexander joked with a grin. "How would I get onto the Professional Dueling Circuit if I did that?"

"A good question." Harry put on a fake 'thinking look' for a moment.

"See you later, Harry." Alexander waved as he headed over to his parents a bit further down from where Harry and Sirius were sitting.

"Later." Harry waved back to the older boy.

"He's a good kid." Sirius commented on Alexander.

"Better than a certain blonde that nearly throws a fit every time that he loses." Harry didn't look but Sirius already knew that he was talking about Draco Malfoy.

-July 31st-

Harry's birthday was filled with excitement from the moment he woke up. A lot of that excited energy came from Sirius and Tonks. The two loved a good celebration, and what better to celebrate than Harry's birthday? Andromeda had made his favorites for breakfast. Ted had brought out the gifts as soon as everyone was done eating. Remus had stopped by to celebrate with them, once more looking a bit tired and worn out, as Harry was often used to seeing the man. Much like Harry expected, his gifts were various books on Magic and a bunch of Magical trinkets and prank items. Andromeda had swatted Sirius for giving him prank items, but Harry could only laugh at the banter between the two.

"Interesting." Harry smiled at the title of one of his new books: Herbology in Practical Combat was certainly an unexpected title. But this proved how well his family listened to what he was currently looking into. It was nice to know that they took an active interest in his Spellcrafting and the various subjects he was researching for it.

"You're such a nerd, Harry." Tonks playfully tousled his hair.

"So, you've told me." Harry grinned and blew a gust of air at her that sent her semi-long hair flying backwards. Petty revenge was so easy with Magic.

"You're lucky it's your birthday, Mister." Tonks fixed her hair with her Metamorphmagus ability, and changed it from pink to purple just because.

"How kind of you." Harry was unrepentant with the little smirk he shot her way.

"It won't be your birthday tomorrow, Harrikins, remember that." Tonks's playful threat made both of them crack up after a moment.

"You've barely teased me at all today, I noticed." Harry mentioned of Tonks's oddly good behavior.

I've still got a whole month of your summer break to do so." The Metamorphmagus shrugged with a grin. "Besides, it'll be more fun to tease you next year."

"Why's that?" Harry questioned her with a suspicious gaze.

"Because next year you'll be a teenager, Harrikins." Tonks's grin was all too 'evil' for Harry's liking. "You'll start getting interested in girls and I'll be right there to tease you mercilessly." She wiggled her eyebrows, changing the color of each one with every movement, to tease him further.

"Thanks…looking forward to it." Harry replied flatly, his face unamused.

"You're welcome." Tonks laughed at his face.

"Time for cake!" Sirius declared as he levitated a large cake onto the kitchen table.

"Coming." Harry called out as he left his gifts to go have some cake. Tonks followed after him, eager to get a piece herself before something inevitably happened to the cake with Sirius around.

-Ministry of Magic ~ Wizarding Examinations Authority-

"Good to meet you, Mr. Potter. I'm Griselda Marchbanks, the Head of the WEA." Griselda greeted the young boy politely. She was a very old Witch, having been part of the WEA since Albus Dumbledore was a schoolboy. Her hair was gray from her advanced age, and she had all the wrinkles one would expect. But her eyes were still sharp and she held herself firmly with one hand on a cane. "This is an unheard of request, letting any child with only a single year of Hogwarts education take a Mastery Exam. But with what we've been able to find out and information provided to us by Lord Black, we've decided to grant you a chance."

"Thank you very much, Madam Marchbanks." Harry gave a polite bow to Griselda and the two other WEA employees at her side. He'd had to change into a simple robe and some equally simple shoes provided by the examiners. This was all to prevent any form of cheating or fraudulent acts of Magic. It made sense, how many people would happily cheat their way to a Mastery if they didn't take precautions like this?

"The basic idea of the Mastery Exam is to make sure that you know above Seventh Year material in the Branch of Magic that the exam covers." Griselda explained to Harry as she and the examiners stepped back to clear a space for Harry. "You may demonstrate anything you wish, so long as it's a Charm. If your showing is satisfactory, then you'll be granted a Mastery. Be aware, Mr. Potter, that we are harsh judges and no amount of fame or reputation will get you any leniency here."

"Understood." Harry nodded to the three. With a grin he began to float into the air. The young Spellcrafter nearly laughed when he saw the wide-eyed shock on the faces of the three examiners. Harry began to fly around the large (cavernous would be an apt description) room freely. He would speed up, slow down, turn easily, dive, ascend, and all without anyone in the room having their wand in hand to be levitating him in any way.

"He's…flying." One examiner finally managed to speak.

"Impossible…we gave him the test robe. It can't be enchanted like this!" The other examiner shook their head in denial.

"Are you saying that just because others can't do it, that it's impossible?" Harry questioned the examiner as he floated down to hover in front of the three. "Isn't that a bad mindset to have when it comes to Magic?"

"No one has ever proven self-flight to be possible before, Mr. Potter." Griselda shook her head slightly. "There has been all manner of people that have claimed to do so, but when put under scrutiny it's always been revealed to be an Enchanted Object of some kind doing the actual flying."

"Well, no Enchanted Objects here." Harry demonstrated by shaking out the WEA-given robe and the sleeves of the robe right after. "This is just my Flight spell." He shot backwards at speed, still in a standing position, before shooting upwards and lightly tapping the incredibly high ceiling with his left hand. With a chuckle he fell backward towards the ground, only to correct his flight and come to a sweeping landing back where he'd started.

"Please, continue, Mr. Potter." Griselda prompted even as she and the other two examiners were writing on rolls of parchment suspended in the air.

"Sure thing." Harry raised his right hand, palm up, above his head and the air began to spin. The yellow ring of superheated air formed just as it had done at Hogwarts during his last demonstration. A strong stomp of his foot on the ground and large columns of stone rose up from the floor. Harry set the scorching hot spell flying and the examiners could only watch on in stunned silence as the spell sliced through every single column of stone as if they weren't there. With a mere thought from Harry, the ring of burning air flew to the opposite end of the massive room and exploded into an immense fireball.

Since he already had the go ahead from Griselda, Harry continued without prompting. He clapped his hands together and interlaced his fingers. All around him pitch-darkness manifested and rapidly spread to engulf the entire room. Harry heard the panicked squawks of the two examiners before hearing Griselda tell them to pipe down and be professionals. Harry quietly flew forward until he was right before them and then canceled his Black Out spell.



"Fascinating, Mr. Potter." Griselda marked something else on her floating parchment. The much older Witch clearly wasn't startled by much.

"Thank you, ma'am." Harry flew backwards until he was several meters away and then turned to face the opposite direction.

Weaving his next spell together saw bright red lines extending across the floor in front of Harry. A moment later and a massive firestorm erupted in the area that Harry was facing. Towering tornadoes of fire connected floor and ceiling while scorching the stones black instantly. The heat in the massive chamber quickly rose to be uncomfortably hot. When the flames died out, Harry could vaguely hear the murmuring of the examiners watching him, he switched to his next spell.

This time, the temperature plummeted and a biting chill filled the chamber. A blizzard took over the area that had just been burned and froze everything in thick ice. The howling winds of the localized blizzard echoed in the room and no one could hear anything else. Snow quickly piled up as the wind blew it around, the examiners starting to shiver in their uniform robes.

"A bit chilly…Mr. Potter." Griselda commented after the blizzard stopped. The entire area the spell had taken place in was like a piece of the arctic now. "I don't suppose you could do something about that?"

"Warming Charms are simple enough." Harry shrugged, pointing to each of the examiners in turn. The icy chill was suddenly pushed away by a pleasant warmth and all three of the elders sighed at the comfort.

"Anything else to show us, Mr. Potter?" The examiner on the left asked the boy. All three were already convinced of Harry earning his Mastery in Charms. He was only twelve and could already do things that none of them could hope to pull off!

"Sure," Harry smiled at getting to show off one of his less used creations. He held up both of his hands with his index fingers extended. A nearly transparent orb about the size of a golf ball appeared at the tips of his index fingers. "This is the Principle of Attraction." Harry raised his right hand slightly. "This one is the Principle of Rejection." He raised his left hand to match the height of his right hand.

"You can manifest just the base Principles too?" The examiner on the right blinked at the boy. "Most can only use Charms like Accio and Depulso to utilize the Principles, or as close to the Principles as most can get."

"Yes sir, I can use the Principles directly." Harry confirmed for the man and saw all three writing on their floating parchments again. "Under normal conditions, the Attraction Principle and the Rejection Principle would cancel each other out, as long as they were of equal power." He brought the two orbs together and the three examiners watched them both disperse. "Now if one has greater power than the other," The two small orbs were summoned again and this time the Attraction Principle grew a bit bigger on the tip of his right index finger. "Then the stronger Principle's effect takes hold but at a reduced strength." He touched the two Principles together again. The larger Attraction Principle shrank significantly while the Rejection Principle was completely dispersed. "Conflicting effects cannot exist at the same time at the same strength...normally anyway..." Harry grinned as he conjured the Attraction Principle and Rejection Principle a third time. "What do you think happens if two opposing forces exist within the same space without canceling each other out?" He brought the two transparent orbs together, the opposing Principles fought against each other as Harry forced them together. The two transparent little spheres slowly merged before turning a deep black. The fused orb of Magic was literally vibrating, along with the air around it.

"That's…that shouldn't be possible." This time even Griselda couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"So, what happens when something touches this paradoxical existence?" Harry questioned the three examiners with a knowing grin.

"W-What?" The examiner on the left and right both stuttered out at the same time.

"This." Harry sent the pitch-black orb of vibrating Magic at the closest wall. The instant the sphere made contact with the stone wall it rapidly expanded and the cavernous chamber went silent. The large black sphere disappeared a moment later revealing a huge hole in the wall, the edges of the missing section were perfectly smooth, as if they'd been painstakingly sanded down to a marble-like finish. Sound returned a second later and Harry looked towards the three absolutely flabbergasted examiners.

It took several long moments before Griselda and the other two examiners regained their wits. But when they did it was to furiously write on their floating parchments while nearly babbling about what they'd seen today.

"Astounding! Simply astounding!" The examiner on the right raved.

"In all my years…I never thought I'd see Magic like this!" The examiner on the left looked up from his parchment. "Mr. Potter is only twelve at that!" He gazed at Harry incredulously while the Spellcrafter waited for their assessment.

"I've not seen such incredible Magic since Dumbledore!" Griselda shook her head in amazement. "That boy showed ways to use Magic that I'd not seen before. But this? But you? Mr. Potter…I daresay that Magical Britain, perhaps the vast majority of the Magical World has never seen a Wizard like you!"

"Thank you, ma'am." Harry gave a nod of thanks to Griselda.

"I don't think there's any debate, yes?" The examiner on the left looked between the other two.

"Not at all." The examiner on the right agreed.

"I'd smack you both if you'd said there was." Griselda informed her subordinates before turning to Harry. "Mr. Potter, on behalf of the Wizarding Examinations Authority and the Ministry of Magic, we'd like to present you with a certificate and symbol of Mastery in Charms."

All three examiners tapped their floating parchments with their wands. The parchments rolled up into scrolls and then vanished. A few moments later another Witch entered the large chamber. She handed a framed certificate to Griselda first and then what looked like a badge of some kind. The younger Witch moved back to stand behind the three examiners after handing the items over.

"Harry James Potter, this certifies you as a Charms Master." Griselda handed the framed certificate to Harry. It was a parchment inlaid with gold that had Harry's name on it, the legalese writing in cursive that described his achievement and accomplishments in Charms, and was finished off with a silvery Ministry seal. On the bottom edge were what appeared to be the signatures of Griselda and the other two examiners. "This," She held up the badge. "Is known as a Symbol of Mastery. You can keep it on you at all times if you desire. It proves that you have earned your Mastery in the event that anyone doubts your accomplishments."

"Thank you very much." Harry gave a short bow as he accepted the certificate and the symbol. The symbol was indeed a badge made of what appeared to be gold, silver, and potentially even platinum. The gold body of the badge had the seal of the International Confederation of Wizards on it in the background. Around the symbol, along the edge of the badge, were intricate lines of silver to decorate it. Inlaid within the gold was what Harry thought might be platinum, spelling out his name and the title 'Charms Master' beneath it.

"Please stop by the Minister's office before you leave, Mr. Potter." Griselda instructed Harry with a smile. "It is his responsibility to present you with your new formal Title of Sorcerer for earning your Mastery."

"Yes, ma'am." Harry nodded as he was given smiles from the three examiners and they bowed respectfully to the youngest Charms Master and youngest Sorcerer in Magical Britain's history. Harry headed for the door, hearing the three examiners talking animatedly behind him about what they'd gotten to witness. He was incredibly happy with his achievement too. But the fact that he was going to have to meet the Minister, a man that both Sirius and Andromeda had called an inept politician at best, meant that he'd probably end up on the front page of the Daily Prophet again shaking hands with Cornelius Fudge.

The young Spellcrafter kind of hoped that Sirius could stop that before it happened.

-End Chapter-


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