Alternates. This didn't get included because there are other Gamer-style stories out there and i'm pretty sure someone's done this before me even if i haven't read it.


Taylor knew very little about any of this, but she was pretty sure this was NOT how powers were supposed to work.

She was not supposed to be in some stone-and-wood cabin, sitting at a desk, with an odd sheet of paper in front of her.

[Roll 4d6, discard lowest dice]

[Roll six times, then assign to attributes.]

Taylor looked around, only seeing a small window that she couldn't get through, and no door at all. Hardwood floor. Wooden ceiling. Fitted stone walls.

Outside the window was an idyllic-looking farm setting with lots of what looked like wheat to her, though she'd admit she couldn't really tell what the plants were. Just kind of what she'd pictured wheat to look like.

Sitting back at the desk, finding four six-sided dice, she shrugged and rolled them.

[13] [18] [12] [15] [13] [13]

After the sixth roll, the dice vanished.

The 'attributes' section had six boxes. She had questions about it though. What was the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom? What exactly was 'Charisma' anyway? What was any of this supposed to accomplish?

Finally she just went ahead and put them down in the order she'd rolled them. Hopefully high numbers meant something good.

"Now what?" Taylor asked the ceiling. When she looked back, there was a small book titled [Choose Race] that she was pretty sure hadn't been there a moment ago.

The book had pictures, most of which had a vague resemblance to herself. In some cases. In some cases not at all.

Each had some things which had pluses or minuses. Also special rules and such that she didn't understand. Maybe one of those books on that shelf over there had answers but she wasn't sure what was going on. Best bet was that she'd fallen unconscious and this was some fever dream.

The first thing was some humanoid bird creature called an 'aarakocra' who looked kind of fierce there. The second was something called an 'aasimar' that she had to stop and admire for a moment. It was her but it was also very much not. The her in the picture looked as if she were cast in bronze. She had muscle definition and she had boobs. Both were very attractive to Taylor at the moment, especially if she'd been stronger she wouldn't have ended up in the locker.

Some of the entries like 'bugbear' didn't resemble her much at all, while some seemed to be animated on the page like 'changeling' which shifted from an almost albino Taylor to several other forms, and others like 'dwarf' were familiar but seeing a Lord-of-the-Rings version of herself smirking back at her was a different layer of weird. 'Elf, Dark' had curves she'd immediately envied but also a cruel look she found worrisome. The entry for 'Gnome' had cuteness going for it, while the height and chiseled look of 'Goliath' was attractive in its way.

After consideration, and not knowing what all was expected of this weird dream, she chose Elf because she had thought Legolas was kind of cool when she'd seen that movie. Elf also had subcategories so she'd chosen High Elf because wasn't that what Legolas had been?


Now there was a full-length mirror in the cabin. Up on the top of the mirror were numbers going from one to four, with a pointer that wouldn't move pointing at the roman numeral of one.

In that mirror was herself. As a blonde elf with long straight hair, almond-shaped crystal blue eyes, and looking a fair bit more fit than she actually was.

"Huh. Weird," said Taylor to herself before checking and finding that the book had changed to [Choose Class] with different pages.

There was also a book that said [Cantrip, choose one] that had some helpful descriptions. Thinking of certain individuals she'd known, Infestation sounded like a potentially useful spell.

Class was another choice and a difficult one. Artificer sounded like Tinker. Bard was attractive, she could manage a few tunes on the flute. Though that thought and the memories of what had happened to her mother's flute caused her to turn the page on that one. Blood Hunter sounded creepy, Cleric sounded like something to do with religion, and most of the others sounded kind of odd but the brief description on the pages seemed to give her the basic idea of what was involved.

The pictures drew her attention though because they showed her elf-version dressed VERY differently in most of them, and despite being simply drawings on paper were moving around in short loop animations.

Bard was playing a silver flute. Monk had her elf-self doing some Jackie Chan kind of moves. Rogue showed her sneaking over rooftops. Wizard drew runes in the air and then unleashed bolts of light. The Cleric had her attention back because there was healer-stuff going on, white glowy stuff and a wound healing on some faceless schmuck.

She finally decided on Monk as the Jackie Chan stuff meant doing backflips and that sort of thing.

The sheet now had "Taylor Hebert, mode 1: High Elven Monk, ?, Background: Far Traveler"

Below that were some other choices. She went with 'proficiency with painter's supplies' and the skills Stealth and Athletics because in real-life she could have used both at several times and being good at art was something she'd managed before Winslow.

There were a few more choices to make, and then the papers vanished.

Instead she had a wooden board next to three blank ones, but it had all this information on it.

"So now what?" asked Taylor as she reached out and touched the filled-out one.

* Brockton Bay General Hospital, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit *

Several nurses gaped from the station in the middle of the room. Danny Hebert's jaw dropped and he half-rose from his bedside chair. Panacea stared as she'd just finished up with a patient who had just sworn he'd NEVER try showing off in front of his friends like that again. (This vow would last exactly two weeks.)

"Huh?" asked Taylor Hebert, looking around. "What's everyone staring at? Why am I in a hospital bed? Why... oh."

A glance at her hand, showing that she was slender-but-wiry muscled, and a tuck of her hair behind her pointed ears indicated exactly why she was getting stared at.

"Uhm," tried Taylor. "Hi Dad?"

- PRT Threat Assessment Initial Report following encounter GLNT-02052011-L5-10251731A -

Name: Adventurer

Description: Adventurer is a 5'10" girl dressed in modern body armor over a camouflage uniform, both tentatively identified as US Army issue though the pieces are not all of a single era. Outfit subject to change due to Changer abilities. Subject encountered a Ward patrol on February 5 2011 and requested assistance in dealing with apparent gang activity. Adventurer declined power testing and joining the Wards, stating she would think about it.

CHANlGER 3/TRUMP 3: Gallant was able to observe Adventurer utilizing a Changer ability to alter her body and skills. Prior to Changer ability, she was uncertain and cautious. After using Changer ability, she became focussed and determined. Changer ability displayed martial arts skills and significant agility and movement speed. Gallant also notes probable Thinker ability as a danger sense or at least enhanced senses. After battle, Changer ability was used again - this time producing an white-robed version who was able to hand off items called a 'healing potion' to both Gallant and Vista before leaving. Neither Gallant nor Vista engaged in battle as they were still waiting for backup to arrive.

Form One has been described as looking like a fantasy elf, wearing medieval-style clothing and equipped with a quarterstaff. Form two has been described as a bronze-skinned and haired female in metal plates over leather armor. Gallant reports that all three forms display significantly different emotional signatures. Second form displayed signs of high-focus, possibly Thinker ability, and a brusk business-like attitude. There may be other forms as yet unrevealed.

Testing of 'healing potion' was inconclusive as it appears to have a faint glow but no radioactivity or energy radiance detectable by instrumentation. Possibly some form of chemical tinkertech.

Personality: Adventurer seems to be a fledgling rogue hero with minimal understanding of the Unwritten Rules and expected cape behavior. Gallant reports underneath this confusion is a "mess of conflicting emotions" which he feels is indication of a recent Trigger Event. Each form has a different mental feel and signs of personality. Possibility is that Adventurer is suffering from Disassociative Personality Disorder, possibly as result of Trigger Event.

Plan: Adventurer is to be approached for power testing and covertly for psychological evaluation. Currently Adventurer seems to be dedicated to heroic ideals but this might be the core persona with additional personas displaying less heroic intentions.

Addendum: Vista noted spatial distortion during aftermath of battle when Adventurer was checking scene. She noted several large coins and a ring left behind after battle were collected by Adventurer that she was sure were not present before encounter.

- Stats II initial plan of progression -

Mode 1: Gwyn of the Yellow Rose, High Elf Monk (Way of Shadow), Far Traveler background.

Mode 2: Deina of Whiterun, Scourge Aasimar Artificer (Alchemist), Guild Artisan background.

Modes unlock when player has reached a new level. All characters rise in level with player's level.

Mode 3: Kassios Winterborn, Goliath Barbarian (Totem Warrior - Bear), Outlander background.

Mode 4: Jital of Nicodranus, Protector Aasimar Sorcerer (Divine Soul), Sage background.

Mode 5: Destiny Jones, Human Cleric (Life Domain), Isekai background.

Mode 6: Klumbo, Dwarf Rogue (Investigator), City Guard background.

Mode 7: Kith'delvan, Bronze Dragonborn Ranger (Drakewarden), Noble background.