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Squad Room

They all walk into the squad room. There was a woman who was standing at the Bishop's desk. And when she turned around the whole team looked shocked.

"Ziva!" Tony said almost whispering. Ziva started crying and ran toward him and they both hugged each other.

"Hey, it's ok. Everything is going to be ok."

"He is dead, Tony. It's all my fault." Ziva was crying very badly in Tony's arms.

"What do you mean? Where is Gibbs, Ziva? Where is he?" Tony got scared by what Ziva said.

"I am sorry, Tony," Ziva said and burst into tears.

Tony was looking shocked and his eyes filled with tears.

Everyone was shocked by Ziva's statement.

It was Nick who speaks up first. He grabbed Ziva by her shoulders and shook her firmly.

"Are you out of your f*ing mind? Do you have any idea about what you are saying?"

"HEY, BACK OFF!" Tony yanked his hands away from her shoulders and pushed him back.

"Why? Because of her Gibbs is..." Before he could complete his sentence, Bishop jumped in.

"Hey, Torres! Can't you see her condition? Give her some time and let her tell the truth about what exactly happened." Bishop manage to speak and scolded Torres for his behavior.

"Everyone, please calm down, and let's not jump to worst-case scenarios just yet. Hey, Tony let's take her to the conference room and talk upstairs if she is okay with it." Jack tried to control the situation.

Because everyone in the squad room was looking at them.

Tony gives a simple nod to Jack and they all went upstairs leaving the other people in confusion because except them nobody was aware of Gibbs's abduction. And they were already shocked by Ziva's presence because like the team they were not aware of Ziva being alive.


In the conference room, Jack gave Ziva some water to drink and try to calm her down. And after a few moments, she tried to ask about what happened.

"Now tell us about what happened back there," She asked her softly and tried her best to hide her panic. She was trying not to show her nervousness about what Ziva will throw at them.

Ziva looked at Tony who was looking worried and scared like everyone in the room. She took a long deep breath and then started talking about what happened.

"Ray called me and he said that if I want my daughter back... ALIVE. I have to do as he told me to do. And I was ready to do anything to get my daughter back. To get my Tali back. He said that he will let her go in exchange for Gibbs. He told me to get Gibbs and bring him to the location where he wanted to make a trade."

"Let me guess he didn't give you Tali back, right?" Vance said as he folded his hands and lean back in his chair.

In the reply, Ziva sadly shook her head.

"But why Gibbs? What did he do to him?" McGee asked.

"Nothing. They did not even know each other very well. I mean they have heard about each other professionally but didn't see each other in person. They only met one time when I introduced him to you guys that's it."

"Then why he wanted Gibbs in exchange for Tali?" Sloane started to get more worried about Gibbs.

"That bastard is using Gibbs just to make me and Ziva suffer." Tony gritted his teeth and tried to control his anger.

"Okay, what happened after when he refused to make a trade?" Kaise asked.

"I got mad and pulled out my weapon and I was going to shoot him."

"But he threatened to kill Gibbs or Tali..." Again Vance correctly anticipated the situation.

"So what happened next?"

"I aimed my weapon to kill him but as Director said he threatened to kill Gibbs. He put his gun on Gibbs's head and..."


"Finale warning, Ziva! Drop your weapon!" Ray pulled Gibbs to his feet and shouted.

"Shoot him Ziva. Don't worry about me. Just shoot him." Gibbs said loudly and Ziva gripped her weapon more firmly.

"Shut up!" He hit Gibbs with the butt of his gun.

"Think about your daughter Ziva! If you shoot me you will never going to find your daughter. Think again Ziva..."

"Ziva drop the gun. You are putting your daughter's life and Gibbs's life in danger too. Drop it otherwise, we will never get a chance to get Tali back. Please try to understand my friend." Adam lowered his gun and told her to do the same but, still, she didn't put her weapon down.


Ziva looked at Gibbs and was about to lower her weapon when one single shot rang out with a loud thud sound.

"NOOO..." Gibbs yelled.

"ADAM..." Ziva screamed when she saw Adam's body hit the ground. She ran towards him and kneeled next to him.

"You son of a bitch!" Gibbs hit him with a reverse head-butt because of the impact of the blow Ray fell on the ground. Ray was surprised by the attack. Gibbs started struggling against the ropes that restrained his wrists behind his back.

Gibbs noticed Ray's henchman was going to attack him and somehow he managed to take him down to the ground and started his struggle to free his hands. After a few trials, he managed to free himself, and he started fighting with Ray's men who were trying to stop him.

But one by one Gibbs takes down two of them. He was about to run toward Ziva when another man grabbed him from behind and they both started fighting. Gibbs got the upper hand and he started choking that man. Suddenly another single shot was fired and they stopped fighting.

"Stand down Gibbs or I will shoot Ziva and as you can see what happened to her friend I will NOT hesitate to pull this trigger again! Your call..."

Gibbs looks at Ziva who was completely in shock and did not aware of what is happening. Gibbs turned around to face Ray.

"You have no choice, Gibbs. Now, let my man go and come here like a good boy. And don't try to be a hero. I think you have made a bad habit of playing a hero even in that situations where you are not in control." Ray walks toward Gibbs's direction and points his weapon at Ziva who is still in shock.

"And I think you have made a bad habit of killing innocent people, Ray. " Gibbs said as he let go of that man. That man started coughing. And the other two started coming around the world.

Ray scoffed at his statement and came face to face with Gibbs. And without any warning, he hit Gibbs in his face before Gibbs could react anything, those three men grabbed him and hold him back.

"Put him in the van and if he gives you any trouble you have my permission to do what is necessary." Ray gave the order to his men without breaking eye contact with Gibbs.

Gibbs didn't say anything in reply and he kept glaring at Ray until those men dragged him to the van. And Ray started walking towards Ziva who was still on her knees next to Adam's body tears were streaming from her eyes. Ray stood next to her and looked down at Adam's body.

"Pity, a man like him died for no reason. But loving you became the main reason for his death." Ziva looked at him with a surprised face.

"Don't pretend like that you didn't know. You used him Ziva. You used him to your advantage. And look where it takes him... It's all your fault." He turned around and started walking towards his car.

Ziva put her head on Adam's chest and burst into tears and Ray smirked as he heard her scream...

End of flashback

Tony was holding her in his arms. And Ziva was crying like hell.

"Where is the dead body?" Vance asked her.

"I took him to the nearest hospital but he was dead already..." Ziva replied.

"Does the deceased have a family?" Ducky asked her.

Ziva shook her head.

"Agent Torres, Agent Bishop you two go to the hospital and collect the dead body. He deserves to be buried with full military honors." Vance gave them orders.

Ziva looked at Leon with a sad smile and Leon gave a simple nod.

"So, Agent Gibbs is alive but do you know where they took him and Tali?" Jimmy asked with curiosity.

"No, I do not know where Ray took him. But I do know how to FIND him." Ziva said with a smile.

"How did you know?" McGee asked her.

"What did you do Ziva?" Tony was sure that she did something that would help them to find Gibbs and their daughter Tali.

"I will tell you but I need your help, Mcgee, Come on. " Ziva said and left the room and everyone followed her.

But Leon stops Bishop and Torres.

"You two go to the hospital and collect the body. We will take care of this."


"Leon is right Bishop we owe that man. We will call you when we find Gibbs, ok." Slone said.

"Okay. C'mon Nick." They both left and Leon and Jack followed Ziva to the lab.


Gibbs was dragged and thrown into the dark and dusty room, he landed heavily on the ground. Those men leave without saying a single word and locked the door. They didn't even bother to remove that black hood over Gibbs's head. Gibbs tried to sit up and remove that bag from his head. The only good thing was his hands were tied up but in front of his body.

He tried to look around to figure out what is this place. He noticed there was a steak of empty crates in the corner of the room. He managed to stand up and started walking toward the window the only source of light in the room. It was a little higher but he still tried to look out through the window, with his tied hands it was not possible. He looked at those empty crates but he can't use them until he gets free himself from the rope that bound his wrists together.

He looks around to find something sharp that he could use to cut this rope. But at the same time, he heard something. It was not a huge room but it was a little dark and without a light, it was not easy to see anything.

"Who is there?" Someone asked him. Whoever that person was crying.

Not just, someone, but that voice sounded scared. Gibbs figure out who was that person. And he was right when he saw that little thing sitting behind those crates. He slowly walked in that direction with a smile and he knelt in front of that person.

"Hey, kid." He said with his trademark smirk. But his bloodied face scared her.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. I am a cop. I will get you out of here." Gibbs tried to confront that crying little thing.

Gibbs realized why they tied his hands in front of his body so he can take care of her.

"My name is Jethro Gibbs. I'm your father's friend."

"I know who you are. My dad told me about you." Tali said in her innocent voice.

"Really! Then why did you get scared of me?" Gibbs asked with a smile.

"He said you are a functional mute. But you can speak."

"Your dad said that?" Gibbs raised his eyebrows and asked her.

"Yes," Tali said innocently.

"I am going to kill DiNozzo," Gibbs whispered and shook his head.

Yeah, Gibbs is Alive.

And now he is with Tali.

But... Adam is dead and Ziva is broken. But wait Ziva did something that can help the team to find Gibbs and Tali.

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