Previously on NCIS

"My answer is right behind you." She replied.

Before Gibbs could understand someone grabbed him from behind and put a cloth on his nose and he struggled to break free from the grip of that person who was holding him.

But chloroform has done its job the last thing he saw was someone putting a black hood over his head and he saw Ziva's face.

"I am sorry Gibbs."

At the NCIS

"How can I forget you CIRay!" Tony replies with a very angry face.

Vance told him to put the call on speaker he said it loud enough so only Tony can hear him. Tony did as he was told.

"I'm amazed, Tony.I prepared a long introduction But you ruined it.

Well. It doesn't matter you saved my time. Because it's all about time right?

And by the way, you didn't tell me how's your father doing. Is he alive? I heard he was in serious condition." Ray asked him with an evil smile on his face.

"He is doing very well. You don't have to worry about him. He is my father by the way.

And he is a con man he knows how to cheat death.

And it's Anthony to you, only my friends and family are allowed to call me Tony. And you are not my friend and not my family either."

Tony replied and trying not to lose the tamper when he asked about his father.

"Ouch, that hurt Tony! You didn't change at all. And that makes me hate you even more.

Let's come to the point, how is agent Gibbs and did he knows about your father and your friend?

Pitty, just because of you an innocent man had to die. What kind of friend you are!" Ray said sarcastically.

"He was a good man you bastard. And you killed him! He didn't even know you!" Tony clenched his grip on the phone.

"You were never a good friend Tony, not a good person. And most importantly, you are not a good father at all.

You left your daughter behind just like Gibbs left Ziva! You both left them to die.

And still, she chooses you over me! You are a clown Tony, a jerk! Even your own father never liked you. You are nothing more than a disappointment." Ray said calmly but in a firm voice.

"So, this is about revenge after all! You came back after all these years just to take revenge on me! I thought you were a grown man Ray. You disappointed me.

I thought you were more capable than this. But you took your sweet time don't you think it is a question mark on your capability?" DiNozzo taunted him. Vance was glaring at him with anger.

Tony was not surprised at all but he was shocked because Ray took years to get revenge against him.

"What is he doing?" Torres asked McGee.

"He knows what he is doing. Don't worry.'' McGee said calmly.

"Really! You think this is funny!

Okay, then tell me how about I send you your tiny little Tali in very small pieces, or maybe I should beat the crap on your beloved Gibbs and record it and send you a video with HD quality and with good sound quality so you can hear his scream!

Huh... now tell me, Anthony, don't you think that would be funny?"

He sounds very cold. He knows he has the two most important people in DiNozzo's life.

DiNozzo started laughing. Everyone in the conference room was looking at him with anger and confusion.

"What is so funny, DiNozzo?"

"Oh, I am sorry. But did you just use Gibbs and Scream in the one sentence?!" Tony was trying to catch his breath.

"So what is funny in that?"

"Because you don't know the man Ray. I don't think so he even cried after he was born." Tony replied he was still laughing. McGee and the others were also smiling at his comment.

"Let me decide that I will find it out by myself," Ray replied with calmness.

"You made a huge mistake by kidnapping him. If I didn't kill you then he definitely will. And don't forget he is a Marine. Tough son of a b*tch I ever know. You are a dead man Ray." Tony replied in a very strong voice.

"So it's your daughter then. Your own blood. It would be fun to hear her cry. What do you say?" Ray was talking like pure evil those words make Tony scare.

"If you touch her..."

"Or what? You will kill me? You don't even know where they are. So now don't try to be a smart ass because their lives depend on your actions. Do you understand? Or should I give you a little demo? Get the girl over here."

Tony heard that Ray gave the order to his men. He tightened his grip on the phone. Sloane and others were scared too.


"Why not? I can do anything. And one more thing I know your friend McGee is there and he's trying to trace this call but don't forget I was a CIA agent I know how things work.

Right, Director Vance? I know this call is on speaker. So my advice to all of you is do not try to trace this call you will never going to find out where I am."

Everyone in the room was looking shocked. But he was right he knows how things work in this type of case. That makes him more dangerous because he has an advantage he can assume Tony's next move very easily.

"What do you want Ray?"

"To make you suffer and make that person suffer who betrayed me. And I am enjoying it. Now, if you people excuse me, I have a meeting with a special person. I hope you get what I am talking about."

"Leave Gibbs out of this damn it! WHERE ARE THEY?" Tony shouted with anger.

All he just wanted to do was kill that bastard with his bare hands. But right now Ray was holding the all cards.

DiNozzo heard his pure evil laugh and without saying a word he disconnect the call.

"Son of a Bitch!" Tony yelled in anger and slammed his hand on the desk.

"DiNozzo, calm yourself down. We will find them and we will bring them back home till then don't let him play with your mind. Did you get that? That bastard is trying to mess with your head don't let him. Next time we will get him." Leon told him.

"He is not going to call next time Director. He is not just a random kidnapper. He knows what he is doing. He was planning this for years! He is getting a kick out of it. He just wants to make me suffer."

"Then don't let him. Director is right Tony, we will find them. Don't worry." McGee said.

"Yeah, man we will find your daughter and Gibbs and bring them back,"

Nick said he was trying to control himself because when it comes to kids he loses his mind and control over himself.

"I know we will. But till then only God knows what will he do to Gibbs and Tali." Tony said.

"But how? We don't even know where is he. I mean we don't know if he is in the U.S. or if he is in Paris. If he is in Paris how we are gonna find them?" Bishop asked curiously.

"Ellie got a point Director. We don't know where he is. He could be anywhere in the world. Last we heard he was in the prison but as we know somehow he managed to get out of there. Now, he could be anywhere." McGee said.

"Nah, he is NOT in Paris. He is still on U.S. soil." Tony said confidently.

"How can you be so sure?" Nick asked.

"If he was in Paris then there was no point to kidnap Gibbs. That bastard wanted me here that is why he sent me those threatening Emails because he knew I would come here to save Gibbs. He is playing very smartly." Tony replied.

Leon noticed a fear on Sloane's face. She was looking very worried about Gibbs.

"Are you okay, Jack?" He asked.

"I'm NOT Leon. Didn't you hear what he was talking about? He could hurt Gibbs. And all we can do is just wait! And that little girl..." Sloane was freaking out.

"Don't worry we will find them," Bishop said.

Suddenly, she started walking toward Tony.

"If you don't mind can I ask you who is the second person whom he wants to make suffer? Was he talking about Zi..."

Before Sloane could complete her questions Kaise stormed into the conference room. And everyone was looking at Kaise curiously.

"You guys are not going to believe what I found."

"What you found Kaise?" Bishop asked her.

"I think I found who kidnapped Gibbs and you guys are not going to like it. Because it's unbelievable." She replied.

"What do you mean?" Tony asked her.

"And who are you, Mister? Don't answer that. We don't have time for this name game." Kaise asked but didn't wait for the reply and continued talking to the team.

"Well, I have something to show you guys. And you Mister cheap James Bond, you are also invited."

"Who is she, McGee?" Tony asked.

"It's OK, Tony. Come on let's see what she got."

Tony narrows his eyes and starts walking. Everyone in the room was looking stunned and started following her to the lab.

Somewhere in DC

Gibbs slowly started to regain consciousness. The first thing he was aware of was that his head was killing him. He was feeling like he was going to throw up anytime. But he tried to hold it and try to remember what the hell happened. And then he felt somebody's presence and decided not to let that person knows that he regained consciousness almost...

"Is he okay?" Concerned voice but a familiar voice asked someone.

"He will be. Don't worry." Another familiar voice!

"I can't believe I hurt him! Again..."

"Look, you didn't do it willingly. You don't have any choice, Ziva!"

When Gibbs heard Ziva's name everything gets clear in his mind about what had happened. He tried to move when he realized that he was laying on his side on a cold surface beneath him. Then he realized he is moving which meant he might be in the vehicle. He got sure when he heard the sound of the engine.

Then he started learning more about his situation his hands were tied behind his back and that black bag was still over his head. He shook his head and tried to remove it from his head. But it didn't work.

Suddenly a wave of nausea and vomiting makes him feel regret for his sudden movement. He lay his head down and close his eyes tightly and wait for nausea to go.

"We should untie him. He is not going anywhere."

"C'mon Ziva we both know how much he is capable of and don't forget he was a Marine."

Who is this man? Gibbs trying to recognize the voice.

"He is not even conscious Adam!"

Adam Eshel! That name rings the bell. Friend of Ziva from Israel.

Now Gibbs recognized him. But still, he decides not to move, and without being noticed by any of them he tried to test the bounding that tied his hands.

"We are here.". Adam said.

Suddenly, the car stops, and Gibbs heard the car door being opened and slammed shut. He started struggling to free himself and that got Ziva's attention. She looked back and noticed that Gibbs has regained consciousness. She was about to get out of the car when she noticed something on the floor.

She bent down to pick that thing up. It was Gibbs's phone. First, she got scared and decided to throw it away because she knows their location will be tracked by this phone. But something comes into her mind and she puts that in her pocket. And then she got out of the car.

She walked behind the vehicle and opened the back door and help Gibbs to sit up.

"I know you're awake Gibbs stop pretending." She said in a firm voice.

"We both know who is pretending here, Ziva. Finally, you become like your father." Gibbs replied. He was still under the effects of chloroform. He was feeling dizzy and vulnerable.

"Gibbs this is not what it looks like. I can explain it but right now I have no choice." She was feeling guilty and her voice was a little shaky too.

She removed that black cloth from Gibbs's face and took his face between her hands.

"I know what I am doing is wrong but I have to save my daughter. He has my daughter, Gibbs. I can't let her die because of what I did. Because of anyone including you."

"You should have come to me, Ziver. Don't lose yourself, let me help you." Gibbs told her.

"It's too late Gibbs." She said with a teary-eyed and put that bag over Gibbs' face again.

Gibbs closed his eyes but his eyes were wide open when he felt Ziva put something into his jacket pocket. And when he realized what that thing is then he smiled with pride.

"He is here." He hears Adam yell to inform Ziva.

"Come on, let's finish this." Ziva grabbed Gibbs' elbow and helped him to get out of the car. Gibbs was still feeling a little dizzy.

"Watch your step, Gibbs!"

"And how in the hell I am gonna watch my step with this damn thing still over my head!" Gibbs was getting very frustrated because of that damn cloth covering his face.

"Fine!" Ziva pulled out that cloth from his head.

Now Gibbs can catch sight of where he was right now, all he can see was the road and trees nothing else. He tried to look for a sign or something that can help him figure out where he is right now.

They started walking toward the other car and stop a few feet away from car two cars. Gibbs didn't notice the second one at first sight. Gibbs saw three men get out of the vehicle. But nobody got out of the other car.

One of them was wearing a black suit his hair was slick back like an old-school gangsta. The other two were wearing black combat t-shirts and trousers and shoes heavily armed. They look like henchmen and they started following the ringleader.

Gibbs's eyes grew widened in shock when that man walked closer to them.

"Hello, Agent Gibbs? How are you feeling after being kidnapped by your daughter? Oh, I forgot your daughter is already dead. Right Ziva?" Ray taunted Gibbs.

Gibbs was just glaring at Ray.

"I heard, you were in prison," Gibbs said.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Agent Gibbs. But I still have my contacts." Ray said as he lean against the car.

"I stuck to my part of the bargain, Ray. Now let Tali go." Ziva demands.

"Well, I can do that... " Ray replied and that surprised Gibbs. Because everything was happening very smoothly and Gibbs knows how things turn out in such cases.

"But... I don't remember exactly what I said. So how about next time?" Ray replied and this time Gibbs was not surprised. He knew this was coming.

"We had a deal Ray!" Ziva was very angry. She pulled out her gun and point it at Ray. Those two men point their weapons at her.

"Give me my daughter NOW!" She cried out.

"Ziva stop! What are you doing?" Adam told her.

"No, Adam! I want my daughter back. I want my Tali back!" She took one more step further toward Ray.

"ZIVA STAND DOWN!" Gibbs shouted at her.


After a few seconds of hesitation, Ziva lowers her weapon and walked back to Gibbs.

"First you give me Gibbs. And then I will let you see your daughter." Ray said and he give a nod at his henchmen that man got the message and he walked towards the second car.

"Gibbs." Ziva looked at him. Gibbs nodded at her and started walking toward Ray. But Ziva stops him by grabbing him by his elbow. He looked at her with a confused face.

"Don't do anything. Once we got Tali I will come to get you." Ziva said with a sad smile.

"Don't worry, I am not going to run. You just go to the NCIS and tell them everything and don't worry about me." with that he started walking.

When he came face to face with Ray he gave him the deadliest glare. Ray unconsciously took one step back and Gibbs noticed that and give him a demoness smile.

Ray's henchmen grabbed him by the jacket collar and slammed him against the car. And started searching him for a weapon.

"He is clean." That man informed but never loosen his grip on Gibbs's jacket collar.

"That's great. Now you can see your daughter." He gives a nod to the henchman who was standing next to the second car. He opened the door and dragged Tali out of the car.

"TALI..." Ziva screamed her name and started crying.

"Never thought I would see you crying like this Ziva David," Ray said with a big smile on his face. Ziva gave him a death stare.

But before Ziva had a chance to look at her again that man threw her into the car again and closed the door. And that car was gone.

"NO... You said you would give her back. I will kill you!" Ziva screams and she pulled out her weapon again and she was going to shoot him. Adam was trying hard to hold her back.

"I never said I would give her back to you. I said I would let you SEE her. So maybe next time. C'mon boys let's go." Ray said as he turned around.

Ziva watched Gibbs struggling against that henchman who was holding him.

"Get off me!" Gibbs yelled at that man. Gibbs managed to deliver a good head-butt to that man's face. And that man fell on the ground.

But that other man was pointing his weapon at Gibbs and he was ready to shoot. Ziva shot him before he could fire his weapon. But then another shot was fired. Gibbs looked at Ziva when he heard the second gunshot.

At the same time, the other henchman stood up whom Gibbs had hit before he hit Gibbs in the stomach twice and Gibbs fell down on his knees and then without wasting time he point his gun at Ziva.

Gibbs was in tremendous pain because that bastard hit him at the same place where he was already injured when he was attacked at the diner.

"Ziva stop! Put your weapon down or I will shoot Agent Gibbs!" Ray warned Ziva.

Ziva stopped in her track when she saw Gibbs on his knees and Ray was holding him at the gunpoint.

Gibbs looked at the man's dead body which was laying a few feet away from where he was and then he looks back to Ziva who is still holding a gun.

"I said put your weapon down Ziva!"

Ziva looked at Gibbs. He nods at her and Ziva shook her head because she knew it was her fault. She should know that Ray would not going to give her Tali back even after she handover Gibbs to him. And now Gibbs's life is in danger too.

"I SAID DROP THE WEAPON DOWN ZIVA!" He pressed the gun at Gibbs's temple. Gibbs was powerless because his hands were still tied behind his back.

"Ziva drop the gun. You are putting your daughter's life and Gibbs's life in danger too. Drop it otherwise, we will never get a chance to get Tali back. Please try to understand my friend." Adam lowered his gun and told her but, still she didn't put her weapon down.

"Ziva drop your weapon!" Ray pulled Gibbs to his feet and shouted loudly.

Ziva was about to lower her weapon when one single shot rang out with a loud thud sound.

"NOOO... "

So... Ray is back and he has Tali and he wants to make Tony and Ziva suffer.

How will Tony and the team be going to find Gibbs and Tali?

And what did Ziva put into Gibbs's jacket pocket?

Is Gibbs dead? And if not then what happened?

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