Author Note: This is my first fanfiction. I may have read a lot but never wrote one before. It wont be the best but considering I used spell check it wont be the worst either. Please be kind. I wrote this because I was looking for this particular combination but there wasn't any. And the story wouldn't leave me alone.

The first chapter is a prequel to One for the Money, I hope to do a rendition of that story with pokemon but writing is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I'm Australian so my English is mostly Australian so I write mum as mum not mom. Get over it.

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All for Nothing

My name is Stephanie Plum and I'm abut to tell you how I went from having a good car, a good house, a good marriage and a good team of Pokemon to a whole lot of nothing. Zip, Zilch, zero.

Growing up my mother always lamented that I was too much a tomboy and not enough like my perfect older sister Valarie. Originally I wanted to be an Officer Jenny. Catching bad guys and helping people, until I learned you needed to be born into the Jenny family. So I decided I would be champion instead. My mother insisted that the tournament was too unladylike and tried to steer me toward contests instead. While I enjoyed showing off how cool my Pokemon were and how good I was at battling, I soon realised that the other coordinators were like sharks and were always trying to tear apart the competition. I suppose I should be flattered that they all thought I was strong enough competition but I got really sick of the cattiness really fast. I don't know how my sister stands all of the snide remarks and outright sabotage. Valarie was a top coordinator before her marriage and subsequent move to California.

To keep my mother happy I tried to choose Pokemon that were in her opinion suitable for young ladies. My starter was a Snivy. I wanted a Froakie but mother believed that Froakie were boys Pokemon. Mother insisted it was unladylike to crawl through the grass and swamps to find and battle Pokemon but my Grandpa Mauzer secretly helped me then told his daughter that he had done all of the finding.

When I was a child I used to love going into the wilds with Grampa Mauzer. He and Big Blue would always watch over me while I searched for Pokemon, giving me tips and only stepping in when I got in over my head. As I got older Grampa stepped in less. I felt so grown up the day he first gave me Big Blues pokeball. Big Blue is my grandfathers old Salamence. "I wont bail you out this time but you have to try everything you can first. Only use him in an emergency." That was my eleventh birthday, the day I caught my first Pokemon. Sure I got my Snivy starter when I turned ten but I actually caught this Eevee. Unfortunately Eevee was much stronger than Snivy so I did have to fall back on Big Blue but I still caught it all by my self. That day mum didn't complain once about my tomboy ways or why couldn't I be more like perfect Valarie. I think its because an Eevee is an appropriate Pokemon for a young girl. Oh my mother loves me, but, sometimes I don't think she likes me very much. I don't fit into what she envisions a young woman of the burg should be.

By the time I was twenty-one I had my Snivy, a Turtwig, a Fletchinder, a Vulpix and a breeding pair in the Eevee evolution chain, an Espeon and a Glaceon. Over the next few years I finished college with a business degree, got a job in a lingerie store and married a budding lawyer by the name of Richard 'Dickie' Orr. I had everything my mother ever wanted for me and I thought I was happy. I had just sold my fourth Eevee that I had bred so I took all of my Pokemon to the Pokemon Centre so they could all get a checkup and so I could transfer the little Eevee to its new owner. A celebration was in order. Luckily my generous husband had booked me into a spa so I spent the day getting pampered. Thinking nothing could ruin my happy buzz I went to collect my Pokemon from Nurse Joy. Unfortunately everything went down hill from there.

The "I'm sorry dear but our system is showing that your husband has already checked them out." sent unease through my body. He is supposed to be at work, maybe he went home early? But why would he take the time to go the complete opposite direction from home to go to the Pokemon centre to collect my Pokemon? With unanswered questions bouncing around in my head I went home. Pulling into the driveway I parked on the street as there is an unfamiliar car in the driveway blocking my access to the garage. Opening the front door I put my purse down and look up so a sight I wish I could unsee. There was my biggest bully in the contests Joyce Barnhart bent over my dining room table with my husband rutting on her from behind.

"I want a divorce." I said loud enough to be heard over the sounds the two of them were making. I was kind of amazed at how calm I was. Maybe I was in shock. Dickie froze.

"You weren't meant to be home yet. And this isn't what it looks like," he gasped.

"I don't care what it looks like," I said still mostly calm, "tell me where my Pokemon are and ill leave you to your slut." While I was talking Dickie was scrambling into his pants.

"Now don't make any rash decisions, a divorce at this stage in my career and I would be ruined!" Dickie had visions of going into politics after his career as a lawyer took off.

"You should have thought of ruining your career when you dropped your pants because ruining your marriage clearly wasn't on your mind! Now answer me where are my Pokemon and why did you take them from Nurse Joy?" I demanded.

"Well, you see, I had an opportunity to give my political career a boost! Now don't be mad OK because with the Pokemon in that egg I could be District Attorney in five years!" he pleaded

"What egg? I don't care about whatever egg you bought yourself! I only want my Pokemon! Now where are they?" I was starting to yell now. Joyce had dissapeared sometime in the argument.

"That's what I'm trying to tell you. The egg is a guaranteed dragon egg and to get it I needed something to trade. And you had some pretty rare Pokemon."

"Had. HAD! What do you mean HAD!" I screeched

"I traded your Pokemon for that dragon egg over there on the mantle" he explained slowly as if talking to a child. Here is where I totally lost all reason. Screeching I launched myself at him, scratching and punching and kicking until Eddie Gazarra pulled me off of him. Eddie was married to my cousin Shirley the whiner and he was a good friend. But in this instance he was being a good cop. With the front door still open our screeching argument had disturbed the neighbours.

"Alright, Alright, how about you both calm down and tell me what the problem is," Eddie said in his most calm authoritative cop tone.

"He traded all of my Pokemon for a dragon egg," I snarled. Then as an after thought "I also walked in on him screwing Joyce Barnhart on my dining room table." Looking back considering that I was so calm abut him cheating while so incensed on the selling of my Pokemon tells me the marriage never would have lasted anyway.

"You did what? Maybe I should have let you kick him a bit more Steph. Do you want to press charges for theft?" Eddie and his partner were shocked.

"I'm getting a divorce. Can you write this up so I can use the theft if he tries to wriggle out of the prenup?"I was shaking I was so angry.

"If she presses charges for theft I'm going t press charges for assault," Dickie wined from the floor.

"Tell Eddie what you told me about why you sold my Pokemon." I pressed Dickie.

"Fine. I had an offer for a guaranteed dragon egg but I couldn't afford it. And she had some fairly rare Pokemon in her team so I traded them for the egg. He was especially interested in the breeding eeveeloutions. Having a dragon on my team could really hep my career!" Dickie tried to appeal to the cops.

"I still cant believe you traded my Pokemon for a dragon egg!? Do you even know what type of dragon? I could be an Applin for all you know! How could you do that to me? If you needed Pokemon to trade why not your Pokemon?" I challenged.

"An Applin is still a dragon though I would prefer a Druddigon," Dickie mused not really listening to me. I walked over and picked up the egg in its incubator. It was pale blue in colour.

"Well whatever is inside it, its mine now," I decided.

"No it's NOT," Dickie yelled. "I went through all that trouble to get that egg its mine!"

"Actually you admitted to trading her Pokemon for that egg. They were hers so this egg is hers. If your that worried you can argue it out with the judge in divorce court. For now the egg stays with her while we drive you to the emergency room," Eddies partner explained.

While the police officers took my soon to be ex husband to the hospital for his broken nose I took the egg up to our room and pulled out all of my luggage that I got for our anniversary trip and packed all of my clothes and toiletries. After taking it all down to the car I carried the egg to the room set aside for my Pokemon and nearly collapsed crying. Catching those Pokemon with my Grandpa Mauzer were some of my happiest memories of my childhood and now they were all gone. I packed all of the brushes and other cleaning equipment, collected all the photos that lined the walls then I dug out the fire stone I was planning on giving to my vulpix and packed that too. Evolution stones were expensive and I traded an Eevee kit of this particular stone so I wasn't about to let him have it. Picking up the boxes of equipment I took them down to the car.

After walking through the house again looking for anything left behind I entered my husbands office. I photocopied his receipt for the trade of my Pokemon leaving the photocopy in his office I looked for anything else in needed such as our insurance, copies of the prenup, birth certificates, my credit card bills and left.

I wound up at my parents doorstep. I needed the sympathetic shoulder of my Grandma Mauzer and after my Grandpa Mauzer lost the battle with cholesterol my grandma moved in with my parents. I got out of the car carrying the egg and the door opened before I could get to it. Grandma took one look at me and ushered me inside. Sitting me on the couch she took the egg and gave it to my father, sitting beside me and wrapping her arms around my shoulders she asked what had happened.

Huge wracking sobs burst out of me, my eyes blurred and my nose stuffed up I sobbed my self to sleep in my grandmas arms. I'm not sure how long I slept for but my mother was home from the grocery shopping when I woke. My head was in grandmas lap and the couch throw blanket was tucked around me. They were whispering loudly at each other mum imparting the latest gossip collected from the supermarkets. Surprise, surprise it was about me. To everyone in the suburb of chambersburg affectionately known as the burg, gossiping is a national sport. Apparently I went psycho on my husband for no reason. G figure. I guessing it was Joyce who started that one. She wouldn't want to be seen as the villain in this round of gossip.

"That's not what happened" I rasped. Crying really dehydrates you. Grandma poured me a cup of water.

"Then what did happen?" asked my Grandmother, "and whats with the egg? Your Eevee eggs are brown and tan. This ones blue with cream spots."

"My no good soon to be ex husband traded all of my Pokemon for that egg. I found that out after walking in on him and Joyce Barnhart on the dining room table. I would appreciate if you spread the truth around to all the gossipers. I admit to breaking his nose and asking taking the egg but I find both of those actions perfectly reasonable in this situation,"I refilled my glass of water even though I would prefer tequila right about now.

"I new he was a horses behind didn't I tell you not to marry him," Grandma Mauzer crowed. "Tell me your getting a divorce," she demanded.

"Yes on the divorce," I sighed. I wanted to go back to sleep. Or get drunk. Preferably drunk.

"Did you say all your Pokemon? As in you don't have any Pokemon to protect you in an emergency?" my mother worried. While she was very traditional in how she believed a young woman should behave she was also pretty adamant that they should all have Pokemon to protect them from predators.

"Yes. All of my Pokemon traded for that egg there. I claimed it after he told the cops that he used my Pokemon to get it. He said it was a guaranteed dragon but he didn't know what type. The cops agreed; my Pokemon, my egg. But I photocopied his receipt for the trade in case he tries to bring it up in court. I know there isn't much room here at the moment but can I stay until I can find an apartment?" I asked mum.

"Your staying until you have a Pokemon to protect yourself with young lady. My last buyer cancelled when they found a wild Ralts so you can have that one but he is only level 5 and can hardly hurt a fly," my mother offered.

"Thanks mum I promise to look after him," I assured her.

"Wait here I need to get something," grandma muttered as she climbed the stairs. Mum went to get the pokeball for the young Ralts.

"So you broke his nose? Good on you. You can have one of my Rookidee too." I startled. I hadn't even noticed my father sitting in his arm chair.

"But you breed them for the taxi company wont they be upset?" I asked

"Not this one. He is the wrong colour so they cant buy him, they suggested I sell him to a privet collector." he explained.

"If your sure, then thank you." I smiled at him.

Mum handed me a friend ball. She always catches the Ralts she breeds in them. I released the Ralts onto my lap and smiled at him. "Hello." I said. "I felt curiosity touch me. Would that be his empathy or the hidden ability telepathy?" I asked mum.

"A bit of both. He is only young, barely more than a baby so you will need to teach him English. Once he is stronger and can communicate with you better he will be able to help you translate what other Pokemon are saying to you." she explained.

"Cool. My Espeon couldn't telepathically communicate with me." I mentioned. Grandma was coming down the stairs with two luxury balls in her hand.

"Grandma why do you have two luxury balls?" I asked curious.

"Even if that dragon hatches in the next ten minutes it will still be too weak to protect you. And poor Big Blue is all cooped up in his ball all the time 'cause I cant just take him flying, I'm afraid of heights. So Big Blue is going to stay with you while your new team gets stronger." Grandma said firmly. "And the other one is one your grandfather wanted me to give you when you divorced the horses patoot. She has been in the box ever since he died. She is the last egg that your grandfather hatched." She handed me the balls. Big Blues ball was old and scratched. BB was painted in blue on the top. The other ball looked brand new. I opened it to reveal a yellow Riolu. She was beautiful. "Hello," I said again holding my hand out for her to sniff. I started to cry again. Silently this time. I had lost everything but now I had three new Pokemon to befriend and one old grumpy one to keep us safe. "Thank you all, this really means a lot to me."

Waking up in my old room the next morning I found a fourth ball on my bedside table, a level ball. And a yellow Rookidee perched asleep on my headboard. I went for a shower and by the time I was back in my room dressed in jeans and a hoodie the three Pokemon that were out of their balls were awake. I decided I wouldn't name them until the Ralts was able to translate. Putting them all in their balls I went downstairs for breakfast. Well, late brunch. Mum and grandma had already spread the truth via the gossip vine and dad had gone to work so I grabbed dads newspaper and started looking for apartments. Working at a lingerie store left me with enough savings that I could get a good apartment not far from my parents. It wouldn't be great but it would be comfortable and mine.

The apartment was a rectangle with the door about a third of the way along the wall. Ahead and to the left was the loungeroom while to the right was the kitchen and dining area. Through the door next to the kitchen was the bedroom and bathroom. Unfurnished it looked large. I released the three smallest of my Pokemon: Ralts, Rookidee and Riolu. Big blue would fit, maybe, if he tucked his wings in and wrapped his tail around himself. I saw something yellow skitter across the floor, METAL CLAWI commanded. Riolu hit the dedenne with a critical hit and it fainted. "A pet?" I asked the super.

"No, Dedenne like to come into empty apartments and drain the electricity," he explained.

"Alright. Mine now I guess." I threw a pokeball and scanned him into my pokedex. He was actually fairly powerful for such a little guy.

"Ill take it." I said. "When can I move in?"

My divorce was harrowing and enlightening. The car was in the Dicks name so I couldn't keep it. I got to keep the egg as the judge agreed that my Pokemon were used to buy it. He was caught in the act cheating so he couldn't cancel the prenup. Unfortunately he had somehow created a credit card in my name and had wracked up some pretty big motel bills. Seems he had been cheating on me right from the start. I couldn't prove the card wasn't mine so I got that bill though the judge did make the company cancel the card in question so I didn't get an even bigger bill. All in all my divorce settlement payed the credit card bill and left me with enough to get furniture, put down a down payment on my own car and leave enough that I could comfortably live for abut 6 months if I lost my job, so I guess I could call it even. The story of what Dickie had done was still circulating the burg in one of the biggest scandals in burg history.

Not long after my divorce the egg hatched into a beautiful little Dratini. Guess the Dick was right. It was a dragon egg.

Author notes: I hope to write One for the Money in the next chapter but don't expect it to be quick.