I hate pain

if I get a next life I want it to be filled with fun

I had hoped to be useful to someone

If only I had the power to live the way I wanted

I hated being human

I'll miss my family but I know it will be ok

I never liked the Fanfictions where they spend to much time on the before life

I wake up. I feel strange, like I have a human shape but not.

I try to move only to hear screams of pain from what sounds like a child.

I cant see anything. I hear another child start to insult the child that

sounds closer. 3 seconds later I hear an explosion and suddenly I feel

like I'm falling out of a bag. I see light and then all hell breaks out.

Ok so... I'm in a park, surrounded by kids, some look like monsters.

I look down and see baby 4 year old izuku from my hero academia.

OH MY GOD I say in my best jojo inspersion. little izuku looks at me in awe.

I figure out what has happened, I have been reincarnated as ragnarok from

soul eater as izukus quirk... BEST DAY EVER. You may be wondering why I'm

so calm about all this. Well its kinda corny but I had always hoped to

be reincarnated, and not only that but now I get to avoid all the

annoying parts of life, such as pain and obligations. And the best part of all

I get to help out a green bean and be his friend. So after rushing home

izuku goes to his mom and shows me off. We go to the doctor to run tests

and I know of the dangers of a kid having a strong quirk without protection

from villains and the government alike so I pretend all I can do is talk.

Izuku could care less and is already mumbling about training me to be cool

and I just love the enthusiasm. The doctor asks what izuku wants to name me

but I ask if I can name myself, they agree and I think of cool anime

names. I settle on Senku. and my name as a quirk is black blood. I feel

the look of disgust from the doctor, I can tell he thinks I'm an evil

quirk. Why would you not think I look adorable because right now I look like the

chibi ragnarock, huh I wonder if I will grow or not. I also feel like I should try to behave like

a 4 year old too so izuku can relate and its fun to relive my youth, so cool.

we get home and izuku starts a new notebook titled my quirk and starts

doodling me and asking me what I can do. To keep my cover I have decided

to "slowly and accidently figure out new stuff" but for now I tell him I

can harden to protect him. SO COOL thanks senku. The next day when izuku

arrives at school he is confronted by bakugo. I hate having to go in and out

of izuku whenever I want to make an appearance because when I do it hurts him.

But I have to protect him from the little shit. I pop out and bakugo glares

at me. "what so your quirk is to have two of yourself deku". I say

"You wanna fight or something Baka go". (lame joke I know but I thought it

was funny so screw you) watch?v=8gaV1X9zEwM&ab_channel=RodebertX

I can't go to far from izuku without separating from Izuku and blowing my cover so I settle with

punching in a kid like fashion. bakugo is pissed and try's exploding me.

thank god he is still 4 and sucks right now. The teachers come over and

separate us and they blame both bakugo and izuku even though it was I DIO.

I tried to tell them but they cut me off and put us in timeout. izuku got

mad at me and told me to not fight kaachan. I told him I was trying to

protect him but he insisted I only act when he calls on me. At this point

in time I realize it wont be easy for me to help him, but I wont give up.

days go on and I try my best to give izuku advice and have limited myself

to only verbally defending izuku. I think the little shit envy's me, after

all i am a way better quirk than his. When Monday happens izuku is talking

with me about what he thinks I can do, I was surprised that he knew I

could still move when not connected to him. I thought I was gonna have to

tell him that years later. he is way too smart for a 4 year old. then again

anime kids are always well behaved and smart compared to real kids.

Guess I haven't really talked about the cool things about living in an anime

now. First off the looks are way cooler, the colors have more life to them.

But my favorite part is the background music. always the appropriate music

for any given situation. It's cool as hell, but no one else thinks it's

cool or strange. they even have background music from other animes, the

current one playing is watch?v=WGhuLBr4NU4&ab_channel=KorazSalahaden

It's as I'm talking to the readers in my mind dazed out when izuku snaps

me out of it and tells me to form into a stick for him. I comply and he

complains that a stick should not have a mouth. I tell him how else am I

gonna talk with him. He's like oh your right and I childishly mimic back

oH YoUr rIgHt under my breath. Anyway he wants to test how strong I can harden

so he hits a tree with me. I hold strong, I don't know if its because I'm just

that cool or because of his weak baby arms. Ether way izuku seems happy.

Months have gone by and we are at the doctor again. They want to draw blood

so I'm panicking. Should I let them and reveal i can exist outside izuku.

I don't know if I'm strong enough to protect us if something fishy happens.

Izuku notices my panic, "Senku will you be ok if they take some of you"

OH MY GOD he is so cute. I decide it would be a bad idea for them to

have some of me so I say ok. My plan is for the doctor to try to take

some blood only for me to harden. I'll say I can't stop it, and clam its

an instinctual hardening to protect izuku.

My plan works but now we have to have more check ups than a normal person

because they can't give vaccines if I wanna keep my cover. I think I'll

be able to keep izuku safe from all manner of sickness but i don't know

if that was something ragnarock could do.

Years go on and Izuku and I never get sick, me and bakugo avoid each other

and the rest of the class thinks I'm a villain quirk. At least izuku has me

this time. Over the years I've given ideas for attacks and techniques.

We can now do Scream sword attack, Bloody nettle, Wings, Iron body,

and i have forced izuku to have swordsmanship training. some of the attack

names are form other anime or modified because I cant soul resonate with

izuku because I'm a quirk and not whatever the hell medusa put in crona, idk

i did not read the manga.

We still needed ranged attacks and no matter what I say izuku will not let

me be his outfit. What's wrong with wearing your own blood? I've tried

doing things that ragnarock never did but it never works out unless its

one of izukus ideas. so izuku started coming up with ideas. His were far

more creative than mine. He discovered Bloody Bullet, Blood whip, and

Bloody Tail. Bloody Bullet is just a bloody nettle we launch, Bloody

Whip is self explanatory but takes advantage of my not always solid form

witch i think was extra clever, and Bloody Tail is similar to Bloody Whip

but we use it as a extra hand to use 3 sword style. ( Zoro is so cool )

We took the UA exam and got yelled at by Iida, apparently I'm a distracting

vinquilitrist doll. Oh by the way I can change my size whenever I want so I got big and yelled back, Izuku apologizes for my behavior and I notice

Tokoyami looking at me with interest. I know about my similarities with his dark shadow so that must be why. We go on the bus to arrive at the

exam site. I may have made it so izukus confidence in combat is super high, after all nothing had ever given him more than a scratch. A scratch that stopped whatever was hurting him the moment it connects with me right under his skin. One time we stepped on a shard of glass and he thought we stepped on a Lego, still hurt but only as bad as skin breaking. The only pain izuku has anymore is when I come out but I discovered I can come out of his sweat glans without hurting him at the cost it being so slow it would never work for split second decisions.