After knowing about what happened at the crime scene Ducky gets worried about Gibbs because he knows that Gibbs would never go to the hospital doesn't matter how much pain he is in.

"Ducky, I told you I am fine. It's just a scratch." Gibbs tries to explain to Ducky.

"Thank you for your expert medical opinion Jethro but I will be the judge of that. And your SCRATCH needed five stitches, Dr Palmer told me what happened back there how could you be so irresponsible Jethro! If it was Dr Palmer I could have understood but since when you have started making this kind of recklessness." Ducky was badly angry at him.

"It was my fault Duck and I accept that. I saw someone who was keeping an eye on us and when he saw me he ran away so..."

"So you started running like a little kid who ran after butterflies to catch them!"

"Duck, I am fine... was a little dizzy when I hit my head but right now I am fine." Gibbs stood up but he sits down when he saw how much Ducky's upset with him.

"C'mon, Duck I don't have a whole day for this I have an investigation to run. And Palmer already checked my injury." Gibbs started arguing with him.

"Of course, he did but I know how you follow your rule number seven "Always be specific when you lie." and when it won't work you give your famous glare."

"C'mon Duck you know that I don't lie to my people."

"I didn't say that you always lie to us but when it comes to your health care you do lie and avoid medication and tests just like you did in the South Sudan case." Ducky was not happy with the way Gibbs keep avoiding his health care.

"That was four years back Duck! Now, let me go I have wasted enough time already." Gibbs stood up and takes his coffee cup and started walking towards the door.

"On one connection," Ducky said loudly.

"What is it?" Gibbs immediately stopped and turned around and take a few steps toward Ducky.

"You will take all your medicine on the time, you're not allowed to do any kind of work on the field until it is not that necessary and you will take one of your team members with you..."

"Aah... Duck I'm not a kid! I don't need a babysitter." Gibbs tried to interrupt him but Ducky stops him.

"I am not done yet, Jethro. And you will not take too much stress otherwise it will cause you a concussion and NO COFFEE TILL NEXT 48 hours!" Ducky said calmly and takes a coffee cup from Gibbs's hand and threw it in the trash can.

"You said only ONE condition." Gibbs gets angry when Ducky takes his fresh cup of coffee out of his hand and threw it.

"How many cups have you already had drank Jethro? And I want an honest answer."

"Mmm... Not much." Ducky raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Jethro!" Ducky was not going to give up that easily.

"Six. Two in the morning and bought four from the regular diner. Now am I free to go Duck?" Gibbs said normally.

"SIX CUPS and it's barely afternoon. You know a new study has found that high caffeine use, combined with stress, can cause people to exhibit psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. The research suggests thataround five coffees, or the equivalent of 200mg of caffeine, maybe enough to tip people over the edge and cause psychotic-like symptoms.

And with your history of trauma and your head injury, I would suggest you visit the Doctor and take proper medication and do some rest. You need it and so as your body."

"I will rest after finding the killer, Duck." Gibbs left without looking back he heard Ducky was calling his name but he was pissed because of what happened in the morning and he's on coffee restriction for the next Forty-eight hours.

"This is going to be a very long forty-eight hours without coffee!" Gibbs whispered and entered the elevator.


"McGee, talk to me!" Gibbs yelled as he entered the squad room.

"Our victim name is Justin White. He was 28 years old and he has served NAVY for three years. He was dishonourably discharged from the NAVY four years ago." McGee stood up from his chair and started giving an update on the victim.

"For what reason?" Gibbs asked.

"He got involved with local arms dealers and started dealing with them. He gets caught by his senior officers and spent four years in prison. He's released from the prison four months ago, Boss."

"Only four years!" Gibbs was shocked.

"According to his case details, he was ready to give up on all names and every detail so, his senior's made a deal with him in exchange for those details..." McGee informed Gibbs.

"They made a deal! Another reason why I hate politics. What about Family?"

"There is nothing about his family in his records." Bishop joins them.


"Mmm, no friends either Gibbs," Nick said.

"Well, then what about his enemies? He was involved in arms dealing he might have someone who is holding a grudge against him and that person might be our killer." Gibbs was getting frustrated because they got no lead on the case and he has to spend two days without a coffee.

"We don't know about it yet boss."

"Then go and find..." Gibbs stops in the middle of his sentence.


"Boss! You Ok?" McGee asked. Gibbs didn't say anything.

"Gibbs... What's wrong?" Bishop asked.

"Who was with the dead body?" Gibbs asked suddenly.

"What! I mean what do you mean?" Bishop asked with confusion.

"WHO WAS WITH THE BODY WHEN THAT CAR THING HAPPENED?" Gibbs slammed his hand on his desk.

"Uh... I was with you guys." McGee said hesitantly.

"Me too..." Bishop said.

"I was saving your life," Nick said calmly and he leaned back on his desk.

"God... this is a very bad time to stop coffee" Gibbs whispered in frustration.

"That wasn't an attack on me it was a distraction!" Gibbs yelled and took his gun and badge.

"Whoa, where are you going?" Bishop dared to ask him.

"Going back to the crime scene. You and Torres go and search his place. McGee..."

"On your six Boss," McGee said as he took his weapon and got ready to go with Gibbs.

"You are not coming with me. You go and help Kasie and find more information on our victim." Gibbs stopped him and ordered him to help Kaise.

"But Boss, I don't think so it's a good idea to go back to the crime scene on your own," McGee said with concern.

"Who said I'm going alone now go and help Kasie. And Torres take your butt off of your desk and go with Bishop and don't bother to come back without any lead. Having a strong weird feeling about our victim's death." With that Gibbs went upstairs and Bishop and Torres left for the victim's place.


Gibbs knocked on the door and without waiting for the answer he entered the cabin.

"Hey, Jack! What are you doing? If it's not important then can you come with me?" Gibbs asked her. Jack was surprised about what Gibbs is saying.

"Are you asking for a date? It's a little bit rough but I can take it." Jack replied as she removes her reading glasses and put them on the desk. Gibbs laughs and takes a step closer to the desk.

"I'm going back to the crime scene and I can't leave the building without one of the team members! Sent Bishop and Torres to the victim's place and McGee is helping Kasie." Gibbs said.

"What do you mean you can't leave the building without your team?" Sloane asked.

"Ducky's orders." Gibbs shrugged his shoulders and replied.

"Ahh, I guess it's because of what happened in the morning, right?" Jack asked as she stood up and walk towards Gibbs.

"Who told you about that?" He took the red lollipop from the jar.

"Bishop did. So, why do you want to go back to the crime scene?" Jack asked as she gently put her right hand on his chest.

"I think what happened in the morning was not just an incident someone did that on purpose so he or she can get a chance to tamper the crime scene!" Gibbs said softly.

"Bishop told me that you were almost hit by that car. What if they are still there?"

"Why? Are you scared, Agent Sloane?" Gibbs asked as he put back that lollipop in his mouth and raised his eyebrows.

"No, I'm not scared just concerned about you Agent Gibbs." She took her coat and walked toward the door.

"Then we'll call for the backup and we will get them this time. Now, c'mon." Gibbs said and started walking Jack followed him. Gibbs and Jack left for the crime scene.


"I don't like it. I am having a weird feeling about this case." Nick said and they got out of the car and start walking toward the house.

"Yeah, this is hinky. First, someone tried to kill Gibbs not exactly want to kill him. We can't get enough information on the victim and now Gibbs thinks someone tampers with the crime scene while we were not there." Bishop said as she knocked on the door.

"NCIS open the door."

They heard someone is unlocking the door. One girl opened the door and asked them what they want.

"I'm special agent Bishop and this is a special agent Torres. Are you a family member of Justin White?"

"I'm his girlfriend Jessica."

"Since when you two known each other?"

"A month or two. Why are you asking these kinds of questions now?" She started crying that Bishop didn't understand why?

When Bishop was talking to Jessica Nick noticed one police car stopped at the driveway and one Sheriff came out of the car.

"We are here to talk about Justin. His dead body was found this morning..." Before she could complete her sentence she was interrupted by the Sheriff.

"What! You fond Justin's dead body?"

"Wait, wait...wait. You already knew that Justin is dead!" Nick asked.

"Yes, I know he's dead. He died yesterday." Jessica said and wiped her tears off her face.

"And what do you mean by we found his dead body?" Bishop turned around and asked the Sheriff.

"Who are you, people and how did you know about Justin?" That Sheriff asked.

"I think it would be nice to talk inside instead of creating a scene here..." Jessica said and widely open the door.

Nick and Bishop exchange their look in confusion.


"Exactly what we're looking for Cowboy?" Jack yelled as she tries to find something in the dry leaves.

"Something that connects with our victim's murder." Gibbs yell from the other side.

"Thanks, I didn't know that." She said sarcastically.

"A wallet, driving license, piece of cloth or paper, DNA traces, blood traces, drag marks... Is that enough for you Jack?" Gibbs said as crouched next to the tree where they found the body.

"You forgot a murderer weapon..." Jack said. She heard Gibbs's laughing.

"How about a Toe Tag?" Gibbs said and rub the tag with his thumb to remove the dirt from it and his eyes widened in surprise!

"What! A toe tag!" Sloane walks towards Gibbs.

"Oh, God!" She was looking so shocked.


"You already knew that Justin is dead!" Bishop said.

"Yeah, I was there when that happened..." Jessica replied.

"So, you know how did he die?" Bishop asked again.

"Wait, who are you people and how did you know about Justin?" That sheriff asked.

"We're federal agents with NCIS, Sir. We're investigating his murder case. We found Justin's dead body at the Rock Greek Park." Nick answered his question.

"What! Justin wasn't murdered he died because he fell and hit his head so hard on the fireplace." Jessica replied.


"Thank God you are here Tim this is a very weird thing I've ever seen in my life."

"What happened Jimmy?" McGee entered the autopsy and saw very confused Jimmy.

"I was wrong about this man's Time of Death before he didn't die 24hrs ago. He might die 12hrs ago."

"That's weird. But how is that possible?"

"This guy was alcoholic. Drank too much alcohol his liver is also not in good condition."

"Well, how does that could change the Time of Death?" McGee asked.

"Well, like we all know too much alcohol can cause hypothermia it lowers our body temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Our body organs start getting fail and stop working properly..."

"Okay, what's your point, Jimmy?"

"This guy is not murdered, Tim he died because of a brain stroke. Too much alcohol can cause blood clots to form in the heart. If these clots move up into the brain, it can lead to stroke. That happened to this guy." Jimmy informed him.

"What about the head wound then?" McGee was shocked after what Jimmy told him.

"Well, maybe he fell and hit his head on something like a rock."

"But there was no blood. Not a single trace of his blood was found on the crime scene. Gibbs was right something is wrong with this case."

"If you guys didn't find blood on the crime scene that means..." Jimmy said but McGee cut his sentence in middle.

"...someone dumps his body! But if this was not a murderer then why would someone dump his body?" McGee was shocked like hell.

Justin's Place

"So you are saying that he just fell and hit his head on the fireplace and...died?" Nick said.

"We were drunk too much. Justin keep drinking alcohol and suddenly he fell and hit his head. I was drunk too but not that much. When Justin didn't move I got panicked and call 911. When medics arrived he was dead already. They took his body and didn't allow me to claim his body." Jessica started sobbing.

"She's not a family member of Justin so we took his dead body to the mortuary but..." That Sheriff stops in the middle of his sentence.

"But what?" Nick asked firmly.

"Someone has stolen his dead body from the mortuary this morning." He replied.

"WHAT! JUSTIN's BODY WAS STOLEN AND YOU DIDN'T INFORMED ME!" Jessica yelled at that Sheriff.

"Because you are not his family member."

"Can't believe you did that." Jessica wiped her tears and left the room.

"I think we should leave." Bishop and Torres left too.

"I'm going to inform Gibbs..." Bishop said.


Gibbs was about to make a call when his cell phone started ringing. It was Bishop.

"Yeah, Gibbs." Gibbs picked up the phone and put it on the speaker so Jack can also hear it.

"Gibbs, Justin wasn't murdered he died because of a stroke and fell and hit his head on the fireplace. The Sheriff came to ask a few questions to Justin's girlfriend Jessica and we got a chance to have a little chat with them." Bishop informed.

"What kind of questions?" Sloane asked.

"That is the weirdest part of our conversation. Gibbs, Justin's body was stolen from the mortuary this morning which means..."

"THIS CRIME SCENE WAS STAGED." Gibbs complete her sentence.

"How did you figure out?"

"Found a Toe Tag with the name of our dead guy and his address. Now the question is who staged the crime scene and WHY?" Gibbs was pissed very badly. He hung up the call and leave the crime scene with Jack.

"God I need a coffee." He whispered and rubbed his face with his hands. But he's on the coffee restriction that makes him more pissed.

Gibbs is on coffee restrictions for 48hrs.The whole crime scene was staged.And very pissed Gibbs without his coffee. Maybe someone got his death wish.To find out more stay tuned.Enjoy the story and please don't forget to give your reviews.Thank you ;)