Previously on NCIS

"Ziva drop the gun. You are putting your daughter's life and Gibbs's life in danger too. Drop it otherwise, we will never get a chance to get Tali back. Please try to understand my friend." Adam lowered his gun and told her but, still, she didn't put her weapon down.

"Ziva drop your weapon!" Ray pulled Gibbs to his feet and shouted.

Ziva was about to lower her weapon when one single shot rang out with a loud thud sound.

"NOOO... "


"You lied to us about Ziva David!"

"I did not lie about anything, Director."

"Yeah, you are right. You just hide the truth about Ziva David being alive, right DiNozzo," Jack said sarcastically.

"Yes, I hide her truth because she was in trouble," Tony said loudly.

"What kind of trouble she was in, Tony? And if you wanted to help her you should have contacted us instead of hiding her truth from us. Don't you think you left her on her own when she needed our help? And she still needs our help. But because of you, Ziva and Gibbs both are in danger." McGee was also upset because Tony didn't even tell him about Ziva.

"Because of me! C'mon, McGee you all assumed that she died in that blast." Tony was shocked by McGee's accusations.

"Yes, because of Tony. You should have told us. At least you should have told Gibbs about it. I am sure he would have helped you. If you have told any of us about Ziva none of these things happened."

"Calm down both of you. There is no need to blame anyone Agent McGee. What happened had happened, now concentrate on how can we get Gibbs and DiNozzo's daughter back. Because I'm convinced that anyhow Ray is not going to release Tali. And if Ziva plans to trade Gibbs in exchange for Tali that is also not going to work. We have to make a move and we have to make it fast because two people's lives are on the line. So stop fighting and do your damn jobs." Vance scolded both of them for their childish behavior.

Tony was the first to apologize for his mistakes because he knew someplace McGee was right, he should have told them about Ziva. They have the right to know the truth after all Ziva is like a sister to McGee and she is like a daughter to Gibbs.

"I'm sorry Tim but I don't have any other choice. She told me not to tell anyone including you and Gibbs too. I'm sorry."

"It's okay." McGee gave him a sad smile. But Tony knows that he didn't forgive him yet...

"Ok, so how long did you know that she is alive?" Bishop asked.

"As you know after leaving the NCIS, I took Tali to Paris. And then I started looking for her. Since I saw that news report I wanted to find out what happened so I started searching for Ziva. And after a very long time, I tracked her down in CirĂ². That was the last time I met her. When I asked her..."

"So without telling us you started looking for Ziva!" McGee interrupted. He was very upset because Tony didn't tell him that Ziva is alive.

"I tried to inform you but Ziva stopped me she didn't want to put any of you in danger. Hell, she didn't even tell me what kind of danger she was in!"

"Enough both of you! We are not doing this again..." Vance yelled at Tim and Tony.

"Sorry Director. It won't happen again." McGee said.

"Does Gibbs know about all these things?" Jack asked.


"Well, he knows now..." Nick said. And everyone was looking at him.

"I mean that Gibbs knows that it's Ziva David and she is alive. Okay... Bishop, need little help here." He tried to explain but it didn't work.

"Sorry, Nick you are on your own."

"Thanks, Eli for your support."

"Is it true, is Ziva ALIVE?" It was Ducky he was looking surprised and worried too.

"Did the agent Gibbs got kidnapped by Ziva? She can not do that. Gibbs is like a father to her. Tell me it is not true or is it?"

Jimmy was freaking out because everyone knows how much Gibbs means to Ziva and the team. And everyone knows how much Ziva is special to Gibbs. And still, they all witness this kind of situation.

"It is true, Jimmy, it was Ziva David. We all saw the footage." Jack answered his question.

"Oh, dear..."

"Did you guys get something that can help us to find Agent Gibbs and Ziva? I am sure she is in some kind of trouble or being forced to do this kind of work. You know her she is not a bad person. She needs... our help. I know I might be overreacting here but I am scared because Gibbs is kidnapped. I am worried because it is Ziva and feel happy because she is alive. Am I losing my mind, Doctor?"

Before someone could say anything Ducky head-slapped him.

"Calm down Mr. Palmer. Nobody is blaming Ziva for what has happened. And they all are pushing to the limit to find our Jethro. Now let them do their jobs."

"Thank you, Doctor and I am sorry," Jimmy replied.

"It's ok Jimmy. We all are worried about Gibbs." Jack told him.

"But why she is doing this? Did you know the reason behind her this kind of action?" Ducky asked the team.

"She is doing this because her daughter Tali is kidnapped by her ex-fiance. His name is..."

"Ray! That former CIA agent? Oh my God! But he was in the prison. How did he get out of there?" Jimmy was curious to know about the situation.

"Listen, Jimmy. We don't have time for this. The matter is Tali is kidnapped and that son of a bitch forced Ziva to abduct Gibbs. And now the situation is we don't know what to do. We don't know where to find them. We don't have any leads to follow. And I am losing everything I have... My family is about to be finished by that bastard's hands. And I can't do anything to find them or save them..." Tony sounds very broken. Everyone in the lab was looking at him with pity.


Now come on let's do your jobs. Miss Hines please check every single traffic camera and try to track that van and find the last location of Ziva. I have a feeling that she is not working alone on this assignment." Vance starts barking orders to the team.

"What's your point Director?" Ducky asked.

"Gibbs is not a kid. We all know how much capable he is. No doubt that Ziva is trained by Mossad but don't forget that Gibbs is a highly skilled Marine and the best agent I have ever worked with. It is not easy to get a person like Gibbs it's almost next to impossible. There is someone else who is working with Ziva or maybe working for Ray."

"I agree with Leon. Gibbs is not a kid. Sometimes he behaves like a kid but he knows how to handle this kind of situation. But the thing is he saw Ziva as his daughter and she is taking the advantage of Gibbs's feelings." Jack put her doubt in front of them.

"How dare you judge her like this? How much do you know about Ziva? She would never take advantage of anything..." DiNozzo gets angry at Sloane's accusations.

"I'm not judging her for anything. I am just telling you the possibility and don't forget she is the one who kidnapped Gibbs!" Suddenly Sloane realized her mistakes and she apologizes for her behavior.

"I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

Look, I'm also a mother, and if were her I would do the same but what she did it was not the right thing."

"I know..." Tony simply said that.

Before anyone could tell anything to him McGee's phone started ringing. McGee didn't even realize that his cell phone was ringing.

"McGee your phone is ringing." Bishop drew his attention to that ringing phone.

"Oh, sorry. Excuse me, please. Yeah, it's McGee." He answers the call and walked outside of the lab.

"Agent McGee someone wants to meet you."

"I can't meet anyone right now. Please tell that person to come later and give him my contact number if it's necessary." McGee told that guard.

"She is claiming that she has some information about Agent Gibbs."

"Who is that? Did she tell you anything else?" McGee sounds curious.

"No, Agent McGee she denied telling anything to us. She only wants to meet with you and Mr. DiNozzo." The guard informed McGee.

"Let her come." McGee then ran to the lab and informed everyone about this call.

"What happened McGee? Who was on the phone?" Bishop asked him.

"Someone has information about Gibbs."

"How? I mean we didn't tell anyone about Gibbs's kidnapping until Director..." Bishop and everyone was looking at Vance.

"Don't look at me. I know my damn responsibilities Agents." Vance replied.

"That's not all whoever she is, she knows Tony is here," McGee said.

"Who is this lady?" suddenly everyone was looking at each other it was like everyone knows the answer but nobody was saying it.

"Only one way to find out," Tony said and everyone left the lab and started walking towards the elevator.

Squad Room

They all walk into the squad room. There was a woman who was standing at the Bishop's desk. And when she turned around the whole team looked shocked.

"Ziva!" Tony said almost whispering. Ziva started crying and ran toward him and they both hugged each other.

"Hey, it's ok. Everything is going to be ok."

"He is dead, Tony. It's all my fault." Ziva was crying very badly in Tony's arms.

"What do you mean? Where is Gibbs, Ziva? Where is he?" Tony got scared by what Ziva said.

"I am sorry, Tony," Ziva said and burst into tears.

What the hell just happened?

Does Gibbs die?

The Leroy Jethro Gibbs has died!

And if not then who died?

About whom Ziva was talking?

Any guesses?

Stay tuned to find out.

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