Chapter 2 - Arriving at the Museum

(5 minutes later)

The school bus approached the Mustard Museum.

"Wow! That was the shortest six blocks the bus has driven." Kim remarked

"Yeah, it would've been easier to walk from the school." Ron countered, "Wouldn't take more than just 10 extra minutes!"

"Okay, everyone, we are here at the Mustard Museum." Barkin explained at the front of the bus. "I trust that everyone will be on their best behavior..."

Then he glared at Ron.

"Especially from last year at the Wisconsin Museum of Art where someone punched a hole in a $1.5 million 17th century painting...Stoppable!"

"To be fair, Mr. B, I slipped on a wet spot on the floor that the janior completely overlooked." Ron said sheepishly.

"You were very lucky that the school was not banned from visiting the museum after that incident." Barkin glared at Ron.

Then Barkin turned his attention back to the other students.

"To prevent something like this from happening ever again, I have instituted the 'buddy system' in which one student is paired with another."

He looked around the 50 students that were in front of him.

"We're going to have 25 pairs of two." Barkin replied as he pulled out a list. "I have the names of students who will be paired with each other. They will be announced in alphabetical order!"

Barkin read the names aloud on the pairs.

"'re with Parker..."

"'re with Johnson..."

(2 minutes later)

Then he called out Kim's name

"'ll be with..."

Kim was crossing her fingers, chanting "Please let me be with Ron! Please let me be with Ron!"


This was definitely NOT the answer Kim wanted to hear.

"Wha...this can't be happening!" Bonnie gasped in sheer disbelief.

"Oh, it is happening!" Barkin grinned at Bonnie, "Since you and Possible are squadmates on the cheer squad, it is natural for the two of you to be partnered up!"

", Mr. Barkin?" Kim asked, trying to reach the gruff substitute teacher.

"Yes, Possible?" Barkin questioned, smiling at Kim.

"May I request a trade in partners?" Kim asked "There's gotta be some mistake!" She said this while glaring at Bonnie.

"Sorry, Possible. I only merely call out the names of the partners. The principal was the one who picked them out for the field trip." Barkin replied.

"But...Mr. Barkin..." Kim protested.

"I will be expecting your report on the Mustard Museum on my desk next week!" Barkin interrupted her.

Kim slunk back in her seat.

"Great...being with her is going to be so the drama!"

Barkin then turned his attention to Ron with an evil grin.

"And as for you, Stoppable..."

Ron pleaded for mercy, "Please, Mr. B! I don't wanna be paired with Tommy Waselewski!"

Tommy, a Caucasian boy who was Kim and Ron's age that had blonde hair and green eyes, was considered by many of his peers to be the weirdest freshman in Middleton High, even weirder than Ron. This was due to the fact that he tends to have disgusting habits such as picking his nose and scratching his rear. Other past instances of his weirdness include sniffing glue, playing with scissors in the 2nd grade, and having a high tendency to wet his pants.

"Stoppable, you're going to be with Queen!" Barkin said, pointing to Tara.

Ron took a good glance at Tara. Tara too was caught off guard by Barkin's choice.


The two of them looked with each other with curiosity.

"Ugh...I wanted T to be my partner, not with Possible!" Bonnie muttered.

"Hate to break it to you, Bonnie, but you're stuck with me!" Kim replied, folding her arms, "If you got any complaints, take it to the school board!"

Bonnie growled at Kim, but she would have no other choice if she wanted to get a good grade on the paper.