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Chapter 19: An Eventful Vacation Part 4

"Do you need any-mph! mmmm… Mhmm~"

The instant Cinder's lips contacted his, it felt like gallons of gasoline were poured into the bonfire Ruby had lit earlier, creating a billowing explosion of barely restrained animalistic desire that gained more control of his rationality by the second. The few remaining thoughts of whether he should've given up on his suicidal path to live a human life with Ruby melted with the heat emanating from both Cinder's body that she melded deeper into his, and her slithery tongue that wasted no time in rushing to meet his own.

The clothes on his body felt far too restraining, but he couldn't stop himself from sinking his hands on Cinder's supple back and letting them roam everywhere he could reach over her clothes for even a second to take his constricting clothes off.

At least not his own.

Cinder felt more than heard the tearing of her clothes before her equal's nails racked down her back, not enough to draw blood but enough to make every section they crossed over feel on fire, which brought both a whine and guttural moan into the awfully loud kiss they shared, moans that increased in intensity when the back of her lingerie received the same treatment, and her exposed rear became the focus of Naruto's attention.

As if spurred by the noises she was making, Naruto clawed at her buttocks and lifted Cinder whose legs immediately locked around his waist, her arms tightened around his neck while Naruto, with the last few cognitive braincells he had, made the decision to move what would occur into somewhere private where nobody would interrupt them.

Short, but extremely long, felt the journey as Naruto traversed the corridor from the kitchen towards his bedroom, the only moment, an extremely fleeting yet ephemeral moment, where he stopped during the journey was when they passed over the open section where he saw Ruby snoozing under the covers in the sofa.

Three thoughts echoed through his head in that instant, two contradicting ones and one decisive one.

'To live a human life beside Ruby, or to continue his inhuman, suicidal, path."

And the answer to those two contradicting thoughts were not words of his own.

'Were you even human, from the very start?'

Why seek the humanity he had discarded, again?

Even if he obtained his humanity, again, he would eventually throw it away to save Ruby from what she would undoubtedly put herself into with her, similar to his own, sense of justice in the future.

So, why put himself through all that pain and misery again when he could just embrace what he had become after so many sacrifices?

Thus, Naruto stepped forward without looking back at the sleeping, red-haired girl, whose presence sang of a bittersweet promise, and simply clawed tighter onto the woman who'd walked hell with him, a woman who, in the face of death itself, twice, sided with him and continued toying with death all because...

She desired attention, his attention.

Power was what swayed Cinder, but power was not her truest desire, no.

Power was what could grant Cinder what she wanted, attention.

To have power meant everyone would have to look at her, to listen to her, to pay attention to her, and she didn't care what it took to get that power, nor did she care what that power could do to her.

Twice that aspect of Cinder was exploited, the first by one of the Grandmaster's, in an attempt to have a shrewd human plant the seeds of fear into Remnant's common folk, fear the grandmaster required to make her next play on the board.

And the second time?

When Cinder walked into Naruto's cell, one in which he was slowly dying for the third time since being captured, and within a few minutes of 'human monster' to 'inhuman abomination' talk empowered by his, then, recently corrupted Semblance, cracked open Cinder's heart and flooded it with his sweet promise of helping her obtain what she truly wanted.

Without ever letting it end.

Cinder understood well that once her, then, Master, made her final play on the board, there would be nobody left for Cinder to enjoy what she had sought so hard to obtain through power, and that power itself would become meaningless.

On the other hand, Naruto, someone - no, something - that had died in her presence twice already and came back to life, could give her both things.

Power and attention.

And he sealed his vow not with words, not with more promises, but by carving it directly into his body, heart, and soul, and into her own body, heart, and soul.

She would always have power as long as she stood by his side, and even if his heart sought others, there existed a carved place in it reserved solely for her, and her alone, and it wouldn't be until he took in his last breath that she would take her own.

However long that took, and that only made the idea of staying with him for an infinitesimal promised eternity better than the grim future beside her previous master.

Between an uncaring, unfeeling, undying, aberration that wished to see the world end and an egoistic, primal emotion-driven, undying, abomination that wished to see the world prosper, the choice was not hard to make.

And to him, accepting Cinder for what she was, who she was, who she could be, and who she would be by his side, was an equally easy choice to make, and now, when the last remains of his humanity eroded with every passing day, an even easier choice to follow.

[Graphic Warning, Lemon, Tags: Extreme Sex]

The bedroom door clicked shut behind them, locking with it the link between his room and reality, and now, sealed within the four walls where nobody but the woman in his arms could see him, he could finally, completely, let go.

An inhuman growl emanated from Naruto as he pushed Cinder's back against the covers of the bed, his bigger frame making it easier for him to encompass her whole and keep her tucked beneath him at his mercy, not that she was trying to escape from him either way, her arms left his shoulder to, literally, burn through his clothes with her Semblance.

Naruto responded in kind, clawing away at the remaining tatters of clothes over Cinder's front, there was little care in either's actions as Cinder's fingers left burnt marks along his skin that sizzled while they healed, all the while Naruto's blackened nails left angry red trails on Cinder's pearly skin.

Seconds was all it took for everything separating their two naked bodies to become nothing more than ashes, and rags cast aside, in their search of a cure to the primal desire burning within them, the connection between their souls only making the need to satiate each other's lust even stronger, primal emotions that bounced back and forth within their link and drove them further into insanity where neither cared about anything other than appeasing themselves.

There was no love in how Naruto clawed at Cinder's bountiful breast, her mounds filled his palms with their supple softness which sunk under his pressure, their scarlet puffy tips disappeared both at the same time into the recess of his mouth, his teeth and fangs leaving their mark on the incredibly sensitive skin and causing Cinder to writhe in pain, yet what escaped her mouth was not a scream of pain, but;


Cinder fingers tugged painfully at Naruto's wolfish ears, pulling his face deeper into her bosom where his teeth and tongue could tease her with his Semblance where the pain inflicted by his teeth scrapping her sensitive skin was healed with the wet, rough, licks his tongue lazily glid over immediately.

What they wanted wasn't just to feel the other's hidden emotions, but to have the other carve them again into their bodies.

There was no love involved whatsoever in how Cinder pushed her hips upwards to rub herself against Naruto's deadly hardon, the minutes of teasing before entering the room presented themselves in the slick coating that her lower lips slobbered over his member with every jerk of her hips, and Naruto's own anxiousness dropped over her slim belly.

"Give it to me!"

She needn't anymore preparation than that, nor Naruto would put themselves to wait, one hand left her bountiful breasts to line himself up with her dripping entrance before pushing himself into Cinder with one powerful thrust that made the bed creak dangerously under them, both mimicked a hiss of pain and satisfaction as Naruto forced Cinder insides to take his long shape.

There was no love in the way Naruto clasped at Cinder's calves, bent her legs over her until her feet were at either side of her head, the new position giving him even deeper access into her insides which clung desperately to him, her heat acclimatized his desires to match his shape before he raised his hips.

And thrust.

"MMMmmmmGH!" Despite the howl rumbling within Cinder's throat at how far Naruto pressed into her, how many of her folds he perfectly scrapped with his size, there was no mistaking the yearning with which Cinder grabbed Naruto's cheeks to pull him down to kiss her, though it was less of a kiss and more of biting and trying to tear the others' lips with their own.

That was the last act that could be considered somewhat similar to what lovers would do in the privacy of their beds before Naruto and Cinder fully gave in into the others' primal desire.

What ensued was a rutting akin to breeding rabbits in the intensity with which Naruto started plowing into Cinder's core, every thrust stealing more and more of the black-haired woman's breath, every time his hips ground against her made their eyes cross and loose sight of the other, every kiss his bulbous head delivered to her inner entrance brought howls, whines, moans, and groans which only increased in intensity by the minute.

Neither held back from fully losing themselves into the continuous current of electricity coursing through their bodies, nor did either held back from putting a fight against the pressure building in their loins, as what they had was not a moment to care, but a moment to satisfy.

It's why Naruto didn't stop thrusting into Cinder even when her body trembled in ecstasy, her slit trying in vain to push him out with her squirts, nor did Cinder release her leg hold on his waist when Naruto buried himself to the hilt into her, ground his groin into her soaked crotch, his throbbing member steadily releasing a flow of his warmth directly against her inner entrance.

Only to start all over again as soon as one climax ended, and immediately work on building up the next one to deliver it faster than the last one.

There was no love in the words whispered as the moment grew longer, only barely formed coherent mumbles spurring the other to take it further, and further, without ever stopping for a second, what became the end of one climax soon mixed with the start of the next one in a never ending, nerve flaring, inferno of satisfaction.

A bite to the shoulder that left bleeding holes wasn't enough to overcome the all-consuming, nerve wracking, sensation emanating from their crotches; Long bleeding gashes over the other's back wasn't enough to overcome the all-enticing, brain frying, feeling blooming inside their chests; Not even the darkness to which Cinder succumbed when the multitude of explosions assaulting her vision, her thoughts, her very self, became far too much was enough to overcome the all-devouring, primal, desire that Naruto had in that moment.

The need was so much that it brought Cinder's awareness back into the game with another powerful climax, one that Naruto delivered straight through the entrance of her inner chamber that was already flooded with all his previous releases.

Hot, extremely hot, need flowed into her, her core coveting even more of it and squeezed Naruto to pull even more out of him, her folds left very clear what they wanted, and Naruto was all too happy to oblige. Again, Cinder's position changed, she barely made out the sensation of her overwhelmed belly touching the covers before Naruto pressed the back of her head, pushing her face into the pillow of the bed before driving himself into her with reckless abandon.

The pillow did a good job of muffling her screams, but the bedframe did a very poor job of hiding the strength behind every Naruto's thrust.

Somehow, the squelching sounds of her snatch was louder than the wooden creak of the bedframe as it broke under them, the bed sunk and with it, Naruto inadvertently sunk deeper into her, so deep it broke through her battered womb's entrance and made her roll her eyes into the back of her head as another all-consuming climax exploded from her core, a powerful liquid trail blasted onto the ruined sheets, as Naruto lost himself in the sudden tightness Cinder insides strangulated him with.

Again, he flooded her with even more of his molten desire, this time directly into her already overflooded womb which somehow made room to take even more of him. Cinder's entire body trembled erratically but with him pinning her against the bed, his beast lodged deepest within, there was nowhere for her to go as more drowned her, and even more poured from out of her.

Then her sight went completely black again, only to return in what felt like a second later, and find herself once again with her back pressed against the wet covers of the sunken bed, her bulging belly bouncing in tandem with her wounded, bitten-marked, breasts, her thighs lifelessly sliding over Naruto's thighs as he sunk both, his fangs into the 'II' tattoo on her chest and his ravenous beast into her squelching, overflooded, womb.

If he was trying to breed her then and there, Cinder was certain that her body would immediately give in to his latest batch of seed that robbed her breath yet again, for however long that last release lasted, she wondered how things would be like if her bulging belly wasn't from his sperm, but from Naruto's child.

He gave her the attention she desired, one that completely filled her heart as his power flowed into her body through his teeth on her tattoo, but…

There was more she wanted.

There was more she needed.

There was more he wanted.

There was more he needed.

If only there was love to complete the bestial rutting that continued even after that fleeting moment, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't have lasted as long as it did, or taken to the extremes it did, but one thing was for certain.

Without love, it would take a long time to appease both of their malicious desires.

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Cinder caressed Naruto's cheeks while he laid face up on her lap across the sunken bed, both still naked and covered in their dried releases. The heavy odor of sex permeated every inch of the room, most of it coming directly from below Cinder who dripped Naruto's release onto the ruined covers in a steady trail which considering her belly still retained quite the bump, it would take a long time to fully dribble out his essence.

But that's exactly what they had in spares at that moment, time.

"You weren't that… needy before, what changed?" Cinder whispered

"Lost track of myself," Naruto closed his eyes, the memories of his time in the elemental nations ran across the vast expanse of his memories before fading into black and being replaced by the hellish memories of his time in Remnant. "I almost gave in to the idea of returning to what I once was, almost grabbed onto the nonexistent hope of getting everything I lost again."

Cinder tilted her head, "I thought you couldn't go back to your old world?"

"I can't." Naruto affirmed and turned into his side, his cheek meeting the vast expanses of Cinder's thigh pillows. "But there's someone here that every time I see them, they remind me of my old self, and makes me want to go back to those… happier times."

"Hmm, happier times…" Cinder hummed and pinched Naruto's cheek. "You mean the life where you were shunned until everyone saw your worth as a deterrent, and then hailed as a hero because only you and your bestfriend were the only ones capable of standing up against a Goddess?"

"That's not-"

"From my perspective, everyone used you for their convenience, Naruto. True, you gained some friends along the way, but most in your path never really saw eye to eye with you until you beat the idea of working together into their skulls," Cinder continued, regardless of the frown deepening on Naruto's face, "You were lied to, several times, you were abandoned, several times, you were left for dead, several times, and it was through your own will that you pulled through every single time."

"I couldn't have made it without them," Naruto huffed, sat up and glared at Cinder.

"Just like you couldn't have made it without me?" Cinder crossed her arms with various scratch marks over them.


"I put you in that position back then, because you trusted me, just as your old world put you in that position because you trusted them," Cinder huffed. "And I was also the one to help you out of there, just like they helped you in your old world."

"You weren't there with them." Naruto countered the only thing he could.

"I don't need to be there to know about it, Naruto, or did you forget?" Cinder pointed at the 'II' tattoo which glimmered with power every few seconds. "You showed me everything in exchange for gaining my loyalty, and I offered you my everything in exchange for the promise you made to me."

Naruto looked away.

"Please look at me," Cinder scooted closer, an incredibly arduous task when everything below her waist wasn't responsive, nonetheless, Naruto's gaze didn't return to her. Cinder frowned and grabbed one of Naruto's hands to place his fingers over her tattoo, "If you don't want to look at me, then please, just… feel."

She wasn't trying to make him forget the Elemental Nations.

She wasn't trying to make him forget about his old friends.

She wasn't trying to make him forget about himself.

She wanted him to see that what he lived through wasn't 'happier times'.

She wanted him to understand that the few heartfelt memories he had were eclipsing the enormous amount of bad memories in his past, and while yes, it was the good memories that he should've kept, he shouldn't have forgotten everything else.

Everything that made them similar.

Everything that made her trust him.

Naruto wanted to become Hokage so everyone would pay attention to him.

Cinder wanted to obtain power so everyone would pay attention to her.

That Naruto took an entirely different path from herself to accomplish his dream had nothing to do with the fact that everyone around him still tried to put him down at every turn until he proved them wrong…

Through his own power, Naruto accomplished most of the goals he set for himself.

Through his own will, Naruto never gave up, not even when everyone else believed it was all over.

But that was in the Elemental Nations, where the world and destiny quite literally revolved around him and his decisions, and as much as Naruto vehemently tried to deny that that was not the case, he couldn't forget that… Somehow, someway, the Great Honourable Geezer, Gamamaru, had a prophecy about him.

Every choice Naruto made in the Elemental Nations shaped the whole world and its future, from the very start, he was set to become something far greater than he ever dreamed of.

But destiny always had second plans for those who accomplished their fates, and such plan was to never give them the happy end they desired.

"Why would you want to return back to that, Naruto?" Cinder whispered again and rested her forehead over Naruto's 'I' tattoo on his chest. "Here, you can truly be happy, you can obtain everything you desire without anything placing it in your way, you're truly the master of your future, and…"

"Cinder, please stop." Naruto embraced Cinder, pulling her naked body closer against his, which only made her emotions all the clearer.

There was no love between them.

"Please don't change back… don't put yourself through all that pain again… please…"

Because love wasn't enough to express what she felt for him.

Naruto obtained everything he wanted through his own accomplishments, and through his dear friends.

But Cinder?

Cinder obtained everything she ever wanted through him, and him alone.

Power, attention, and a future where she would never be left alone again.

So, if Naruto changed, that promising future besides him? That could also change, which… would leave her alone…

Was it wrong of her to feel so strongly about not losing what little she had obtained after all that painful time?

"Even if I change again, I won't leave you alone Cinder, I promised." Naruto reassured her by bringing her body even closer, "I'm just having a hard time finding my place in this world and with what I've become, that's all."

Cinder nodded into his chest, she spoke no more words because of the tears and anguish that robbed her of her voice, and through the connection they shared, Naruto heard Cinder's soul again.

Don't hate me.

Don't leave me.

But you need to understand, the only way you'll find a place in this world is…

If you let go of your old world.

"I know."

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"You look like shit." Yang aptly summarized the zombie-like Naruto who stumbled into the kitchen dressed in comfortable-looking shorts and shirt.

"I feel like shit." Naruto aptly replied while serving himself some brandless cornflake for breakfast. As he filled the cornflake bowl with milk, he chanced a glance at Yang and did a double take.

She was in her underwear.

Half of her underwear.

"That took a lot longer than I expected for you to notice," Yang fixed the towel on her neck until it hid most of her dripping wet assets, then jumped on the counter which made her previous actions for naught as it revealed her entirety, yet again. "What's up with you?"

Naruto blinked several times before grabbing his bowl and leaned on the counter opposite of Yang, it was thanks to the long night Naruto spent with Cinder that he didn't stare… much.

"Had a long night and morning." Naruto replied while munching on some flakes. "What time is it?"

"Dunno, woke up, saw none of the girls, took a bath, and here we are." Yang shrugged then used another towel he hadn't noticed to gently pat dry her long blond hair.

"Hm," Naruto looked at the clock behind him, seeing it mark past 2pm, then curiously looked back at Yang. "You woke up just now?"

"Nah, an hour ago or something, it takes me a while when I wash my hair." Yang shook her head to demonstrate how much volume her hair had, but instead it only made Naruto notice the volume in another area.

"Okay, I'll bite, what's up with you?" Naruto pointed at Yang's state of undress, "Last time you tried to sock me up good for catching an eyeful'"

Yang paused, "Had a lot to think about when I woke up."

Naruto drank the remains of milk in his bowl, placed it on the sink and crossed his arms when he looked at Yang again. "Like?"

"Like my feelings for you," Yang admitted which only made Naruto blink in confusion. "Yesterday you said I was jealous, so I though things through this morning and I realized that, yes, I'm jealous, not just of that friend of yours but of my little sister…"


"You two were so into it you didn't even notice when I went to grab a glass of water during the night," Yang clutched her towel tighter. "Normally I should've just socked you a good one for that, but… Some part of me wanted to be in Ruby's place, soooo…"

"So, you're trying to seduce me, so I don't put my hands on your little sister?" Naruto tried to make sense of what he'd just been told.

"Ye' t'ats pretty much it." Yang huffed again, "I mean, except for your sometimes Blakey' personality, you're pretty much everything I like in guys."


"So, is it working, am I seducing you right?" Yang gave him a confident grin while pushing her chest outwards.

"You've never seduced anyone before, have you?" Naruto scratched his forehead.

"Nah, they always fell for me first." Yang replied, grin still in place, "I know you like me, or well, at least my body, soooo…"

"No, Yang, it's not working." Naruto started laughing. "Hah, oh Maidens, I needed that."

"Hey! Don't make fun of me!" Yang complained and jumped down from the counter to punch his chest, though there was no force behind the blow thankfully.

"Sorry, I'm not making fun of you." Naruto waved his arms in defeat. "Is just, you really made my morning, or err, evening better with that."

"Good! Now it's your turn to make my evening better." Yang set both fist on her hips and gave him another challenging grin.


"Stop eh'eing me!" Yang huffed, "I need your help with what we talked about last night, you know, the part about me learning to fight smarter not harder."

"Oh, should've started with that, there's only so many ideas I can get if you tell me that dressed like that." Naruto replied.

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" Yang deadpanned. "I know I said I'm trying to seduce you and everything, but you still gotta' put some effort if you want to get these."

She grabbed her chest, specifically, her breasts, more specifically, heavy, still wet, bountiful breasts whose tips glimmered from still being wet.

"Okay, now that is how you try to seduce someone," Naruto cleaned the little bit of drool that escaped his lips. "So, what did you have in mind?"

"I don't know, I didn't think through this far…" Yang's skin started turning reddish. "Actually, now that I'm doing this, I realize how embarrassing it is… Could you… uh…"

"Yeah, I'll look away, not that it'll make the image in my mind go awa-"

"Not helping!"

"Your fault."

- 0 - RWBY: KnRR - 0 -

"How's this supposed to help me again?" Yang asked while making herself comfortable on her portion of the couch, making sure to keep her body hidden beneath the thick covers Naruto procured from somewhere.

"This? Is more for me than for you to be honest," Naruto replied besides her, also making himself comfortable on his portion of the couch besides Yang, also beneath the covers with only his left arm dangling at edge with the tv remote in it. "I just wanted to be comfortable while you were training."

"… How is this training?" Yang clutched the covers to her bosom tighter, why? Because somehow, someway, Naruto had convinced her to remain in her state of dress, aka, only her panties, before starting her training.

Which, by the way, she still had no idea what it entailed.

"You really didn't pay attention to me when I was explaining," Naruto huffed and raised the hand with the remote, around his wrist was a crimson chain made of his Semblance, one which connected to a collar around Yang's neck made of the same crimson material. "I'll pull your mind into my inner world and there I'll explain the rest."

"Okay, but did we really have to be like… this?" Yang glanced at the nonexistent space between them on the couch, it'd only take Naruto to rase his right arm beneath the covers for him to touch her anywhere.

"Like I said, this is more for my benefit than yours." Naruto shrugged. "If we're too far apart, I won't be able to bring your mind into my inner world, and whatever happens to you in there, your body's going to take some damage from it, soooo… remaining this close to you allows me to keep the connection steady and watch over any wounds that appear on your body."

"… Is that truly all there is it to it?" Yang asked after a minute of silence.

"Just think of this as payment for my help, sheesh." Naruto huffed and started powering up his Semblance which made the chain connecting his left wrist to Yang's collar shine crimson. "Besides, I won't touch you for anything other than healing your wounds, you have my word."

At least that eased some of the hesitation Yang had, "Let's just get this over with."

"Right," Naruto turned on the TV the moment Yang's head fell on his shoulder, her consciousness clearly gone.

- 0 - RWBY: KnRR - 0 -

In the blink of an eye, Yang found herself standing inside a sewer-like prison, which, thankfully, had no dirty water running as she stood in the middle of it. Several lanterns adorned the walls at either side of the sewer which seemed to go on, and on, for eternity into pitch darkness.

However, she knew better, as she had been here once before.

She glanced at the positions of the lanterns, which were tilted slightly in one direction, and she started walking in the opposite direction.

Her steps echoed in the unnatural silence permeating the sewer, accompanied only by the crackling sound of the flames until she reached the place she was supposed to go, or at least went the last time.

The sewer opened into a bigger room, with a massive gate made of what appeared to be iron bars, and inside that cage was what she was looking for, or who she was looking for.

"You threw me quite far." Yang said as she approached the cages and walked through them, immediately her feet touched something wet, but as last time, she did her best to ignore the sensation.

"That's on you."

"Hah?" Yang crossed her arms, irritated, and felt her skin touch her skin directly, she looked down at herself at that and found herself to be completely naked, not even the underwear she had in the outside world was on her person. "Oi!"

"This is going to take a lot longer than I thought, I'm glad I made myself comfortable outside." An ashen, silver-haired Naruto scratched his equally silver wolf ears before pointing at his attire, the cloak he would've wore had he become Hokage, dark green ninja pants and black mesh shirt. "Mind over body, Yang, imagine your clothes."

"Oh, right." Yang closed her eyes and after a minute of imagination, her usual combat outfit from Beacon appeared on her person. "Much better. You're rakin' up the free sample views, ya'know!"

The ashen Naruto rolled his eyes and motioned for Yang to come closer to the center of the prison-like room where a black orb floated above a pedestal, shimmering crimson every few seconds.

"Hey, that looks better than last time." Yang poked the orb, much to Naruto's dismay, and turned to Naruto. "Though you look worse, seems like you aged a thousand years…"

"That's not too far from the truth," Naruto replied uneasily.

"There's something you're not telling me…"

"A lot, but that's not what I brought you here for, remember?"

"Right, what are we doing?" Yang dusted off her shorts and waited for Naruto to explain.

Which he didn't.

"This." Naruto snapped his fingers, and the room around them changed in the blink of an eye towards a vast, green field, several trees far away, with even mountains at the far horizon.

It was a sight to behold, but to Yang, it was eerie as fuck.

Any such place in the real world would have the sound of the trees rustling, the sound of insects, the sound of water running somewhere, even the low hum of the wind with birds, but in here, there was no sound whatsoever.

Nothing was moving in this world except for them, even when she pressed her feet against the blades of grass, they retained their shape as if she'd never touched them.

The last time she was here, he'd created a river… which water wasn't flowing at all, at least this time he had the presence of mind to not create such an unholy thing again.

"We're sparring?" Yang focused on the sick-looking Naruto.

"No," Naruto shook his head and pointed behind Yang. "You're fighting them."

Yang cautiously turned around to see several people dressed in the White Fang ensemble, animal mask included.

"Uh… how does this-"

"Some are Human, some are Faunus, some have Aura and others don't. You'll learn by feel how each one is different from the other through fighting, and every time you get it wrong or accidentally kill someone, you'll receive damage."


"Have fun, I'll be back in an hour."


"Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get this over with!"

- 0 - RWBY: KnRR - 0 -

"Do I want to know what you're doing with Yang under those blankets?" Blake asked with arms crossed, standing right beside the couch while glaring down at Naruto who flipped through the TV channels.

"Welcome back, I missed you too." Naruto evaded and turned the TV off to give Blake his attention, "Where did you all go?"

"Ruby wanted to show me the city, Weiss tagged along, I… couldn't keep up with their excitement and came back." Blake replied and sat down on Naruto's belly. "So, what are you two doing?"

"Yang's training in my mindscape."

Blake blinked, decided that she didn't need to ask more questions about that, and continued, "Why's she naked though?"

"Her idea, not mine."

"… How are you lying and telling the truth at the same time, urgh." Blake nursed her forehead.

"Dunno', did you three have fun at least?" Naruto set his left hand on Blake's thighs and started stroking her long legs.

"Yeah, Ruby was really cheerful today, doubt she has had any time to even remember what happened in the forest." Blake put her hand over his, keeping it still. "You look exhausted…"

"I am," Naruto took a deep breath, with Blake holding onto his hand, there was clear clarity in his mind that he dearly wished he could've the previous night. "Ruby's as much of an influence on me as I am to her."

Blake raised an eyebrow, "I thought that was obvious."

"Really?" Naruto frowned.

"Yeah, or did you forget the reason we hooked up in the first place?"

"I was jealous of Ruby, Naruto," Blake pinched his hand until he yelped. "Don't forget that."

"Sorry, sorry, it's just, there's been a lot on my mind lately." Naruto fumbled until he pulled out his right hand from beneath the covers and set it on Blake's hip.

"Again?" Blake followed Naruto's pull and curled above him with his hands resting on her lower back.

"Yeah… I missed this…"

"Mmm," Blake started purring and glanced up at him, "My secrets, your secrets, our secrets?"

"You have no idea how much I fear telling you what's on my mind right now, I really want to," Naruto pulled Blake closer, quite painfully so, before relaxing with an enormous sigh, "But if I do, you'll… leave."

Blake bit her lip at that and made her choice. "If I promise you that I won't leave, will you tell me?"

"I don't want you to break such a promise."

"You're that certain that I will leave you if you tell me?" Blake's anger slipped into her voice, and her nails as they clutched at the covers between them.

"… No, but I seriously, seriously, seriously, don't want to even entertain the possibility of you leaving."

"Naruto." Blake uncurled herself to sit on his belly, her hands grabbed both of his cheeks and forced him to face her. "Tell me."



"Blake, don't leave."

"I won't, tell me."

"I will kill Ozpin in three months."

- 0 - Chapter End - 0 -

Author's Note: Headache... chapter was longer... but I moved some scenes for later which left a bit of a mess after this point, so I'll fix that before uploading... in like a week or less.