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About half an hour ago...

"Look I am doing everything that you want me to do. I have broken thousands of American laws and I do not know if I can get out of it or not but still I keep doing whatever you are telling me to do. But I can not do that. I can not hurt him... I just can't do that."

"Oh, c'mon stop begging this doesn't suit you. They abandoned you. He Abandoned you. And think about your family. Only if you still considered them as a family because they have forgotten you! And you... you choose them over me! Now, it's time to pay the price. I'm going to make them suffer." The male voice said.

"Of course, they are my family and he is my family too. And I didn't choose them over you... Because You Are Nothing more than a killer! They are my real family and now I am done with your sick games. I am NOT doing it anymore."

"I told you before that was not an intentional or planned kill. Well, anyway this doesn't matter anymore you made your choice at that time but now I am in charge here.

And this is a perfectly planned thing I can do whatever I want to do. People's life depends on one decision. So...Last chance. Do as I say or get ready to face the consequences. Your call." That voice said firmly and without waiting for a reply he hung up.

"NO wait...wait! I can't do that!" The person started crying and throw a hard punch at the wall.

"I know it is tough for you to choose only one between the two of them... but we don't have a choice. We have to do this. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS FOR YOUR FAMILY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER."

"I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know what is right and what is wrong! I'm losing myself... I hate to say it, but I am feeling weak, scared, and lost! Those demons are back and I can't think properly. I am tired of it I WANT MY LIFE BACK!"

The person started yelling at the second person and started crying badly and fell on their knees. The other male person walked toward and kneeled in front of that crying person and then pulled that person and gave a tight hug.

"Then do what is right for your family and then you can get your life back. You know I'm with you in every toughest situation. I will be with you always."

"I know. And you are the only person whom I can trust right now. So, don't leave me. I need you." That person whispered.

"I am not going anywhere, my friend."

(Flashback Continues...)


"For a moment I believed that SHE is alive..." Gibbs said sadly.

Sloane turn off the elevator and turned around and grabbed Gibbs's face between her hands.

"Hey, it's okay. It's okay... Look at the bright side we finally figured out the reason behind Tony's actions. So, now we can help him to get her daughter back."

"If that person wants me in exchange for Tony's daughter's life I'm ready to do that! At least I can do this for Ziva's daughter. For DiNozzo's daughter."

"Hey, honey! You don't have to do that we are going to find her and bring her back safely to her family. Now come here... Come here."

Gibbs took two steps toward her and she hugged him. She calms him down and then she turned on the elevator and then they left.

"Would you like to have some burgers? Because I am going to get some for dinner." Gibbs stopped the truck and asked Sloane.

"You stay in the truck I will bring that for you." She got out of the truck and walked toward the diner.

After a few minutes, she came back.

"Hey, I bought some burgers for us, and look what I brought for you it's coffee flavor toffee candies, I know you are on coffee restriction but this will help you," Jack said as she opens the door of the truck and put the paper bags on the dashboard.

Then she noticed that Gibbs is not there. She got out of the car and started looking for him.

"Gibbs! Hey, Gibbs!" She shouted but when she didn't get any answers she tried to call him. But it directly went to the voice mail.

"Gibbs, hey! Where are you GIBBS!" She ran her hands through her hair and keep looking around for him.

She was scared because Gibbs told her that he was ready to exchange himself for Tali's life. And she knows he will do that and that scares her more than she is already.

She tried to call him again but it didn't work. So she called McGee.

"Yeah, Jack."

"Gibbs is gone. He is not here. I shouldn't have to leave him alone. It was all my fault. And now, he's not here."

"Hey, hey...hey! Slow down and tell me what happened?"

"We stopped by to buy some food and I told him to stay in the car and I went to buy some food and when I get back he was not there. I looked around for him but he is nowhere to be found. I'm scared, McGee we have to find him before something bad has happened."

"Don't worry Jack we will find him. You just come back to NCIS and don't worry okay."

Another side Gibbs was running after someone and he was running after that person for almost ten minutes. That person was very fast and moving so quickly. He almost got him but he jumped on the other side because he almost got hit by the car.

He quickly gathered himself and looked around for the figure he was chasing then he noticed that person was running into the alley from the other side of the road. He runs after that person again and they end up in the parking lot.

Gibbs jumped and grabbed that person from behind. They both landed on the floor and that person turned on his back and tried to get out of Gibbs's grip.

They both were breathing heavily. But somehow Gibbs managed to speak.

"ZIVA STOP!" It was Ziva whom, Gibbs was chasing.

"What are you up to, huh?" Gibbs asked her.

"It's none of your business. Now, get off me!"

"Yes, it is! You keep showing up yourself and when every time I tried to reach you, you just got disappeared. Why are you keep doing this?" Gibbs said as he stood up and still tried to catch his breath.

"I have no choice but to show myself so..."

"So what Ziva!"

"I need your help, Gibbs."

"And I need damn answers! Let's start with something easy, how about why?"

"Why what Gibbs? Why do I keep running away from you or why did I fake my death?"

"Right now, I am interested in the second 'why'."

They both started arguing and started yelling at each other.

"I had my reasons."

"Oh, yeah! I would like to hear about your damn reasons." Gibbs was not ready to give up on this.

"Somebody was after me and to the safety of my family I had no other option but to fake my death."

"Is that "somebody" has a name?"

"Are you going to help me or not? Because I don't have time for this." She yelled at him and in response, Gibbs raised his eyebrows, and she got the message.

"I need your help Gibbs because it's only you who can get me out of this mess." She lowers her voice and requests him to help her.

Gibbs rubbed his face with both hands and shook his head.

"What do you need?"

"Come with me."


"Someplace safe."

"Ziva, I am not coming until you tell me everything."

"Just come with me and I will tell you everything. I swear to my life, Gibbs. I will tell you everything. You have to trust me." She started walking expecting Gibbs to follow her.

"Look, who is talking about trust!" Gibbs scoffed at her statement.

"Look, I know you're mad at me but we don't have time for this." She turned around and walked toward Gibbs. But Gibbs didn't say anything.

"Please... Gibbs." Gibbs can see the fear on her face.

Fear and Ziva are opposite of each other but Gibbs saw her panicked and confused she doesn't know what she's doing right now. She is not the same person whom Gibbs knows before.

"Let me talk to my team first." Gibbs pulled out his cell phone and he was about to press speed dial to call McGee but she snatched the phone from his hand.

"Hey!" Gibbs screams at her.

"You are not going to call anyone. I can't let you do that."

"Give me my phone back Ziva!"

"I can not let you do that."

"Hey, do you want my help or not? If I involve the team they can help us to figure out whatever you are stuck in. So give me the damn phone!" Gibbs was getting frustrated by her behavior.

"They can track us by using your phone, Gibbs! Please try to understand you are making this difficult for me!"

"Who are they Ziva? Do they know you are alive?" Gibbs asked her but she didn't answer his questions.

"I will take that as YES. At least somebody knows that you're alive." Gibbs was very disappointed with her for not telling him about her fake death.

"I thought you will help me. But it seems like you don't trust me. Fine take your damn phone and just go! I don't need your help anymore."

She grabbed Gibbs's hand and slammed the phone in his hand and started walking without waiting for Gibbs's reply.

Gibbs was looking at the cell phone. After standing there for a while then he started running after her.

"Ziva... Ziva!" Gibbs tried to stop her when she didn't stop.



"Fine, I will come with you."


"Wait, a minute. What did she exactly say?" Nick asked McGee, pretending to be strong but he sounds panicked.

McGee released Tony's collar and he turned to face the team.

"Jack said that they stopped by at the diner to grab some food for dinner..."

"What! He ditched me again! He said we will..." Tony shouts when McGee mentioned the dinner thing. All three of them looked at him with anger.

"Okay, not the important thing. What else did that Jack guy say?" He tried to cover up by turning the point.

"Jack is not a guy. Jack is a woman her name is Jacqueline Sloane. She joined the team two years ago." Bishop informed him. But she stops when she saw that McGee was giving her the Gibbs glare.

"Okay, also not important. You can continue McGee."

"Thank you." He says with sarcasm.

"So, when Jack came back with food Gibbs was NOT in the truck. She looked around for him and tried to call him but it went through his voice mail. He might go rogue."

"What do you mean with 'might' agent McGee?" They all turned around and faces a very pissed Director Vance.

"Conference Room. Now!" And with that, he started walking toward the stairs.


Tony was sitting in the chair and he is feeling like he is being interrogated just in a different room. He wanted to make his point clear about all this mess. He was waiting for McGee and Leon. Torres was already in the room but they both didn't talk to each other.

After a few minutes, his wait was over McGee and Director entered the conference room. He doesn't know the reason but he never liked Nick maybe because of his badass attitude towards him. He gave a big fake smile to the trio.

"Before you start to blame me for anything let me make one thing clear. I don't know where Gibbs is. But we have to find him he is in danger."

"We figured out the second part but we're not sure that either we should believe the first part or not," Vance said.

"Look, Director. I know what you are thinking..."

"Then tell me what I am thinking DiNozzo because right now I don't even know exactly what to think!"

"I understand that Director but you have to trust me first."

Before anyone could say anything the conference door opened and slammed closed.

"Where is Gibbs?"

"Wait, and who are you by the way?"

"Agent Sloane. Now tell me where is Gibbs?"

"Look, agent Sloane like I said to the Director I don't know where he is."

"What are you doing in DC?"

"Excuse me!"

"Gibbs was attacked twice since the day you landed your a$$ in DC. And if we are not wrong you were the second attacker who attacked Gibbs at the diner.

And like you know we don't believe in coincidences. So, now tell me Mr. DiNozzo what are you doing in Washington, DC?"

"Damn you pissed her off very bad!" Torres said with a smile.

"Look, Tony. We know what you are going through we know about Tali. Let us help you. And if you want us to trust you then you have to tell us the truth." McGee said.

"What do you mean by you know about Tali?"

Before McGee could answer the question his cell phone started ringing.

"Excuse me, Director." Leon gave him a nod and McGee get out of the room.

"Yeah, Fornell. Any update?"

"Did you talk to him? How is he doing Tim?"

"What do you mean?"

"Tony's father is in the hospital, McGee. Someone tried to kill him. I still don't know who did this but I am trying my best."

"And what about Tali?"

"That's the worst part of the whole thing. After Tony left for the U.S. someone abducted his daughter."

"Wait... What? You mean to say that even Tony doesn't know about Tali's abduction!"

"That's what my sources told me."

"Oh my God! What happened to the senior? I mean how did this happen? And Tony knows about it?"

"According to my sources, he was being threatened. Someone was sending him threatening emails and letters. But he didn't take it seriously until someone tried to kill his father. He left his daughter at his old friend's place and told him to take care of her until he came back.

Local police found his friend's body this morning at his place. He was murdered. Shot twice in the chest, maybe he was trying to save Tali because the place was complete trash. I can't even imagine how will he react when he knows about her."

"How is the senior doing?" McGee was hesitant before asking the question. Because he was scared about what will be the answer to the question.

"He is doing well. The doctor says that he will be ok in a few weeks. Where is Gibbs by the way? He is not answering his phone."

"Well, he...he is busy with the case. And Fornell thank you. Now, you just come back."

"I will try to catch the next flight. And you don't have to thank me. See you in the morning."

Then he hung up the call. McGee entered the conference room. And he saw Tony smiling at him and he gave him a sad smile.

"Who's on the phone McGee?" Sloane asked.

"It was Fornell. He told me about Senior Tony. Please tell us what happened so we can help you."

"And I thought he retired." He laughed.

"This is not a joke Tony! Someone tried to kill your father and right after you left for the U.S. they..."

"They what?"

"Someone abducted Tali. Your friend is killed while he trying to save her."

"What do you mean? She is with my friend. I... I told him to take care of her."

"Local police found his body this morning. I'm sorry."

Tony was feeling like he lost everything once again. He was not saying anything his face is red in anger.

"Did they know who is behind it?"

"No. But Fornell said, someone, is threatening you? Is that the reason behind all the attacks on Gibbs that you..."

"You still think that I attacked Gibbs!"

"I'm sorry Tony, I understand what you are going through."

"No, you don't. And don't forget it was you who was accusing me of Gibbs's disappearance."

"I didn't know about your father at that time, okay? And I know how it feels."

Vance, Slone, and Nick had no idea what to do in this circumstance.

"My father is still alive Tim so don't feel sorry for me," Tony said as he came face to face with McGee.

"And I am glad about that. Now, we need your help and you need ours so, please cooperate with us and tell us everything you know..."

"I don't need your help."

"Yeah, but Gibbs needs your help so, please Tony."

After a few minutes of awkward and tense silence, Tony laughed and patted McGee on his shoulder.

"I'm happy that you learn how to handle this type of situation, probie."

"Tell us what you know about all attacks on Gibbs," Sloane asked.

Tony cleared his throat and take a sit and start talking.

"I received threatening letters and emails. It says if I didn't do as he said he will start killing the people I care about. First I avoided them but last week someone tried to kill Senior. That bastard make it look like a common hit-and-run case and then I received another emailGibbs's picture was attached with it. So I decided to come to D.C.

I wanted to take Tali with me but I thought it would be dangerous because we have so many enemies here in the U.S."

"As you said, he said, he would kill everyone you care about so why didn't you ask us for help? And after what happened with Senior how can you leave your daughter with your friend!" Sloane was pretty upset with his decision.

"I know I made a mistake but I did what I feel right at that time. I know they will go after Gibbs so I ask my old friend from Baltimore to keep an eye on Gibbs. He told me about your visit to his place. Whatever you guys found there, all information about Gibbs' routine and all other stuff.

He was doing what I told him to do just to follow his routine. I told him to look after him especially when he is at home because as we all know he never locks the front door.

I know you guys always watch his six but still, I just don't want to make a mistake this time. My friend informed me about what happened at the crime scene. So, I called Gibbs just to make sure he is fine or not."

"Then why did you attack him at the diner?"

"I didn't plan that I was there to get a coffee for him. I saw him leave the diner and was going to meet him. When I saw a guy started shooting at him and then ran into an alley. I was trying to help him."

"By beating the crap out of him and drugging him! That's a very unique way to save someone's life." Sloane said sarcastically.

He stood up and slammed his hands on the table.

"Look, I was trying to save his life! And I was not enjoying it at all! That dirtbag was going to shoot him." His voice choked. He tried not to show the tears that he was trying to hold back.

"My father is laying in the hospital, I was just informed that my daughter was abducted right after I left Paris, and now Gibbs is missing and I feel like I failed him!" He had tears in his eyes.

"And yes... Yes, I drugged his coffee so Vance put him in protective custody. Because he was not going to stay at home. But that bastard found another way to put himself in trouble." He was mad at Gibbs for not staying at home and putting himself in trouble.

"We have to find him; Director before it's too late."

"We will, DiNozzo. But I have one last question for you." Vance asked.

"What is it?"

"Is Ziva David still alive and if yes, then did you already know about it?" Vance asked him in a very firm voice.

"What kind of question is this?" He was shocked by the question but before he could say anything more his cell phone started ringing.

He was glaring at Leon for asking this question and without breaking eye contact with him he pulled out his cell phone and answer it.

"Yeah, DiNozzo."

"It's been a long time Tony. I hope you didn't forget me. Because I have something to offer and I am sure you will not deny that. By the way, how's your father? I hope he survived that little accident. I don't blame him because traffic rules are complicated in Paris in comparison to the United States, am I right?"

Somewhere in D.C.


"We are almost out of the city and still we didn't reach your safe place. Where the hell are we going, Ziva?"

Ziva took the sharp left turn and they arrived at the old warehouse.

"We are here. Come on..." She stopped the car and get out of it.

Gibbs was having a bad feeling about it but he want to help Ziva so he also got out of the car and pulled out his cell phone. Unfortunately, there was no network on his phone.

"Damn it! I should have called the team before." He sighed and threw the phone in the car and pulled out his weapon and started walking toward the building with Ziva.

"You can put it back as I said it's a safe place," Ziva told Gibbs when she saw a gun in his hand.

"Are you sure? Because I don't think it's a good idea."

"Positive. But if don't feel good about it then I don't mind." Ziva replied and started walking into the building.

"Fine." He put his weapon back in the holster.

"What is this place?"

"It's an old warehouse. My friend suggested me when I asked for a place to hide." Gibbs raised an eyebrow in surprise.


"Nothing. I'm waiting for your answer."

"What answer?"

"Now you tell me why you need my help?"

"I'm in trouble. And I need someone whom I can trust." She said as she opened the door of the room. She noticed something but she didn't tell Gibbs about it.

"That you told me before I want to know the truth."

Gibbs was done with her excuses she was dodging his questions and wasting time. Gibbs was planning on leaving and just wanted to inform Leon and Mossad. But before that, he wanted to try to ask her about her trouble, and he desperately wanted to know what happened to her during those years.

"Ziva! Tell me what happened to you?"

"I'm not the same person Gibbs that is all I can say right now."

"Stop avoiding my questions and start answering them! You have no idea what happened back there. I came here to help you and you are not telling me a damn thing! You are going to tell me everything otherwise I'm gone. Because I am done."

Gibbs waited for a while but when she didn't say anything he turned around and started walking toward the door.

"You are NOT going anywhere. I am not going to allow you."

Gibbs turned around and give her his famous glare.

"Or what? You will kill me? Go ahead if you are planning on that. But I am leaving. I am going to inform Leon about this and then we will discuss what to do next." He started leaving again but she grabbed him by his elbow and stopped him.

He yanked her hand off and he got angrier than he was already.

"Ziva! Let go of me!"

"Gibbs I need your help. Please stop!"

"Then answer my question!"

There's a pure evil smile spread on Ziva's face. Gibbs didn't understand what is wrong with her. He was confused.

"My answer is right behind you." She replied.

Before Gibbs could understand someone grabbed him from behind and put a cloth on his nose and he struggled to break free from the grip of that person who was holding him.

But chloroform has done its job the last thing he saw was someone putting a black hood over his head and he saw Ziva's face.

"I am sorry Gibbs."

Those are the last words he was able to hear before everything went black.

At the NCIS

"How can I forget you CIRay!" Tony replies with a very angry face.

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